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currently on felony probation | insta: BrandonSlaterr

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@noastuff Ur too hot for themTwitter drama is a crazy concept like I’ll literally just ignore people. I don’t give a shit about you at all.
Dick on hard
Who cares if your dick is little if you exude big dick energy. Confidence is key boys, even if you’re not just act like it.16 yr olds be in the comment sections of tik toks saying “she broke me” like bro you have no clue yet just wait @kroptopking21 Awe
@AnyDaeNow Whole ass unit @chinesegon You don’t know themIdk how to take pictures of myself @hawttubdaddy I use to be funny on my insta stories. The good ole daysSometimes I be wanting to tweet some sad ass shit @tyler01010101 That wasn’t me @memetazaa Love you too man let’s get a call soon @mvngzthefruit It’s been out for like a month 😭This episode was real as shit
I have a degree in these streets thoIt’s my last first day of nothing because I didn’t further my education past high school @hawttubdaddy Holy shit I see where they’re coming from nowCountry boy Twitter will be like: “Blondes do it better 😜” 17k 🔁 87k❤️ @memetazaa Crazy how you hold the world record for most puppies saved from animal shelters in a 24 hour period @memetazaa Come thru the hoes been asking bout you @kroptopking21 Jk I would never jeopardize a homies relationship in anyway @kroptopking21 Tell her to stop calling me thenI sweat sex appeal when I hit the gym fr @FavsPriv Already risked it like 17 timesI’m fr 6’3 with shoes on that’s crazy. Anyways, goodnight everyone. @asscheesee What does this meanWhat if the balls got hard too ??
@jazz_inmypants Dick Chimney was his name right? @GvaOto @maxoupial You really learn somethin new everydayLmkUnited States of ASS @rudy_betrayed @Chilis @Chilis you have 24 hours to respond @TyIerSux Happy birthday king
@Woahsayduhh Speak your truth let it out @Fucktapwater2 @rudy_betrayed I’m literally puking and cryingThis is the final straw @rudy_betrayed I hope you get sus’dOne day I’ll tweet my last banger and that will be the end of my Twitter career @TheAugoosetus Agreed @bocxtop @lilsasquatch66 Doesn’t count if you don’t do all the plumbing yourself though. @tennisonok Gets me pumped @YaLiekJazz Wanna be on the insta meme pages by tomorrowTrumps doctor gonna give him these once the withdrawals start kickin in
@lilnimrita You’re gonna want me in this chat trust me @chinesegon @DeletedSlater @autiodrip The beginning of the end for me @DamianChildres3 Calorie surplus and working out @kroptopking21 Been here since 600. So proud @blizzardbai Now we’re talkinTwinning @chinesegon You on my team were jumping these foolsThe answer is loveFound the cure for horniness @humidfluid Mf gonna be unbeatable at scrabble here in a week or so @ArianaGrande @lexjayde 20k likes in 1 minute @kroptopking21 @kellyscarpone @kisstina_ @mononarunner @whatdaFisupkyle @joe_climbs @ltpenguin_ @pepperonicowboi @tjgose Do you want the tweet or notGoodnight to everyone that’s gonna lose sleep tonight over someone who’s not even thinking about them @fksfx I’m on probation for drug possession it’s like the softest felony you can get @mononarunner Where you live @MrVito04 6’2 roughly 200 lbs but a 140 lb boxer could still beat my ass so size is irrelevantDo you think you could beat me in a fight? @kellyscarpone Yes
@glitterknickrs Not you ❤️ @desukidesu @memetazaa Holy shit...checkmateIt’s cool to follow people on multiple platforms and see how different their personalities are on each @adamgreattweet Cuz it feels so right even tho it’s so wrong @SkinnyKingSahil They’re the same height in my eyesDrink water @discpix “Gas this” mf I’ll gaslight you here in a secsaw someone post a picture on Instagram with the caption “this perfectly depicts my goofiness” and it was just them smiling @rudy_betrayed @garyvee He has lots of potential to be somewhat popular in the future @brain_mold 5.7/10Haven’t been active in the gcs in weeks @latixs If it’s raining outside @bigestaban Bros
@ltpenguin_ @TamingMyImpala @nyquills @chrisfolse @bigsharkguy @memetazaa @sherrysworld @justky1018 @ThaMagicDragon @LiquorShaman Those shoes are niceBro stop asking girls for their Snapchats you’re 28 years old
What if you went viral for literally no reason
Do what makes you happy. Fuck everyone else’s opinion @parrspective Orinoco flow >>I’m not like other guys I listen to EnyaGoodnight to everyone except people that sleep in pajamas. Get in your underwear like a normal person @rottenhippy This seems like a very passive aggressive reply @kroptopking21 LololSomeone needs to start an account for @brandonslaterr deleted posts
Retweeted by SlaterCongrats to all the homies that have become big accounts. Hope y’all find happiness in real life 🙏
They gotta make a warmer version of cold brew coffee for winter time
She’s laughing at another dudes memesLogging into my alt insta account to go add a like to all the homies postsGonna moisturize after tooGot a bath bomb and a candle just gonna relax and remember who tf I am today
Sunday funday? No, Sunday cumday. Everyone get out there and bust a nut today, let’s go team. @humidfluid YuhDudes will have one regular convo with a girl in person then never leave them alone on social media againThis tweet is the beginning of the end for my career“Maybe nice guys don’t always finish last” I say as I grab everyone at the orgy a water bottle cuz I was the first to cum
Sorry for the lack of tweeting. I’m busy. Thanks for understanding. @cleanvee So real