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artistic-ish | all commission inquiries | pls don’t use my work without permission | IG: breezyy_creations

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its really easy to tell someone to just get over something that you yourself have never experienced some things… @kannchy UM @_crucifucks YES i just wanna be like.. TALK NORMALLY lmao @NaryasCrystals lmao same! My bf always has to ask me if im actually mad or just in the moment mad bc i have road r… be fair im generally a pretty angry person but whispering makes me so mad i wanna throw up lmaohi i fucking LOATHE the sound of people whispering idk why thats "asmr" it makes me irrationally angry dont whispera5 jaggy skulls! - guy fieri - gas mask - lords of salem - teeth
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @robcryptx THE GUY FIERI ONEa3 jaggy skulls! - hannya - cannibal - heathen - revamp
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @ECFOOS LMAO i wouldve never guessed thatjust because you can craft it, doesn't mean you should sell it. lmaooo
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝✨quick lil holiday giveaway✨🎄❄️ I appreciate all the support my ornaments received this year! RT/follow to win th…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @Soularlife Wtf?! Unbelievable. @darthviolets Thank you! @artbydeirdre WTF thats so annoying and unprofessional???? honestly if i knew vans used them to ship i wouldve drov… for commissions that don’t need to be finished before Christmas 🖤
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝fuck u @FedExmy package went from being delivered by the end of today to "PENDING" ok fuck fedex i bought vans online & they ship using fedex and they're the WORST the tracking history is so fucking slow and inaccurate
on the fourth day of Christmas HLS @juliahopeart gave to me... 3 vibrant fluid art ornaments & a golden massage soa…
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Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @maggielangley_ yoooooooo big fuckin yikes blocking her real quick 😅is this an actual fucking joke??? leave this family alone you fucking disgusting rancid toenail. Its things like t… @josie_leila Absolutely stunning. The entire piece is incredible, but I will never get over how perfect the hands y… holidays!
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @Imnotfatimjuicy Thank you! :) @artbydeirdre omg 😍 @c0ckward Aw thank you!winner will be chosen 12/8 US only unless willing to pay shipping bc im poor thank u :)✨quick lil holiday giveaway✨🎄❄️ I appreciate all the support my ornaments received this year! RT/follow to win th… of my favorite wood burned ornaments are still available!! ✨
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@atinymew AHHHH omg i love!!people dont like to admit when they're wrong. but, you can't grow unless you're honest w yourself. life is hard. d… u call someone on their bullshit & they get mad at *you* thats not your problem . if you cant admit when you fuc…✨ 2.5k GIVEAWAY ✨ Thank you so much for all the love and support! I will be picking someone to recieve 2 of my zod…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝my site will be back up soon. Just making some changes to the overall look and stocking some things 🖤friendly reminder that your follower count doesnt relate to you as a person. Ur not better than anyone bc you have… site will be down for a little while- This is the only painting I currently have available for purchase Feel…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @minibreadcrumb Thank you!🌷int’l day of disabled persons— At age 14 I was told that by 20 I would no longer be able to walk or lift my arms.…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝let is snow!
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝stickers?t h e c h i l d #Mandelorian #BabyYoda #drawthisinyourstyle #brianserway
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝Today's offering 300$ 3ft x 15 inches Mixed n dia on wood.
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝pretty little custom kitty design @juliahopeart can relate. I gained 20 lbs in a year and it’s really tough. Both of my sisters are tiny and beautifu… @baileymkbeads @merileeheehee ^^ agree I like being able to customize my site to give it the feel/look I want my cu… little project I’ve been working on it wasn’t intentional, but it looks pretty Christmasy lol @_tokabowl_ we just adopted Mac in January! he was surrendered to the shelter after being in a hoarding situation.… @_tokabowl_ amazing 😭😭this is it. the greatest tweet of all time. Pack it up guys we're done. @Fall_Fever Thank you!!!
@ravejunkiee @C4ROLINAREAPER Ah thank you so much! I appreciate your support!!My Christmas tree is finally complete! Thank you so much to @BreezyCreates and @C4ROLINAREAPER for these amazing sp…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝finishing up my last custom ornaments with rick and morty happy human holiday ✨ @kannchy AAAHHHHHHHHHHH these are amazing I can’t wait to see them finished!if someone was wanting to buy me a gift........ HINT HINTY HINT either way Caitlin’s work is absolutely stunning,… @radicalenergies omg I LOVE @atiralyons @caitelle1 👀👀👀👀 @JaylynSnowMusic insta: lianarose_art 🖤🖤👻
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @lianaroseee I LOVE HIM✧・゚:* holiday giveaway *:・゚✧ retweet, follow me & tag a friend to win a stocking stuffed with: * gingerbread scen…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @ghostmodePDX yea on canvas if I have a lot of yellow like sunflowers or something I’m usually gesso, white paint,… @ghostmodePDX so thin SO FUCKING THIN every shade I need like 4 coats to get the color I actually want I bought he… hate yellow paint with a burning passion that could rip a hole in the sunToday is the last day to take 50% off all orders when you use the code SMALLBIZSATURDAY at the checkout! ✨ The holi…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝open for commissions that don’t need to be finished before Christmas 🖤 site will be down for a little while- This is the only painting I currently have available for purchase Feel… Show me your favorite creation you’ve made recently 🎨 ✨🌿🌞 I think baby grinch is mine lmao @xtramirrestrial YES I LOVE literal hand lettering queenjust remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart..
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝hey just like FYI all u white people dont get to decide for POC that a racists “apology” is good enough it’s not…✨🦋 Happy Cyber Monday 🦋✨ Enjoy $10 off my large Christmas bundles until Midnight! Some home decor is also discount…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝Only 3 more days to enter this giveaway!✨
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝❤️🎄HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY❤️🎄 Here’s your chance to win practically all styles of my ornaments you will get a bundle of 8…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @Baina_loo15 okay🤷🏻‍♀️ just saying I’ve personally never noticed itjust rewatched the karaoke christmas episode for the..idk 10th, 12th time and i have NEVER seen Oscar and Gill walk in at the end until now.anybody else feel like the office looks different somehow recently also ive been noticing scenes/bits ive never seen before?
This pretty piece is available on my site 🖤
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @BugGirlOfficial Ah thank you so much!some of the spooky ornaments I’ve done this season 🖤
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝l m a o @ krampus just lickin that kids head like this is what bad kids get. licked heads and pulled ears @c0ckward I trust your opinion! You were 100% right on with the other 2, I googled em and they’re definitely both e… @c0ckward Ah thank you so much!! It’s kinda hard to get good pics of the second one, there’s a ton of colors in thi… @nattilitee start practicing sooner rather than later, your future self will thank you!**LAST DAY FOR COMMISSIONS** i only have TWO commission slots left for this year, and they close at midnight tonig…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝These are the ONLY temporary tattoos I have left!! You guys cleaned me out and thank you SO MUCH for a successful u…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @EmpathicEnchan1 hands down one of the best compliments I’ve ever received on my work 🥺Thank you so so much🖤Use code "CYBERDEALS" for 25-60% off anything in my store SHOP:
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝✨today is the abosolute last day to get in any painting/dotwork commissions to me if you’d like them before Christm…'S DECEMBER!!! alexa, play "last christmas" by wham! on repeat.
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @xtramirrestrial @emiliehardnock MIR ily thank you 😭🖤 @maggielangley_ Ah thank you!! @xcaseadillax dude the memory just came to me and im honestly shocked its a real thing lmao the talking tree?! And… @PoetiKnight Same!!yall remember this fuckin guy?? I thought these memories were a fever dream lmao @baileymkbeads Ah omg you're the sweetest 😭 id seriously be honored to design your first tattoo!Last hours of my 30% off sale with Free Shipping on orders $25+!
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @baileymkbeads THANK U ily 🖤🖤put a scarf on Mac bc it’s cold out and he’s serving Lenny kravitz big scarf looks