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@jadejohnsonillo Yeah hurricanes need to get the memo that they are cancelled this year haha. You stay safe too!! @jadejohnsonillo My family is down south too (FL) and I'm just like, please, we don't need hurricane season on top… @toastasaurus Super good points, thank you. @Sonic9jct I wish it wasn't $40, I can't expect all my friends to dish out that much to own a copy on each of our Switches. 😩“u cAn HaVe fRiENdS wITh dIfFeReNT oPiNiOnS” we can disagree on shows, food, music, but as soon as you disagree w…
Retweeted by Bree Lundberg 🏠 @Jill_Grun Their apologies saying they didn’t know the symbol was racist......IN 2019!!!! Unbelievable. @TheFantasticIan TRIPPED AND FELL WTF??!! Even if he had just “accidentally” fell (he didn’t) they should have help…
💜: please don't forget to check in on your friends and ask them how they're doing
Retweeted by Bree Lundberg 🏠 @OhJeeToriG yes 😍 @paolucci_art Thanks! @Sonic9jct Do it! baking brownies club. @Sonic9jct 😂 cool, thank you so much!!Anyone have a favorite chocolate brownie recipe that's vegan (or at very least doesn't use eggs)?Bump. Remember to donate. Cleveland often gets ignored while everybody talks about other major cities, but we have… @jadejohnsonillo Good! Take care of yourself 💚 @jadejohnsonillo So sorry, hang in there 😞❤️ @KeezyBees Bookmarking this thread! Thank you!I’ve walked away from jobs before that were terrible. Cops can do the same. 🤷🏼 @catgraffam So sorry Cat. ❤️ Sending love. @alexandrasketch ACAB @moonpiedog Good! I keep getting a scratchy throat but it’s only allergies everything blooming right now 😭 And I kn… @Toddly_Enough Thanks for sharing all this. @moonpiedog Aw good, hope you’re 100% again soon 💕 And we need to play AC together!! @moonpiedog You’re loved ❤️❤️❤️ Hang in there and hope you feel better!
@SydWeiler Yeah we really did have wild weather, I can’t believe within the span of two weeks it went from snow to… @SydWeiler Ooo exciting! When did you plant them? I’m worried we started a little late.i think everyone should read
Retweeted by Bree Lundberg 🏠🌱👀’s a sunny backyard dog break for you. ☀️ When you’re done, donate to Black Lives Matter Cleveland:… @biancaxunise YESSS!!!! Once you get your island going let me know I wanna visit each other and I’ll save some good goth items for you 👍 @Mografi_Joe I just got a hammerhead tonight too! @Mografi_Joe 😱 @JHarpIt 🙃How is it already June? And also how is it only June??
@dirtbagboyfren The bookmark tool is literally the only good improvement twitter has added last few years. @nilaffle 😱😱😱 @Kasrkin06 Oh dang YOU'RE RIGHT! Time to start doing our upside-down pull-ups. I'll start ummm later. @Kasrkin06 Same 😅 My sedentary life has not prepared me for this. @rudepetsclub But posting a black square LOOKS like you care but without having to actually do anything! 🙃Donate to your local legal/mutual aid funds this #blackouttueday and also your Black friends, who haven’t seen reli…
Retweeted by Bree Lundberg 🏠 @kcpolice Are you really that scared of some beans and a shoe? You’re in full riot gear. 😂 Attacking protestors wit… people don’t need our empty performative “solidarity”. True solidarity looks like action. Instead of sharing…’s black out is to pause your OWN content. The selfies, the outfits, the more frivolous side of life. Not to s…
Retweeted by Bree Lundberg 🏠 @gawkiart I’m so sorry. Glad you are safe. @Trungles 😂 Happy Bday!! @AHuynhArts I’m really on the fence about this. Because I don’t want peers being silent about what’s going on espec… @TanekaStotts Yikes. I saved him the trouble and blocked him first. 💁🏼 @cartographer91 @BLM_216 Cops are murdering people, I’m pretty sure our community is already not safe because of th… @SerraSwift Good luck and be safe!! @SerraSwift Oh no 😞
Everything is so scary right now. @Dreweyes Great design, Drew!! @crapmachine Amazing!!!!Good information shouldn't stop here in our immediate social media circles. Share those resources with your white f… PEOPLE: I have a challenge for you today. You know all the resources, articles, etc you liked/RTed all weeken… @doublepseudonym OoooooOoo!!!!! @SceneSallard @ClevelandScene Excellent article. @toastasaurus What a precious baby!!! 😭💕 @Trungles Please stay safe!
@Fawnduu Thanks! Yeah, and our weather has been so messed up, so we‘re probably already late to starting anything a… @GutterRabbit Aw good. There is hope for me! @changri_la One snap pea 😂😭 @Kerstinlacross Aw thank you @morningwitchy Good to know, thanks!! @InuSays This is true 💕Planting seeds for a vegetable garden but no idea what I’m doing and kind of winging it. I wouldn’t be a good choic… if our government could have as quickly provided doctors with PPE for the pandemic as they provided cops wi… @Sonic9jct Thanks! @superlark Ooo those all sound interesting. Thanks!I ask for podcast recs once in awhile but actually going to make a list this time so I don’t forget the good suggestions. @usuallyawake Ooh I haven’t heard of some of these, thanks so much. @dannyvincenz Thanks! @cadmiumcoffee Maybe? But I definitely haven’t tried it yet if you did so I’ll check it out. @nyanomori @NatalieDee @drewtoothpaste Thanks! @JosephRooks Oh I used to catch that show on the radio when I had a commute but it’s been awhile! Thanks! @cadmiumcoffee I won’t be able to sleep 😅Blowing through all my favorite podcasts during quarantine. I welcome any new recs? (Already listen to a lot of Max… @mostlybree Yes!! Always making up songs for my dogs I hope they appreciate it hah.[RT are appeciated] the #drawingwhileblack directory is now updated !✨ This is a great resource to find a black ar…
Retweeted by Bree Lundberg 🏠 @thenicoleham Happy bday!! 🎉 Welcome to the 30s club 😅 @Trungles Disgusting.
The Cleveland protests here (downtown, not near me) were peaceful until cops escalated violence with tear gas etc.… of info and resources here. There is no excuse for ignorance and apathy. Petition, donate, and educate yoursel… a reminder to other white people that we can't stay silent and pretend there is no racism because it is easy f…
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@gdbeeart Beautiful! This gives me such a nostalgic feel, missing the beach 😭Art as comfort or escapism is important but it's absolutely NOT a replacement for other activism. It's also a privi… @abellehayford Please take care and hang in there. ❤️ I’m glad to follow you and see your amazing work and voice.Fam we're supporting a movement constellation of formations you know what to do make these fundraisers go wild…
Retweeted by Bree Lundberg 🏠I donated to Minnesota Freedom Fund and you should too. 👉 Or here’s a thread of other caus… @nekomori_art 😅Seriously though it looked EXACTLY like it.Been trying to take a walk or bike ride daily (if weather is nice) but Animal Crossing has rewired my brain and I s…
@victoriaying Same. I’m definitely staying home despite reopenings. @juliaskuo Ooh yes I love kung fu tea! I wish they had more locations, I'm over in westlake 😢 @eeeyegee for people having it for first time (which I'm going to assume is a lot of white midwesterners) they just won't know. shame. 🙃 @keanerie Right??? smdh @GrizzyGalore No prob! @GrizzyGalore I tried this boba that @theJindoDog mailed to me and the directions it came with were simple and it w… @eeeyegee RIGHT?!? Like jelly pearls is fine is that's what asked for or expected! I'm going to assume they didn't… wish I had more authentic options for bubble tea here but there aren't many close to me or they lack options (lik…