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Stella Parks @BraveTart Lexington, Kentucky ✈️ NYC

I love cheap butter & expensive chocolate, red wine, video games, and midnight snacks. Senior editor @seriouseats.

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Today feels like a good day to start A Baker’s Year, thanks @_smoke_signals.
Aaaaaaand back to tourist_home for breakky. food and hospitality at @shiftflg, still dreaming of the fresh pasta.
French crullers tourist_home were legit!
hazelnut brittle > peanut brittle?🍪🍪🍪
I know, I know, all this talk of Yule logs and then I go and make a jelly roll.
I don’t believe in Santa, but I do believe in putting cookies out on Christmas Eve. @aekoutzoukis Sure! Whatever sounds tasty to you. @flammifera @LiterarySara Blood mage!Surana/Alistair, blood mage!Hawke/Fenris, necromancer!Lavellan/Solas. Send help. 😂 @LiterarySara @flammifera This is so pure @flammifera @BraveTart baking twitter Dragon Age twitter 🤝…
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This is my almond cake from @seriouseats, but with DIY almond flour instead of store bought. This gives it a hearti… @DrOilUSA 🎉🎉🎉 @AynsleeAnne 😍 @deliafern @Jdlazo More info on my method here: @deliafern @Jdlazo My recipe should not be pre-rolled. No tea towel with mine either. It is the easiest, low fuss recipe on the planet. @MisterPulley For the no-bake? Yeah, grahams have whole wheat so they can be a bit thirstier. @fallenprogrammr Is it possible it’s simply too warm? Aside from a dough temp into the mid 70s+, the only think tha…
Getting down to the wire, but still time! my niece in the kitchen, sprinkles go on EVERYTHING now, which is fine by me tbh. This is my no-bake Greek yog… @matt_kronsberg But lemme tell you, the trooping crumble cap image search was a delight. @matt_kronsberg My new band name!The answer, per @brettspiel is wheel bug eggs! Wild. @BraveTart That is an egg cluster from a wheel bug (Hemiptera), Arilus cristatus. They’re beneficial insects that a…
Retweeted by Stella Parks @brettspiel Ahhhh, how satisfying to learn! Thank you.Hey nature pals, what the heck is this? Some kind of mushroom??? @PKKojima Merry Christmas to you as well! That’s a good looking cookie! @zigged Yes! 10” is correct for the skillet. 12” is the approx diameter after inverting (due to flared sides) to he… @mangalitsapork It’s a well-known technique, why nutmeg is included in bechamel. Likely some overlapping chemical compounds. @JakeFreimer This one is okay-ish. You can’t add as much because of the higher sugar fat content tho. @ComicsSteve I’ve never tried them as donuts 😅 @maggiehendricks 🙏🙏🙏 @JHockney I do! @yjhuoh They can vary a lot with the brand of ricotta (see pix in technique post), and also with flour brand. The t… @trossmeissl @torque @ideasinfood I’d trust Alex and Ali with my life, and def with a brownie. 😂🙏💖 @jeremyacarson Haha yeah, it’s true. But that’s the only dairy free mod I’ve tried. I’d be hopeful pea milk behaves nicely tho.It’s Saturday night—do you want to make some #Hanukkah doughnuts? 🙂 I’m sure you do! We start with a potato. 1/
Retweeted by Stella Parks @MarlinDarlin Oh, so happy to hear it!!!! @harrislarryd @seriouseats Perfectly done! @norton_sb Lookin good! @michisreal All cakes will always require mods of some sort in a totally new pan. Bake time will be diff for sure,…'s beauty, she's grace, she's @BraveTart's tart cherry and chocolate layer cake!
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In which @BraveTart reveals her favorite recipes of the year.
Retweeted by Stella Parks @mikeov1 afaik it still handles the same way in recipes. @jamie_prince Weirdly, that topic was my instagram post for the day. Yule logs travel super well, but mushroom plac… you need to transport a Yule log, an empty egg carton is perfect for cradling the roulade on one side and the mu… @jes_sherborne Oh, interesting; weeping just 15 min out of oven! In that case, the custard may be overcooking. This… @shapple Oh, gotcha! That's only if the powdered sugar is conventional, which means it's fully processed and stripp… @jamie_prince What's the logic in taking the unassembled components vs assembled? My recipe does not involve pre-ro… @tuktuklex Boop. I friggin craaaaaaashed. But I met a TukTuk fan! @dive_girl @JosephBethLex Awwwww 😔 @DanHolway Wild! @chanlea That could be it; all the pantry staples would be around 68 too, so en mass they may have just dropped the butter temp super fast. @shapple Starch type isn’t a huuuuge deal for the powdered sugar here, no worries. What’s the molasses for?My niece wanted to make cupcakes, which is how I learned my olive oil cake is easy to mix up with a 3yo at the whee…
@chanlea Hmmm! Okay. Another consideration, is it substantially below 70F in your kitchen? Wondering if the butter… call! @chanlea But just regular Quaker and not a quick/instant or thick cut situation? @nanoscapes Bummer! The sugar doesn’t play a role in that, so I’d look to other issues like flour type, overbaking, care over cooking, etc. @Happy_Macomb I found the pistachio flavor comes through more on French, but the procedure is the same either way. @chanlea Huhhhhh, any shift in butter or rolled oat brands?
@shapple Hope it’s a happy birthday! @shapple A single or 1.5x batch of a chocolate American buttercream would be enough, and pretty dang simple… @mekingNV should be fine as long as it's a relatively low moisture caramel, like the sauce version in my book. @AlekaGurel it's so thick and fluffy!! @ValerieHeruska @seriouseats I'd start with the ricotta cheesecake I have on Serious Eats, but with the baking tech… @allisons My gluten-free Oreos should do fine from a cookie press. @allisons It would ooze out in a puddleAs with my jelly roll, my chocolate roulade is a similarly no-fuss proposition. No powdered sugar dusting, no flipp… @dianakrivers I gave up on it; the return on investment proved to be a little out of whack. @KipnissNathan So it...wasn’t on convection? @MoonbatSK Yeah, that’s close enough—no worries. I’d say this one’s strictly an issue of overwhipping. Everything else sounds fine. @vonmoishe Is use the super stable whipped cream from my book, def won’t eeep. @KipnissNathan (Or there was something conductive on the rack above???) @KipnissNathan It looks like it’s running pretty hot, or that the oven rack was too high. @IlaLocke @seriouseats It’s on the site now 🙏 @timthebearjew @danyeal (If you’ve got a copy, 80% of my recipes are GF friendly, so all the cakes and most cookies are an option too.) @jbchang @doriegreenspan @karamat @KristenLKish Saaaaaame! I use a ruler when taking notes for recipe development,… @MoonbatSK That’s consistent with overwhipping, but just to double check—bleached cake flour? @PintSize_Token 🙏🙏🙏 @hessianchef Aw yeah—hope you love it!I know I post a lot about cheesecake, but I can’t help it okay???
@MoonbatSK 100%! The physical cues are the goals, not the times. They’re only included to contextualize the process. 🙏🙏🙏 @apdmassey @zigged @CMLohse I support you! @SuttonWheelis @JosephBethLex I can arrange this 😂😂😂 How can I identify his order? @scribblefix Refined coconut oil is flavorless and odorless. 🙏 @Microguy1977 @JosephBethLex You can bring an existing book, and hopefully browse around to see what else Joseph Beth has to offer. <3 @BourbonBellePR @beardfoundation Hahaha, wowww, bold move on someone's part! @jes_sherborne It may be coming from the meringue, which can weep under a variety of conditions (wrapped/refrigerat… MOOD @thedaxnation Plus any of my vanilla cookies can become lemon cookies by changing up the extract involved. @thedaxnation Or these? @thedaxnation Like these?, #lexky—if you're looking for a last minute gift idea, gonna do a book signing at @JosephBethLex at 6pm on Thur…
@MoonbatSK You can always blend multiple batches after the fact, to unify color/flavor across the board. Good luck! @MoonbatSK It's almost impossible to get a reliable measurement for caramel, since the syrup layer is so thin and t… @TheClassicMatt Ah, glad to hear it! A dry texture is consistent with a final cooking temp above 240, so the underl… @GordonDiggs I've never made it with frozen, so I can't say if it performs differently. @Moes2Go @DrPalotti DIY isn't as effective as commercial, because it's not double acting. More info here: