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Taylor Swift - RED (Taylor's Version) 11/12/2021
Retweeted by gibran.☻🧣| RED TV IS OUT @Aaefnyz umm im not denying or confirming @notttttthingggg not that useless bitch…pengen numbuhin brewok dhig saw it first @nothinghereumz fake fan wbk @lanasdeaIer it is but thats the only thing bad about it out of 30 songs @notttttthingggg @xuxinav oh pantes @notttttthingggg @xuxinav why is that hag on twitter anywayfuck you @swifferoodoo not me @m1ridical my husband is dead i dont want to remarry “click here to see my pussy” @speaknowsasha YASSSSSS @creeptsunami mass report this acc yall! @yourtylenoI @creeptsunami is what mariah stans aremessage in a bottle is faster and more upbeat version of welcome to new yorki prefer babe sugarland versionnothing new backing vocalnya rasa folklorethis is my first time listening to phoebe bridgers and she sounds so relaxingronan is so sad😭😭😭😭 @CencorangIdup right but besides that the songs are so goodSOG ACOUSTIC OHHH IM WETTT @gezluvs “oh this bitch has lost IT”im not crying at atw but somehow saf beautiful tragic triggered me😭i screamed to the whole state of grace my family thinks im crazy @fiqrilovestay13 the last timei never hated stay3x i dont get why are yall shitting on this song sm its fun and catchy just like 22 and wanegbt @milkpiefuture udaaaaa @v3gana LMAOOOOOO @yourtylenoI you didnt soljum i assumeTHE LAST TIME IS SOO MUCH BETTTERTaylor Swift reveals she’s been listening to her fan’s opinions about which of her songs should have music videos.
Retweeted by gibran.☻🧣| RED TV IS OUT @astarvos IYAANJIR HARUSNY KAN RAME GITUUWANEGBT stolen version is too iconic unfortunately she cant top it😭😭 @meowrrorball WTFF @notesinsecrecy_ treacherous @ginamendments I WAS KIDDING I HAVE NO CHOICE ANYWAYY @frox56977680 im always straight wym???I WANNA LISTEN TO REDDDDmales sholat jumat.. @naurdigan YASSSSS @B0KEPINDO jumatan say @B0KEPINDO @DistortBot BITCHHHHHHHHH YOU NASTYYYY @yourtylenoI this is sick @pskjsx YAKANNN @swifferoodoo spilled for once @elpijiti now hold onSHE LOOKS V PRETTYYYYYY we talk about how she’s looking into his eyes and he’s not looking at her at all
Retweeted by gibran.☻🧣| RED TV IS OUT
@notwilona me when me when me when me when @GITlNG ill payola @GITlNG ZO ITTT @bambieveryway cm flirt boo @orgilcapek @taylorswift13 @The_RinaYang @SadieSink @dylanobrien im sad/whore @orgilcapek @taylorswift13 @The_RinaYang @SadieSink @dylanobrien SADIE PLEASE RUN ME OVERRR @orgilcapek @taylorswift13 @The_RinaYang @SadieSink @dylanobrien BITCHHHHHHHHHHHHH @jokestraps delusexual @9OSREMIX @classivy all of yall are getting blocked period!! @9OSREMIX @classivy i @orgilcapek we been knew!!! @CencorangIdup SHEKEHDDHSHS @classivy me flirting with girls on ome tv??4$$3$33&gua ga pernah konsisten dah kalo buat second acc disini💀💀 @orgilcapek SHUT THE FUCK UPPP @orgilcapek @ShopeeID bitch what @crescants i wanna start a fight @crescants and when the best album drops it turns to snake then what @notesinsecrecy_ i- @taunpayunitb @ @cevansrenegade taylor world domination @gabblliel @frox56977680 when he appeared on post credit scene i was like “who tf invited u” @adamanada1 he was!!! he has such a cool power but rarely used it so dumb @jokestraps @vaIidasi naurrr @vaIidasi same @moviemenfes nonton sampe abis nderrdruig is so useless @frox56977680 why is that bitch on marvel @mistersenpaikw where r u going luv @nothinghereumz deservedTAYLAHHH IM READY TO BE DEMOLISHED @H0ME0FSEXUALS karrie la @lanaticsswiftie baby be careful putting your address on the internet @orgilcapek @RUNYOMONEY @mengeIuh oh no honey im not paying shit
@creeptsunami deserved and go straight to jahannam @txtfromR @tembikarbatin @tynderfess jesusi have attachment issueswhy am i obsessive @lanasdeaIer oldies @m1ridical the spit? the fucking spit @mekdonalds_ @PopBase the 0 monthly listeners took me outtt😭😭 @creeptsunami she seems sweet @nothinghereumz oh💀💀💀 @B0KEPINDO u were supposed to be in class @nothinghereumz what @creeptsunami @S3BAMAD dont invalidate us, we exists!!!! @SeodalmiPopo makanya😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @Kyurus dih pekokoh wow