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I draw spooky things, historical fashion, & veggies ✦ webcomic: ✦ Garlic & the Vampire → 2021 HarperCollins ✦ Repped by @BrittSiess

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@FeltForge @DesignerCon Yeah I've sent a couple messages and we've emailed them a few times but have only gotten.... crickets#PitMad is tomorrow! Are you ready? Are you hopeful? These 4 authors joined in and found success! #PB #amwriting
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @PapaPenKat I literally had the fleeting thought of "oh no needles" when i got my flu shot... then looked down at m… @_ranico WOODKIDand yes there are tattoo shops open right now, but that doesn't mean it's safe to, a lot of us aren't comfortable g…'m not sure non-tattooed understand that when we say "getting tattoos is addicting" WE REALLY MEAN IT. Like I didn…
@ArtsyPabster I only look at those emails when I'm strong of will and... that's not often. I bought so many stuff at SDCC. @DirkGrundy basically what happened with me and Patrik being ace, was figuring that shit out when I was developing… hope I'm able to get my garlic tattoo before my book comes out @nimasprout WEH @kavehtaherian fancy cheese with your martini? no no only jello monstrosities @nimasprout I wanna hug these precious babies @kavehtaherian 99% certain there's a recipe for ranch jello in mid-century cookbook somewhere... like there has to be @ArtsyPabster I made a mistake of browsing a french publishers library while looking for a specific book... I wanted to buy everything @vicehii better late than never @biancaxunise sounds like a dreamApplying this year for the con was already like "I'll give you one more chance" after last year's experience.… has ANYONE gotten their refund from @DesignerCon YET?????the top 100 playlist is pretty accurate LIES! Lemon Demon should be number 1. The only thing I listened to while I finished sketches for my book w…'s missing Susann Sundfør or FKA twigs from top artists but otherwise pretty accurate (tho "Sick Jan" is definite… @_ranico it's a really nice hobby to have, and you can get stuff like new clothes out of it haha @GrayFinnch sewing your own clothes, hella yeah! it can get frustrating when you get to hurdles with your ability but it's a great hobbyfinally finished 2 sewing projects that I've had sitting, waiting to be completed for months feels nice. M… @korybing AND YOU ARE RIGHT @musicalsplainin definitely going to show up on mine (cos it's like the only podcast I listened to on Spotify)Turns out I did end up doing a piece about this trope which is now available on my patreon🦇
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@rampaigehalsey ....yes @nilaffle bless this update @BreeLundberg (sorry re-comment but there was a not good typo) @BreeLundberg just thinking of the trans folks struggling who will have public figures to look up to for validationNo BEA. Only 4 major publishers. More than 1 indie bookstore has closed each week since March. If you love books:…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨Reminder to news outlets: Never deadname a trans or non-binary person.
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Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @victoriaying yeeeaaaahhh especially after the big 5 becoming 4 ....I am... fear...came up with a name... Behry....Behry Blue Jeans (it's stupid but I love it) ((Behringer/TAZ/Ladytron)) @breadeagles ....Hi @my2k the sound of this lovely is more... @my2k omg she isn't that big but I've SEEN Cotillions and similar organs at thrift stores in the before and THE TEMPTATION WAS regrets... @my2k it's both, but yeah that's the cuff of the sleeve, just think if it were a button up shirt, you'd use cuff links to close the cuff @AshsStash cause it's an obvious copy cat, the quality of this new monolith is a big step down from the first. @sarahcosico YES PLEASE WE MUST @kayandp ....yeah ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @sarahcosico daaww it's actually my favorite adaption!
Dr. Fauci returns to the White House podium. I assure you these 6 mins are well worth your time. This man is an inc…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @chalkyheart I'm so sorry Valentine 🖤🖤🖤 @biancaxunise God these are all bangers @biancaxunise WTFFFF that flipping sucks 😡 @dreadravenanzu The yowls for company started this year and I've been working from home for the past 2 1/2 years. T… @dreadravenanzu let's see if my parents will allow another in their homeCMYK @vaughnpinpin HECK @Eidolon_Night I can't remember what I thought the story was but I flipped through the art book of Howl's Moving Ca… @stephpeppery ⊙-☉ ...... d a m n @kavehtaherian thaaanks ( ꈨຶ ˙̫̮ ꈨຶ ) @ChaiWolfGaming They were hard to get! I ended up I running up and down my beaches almost everyday for a few hours to get em @brinsonmarie YEAH I can also open my gates for yeah if you wanna shop n stuffwasn't looking for to winter in the game (especially since autumn came and went so fast) but I realized I can go fu… island update while it's still autumn here before I change things up for winter
American Muslims went all 30 days of Ramadan—our holiest time of the year—w/o going to the mosque. We did so willin…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @Eidolon_Night I'd say it worth it for the history blogs. I follow a lot of fashion history stuff and photo archive… @Eidolon_Night I know a few artists have returned to tumblr because of instagrams update. I never left tumblr and h… @nimasprout I hope nothing happens to these kids and their familiesthe bounce house screaming continues 😑😑😑😑😑 @kevinjaystanton that how it be sometimes @vicehii I really like my pixel, have 3a, has a phonejack (I believe the 4a had one too). The camera is stunning, I… @nimasprout I brought home so much lemonade when I worked at Hotdog on a Stick... now I can't drink most store brands. @pamwishbow @nimasprout for sure, especially if you work in the food court. @vaughnpinpin I'm conflicted between wanting more fall and wanting to go full on spoopy winter solsticeA tip: if you have no idea how to pronounce someone’s name don’t make it weird or corny or xenophobic by implying t…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @tudorera nope... it's a birthday party....only one kid lives at this house @jessiejuwono they tag along on Jane's book tourThere's been kids screaming in a bounce house at my neighbor's across the street since this morning... which would…
Y’all ready for some bolos??? 2020 is the year of the bolo tie so if you still don’t have one get on it! These desi…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @kayandp CC?new page #hiveworks @RoonilJWazlib UUUUGGGHHHHHH I'm sorry TessaX-MAS 2020! A pre-order for series 3 of my X-MAS WINTER MONSTER PINS. 2" Hard Enamel pins featuring the LAUFR, KR…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @my2k RIGHT!!! I'M SCREAMING AT THIS LINE-UP @brinsonmarie OMMGGG your space looks amazing (ugh that coffee table is a beaut!)
Hey y'all... Dealing with some bad allergies so today's Patrik page might be a bit late. It'll most likely go up tomorrow.I can't get over how STUNNING the most recent episode of the Mandalorian is. You can really see and feel the influe… off in the shop through December 2nd! Use code BLKFRIDAY at checkout 😊✨
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @Firehouselight ha! I just finished watching it too. This episode was flipping gorgeous, Dave Filoni really out did himself.Use code “STAYHOME” at checkout for 15% Prints, bookmarks, cards, stickers and more (Even the NEW PRINTS)! MANY or…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @rampaigehalsey ACCURATE☀️ My holiday sale has officially started! Hand-carved and printed linocuts & merch directly from my inky hands to…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @Akitron that was the consensus of the poll. It's dumb but the inclusion of sex in most media is for teenage boys.… @Akitron Like I'm asexual, shoehorned sex scenes are one of my biggest peeves. @Akitron oh yeah, totally I did a poll about this awhile and agree that sex scenes in general need to have a purpos… @Akitron I personally am glad not every sex scene has eroticism. Makes it more realistic and authentic. If I want e… you play a thiefling, or any other horned species.. please consider these looks for your horns.
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨happy black friday!! i’m offering FREE SHIPPING on all u.s. orders from today till tuesday 12/1! also including lil…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨as part of my PDF sale, I'm releasing this Jughead comic i drew back in 2018. A tribute to Jughead's Time Police, i…
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨Here’s a directory of businesses that are rated on how they treat their workers, animals & the environment:
Retweeted by Bree Paulsen 🖤🧄✨ @MissJamieKaye accurate @LeafyFroggy I'm sooo sad, the last time I tried to play it, discovered my save was corrupted so I never finished the final rose level.describe your personality with a studio ghibli gif @LeafyFroggy YEEEAAAHHH