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See that she chews her food well, and sets her foot down firmly on the ground when she walks, and you're all right.

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@dee_bee_h lmao you are correctMaith an fear. 'Sinn Féin is anti-Irish’ is the take this platform was built for.
Retweeted by Brandy Jensenoh my god so i signed up to this organisation thing where uni students studying french get paired with old people i…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @robdelaney Mank @parabasis !!!! @MatthewSitman it’s in the new adrienne rich bio i believe @buddleoffun i agree!!!!!This is insane.
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @ChampagneSharks @subtlerbutler women made so much good music in the 90s!
@ChampagneSharks @Biyombonesaw even if that was true (it’s not) you can’t just exempt hip hop from your evaluation of the decade @ChampagneSharks no!!!!!you think that you’ve become immune to bad opinions on twitter and then you see something like this I had COVID-19, I could barely breathe. My friend @DrDooleyMD called to check on me, heard me struggling to sp…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @HapaxLegoman lmao @buffalocialism netflix! @joangossips :)well after ten months it’s here, a day i knew was coming eventually. today i’ve started rewatching all of SG-1 @jeremypgordon struggling to imagine any tweet leading to the adventure of a lifetimelandlord: where's my money me: That's OK now because we have a new president. A president who recognizes we need to depend on science
Retweeted by Brandy JensenAsked why she is on board with an apparently smaller coronavirus package, Speaker Pelosi cites the "game-changer" o…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @leyawn 🎉🎉🎉you: let people enjoy things fran lebowitz:
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @rosalyster @MattZeitlin rosa i’m sorry but i’m going to need you to write about this @rosalyster @MattZeitlin do they... all live together?Every leftist girl's boyfriend looks like fucking Yukon Cornelius
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @katehascats The Country of the Pointed Firs is short and easy to read but also an American masterpiece @jamesdgreig @rosalyster @RachelConnoll14 okay now i also want to know @SlimiHendrix brussels sprouts lmfaoThought of a real New Yorker cartoon this week: Kid sitting at the dinner table with his parents, in a cramped but…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @phil_christman @cnkeiper @belt_publishing @MatthewSitman @bdmcclay ❤️❤️❤️ @isabellinging really? i would have guessed houston! @zandywithaz ahhhhh ❤️I’m so fucking mad at how our leaders blew it getting this under control. Basically a year of our lives gone. A yea…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @ChampagneSharks @StAdkison i’ve also been inundated with prompts to watch this since my tweet and i plan to lolI did Cocaine for 20 years top grade I quit on the spot no problem but Twitter I can’t quit this shyit f...n amazing !!
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @aherman2006 i think for me the ideal reading music would be something i don’t really notice so like, what’s the point i guess @aherman2006 nothing! @bart_smith lol it’s my friend’s dog maggieears to big birthday boy Jean-Luc Godard for outliving American cinema
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @AliceFromQueens i’m not blonde @HarronWawker fuck
@SarahNEmerson delicious ones, yes
Retweeted by Brandy JensenThe Nation is hiring a new Copy Director! Perks include working with some of the best ppl in media ✅ being part of…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensentiktok is completely demented
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @Three3sMalka no thank you @ThomasAwful @zlingray @WineJerk what is orange sauce @ThomasAwful @WineJerk i get why people don’t know much about Fresno but it feels like i should know more about San Jose @JoshhTerry sounds fake! @ThomasAwful are you from there @IllyBocean oh absolutelySan Jose @rachelmillman an extremely difficult song to make look effortless @isaiah_bb yeah man @ChampagneSharks he's a good actor!i kinda miss the election
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @Lubchansky @libbycwatson @emmaroller this isn’t a reflection on your helpful visual i am just truly stupid @libbycwatson @emmaroller @Lubchansky got lost between 3 and 4wrote a sort of follow up to a previous column about people who can’t get over someone don’t want to watch the new dune on my shitty little laptop screen 😔 @dstfelix i like him a little more nowI can never decide if this story is beautiful, insane, or darkly humorous, and I think that's beautiful.
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @jscros i knew he was a good singer but even good singers regularly make a mess of the anthem🚨🚨🚨@ProPublica is hiring! 🚨🚨🚨 6 reporters to cover the South, focusing on Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina,…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @hasanthehun they should make you feel weird because it’s weirdMy 36 year old boyfriend just asked if I ever “go up the stairs on all fours” and then demonstrated and admitted “I do it all the time”
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @wordscience i knew that and yet i always forget!holy shit @ComradeLuanne i’m willing to risk iti’m sorry but i just don’t believe this is true love Hazlitt's year end series so much. Jeremy on Cats!
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Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @mekosoff absolutely not @phil_christman @commonwealmag this is beautiful!Wrote on the late, great Mark Fisher for @commonwealmag
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @MatthewSitman Phil is so good @karahbonbon lol Cara you absolutely killed it in The Crucibleoh no they’ve discovered WestJet, the career choice for Canadian theater kids of on the nose
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @bigblackjacobin it’s a cherished genre, to me @libbycwatson @freedums_dude @willmenaker lmfao @annamerlan yes and i find it heartwarming @menstralkrampus @onesarahjones :)very good
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @onesarahjones would you piss on me? like if i came over to your house and your family was out and i got into the t… bleak
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @annamerlan this is lovely @normalohioguy @normalohioguy it’s my favorite website
Nicolas Cage walking down the street with his son
Retweeted by Brandy Jensenmy psychiatrist: *prescribes maximum antidepressant dosage* my depression:
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @getfiscal sometimes i’ll see a post so obviously begging to get dunked on for hours that i’ll just think “i’m not… if this killed him instantly. Would be one of the most iconic pieces of television ever broadcast. It'd be…
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @marianbull fantastic @lib_crusher yeah man it would be so crazy if the right wanted to defund public education
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @isaiah_bb maybe you just aren’t getting any likes
Retweeted by Brandy Jensen @gabrielwinant @cd_hooks definitely