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@AqibTalib21 @CalltotheBooth @BossWard43 @darianstewart26 @ChrisHarrisJr @BradRoby_1 @HarrisonSanford I have a ques…
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsThe Bucs Defense front versus the KC o-line down another tackle should make Chiefs fans nervousMatt LaFleur is about to develop a foot fetish and he’ll have no idea why that’s called consistently all game nobody has a problem with that cal. Problem is they didnt call that at all the whole game
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @MileHighMario Don’t be one of these guysCan the Chiefs sign Jared Veldheer?HOT TAKE: Reid has aged better than Brady @my78malibu83 Good questionfunny @RaiderCody diarrheaThe Chiefs gathering all the money they can to try and outbid Tom Brady paying off the Super Bowl refs
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsI wish that onside kick recovery could excite meIf the Chiefs can get this kind of pressure in the SB they’re going to repeat @BoredFilm That’s all I ask forThis unshakable illness I’ve had all week must have been preparing me for todayI can’t believe I survived 2020 just to get a Brady vs Chiefs Super BowlHow do the Chiefs settle for a field goal when Tyreek Hill gained over 100 yards of offense on that drive alone? 🤔Of all the crazy stats tonight, this is the most mind boggling by far
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsSharpe out here reading my tweets now Rivers has less kids than Brady has Super Bowl appearances. This is the only way to present this infoBREAKING Hill is one of the quickest players I've ever watchedCoaches ask their players to be fearless....then get scared and kick a FG every chance they get.
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @MyMDSoapbox Mahomes is actually goodFor those kids at home, this is exactly what John Elway looked like. Play was never dead with his elusiveness and r…
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @PFTCommenter
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsThe Bills need a pass catching backBurning Man Patrick Mahomes is hyped up in the crowd
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @alclark35 No. The trademarked that. Others will be sued if they tryor is it because he's a shapeshifter and became Darrel Williams haha Damien Williams really good in the postseason because Andy Reid basically ignores him all of the regular season?Chris Jones going to the UFC after the NFL RECOVER THE FUMBLE ON THE GOAL LINE 😱 (via @NFL)
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsWOWWWWWWWWWW catching punts is gotta be hard man
Hahahahahahaha, Rodgers, Brees, Rivers, Ben, Elway, Young, and Marino combined: 1 Brady and Montana combined: 5
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsSurprise AFC Championship game reaction + Rangers vs. Penguins RIGHT NOW
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @KeithMyaths 6 hahaIs Andy Reid calling plays for the Bills? Throwing on 4th and 1 on the opening seriesGLOAT Greatest Luck of All TimeGo Bills!!! The world needs a good guy in the Super BowlYou a hater when you throw YOUR QB under the bus all day then tweet this Barrett just called Brady a game manager lol*luckiest a GoFundMe to make sure @tomgrossicomedy has enough money to sound proof all the walls in his house so his… many QB's have thrown 3 INTs in the post season and still got the win? Need to know for stats & stuffThe refs the The refs on entire game: this drive
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsSomebody check to see if Kevin King placed any bets on the Bucs this weekMissed this one on that PI call too me! @MMavroides How about the hold the prevented the sack there??ZERO pass interference calls in this game. AND the refs give it to the BUCS on the game winning drive. Looking at m… @JollyDoge1 because he's the devil @BrandonPerna Great text from my friend
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsOr in Brady's case TB12 official resistant bands think the Packers are out of Brady interceptions for the gameNobody will ever know why Rodgers didn't just run it in thereWhen is Green Bay going to run that Jordan Love play?Regardless of the outcome, the silver lining is knowing that Shaq Barrett is about to get PAID$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Zero points off of two Tom Brady interceptions. Only BradyPick six?Two picks for the Packers in the 2nd half. Can't ask for more than that. Finish this Rodgers! @BrandonPerna This is the look for today
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsFinally, Brady has one of his last 5 picks NOT dropped by the defensepeyton
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsNow we just need a little Packers defense in this gameSomebody tell the Packers the Buccaneers ball catchers are who you need to cover in the secondaryIf the Packers stop doing all the bad shit they might have a chanceOnly thing that can save the Packers:
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsA little something for your halftime viewing pleasure King as been demoted to JesterDropped INT = touchdown
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsThe only person who didn't think Brady & Arians wouldn't take a deep shot there was Kevin KingRefs are going to let Billy Turner get a half step before the snap hahaIf I'm the Packers I'm using Adams as a decoy next time they get into the red zoneMarcedes Lewis TOSSED his ass
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsBrady gets one of these every game in the postseason. scandalizing MVS!! Huge score for the Packers to tie this oneRodgers throws a DART for a first down 😨 (via @NFL)
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsTonyan is going to make you pay when you try and tackle himNot how you time a jump ball Kevin King. Packers need to get better on third down todayWhoa that's a key piece of their defense @mortreport reported on ESPN’s Postseason NFL Countdown, the Texans' head coaching hire is not expected to chang…
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @jaybuff_92 @BrandonPerna 1000% accurate let’s go Buffalo
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsMy buddy who is a Broncos fan just texted me this 😂 love it!
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsThe fact that Stafford got the LIONS to the playoffs 3 times is more impressive than anything Flacco and Keenum eve… #Chiefs will have RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire (ankle, hip) today vs the #Bills, source said, but RB Le'Veon Bell (…
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @IRockThs I think with Stafford they're a playoff team, but I need to see more from them until I can convince myself of SB hopes haha @samanthasformul @chadneidt Hahaha yes!!The way we did it, was just a little bit sexier! Next Sunday on @CalltotheBooth YouTube & podcast feed ⁣ NO FLY Z…
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @samanthasformul Might have to say play FYTB by @chadneidt He did all the real signing and music playing hahaSupport the dudes from Ireland by checking out their NFL show!! it crazy that I think Denver should consider trading pick #9? That roster can contend with a QB....
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports @iNeedJuucePs5 @BenchwarmerBrew Classic lose-win scenario for meif the bucs win the súper bowl i will buy $100 worth of @BenchwarmerBrew coffee every month @BrandonPerna
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSports- Gardner Minshew only QBs in NFL history with 45,000+ passing yards and less than 150 INT: • Aaron Rodgers • Matthew Stafford…
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsJust ordered a @BenchwarmerBrew coffee mug and some coffee from one of the most underrated football youtubers today…
Retweeted by ThatsGoodSportsStafford’s top three choices should be: 49ers Colts Broncos Probably makes the first two SB contenders right away