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"the gallows" out now // garden ave // (he/him)

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@lilaaron911 @KennyHoopla @travisbarker no surprise at all @nothingnowhere skametbord @midwxstv2 it was good pls no beat me upmy heart is sick and I am so sorry//
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@adlo971 henry barkerman i hate the internetcrazy how everything is made up and nothing is real
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @KennyHoopla @travisbarker @whylonewolf song of the year 🔥🤘HOLLYWOOD SUCKS// 🥀 OUT NOW!! @travisbarker @whylonewolf 🏁🐺
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsI'm a small business owner. We've received 300 applications per job opening this year. We pay a living wage with be…
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsLIL WEST - FINAL HOME out now whole lotta breathe rosalia produced by jay vee 🚀 guitars on breathe by @1yeezo…
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardswake up honey we got new @KennyHoopla and new @lilwestbb on the same day 🔥🔥🔥 @brodymckeegan good @brodymckeegan im not even gonna like this tweet i think it has enough likes you dont need anymore remember your roots big boy @brodymckeegan no im literally here to bully you so you stay groundedMentally, I’m here
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good @adlo971 i deadass just found old videos of me jared and zacs fuckin reggae band and i cant believe that time was real lmaoooo @adlo971 duh, gonna need that caffeine for plugged in practice @adlo971 ^ to complete a perfect lunch @adlo971 with some of that nantucket nectars oh baby @slug_christ thats the one all my friends tell me to peep too imma have to check it this month finally lol @slug_christ im not too familiar with anime but i have been watching a lotta old kenta kobashi matches and that bur… @slug_christ and a 3rd with an even longer set up with a 110% chance of a pin that you only bust out like 10 times evermade a citizen/title fight type song with @taxpurposes so thats sickcool now do insulin
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @lilxsadeyes not with the gm fam 🖤 @LilXtraATL omg quick ill my rabbi lets get a joke set up here
come watch matt make me look kawaii isn't a "hand out." It's insurance you pay into with every paycheck. If your car got hit, you wouldn'…
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @brodymckeegan just hope people still realize how fucked of a system it all is in a perfect world unstable crypto l… @SAWCEofficial sawcey darko @brodymckeegan whatever jeff bezos enjoy your hedge fund 😛“Pop Shuvit (Hall of Meat, Duh)” Official Lyric Video Available NOW on our YouTube page
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @lilzubin @ifidiefirstband insane 🔥🔥🔥sorry i was late to the zoom session i was up til 7am trying to figure out what fifth wave emo ismay the fifth wave emo
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @samisgoing2hell imma clean them teeth @jayxvee wykbrditdSometimes only a few minutes , sometimes years.
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@guccihighwaters us @adorejunji @guccihighwaters i meeeeean 👀 @lilskele in an @maistummyhurt punish god @XLHC_ we miss you @GRAIYN @xxciel send ticket link💾
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @hhazelboyy god damn i suck ok ya im opening it rn rn rnfuck yeah new song this month fuck yeah baby music fuck new music shit fuck yeah baby new song yeah baby steak night fuck
@cloudcabin my chain changes based on the song but my go to is a lil fast comp, subtractive eq, a lotta slow comp,… @cloudcabin but on the other hand, compressing after eq will undo a little of the eq you just did. so its really a… @cloudcabin depends if you compress before you eq, youll be compressing the frequencies you dont want into the sign… @ActuallyNotBill ay 2 for a buck is a crazy deal tho im jealousBEATMAKING CONTEST ‼️ ($1700+ worth of prizes) 3 winners, who can make the most fire beat? 👽…
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @saint_tomorrow no u @saint_tomorrow god damn this is so FUCKING GOOD WTF BRO 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 @jakkystealurgrl ayyy look at that handsome man standin on his own. congrats man lookin good in the recovery! 🖤 @audiotreemusic we are waiting til friday to listen to the new @KennyHoopla @palettestaches @snarlsband please do because i am also free on friday to listen to the song on fridayMonday morning vibes with the homie @breathingback
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @baredex hinder - lips of an angel (official video) [2005] @WTCHCRFT666 chug some gatorade get some sleeps 😘🖤 @waltrharpr i have a secret love for late 90s early 2ks butt rock im on a stained kick tonight @xxciel hey man i laugh i like its as simple as that
@ANXIETYxATTACKS lol maj dingle @XLHC_ KATIE DONY CRYYYY IIIIII KNOOOOOW @anobodyreally lets goooo 🤘 @HotMulligan HAHAHAHAHA
The iconic Steiner Math promo happened 13 years ago today.
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsthe distance between us grows too long//
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Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards#8 IN THE COUNTRY - we did this!! that’s so fye hahah, pls pls keep calling/texting your local radio stations and r…
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @DATASQU4D i confuse chase and stand a lot lol @thiswildbemis i feel like you have a ps5 its a must have just started the download rntwitter isnt real life
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsfriend fest may 8th + 9th lineup soon
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@lilskele what was the tweet they replied to?for all my hot ppl: @GRAIYN @xxciel and yall didnt tell me :'(if u listen to my music ur automatically hot afPLUNGE DEEP GOLDEN KNIFE
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @Xanolabars damn lmk when were cookin this up ill come overeveryone but me @lilxsadeyes @jayxvee FAX @astralagenda moves to the midwest and becomes a ranch pizza guy i like this arc @idcmarcus every time i drive by a marcos pizza i think of the king 🤘 @dolfacedisaster *king 👑 @jayxvee our queens could be girlbosses tho ✌️vax got me buggin so i hired a nurse to stay at my side w/ ⁦@OfficialJoshA⁩ out now everywhere <3
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsya hear that @jayxvee? you dont have to beat me all the time sometimes our queens can just kick it
it’s true
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsthinking about that time @brodymckeegan was ten years old and lost a spelling bee because he couldnt spell lettuce @Xanolabars i mean......... @Xanolabars aint that the auto parts? @guccihighwaters @OfficialJoshA already know itll be a slapperooni @_fieldmedic not noticing you theyre not taking you seriously hey THEYRE NOT TAKING YOU SERIOUSLY