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🇺🇸Small town girl. 🇨🇦 Animal Lover. Married & Retired. Not my *President - Ever! 🌊 #Resist Followed by Morgan Fairchild. Blocked by Eric Trump

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@stubthings @aterkel @Arriadna I find most of the Dems running are fighting all those things, or most. @jmarmel @stubthings @aterkel @Arriadna I respect your opinion and choice. Bernie will be a huge improvement over Trump. ☮️ @stubthings @aterkel @Arriadna He didn't begin this running as a Dem. He was an Independent. He reminds me too much… @jmarmel @stubthings @aterkel @Arriadna Um....Obama? @bkmorrison @SpaceForceDoD @EsperDoD @SecAFOfficial @SpaceForceCSO @GenDaveGoldfein @DeptofDefense @usairforce Anyt… @fras99 I guess it's pizza for everyone!🍕🍻 @fras99 Loot a huge shopping centre and give out food and necessities to the poor and homeless. ❤️ @MeghanMcCain @TheView @nytimes No need to come back. You won't be missed. Stay away and I'll go back to watching The View. @TheView @aterkel @Arriadna I've never trusted Sanders and never will. He is not a true Democrat. Period! @bridget_joy_ @orangepeel18 Yep. That about sums it up. @VincentJuarez69 @ClarkpDavidson Perfectly said! That's exactly them. 👍 @YegRiverEdm Kavanaugh!If this is one of the examples of Trump's 8 lawyers he's retained for his trial, we got nothing to worry about. BTW… @SpaceForceDoD @EsperDoD @SecAFOfficial @SpaceForceCSO @GenDaveGoldfein @DeptofDefense @usairforce Why camouflage?… @ThatsSoJocelyne If he thinks that, is he not on at the same time just as much? WTF? @MysterySolvent Nope. He only shovels 💩 @MarciaDaughtre1 @bevdevwarrior @politico I love my country!❤️ @mdnij34 $200 thousand? Not on your life. I wouldn't even do it for $200 million. What good is that money going to… @webendeavor Horror @MarciaDaughtre1 @bevdevwarrior @politico And he probably called every one of them personally too.❤️🇨🇦 @MysterySolvent @krollteri Huh! They probably insist on it. That's their retainer fee. @haaohaoo @nowthisnews Why did the ducklings cross the road? 🤣🤣 @Debdicker @realDonaldTrump I've noticed!🤬 @realDonaldTrump Do you not get it? FBI arrested 2 groups of Neo-Nazis that were planning on mass murdering protest… @realTuckFrumper @79topper That's all he hires. Lunatics and criminals. @tedlieu @DevinNunes 👍👏👏👏👏 @ResistsSerena A money pit @RepSwalwell @bevdevwarrior @shannonrwatts That's why I like you Rep. Swalwell. You're always on the ball! Why don'… @stuballatt @MysterySolvent I wouldn't doubt it. @1Progressivism And they spend what little money they have on booze, cigs and guns. Go figure. @904ravenfan2k19 He's hated until the day I die! Even after he dies! @stellab06612856 @ProudResister Yes! I forgot about her. 🥰
@SevenStarHand @ProudResister 🤣 @JaoRusso @MarthaMcSally All the Repugs do. @ProudResister Yep. They love it there. It's cheap and it's got plenty of room. Lots of room for Hillary too. @realDonaldTrump You can't even run your own Country and now you're trying to run Iran? You're an idiot beyond belief! @realDonaldTrump I understand why they're insulting America (YOU). It's all on you. You should be careful with your… @realDonaldTrump Why do you want everyone to carry guns? Do you want all Americans to be your own private army? You're sick! @MarthaMcSally What the hell are the Liberals doing? What are they hacking? That reporter asked you a damn legitima… @chrisannalark @realDonaldTrump Don't we all know it! 😠The GOP is now the NAP , 'No Access Party'. The Republicans don't want anyone near them or asking them questions. T… @Stop_Trump20 Gotta keep it all in the family! @mini_bubbly I meant to tell you to have a safe flight. 😍✈️ @smittycanada1 @mini_bubbly All Trump's 'associates' look like mobsters to me? I swear they all look like the cast from The Godfather. 🤔 @mini_bubbly Well it's no better in Southern Ontario, Cheryl. It's -20C here. Brrrr🥶 @ImJohnEli He already has a fool for a lawyer. But, yes I agree! @Kokomothegreat Wow. Must be his lifestyle. Rough lifestyle. He looks at least 10 yrs. older. @fire_american @realDonaldTrump Oh, ok. 👍 @fire_american @realDonaldTrump Yes I know. But he doesn't really say anything bad about him. So, just wondering if they're up to something. @realDonaldTrump What did you say about vanity? @realDonaldTrump Are you scheming something with Bernie? Why are you cheering for Bernie? @MysterySolvent My God! WTF was that? He thinks he's the F**king King! I've never in my long life seen such a pompo… @NeilLowenthal1 @StevijoPayne 🤣Thanks for the follow. @KathrynMeissne1 @fras99 Thanks, you too! @MysterySolvent Not a chance! He'll never leave on his own. He knows it will be the end of him then. When the time… @KathrynMeissne1 @fras99 Oh, ok. Then I'll have to come up with a new one. Thanks @tennysonjuli Yes. @fras99 Asswipe (is ass a swear word?)😊 @lucymcaldwell @IngGuthrie She's justifying herself for being an absolute bitch. That is not the way to act when yo… @RockyMountViews Pony Express🤣 @MysterySolvent A catheter @DaveJDickinson @Jwheels208 @Bloomingdales And a red hat. 🤣 @TravisAllen02 Satan👿 @LUCKS0513 I don't think it's intentional. Sometimes they're automatic. I asked the same question once and was told… @LoveLincoln1900 Cool. I DM'd you. @LoveLincoln1900 I don't like how they make them work. And then abuse them! Like WTH? @LoveLincoln1900 I don't blame you. Hate those places, along with circuses and zoos. Never, ever will I patronize those places. @LoveLincoln1900 Most of my followers are in the States, because that's why I'm on here. For the Trumpster. Glad I… @LoveLincoln1900 But that's when I thought you lived in the states. Try to find the like in Ontario. I'm sure there… @LoveLincoln1900 I'm in Ontario too...thought you were in the states. LOL. I'm sure there are places like that in Ontario. @LoveLincoln1900 Why are you liking my question? I mean, where do you live? I thought you were in the states. Are you in Canada? @LoveLincoln1900 Where are you? @LoveLincoln1900 @LoveLincoln1900 There are of course other places like them that do hire. If that's what you're thinking, just look… @DaHammerstein1 @LMLohrey @D_resists Make sure you knock off his hat in the process for that extra touch! @rak_strong 🤣☺️ @STabbytosavit @SenMcSallyAZ Ooooh, I like this. He flew in rockets! She only flew planes. I like him already. Vote Mark Kelly! 👍🌊OMG. I'm fucking crying here. This is hilarious! I need to use one of Donnie's diapers. 🤣🤣🤣🤣😭 @cherokeesher2 Exactly why he did this now! He wanted a distraction from the 'hoax'. Well, it backfired, Donnie! Yo… @Cptnrwrpnts I find this interesting. Has great possibilities. Drink beer in the bottom and coffee/tea at the top.… @4YrsToday The 'nos' are delusional and brainwashed. @Teesa_Michele God. We wouldn't have a snowball;s chance in hell if that happened. Dems must take the house and senate in November. @hilaryluros OMG. 🤣🤣🤣 @katalva3 Well said! 👍 @caborradaileho1 @flyaway_k Good. But the more followers, the further your voice can be heard & the more you learn… @caborradaileho1 @flyaway_k Well, I know that 5000 is a hard mark to reach with the twitter rules. At that point, a… @LoveLincoln1900 How about those people who have opened up their homes (farms mostly) that save and care for animal… @Robin_Blue19 @TracieSharp67 Oh yeah! Showing our ages again. But good old days they were. @LoveCat_Mickey Still, he could have caused a lot of grief to Schiff if that was ever investigated. @caborradaileho1 @flyaway_k Congrats on your 5000 followers, Catherine Anne. First milestone! 👏👏❤️ @caborradaileho1 @flyaway_k 🤣👍 @flyaway_k God. He looks like an overgrown boy pretending to be a man. Can't he get a suit that fits him? He belong… @SenMcSallyAZ And what are you on Martha? Those better be banned too. They make you a nasty, ignorant, rude person,… @mini_bubbly I'm worried about who was behind the wheel. Could have been a kid or something. I wouldn't be sitting… @LoveCat_Mickey That's what I figured. That's why I asked. They'll stoop to anything to make Dems look bad. Always… @mini_bubbly Husband just retired from Sobeys as a Meat Cutter just last Sept/19. Worked for them for 20 years. The… @senatemajldr @realDonaldTrump @POTUS How about you pass the other 400 bills on your desk that are collecting dust?… @realDonaldTrump You go to these games because it's the only arena where they're paid to cheer for you. They'll get…
@Jwheels208 @Bloomingdales Gotta be a Republican Trump supporter. I hope he's angry because he regrets voting for him. Wow! @twendi66 So do I! So cute. 🥰❤️