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🇺🇸Small town girl. 🇨🇦 Animal Lover. Not my *President. 🌊 #Resist. #VoteBlue Followed by Morgan Fairchild & Scott Dworkin

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@ImJohnEli They blame China. There's no convincing them otherwise. I'm sure a lot of supporters have died or family, friends have died.#Biden2020ToSaveAmerica @SylDays @realDonaldTrump You're suppose to because that's what they're suppose to do. But, you can't trust them. L… @realDonaldTrump Only the 2 doctors are wearing masks. Unbelievable. #ImwithFauci
@realDonaldTrump Dream On! You're so delusional and getting more so every day. Time to quit, grandpa. Those numbers… @DetroitSteel_ 😢I'm so sorry. 💔Whatever fits his narrative. @Jeri71712633 @vegix @USPS He was installed by Trump too. 🤬 @republiculos The World needs to be saved! @DesignationSix Papers are probably all set to go if she's smart. @vegix @USPS Yes. It keeps people employed too. Isn't that what Trump goes on about? Creating jobs? @RetiredMaybe @DemocratsUp How come she was treated so gently? 🤬 @morgfair And if it's good enough in one state, it's good enough in all 50! #MailInBallots #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare#Biden2020ToSaveAmerica @QuancyClayborne According to Paul Simon ~ 50 @kenolin1 Trump doesn't think Barron really needs to go to school. I mean, look at Trump himself. He became the POT… @weijia @HBO @jonathanvswan Sure was honest. He shows the real him in all his racist & divisive glory. HE WAS AN AB… you live in Georgia, Wisconsin, Texas, Pennsylvania, North Carolina or Florida or anywhere. Anywhere at all. Ch…
Retweeted by CHEERS @GedyeGedi @FSUWarpath @BradleyWhitford True. He said way before he ran, that if he ran he would run Repug because… @genevieveisgg No wonder he had to pay someone to take his SAT's @DanCrenshawTX Meddling? Why are you so scared of President Obama? All you GOP are. Barack can do whatever the Ef h… @realDonaldTrump What people? I and many of my friends and family don't have a problem with it. You're such a whiny… @seanspicer @JoeBiden @realDonaldTrump No we don't! Trump would be a huge train wreck. We've seen enough of THAT!Happy Birthday, Mr. President! @BarackObama @FSUWarpath @BradleyWhitford You just described Trump with your divisive rhetoric. Trump, a Republican, is the most… want to give you ten reasons (and there are many more) as to why, together, we have got to do everything we can t…
Retweeted by CHEERS @CCLcaribecrew @realDonaldTrump Agreed!
#DearMichigan, it’s time to take back America. We’re all counting on you. Please watch and share this incredible…
Retweeted by CHEERSMAGA, WAKE UP! TRUMP'S KILLING YOU AND YOUR KIDS! @donwinslow @craftychick17 What money? Because of Trump, no one has any money. @HillaryClinton @Bullsranch99 And still making money on it. While American's die, Trump golfs and prospers by his properties. @realDonaldTrump #TrumpVirus! @realDonaldTrump Your minions are finally seeing the light. They are leaving you because you're one sick MF. @realDonaldTrump RECORD HIGH ECONOMY CRASH! YOU'RE OWNED BY PUTIN/RUSSIA. WE WON'T HAVE IT!The new Tennis Courts The Rosegarden Remodel The West Wing Remodel ($377 miliion) Still think they’re planning on leaving? 🤔
Retweeted by CHEERS @realDonaldTrump FAKE POTUS IS THE ENEMY OF THE PEOPLE! #TrumpIsLosing #TrumpVirus #TrumpIsACompleteFailure @realDonaldTrump Deaths up because of BIG fools! Much of our Country is doing very bad. Keep the schools closed! @RalphPotsy @realDonaldTrump He's got 1 fan there.....literally! 🤣 @realDonaldTrump #TrumpVirusDeathToll156K @realDonaldTrump SOMEBODY TAKE HIS PHONE AWAY! FFS @realDonaldTrump Wow. What a crowd! All huddled together, unmasked. All 90 of them. @realDonaldTrump WTF? Why are you talking about your 'crowds'? Why would Biden supporters be there when he's not? Y… @realDonaldTrump @RockyMountViews To stay out of prison. @LauraCameronArt @24fan4 @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies You will. I believe it. @deb_grojean Awe. Isn't he magnificent? Wanna hug him. Thank you, Giselle. ❤️ @deb_grojean ❤️ @watt_cyrus @yashar Ha ha. You could probably outrun him. But, I would love to give him a big hug around his trunk. He's really a pussy cat. @ZellnerMeagan @smc429 Trump People......Trump's Amerikkka @hilaryluros The Ghoul, the bad and the Ugly. @WajahatAli @justjo2 YesHoly Crap! And he NEVER forgets! @georgebrown06 @JillMartin0 Yeah, something like that. @MetalForBrunch That does him too much justice. Looks yummy. @DrDenaGrayson Let him withhold the funds. If schools aren't open, they don't need funding. Keep your kids at home… @LauraCameronArt @24fan4 @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies Well I definitely realize it. Most people realize it's not… @YvetteJacqR @Peopleafteru @sarahkendzior @gaslitnation I feel you! 🤬A few teens on TikTok embarrass Trump in Tulsa and...he takes swift and decisive action against the company. Puti…
Retweeted by CHEERS @AmandiOnAir He/They want privacy because they don't want the public to see the meltdown if/when he's not the nominee. @SarahJKS77 @DougFish1964 @realDonaldTrump I believe he's only built about 10 miles of 'new' fence., in almost 4 ye… @SarahJKS77 @DougFish1964 @realDonaldTrump I know right? He hasn't built any new fence. @JillMartin0 Kresge's and Woolworths 🇨🇦 Two department stores that were one and the same. Basically taken over by Woolco then Walmart. @KazePlays_JC Our pleasure! 🇨🇦🤜🤛❤️ @realDonaldTrump Are you kidding me? The Boston Bomber killed 3 people. Injured hundreds. But, you've killed 156,00… @jacksinboston Yes I do. And I always say, "Be a good boy". What's up with that? 🤪 @Chomps62 Spring! ❤️ @realDonaldTrump Worst campaign video ever! Has to use OLD footage because it's not like that anymore. No crowds, n… @snide_sally No way will I talk you out of it! Fudge on! Want my address? 🥰 @darinnstacy Ignore them. What are they going to do? Shoot you? I highly doubt that. They're there to intimidate, n… @Melissa_VA_757 Bio-Oil. Most will disappear on their own though. @verbella1 @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies ❤️🤜 @realDonaldTrump Roger Stone WILL stand trial again! @MikeHolyfuk @Cocoforpeace And why hasn't Reality Winner been released yet? That should be Biden's first order of b… @RedGia @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies ❤️ @realDonaldTrump Oh look! IMPOTUS showing how it USE to be for him. Large crowds, military liking him, Kanye West(?… @Bullsranch99 @KazePlays_JC @Pamela35026022 I highly respect the Resistance. 🤜🤛 @lynda_welch @sharandstevie @KazePlays_JC Like Scheer 🤮🤬 @ih8signins @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies 🙏👍 @JunoCrimson @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies I think so. Once Trump's gone, the worms will crawl back under their rocks. @RobertCohiba @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies ❤️ @aka_pierrecouvy Trump wanna-be? 🤮🤣 @KazePlays_JC @AsTheEagleFlies Canada here. I don't have respect for your President. Never realized how many racist… @realTuckFrumper She'd rather her kids look like cadavers. She doesn't deserve kids. @andendall Only a Democrat can run a budget and a country the right way. #Biden2020ToSaveAmerica @OSOA_act @3rdViv I very much hold him accountable!
@TryChick I watched some of the first season. That's when I decided I hated Trump. 🤮🤬 @DeepStateShu @sar_oso Witch Doctor. @ReesusP They'll get what they deserve then when hidden cameras record and we're left to speculate what they were doing and saying. 🤣 @GoodJuJuGuru I think her name is Fucking Bitch. She just wanted to introduce herself......over and over again. Th… @realDonaldTrump Does Treason still carry the death penalty?Brilliant!'re working moms. Stay at home moms. They're black, white, latina, asian, straight, gay moms. Donald Trump thi…
Retweeted by CHEERS @RudyGiuliani @1FreshTake So what's your point?#TrumpHasNoPlan #TrumpGolfsAmericansDie #TrumpIsNotWell #Biden2020ToSaveAmerica @varindersingh24 Yesterday. I live at one. @davematt88 Help! @SurfnFitnes @Rick_Jennings 🤣🤣🤣🤣 @LionHunterMusic @saffship He's all sweaty and icky too. 🤮 @realDonaldTrump Who gives a crap! The real test will be at the check-out counter at the pharmacy. Your promises h… @itsJeffTiedrich @ed_eldridge The kicker is, it's the Repugs that are spreading it the most.