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"forgive me" out now everywhere // garden ave

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@cremationlily 10/10 @piitsabouy maaaaaan send links ill go in on a 2 bedroom away from society lmaoi wanna live in the middle of nowhere with no neighbors so i can record at 3amok but what is Joe Biden's plan to defend pop punk?
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Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @sam_thraxx so true @overcastaz uhhhh 👀
@myhipsterhandle @Xanolabars damn u bodybagged his ass @damnitssp @xxciel yuhhh 🙏 @GRAIYN @xxciel 🙏🙏🙏 @LokelMusic 0 minoots MERCH DROP got some fire hoodies and shirts out now designed by @xxciel and up for one week only limited stock… minutes @chlofromsnarls hard agree @overcastaz fuuuuuck make it happen when the world is normal in 2027 @blossomreyn0lds man what a fuckin shooooowoh no eastern be there or be square @hr_vest oh i have to actually make it? ugh maybe later @hr_vest where and how
@cpt_sad very good very swag nice i like it @brodymckeegan @astralagenda id like to see mccafferty even try to hit spacebar like you do theyre not on your level @astralagenda the fact that we still made that shit happen after the whole bullshit with them is insane hahaha @astralagenda lol the old tour flyer in the back 😬 @overcastaz make me @wgm_v oh yay the rapture is finally upon us cant wait to ride the moon spaceship out of body earth @GRAIYN @MaskedGorilla psh already got mine lmao ill take more of roger is slingin em thomy dad texting me at 7am while hes waking up and im not asleep yet trying not to mention how disappointed he is in my sleep schedule lol @jayxvee me
@sam_thraxx @JoLZMusic ^cool thing on monday 👀 @jayxvee this has hit potential all over it @astralagenda rocket power race across new zealand @friend7code me is also on soundcloud too if you prefer and apple music if thats your thing no my friend that was on purpose youre welcome @NotEmrys its always easier to say "money wont make you happy" while youre sitting in a mansionsometimes i think i chase constant simulation through the internet or video games or tv because i simply dont want… of forgetting to turn off the damn oven @FrescaDCray 🙏🙏🙏You say You say I'm on my way... But I can't explain why... I'm not fucking there I hope that you'll ~forgive me~…
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@astralagenda that goodwill osu sweater tho 🔥'i wish i could dream alone' is out now!! soundcloud: spotify: p…
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @astralagenda @crslkngs @brodymckeegan one day itll be real again one day down the line lmao creature tour part 2 just very belatedweird that its already been a year since tour with @astralagenda @crslkngs and @brodymckeegan even weirder how muc… @KennyHoopla @travisbarker holy shit this might be your best song yet @TheBillyMartin 👂the people wanna hear @OvergrowOH 🙏🙏🙏give this a listen! hands down one of my favorite covers i’ve ever made. we got to throw leaves at andy and i got t…
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsThe Columbus scene doesn’t miss This song absolutely rips
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards𝐸𝓈𝓉𝑒𝓁𝓁𝒶// (w/ @travisbarker) 🌹 OUT NOW 💀!!
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @Ghostie319 🙏🙏🙏New @breathingback IT'S OUT, I don't think it presaved tho :( But I love the song tho!! I see why you were proud :)
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsMY FUCKING ALBUM IS OUT NOW somethjngs wrong PLEASE BUMP THIS SHIT ENDLESSLY
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsI’m crying in my room rn @breathingback
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwardsNEW MUSIC ! 🧚🏻 @breathingback Forgive Me prod. @youlooktiredx x LB
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @axijj @4evr this was perfectyou snapppped 🙏🔥"FORGIVE ME" NEW SINGLE OUT NOW PROD. @youlooktiredx & lb i hope you guys like this one its very autumn feeling i… try again and again and again and again and again and again
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @trickr00m eatavril lavigne has been dead for years @ArohaMatangi 🖤🖤🖤🙏🙏🙏
tonight tonight tonight @ItsIchorus ugh i need it @ItsIchorus i wanna ~feel~ like spiderman @ItsIchorus for real im heated god damn botswalmart really said "ps5 back in stock" then added like fuckin 2 of them pain. @janickanemetu @nothingnowhere u gotta teach me how to get that second button on the rugby collar up lmaonew song toniiiiiiight gonna go live on insta and play it at like 11 est for the real ones who wanna listen asap👀 @planetcollision @aries_ix i mean yeah but its more than that he got some extra magic sauce hes hidingafter months of muttering under my breath at people in the supermarket I’ve finally cracked
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @SAWCEofficial 1 and 4 for suremaking a thread here of my favourite female / gender diverse artists (and bands)
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @notdaine soccer mommy the goatdamn how the fuck @aries_ix get such huge choruses without going super hard on the takes mans just chillin recordin…
@lilaaron911 idk if either of them are emo but soccer mommy and phoebe bridgers are goat level @dreamhopping @astralagenda @egodlow @sewerperson1 🙏🙏🙏i wonder if anyone who got a cassette happened to play it and listen all the way through the album..... im sure the… got new garden ave shirts! v limited cop one while ya can! day down the line shows will exist again 🖤😢🖤 sike i actually cooked for myself tonight and i feel really good about it gonna record something good next s… wait for tours again 🥺 @brodymckeegan @astralagenda @crslkngs a contrast 😭
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @hhazelboyy whenever its done we can uber eats the whole damn townwhen i get shit done and record or mix something good i reward myself with some uber eats but then when i have a sh…
fl studio 21 will now have stories
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @LilXtraATL for real. i got so fine with my shitty sleep schedule over the summer i forgot that it was gonna get wr… @LilXtraATL i know it is for me especially waking up at like 2pm that extra hour of sunlight really did make a difference frshit i hope so*Mike DeWine telling Ohioans to use “common sense”* Ohioans:
Retweeted by thebreathingbackwards @sewerperson1 yes plsi just want my cat to be happy and live a happy life everything else is meaningless to me if cookie isnt happy @memoryrose01 @hr_vest @morgnbates 🔥🔥🔥🔥