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Bred Pres s @bredpress Chicago, IL

i am bred press. alt comics + artist books. printmaker. I make the bad tweets here, see IG for work @ bredpress. nothing but bad tweets here

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Also! I know this twitter isn’t really for my work but !!! I’m reading a new comic at zine not dead 14! I’m very ex…
Retweeted by Bred Pres s @colorfulmuppet you know what to do $1 for every tooth you haveIt’s hard to understand the appropriate amount of liquid to use while making a smoothie. But it sure as hell ain’t… preparing for the fucking Nevada caucus debacle song this time is Do Your Best @Trompstar S. C. O. R. P.Cool brain time to listen to a single John Maus song on repeat for 14 days in a row
New Book Split book W/ Rebecca Kirby More stories about cripples with nothing to lose Go bu…
Retweeted by Bred Pres s @SarahSquirm Banking at the post office/progressive wealth tax area still p0wns my faith in electorialismTherapy is cool and worth it if I think of it like an OnlyFans for my brain
@SarahSquirm Shit da fuck up!!!From da beast, release da leash, fueling up for the fight to come @gracedrawsstuff No fuckin way did you work on a 40k ip!!!! Oh my GOD !!!!!!!!!!!’ HELL yeahBernie’s video team is so damn good, it’s incredible.
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Retweeted by Bred Pres s @dei_genetrix lol hell yaEvery once in a while I remember Jai Paul and I get pissed offHE JUST FUCKING CAME OUT AND SAID IT
Retweeted by Bred Pres s @max_morris_rulz @gwynbr Waaaaaahhhhhhh
I made the dinner and I call this dish ‘snow-capped mountains’ because of the amount of Parmesan I put on top of it,
@BossRadley RIP man, I forgot it was J. D. @earachefillips The last thing I see before I die smiling, knowing I deserve itPet cat @TheSocietyDude Bernie is not horny, main reason I'm voting for him
Retweeted by Bred Pres sRemembering first year of college in the dorms. Someone’s pet fish died during a party and we all drunkenly held a…
@carlocavaluzzi @CHAPOTRAPHOUSE Dam !!!!!!!! @gwynbr Nooooooo @litlslaywon Is this Ethiopian
@SarahSquirm Vorenie SandersBREAKING NEWS: There are no cross-Canada trains running, because the tracks are blocked by Mohawks and others acro…
Retweeted by Bred Pres s @meaganrosae Oh my fuckin god lolRewatching my favorite show Detectorists. It’s goodShabbat shalom
Retweeted by Bred Pres sHere’s the greatest tiktok I’ll ever make.
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@_anniefish Oh my godChange world Ape final messaege Good by
Retweeted by Bred Pres s @samrolfes fffFFFFFFFFFFfffffHappy Valentine’s Day
@witchbabyy LmaoMy fellow New Yorkers, you must register as a democrat today to be able to vote in the primary. Also a good opportu…
Retweeted by Bred Pres sI own a copy of this. Gets me through the week.
Retweeted by Bred Pres s @spicybutter69 Fucjwtf Elizabeth Warren has been crossing the Culinary Union picket line in Nevada
Retweeted by Bred Pres sDoug theme song @GIANT_ASS_SWORD Jfc @crutchvax Get in!!!!!! @meowbye Where did it go!!!!New car mod. Now my car greets me every time I get in and out of my car. It makes getting in and out of my car feel…
@earachefillips Fuck marry kill bud let’s gonovember 2020. pete buttigieg has declared victory in the general election.
Retweeted by Bred Pres sI will never draw anything as wonderful as this illustration of a wizard riding public transit that has been my pho…
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Retweeted by Bred Pres s @demonfloss @shopfencing Reflex Blue!!!!! Reflex Blue !!!!!!!!!! @baby_misery It’s crazy out hereNever mind 🍰 @ivyatoms Damn wtf!At home alone audibly saying hell yeah to myself while staring at my phone. King of the hill is playing on a TV in… @shopfencing I love da rat @GIANT_ASS_SWORD Fuck!!!!!!!!
@MarnieGalloway OmgWaitlisted for CAKE lol @lewisjamesgrant There he isNEW SHIRTS ——> <——- IN BLACK BY POPULAR DEMAND
Retweeted by Bred Pres sLiterally me right now
New @777paranoia shirts are now available ⬛️⬜️ @luketaylorgo You have a holster for your gun and a holster for your fun TSA sized bottle of Smirnoff so you can ic… @777paranoia Sad I never got to meet Vegan Alec, but probably also fortunate
Amy klobuchar answering a question 'in Kobe's memory' oh my god???Tom Steyer endorsing Bernie on the fucking debate stage lmao
I think about this movie poster everyday.
Retweeted by Bred Pres sMy right eyelid has been twitching for 3 days straight video request for “Peter griffin moderating a debate between Bernie Sanders and Tony Soprano”
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“Why should people believe your victory speech over [Pete’s]?” “Because I got 6,000 more votes.” Bruh 😩…
Retweeted by Bred Pres sAll I can think of when we have to talk about The Needle
Retweeted by Bred Pres sStaring at my phone muttering “shut da fuck up..... shut da fuckup.....” but w my ears blown out so it sounds rly l… @Nate_Cohn The needle sucks shit dude
Retweeted by Bred Pres s @earachefillips Ya ok
@ADACTIVITY Rib kid killed a coal executive o7 *smug grandstanding west wing style speech where he says shit like “the values of our forefathers decency is…
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.    ☩ VATICAN SHADOW ☩ ┌─────────────────────────┐  Buttigieg Declares Iowa Caucus Victory └─────────────────────…
Retweeted by Bred Pres sThe Supreme Court picked our president. Superdelegates protect the establishment. Electoral college says you win if…
Retweeted by Bred Pres sincredible shirt by @bredpress
Retweeted by Bred Pres sThis is incredible. #IowaCaucuses #IowaCaucus #IACaucus #CaucusForBernie
Retweeted by Bred Pres sI just backed Ex.Mag anthology series from PEOW on @Kickstarter
@anyapdavidson Tomorrow night I’m so pumpedIt’s crazy that catnip is like a drug but just for cats. Wish I could hit some o that. I hope Bernie sanders wins the Iowa caucusThey think I wouldn’t kill a baby
Retweeted by Bred Pres sWho are we caucusing for, Iowa?
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Sanders was overheard saying, “Friends, please, there is no room in our hearts for hate, except for the system, the…
Retweeted by Bred Pres sHaving an incredible time in Iowa @mikeyjoyce Hell yeah, man
Ya boy out canvassing for Bernard in Iowa. Bernie Sanders, some merch. Every single cent goes to my surrogate father Bernie Sanders.
Retweeted by Bred Pres sFEC donor searching for occupation “cartoonist” and having a good time
Changing my name to Ass
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