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@tewlewse 10/10 for sure!Someone blows their nose and coughs Me: *is triggered* 😂😭 @breathinngws Dangerous woman @wifeyybutera Sean, Mac and Ricky
Corona reached my country 🙊
@zdaydreamin @ArianaGrande 😏😏Justin Bieber girl @llovatoast I can't 😂 @breathin_songs 88
@arianacutie4evr I'm bi too @sweetenersmoon Nope, never have and never will. What is a shower btw? @gwstilia I was 8 😂 @ghostinhvg Niëe
man what the fuck
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙 @juxtinftgrande ITS NOT A SONG U MADE THIS UP
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙#ArianaIsBack Ariana Grande teases fans with new song title "i hate u ( i love u so much)" from her upcoming album
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙throwing my phone off a cliff
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Are you telling me I’m going to have to find the Nickelodeon channel number for the first time in 6 years....
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙.@ArianaGrande has been nominated for 3 Spotify Awards this year: Most listened female artist Most listened artist…
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙Incredible... no other artist has ever achieved this... ever.... the greatest achievement, all songs from one album…
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙ARIANA IS BACK ON NICKELODEON?????
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙.@ArianaGrande's "Thank u, next" is #48 on this week's billboard 200 it has charted a whole year in the top 50 region.
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justin was having such a hard time making the yummy music video and we had no idea :(
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@stxngx Baby stop touching my contract @gwsdildo Yes please 😂 @dreamyiarii Better left unsaid 🙊 @notearsbf Bad idea, tattooed heart probably
Happy valentines day everyone grande : *exists* the universe: . * . * .🌙 * . * ☄️. * ✨ . * . 🌍 * . 🌕 * . * 🌟 .…
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@boqasworld Yes at first, but after a while i'll wake up and lose them @arianacutie4evr I usually just wear my socksworst feeling is when you’re in a deep sleep and your alarm goes off 😫
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙 @arianacutie4evr Aniëll 😂 @justinbieber @ArianaGrande COLLAB PLEASE #jariana @ArianaGrande thank you for Coachella and helping remind me of what I love to do. Appreciate you so much.
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.@ArianaGrande has now surpassed 90 MILLION followers across all streaming platforms globally (Youtube, Spotify, De…
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙 @gwsbuhtera 🐝5 years ago today, @ArianaGrande released “One Last Time” as the fifth single from ‘My Everything.’ It peaked at #…
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I've only had 3 drinks and i can't walk straight anymore 😂.@ArianaGrande has now surpassed 42 MILLION followers on Spotify she becomes the first WOMAN to reach this milestone on the platform.
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙 @nickluvsari $400 😳
A year ago today, @ArianaGrande changed the pop landscape with ‘thank u, next’. This album explored hardships &…
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙“i am in no rush to pop anything out of the oven yet” @ArianaGrande
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙an album that isn’t even out yet is charting in over 100 countries.....IT’S NOT EVEN OUT YET we love to see it the…
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙 @gwsbuhteraa I expect the money on my account by Wednesdaythank u, next — ariana grande (2019)
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙The only women to have multiple projects with over 2 billion streams on Spotify: • Ariana Grande • Billie Eilish •…
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙Wow . And album doesn’t come out until next week. #CHANGES
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙happy birthday to thank u, next, to celebrate tell me your favourite track from the album
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙First man by Camila is such a beautiful song. I get chills everytime I hear it 😫 #CamilaCabello @7riqs first anniversary 🖤
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙A year ago today, @ArianaGrande released her fifth studio album, ‘thank u, next.’ Grande’s most personal album yet…
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@dreamyiarii 70% @Serayrauhl I'm so sorry to hear. Sadly, i know what it's like. If you ever need to talk to someone, feel free to message me ❤ @divineeverytime Spiders @BADlDEAA I was quite good in French grammar. You can dm me if you ever need help 😊your twitter family based on your 8 first @ (stolen) mom- @cloudlybutera dad- @lilykissedagirl nice brother -… @cloudlybutera Well i was in a fight with my parents and i really felt like 💩 But after that I decided to go to my…
@cloudlybutera It turned into a 4 😊 @boqasworld 🏹 @cloudlybutera What's your duck today? @cloudlybutera Nawwhh thank you 🥺 @aintlogic Nou dat is gemeen 😂 they're testing you 👀 @cloudlybutera A solid 7 probably. Got about 9 hours left to see if it's gonna turn into a 6 or a 8 😂 @boocaprincesses Love this 😂
this princess. I’m not over this look bc she served it.
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙Did some of y'all ever forget Jones existed, because I just realized I did😳 @echosofswift I'm not sure if it's a coincidence anymore but all of the Daniëlles I know are gay/bi. Including me,… @ArianaGrande 👀👀👀 has surpassed @LadyGaga and is now the 7th best selling female artist of all time in the UK based in…
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙 @nickluvsari Corona virus 😭😭 @issygrande Tun 🥰 @boocaprincesses Yaaass @DreDys_ @grandeserpents SAME @thelightkait 🏹 @boqasworld ☺❤😝😅🌚15 & 16. Yummy remix is the 17th track!
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙first 14 songs from Justins new album!!
Retweeted by Daniëlle 🌙 @voguegrandey I'd love to be friends. You know, i just started following you after seeing you on my timeline, but f… @arigvsco @voguegrandey Yes pls!! @contenthoe @grandesbenefit My smile is beamin'I want to marry her and I'm not going to @_RebekahJade @dovegrande All day, every day @justinbieber I've got no words. So proud ❤ @kayleebryanst @ghostindinah Me with merch 😂😭 @misosoupari Probably 2 or 7 @ariswfan Yeah @ghostin333 Ariiii 🥰 @divineeverytime Imh, but I really love them both @gwsbuhteraa What's up? 🥺 @gwsbuhteraa Happy birthday! ❤ @lostinpompeii Het staat je wel hoor 😍