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Progressive reply guy disguised as a blue check . Make. Every. Silence. Worth It.

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No one actually wants to vote for Joe lol i foresee a problem with thatCNN is now handwringing over Bernie not sufficiently kissing Biden's ass in Bernie's concession speech.
Retweeted by Brandon Paganoit’s already Bernie’s fault Biden lost by the way. you can see it in the news media’s tone. they’re all disgusting…
Retweeted by Brandon Paganovery much looking forward to another 7 months of being shamed into compromising my values to vote for an awful cand…
Retweeted by Brandon PaganoI'm not some liberal who puts his whole hopes into a single personality, so I'm fine. And I'm gonna keep fighting…
Retweeted by Brandon Paganoit’s already Bernie’s fault Biden lost by the way. you can see it in the news media’s tone. they’re all disgusting… @HeatherGautney @JoeBiden @davidaxelrod @BernieSanders @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump straight from the people telling us to give warren her space. fuck off.A big F to Senator Bernie Sanders. This is why you have to protect the healer.
Retweeted by Brandon Paganomaybe i’ll vote for biden just to pay a last respect to the Bernie campaign(s) because people tend to drag me for v… should have used Our Revolution to kickstart a third party right out of 2016 and pressured democrats that wa…
Retweeted by Brandon PaganoThis isn't just about Bernie. This is bigger than Bernie. It always was. This is about redefining & reshaping Amer…
Retweeted by Brandon Paganowe need a revolution. we need it to ensure the security of the majority of Americans. we need many options to get t… much love for him. so much passionate belief that his campaign will help save the way the US looks at politicians.Bernie is gonna drop out and pull an Alyssa Milano and you’re all gonna try and defend it.they threatened Bernie or something. There’s no reason to cower in this moment. that’s never been the idea behind his campaigns.
@shoe0nhead @HumanistReport but Brian Williams can lie about taking live fire in Iraq but keep his millionaire sala… BBC report on the situation in the US ... damn
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@hitmeister1 @iskandrah but what if the stuff that gets brought up about biden is true? wouldn’t Trump just use tha… @Alyssa_Milano @JoeBiden World Health Organization just explicitly made clear that universal healthcare is an effective way to stem the…
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @neeratanden @DLafleuer @SarahKSilverman @WoolCorp Hillary went on Howard Stern what the fuck @theneedledrop if a single person on Bernie Sanders’ campaign had the guts to share this:
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @hitmeister1 @iskandrah you’re old enough to know that’s not how any of this worksPeople who said they would vote for a vegetable over Trump and then backed Joe Biden were not joking.
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @mtaibbi i love this for you. Happy it’s all on good terms.So what they sayin this thing is like a virus or something or what
Retweeted by Brandon Paganothere are student nurses on the frontlines of COVID-19 and if we don’t cancel all of their student debt TODAY, we h… @YzettaSmith @theserfstv yet they go on MSNBC and The View @theserfstv Jimmy Dore’s theatrics have cemented where he is in progressive punditry for better or for worse. He’s… @WingTransparent all of Joe Biden’s polices were written by DNC staffers anyway that dude can’t finish a thought an… @JordanUhl we baristas don’t respect class-liars. @progressvoice he should have used our revolution to start a third party right out of 2016. he would have been in a… Shirley Douglas. Actress, mother to Kiefer Sutherland & daughter of Tommy Douglas- Premier of Saskatchewan & an…
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my mom’s name is karen so i’m allowed to say it
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @mitchysuch pence definitely has some hasn’t been going hard at Biden because COVID prevents him from filling a stadium, snorting a bunch of stimul… is right. @EWErickson that’s fire bro
@chrsfrmn this sounds like what neighborhoods should have sounded like. @kenklippenstein he’s on so much acid that he knew his reply was gonna be too fucked up. @Kylypso @_michaelbrooks i like the part where he begs you to take his platitude and deal with it. @_michaelbrooks @whackkat @CallofDuty damn i love thisi love travel posters so i made some for call of duty lmao
Retweeted by Brandon PaganoWhy the faux outrage? @joerogan is saying what many can’t bring themselves to admit. Trump is left of Biden on trad…
Retweeted by Brandon Paganowe got covid-19 and sat down with Steve Bannon for the pod. we spit in each other’s mouths and I told him his only… love letter Karl Marx wrote to his wife is a gem, and makes me feel a little better about my present situation…
Retweeted by Brandon PaganoReminder: Just an example of how Israel can bring parties together. @AIPAC
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @DanRiffle Brie warned that universal healthcare is the only ethical way to handle the pandemic and beyond and she was scolded..... curious. @thepunkrockmba Polar Bear Club @Amber_Coffman @JoeFCC @whendogsdream i don’t vote for people with rape accusations period and that’s the DNC’s issue not mine. @KyleKulinski yeah and they’re also batshit terrified that more people would rather listen to Joe Rogan pull stuff… @Dan_Marchais Rogan is right. @Bakari_Sellers your entire grift is scolding people shut in a world where Financial Times is pushing socialism and New York Times is trying to squash it. hilarious.COVID19 and our societal response will require big structural change. The New Deal of the 21st century. These aren’…
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @connorfletcher @ne0liberal crossing a whimsical game where you can do fantastical things like visit friends and afford housing
Retweeted by Brandon Paganohere’s @brianschatz ... STAUNCH SUPPORTER of Medicare for All 🤔 @neeratanden medicare extra 😂😂😂 we’ll turn it off when it’s all over tho.coming for Shaun King for that tweet is dumb. Kamala Harris was the FIRST senator to co-sponsor medicare for all an… Hargrove didn’t deserve to die so people can try to attempt to go about their normal business. I can’t believ… @_michaelbrooks mike pence’s stoic lookin assIf you’re a young left wing politician and you can’t openly disavow Neera Tanden then give up. You’re not playing 1…
Retweeted by Brandon PaganoYour health care cannot be tied to your employment. It has to be seen as a human right.
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maybe tying healthcare to employment was a dumb idea.
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @JTHawthorne smoke weed, should have clarified. @Celentra he should stop taking their shit. @Alyssa_Milano so you don’t believe women?hilarious piece chronicling that grifter who fell too hard for @BRANDONWARDELL's joke
Retweeted by Brandon Paganodemocrats should be raging for universal health care, job guarantees, and rent relief. yet in a historic moment o…
Retweeted by Brandon PaganoI stepped out my back door to smoke and heard my neighbor say “Alexa is like my baby-daddy ... I use her for EVE•RY… @kenklippenstein quietly secured the Snoop Dogg endorsement last night. @tomfizzano it was gross and Bernie just took it. If he wants to justify his candidacy he just needs to say “i’m st… Whoopie Goldberg. barely paying attention to politics while reading and consuming nothing but Dem propaganda lookin ass. @Shut_downAmazon the smears will come, but we’ll all remember you were the one who told us the truth. @sigh_bored love that you repped the HG family my dude congrats @EricBoehlert @SusanSarandon stop being mean to susan you jerk
If the people who want Bernie to drop out so bad spent as much time getting their candidate to embrace Medicare-for…
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@dennisdiclaudio really don't understand the optimism that things will "get back to normal". What is that based on? It seems much…
Retweeted by Brandon PaganoWonder what those “I don’t play video games or watch TV, I prefer to actually live my life!” ass people are up to these days
Retweeted by Brandon Paganousing the “third eye open joe rogan bros” meme in comparison to Chomsky’s Manufacturing Consent and then calling pe… lying in bed so long my grandson is going to take over a chocolate factory
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@PalmerReport is a good start, but is it ok to die from cancer or diabetes becuase you’re poor?
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @blakehounshell it’s not right to just assume people don’t have cancer survivors or victims in their own lives. Bri… @davidsirota erasing the voices of those who’ve braved cancer and the family and friends of those who didn’t get th… took me 10 hours
Retweeted by Brandon Pagano @tify330 why am i supposed to assume some random twitter account with no verifiable info knows anything about “who’… they had to go and do my favorite track @leg_dog 👏 @AOC @J_ManPrime21 you should denounce Neera Tanden regardless.