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internet died mid stream lolHITTING RADIANT THIS STREAM πŸ’›
Retweeted by Bre4ad @bbylapras yap. @bbylapras @ForceZK @DerekJoon u got it :) @zillxst when @wackyzx ok. @zillxst ill shave it if u shave it @notrxchel ok. @47Yolo haha heyyyy @DerekJoon im seeing you in august. @DerekJoon omg first circle 😻😻😻😻do i cut it @kasuiwnl i just woke upgood morning 😊
someone spam call me if i dont wake up in 3 hours plsthis was the funniest shit ever bro
Retweeted by Bre4ad @DerekJoon me and derek had a combined kill count of 10 in 15 rounds who want usbro idk why im dying at this clip. my sova went 11-17 btw @TorontoManOP 😏😏 @Evs2x @bre4adpriv twt and yt @TorontoManOP @DerekJoon @katiaIys IVE NEVER TOUCHED OMEN EVER WYS @DerekJoon @TorontoManOP @katiaIys ???????just saw this dude eat a glizzy on tiktok and now i want one 😻😻 @Evs2x need to wake up for test tmr @Evs2x what timr @ForceZK ok @hiimnateee i sleep for like 12 hours a day its so badi sleep too much.ASAJDOIASJDkisdiosdiohfhfkdkkkfkfjhjhkh
Retweeted by Bre4ad @DerekJoon heyyygood morning team
@bbylapras noti fbi love life. @Evs2x i mean this is not the first time youve said ive had an ego, shits kinda getting annoying @Evs2x i mean who wouldnt, you said i have an ego and that i hate you. not even true... @Evs2x i always resp to u, just cause i dont talk to you as often doesnt mean i have an ego. i have my own life and… @Evs2x how does that mean i have an ego @Evs2x how do i have an ego when u dont even hmu, ur actually weird for that @Evs2x pls stfu @Evs2x ? @HachiSZN @kotafn shit is so expensive for no reason...if you ever get tedster#9367 dodge all this kid does is bitch
@hiyur_ ty goatPAINT HEADER WORKS ;D @hiyur_ IM BROKE @ItsExert_ technically i have school til the end of this month, but senior marks are due on the 18th so im done then9 MORE DAYS OF SCHOOL GET ME OUTcan someone make me a banner :D
@SilverNyx_ squads pls @DerekJoon no caves but down @bbylapras that not me its bby lapREES @bbylapras WWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW @TorontoManOP @xKitzi ima keep talking then 😻😻 @xKitzi real shit @ItsExert_ @TorontoManOP maybe 😏 @Boy1drr @DerekJoon no way @nawtaww only Ws for nga @saojuu this picture was three months ago, they look nothing like that anymore πŸ₯² @thisisnotinha @ForceZK ??? @ForceZK no i need YOU in my life 😏 @ItsExert_ @TorontoManOP hi exert @TorontoManOP @bbylapras LFGGG #furry @TorontoManOP @bbylapras oh my god he did it
@thisisnotinha 4’10 ***old @SilverNyx_ @DerekJoon @TorontoManOP its my brand now theres no going backheyyy @DerekJoon @TorontoManOP @Boy1drr @cidneyval @DekimDK 😒 @DekimDK i eat rocks. @DekimDK yes. @SilverNyx_ i eat rocks. @SilverNyx_ yes.i want to yell. @TorontoManOP noti fb @lilfragrance i just spent $20 this shit better be worth itbts meal. @47Yolo @Evs2x baby daddy bread @Evs2x now come or else @Evs2x hello i literally invited u to the airbnb @Evs2x its bred @Evs2x heyyyi eat rocks. @Evs2x ....................sup @DerekJoon heyyy 😏 @Boy1drr @TorontoManOP @1hadofhfo @DerekJoon id shake ass for u no cap lol @saaiiyed heyyyy @Evs2x @rager42069 i think we good almost kissed so many times it kinda turned me on lol
Retweeted by Bre4ad @TorontoManOP come watch with us brono way they got travis scott to perform @DerekJoon @yeonari_ vouch, sings me to sleep every night @TorontoManOP man i wish i was the item shop
@DerekJoon @TeamSynergy YEAHHHH DEREK LFGGGfree battlefield 4 code on origin go crazy HTKB-XDYT-CJEG-JEFQ-P5H4 @DerekJoon from applebees?