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More floral moons! πŸŒ™πŸ’ ig: clayandrain
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝Hesci!! My name is Maddie and I am Mvskoke & Mojave. I have a small business called Holatte Hokte Creations. I am 2…
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Retweeted by Breezy 🐝i love the narrative that men are too stupid to control their own actions around a pretty girl, but they're smart e…
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sketching out some painting ideas name is Kaylah and I LOVE painting black women & geometric backgrounds #SupportBlackCreatives
Retweeted by Breezy πŸβ€˜β€™FLOOD’’ 🌊
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @hazilsuki L M A O i vote yes 🀣can we tear down all the traffic signs and just make them pretty
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @mildhippie thank you :) @donatadesignco AH thank you!! @KianaHatton Thank you :) @daaaydreamerrr UM OMG πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­β€œYour celebration is a sham; your boasted liberty, an unholy license; your national greatness, swelling vanity; you…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @cassiel__wings Not this time! Just teesfor those interested- yes this piece is available. It will be listed on my website at some point next weeksomething new πŸ„ @heyfrancis holy. shit. absolutely stunning!!!β€œBeing Funny in a Funny Language” (2020) Oil on canvas 40 x 50 cm β€” And of course, a special thank you to…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @LaneyLemon20 Thank you! @bronwyn_rose13 Thank you! Yes it’ll be listed on my site soon :)β€˜β€™RUSH’’ 🌊
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @Soularlife Thank you!! @JoraGahan Thank you :) @vronicaraquel I’ll have s-3XL available
@Soularlife Scooped one of these cuties sO FAST I loverainin’ honey 🍯 stickers available now πŸ’› 🐝
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝restock (moved to Wednesday July 8th 3pm est) will include is in solidarity with the economic blackout please try to participate if possible!! And be sure to boost and…! My restocked was planned for July 6th, I will be moving it to Wednesday July 8th at 3pm est!!! @dmlpaintings Thank you! :)rain on windows
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @LittleLight86 Thank you :) @sunflowermom_ Thank you :) @emeiaraii Thank you :)inspired of course by Neko Case also a little by this older painting of mine’m so lonely I wish I was the moon tonightπŸŒ™πŸŒ» all loved my last giveaway piece so I made this wooden heart piece for today’s update!! Whole thing is sealed w…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝probably my favorite thing of all time is when people pretend to not know me through the worst fuckin time in my li… H E S T A R T | T H E F I N I S H
Retweeted by Breezy πŸβ€œshe was fearless, and crazier than him. he was her king and she was his queen, and god help anyone who disrespecte…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝yea just woke up sad todaymore customs added, available until 3pm est πŸ’•
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝every day this tweet becomes even more relevant
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @watermeowin thank you :)man sometimes I feel like being an artist fucking sucks lmaop cool for me that my partner has an MBA bc sometimes i say oh yes i know business and he very nicely says no this… little floral butterfly πŸ¦‹πŸŒΏ
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝Sneak peek for tomorrow’s update πŸ¦‹ I will have 8 unique candles in ceramic vessels by @dvlsghost 🌩
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝I still have plenty of crystals left ✨
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I’ll be selling some 4x4 mini wood paintings for $15 to help pay some of my bills and I’m also a struggling law stu…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝I’ve been missing my spirit
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝~ STARS ~ Each pair is $28 + $4 shipping venmo or cashapp accepted | HYPOALLERGENIC hooks! DM to claim ~ Bronze w…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝Here are the sterling silver pendants I’ve been working on this week. I might make a few more by Saturday’s restock…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝stickers u can scoop on my site βœ¨πŸƒ
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝stuck between wanting to let my hair grow out and wanting to chop it all o f fGood morning! I still have many beautiful pieces left from my update yesterday πŸ’™
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝choose ur fighterβœ¨πŸŒ™ my restock on monday does well so i can buy myself a new candle 😭 @tarabusicreek has a minty eucalyptus scent that im ~obsessed~ with @hollyalexis123 yay thank you so much :)Finally got my shirt πŸ₯Ίβ£οΈ@BreezyCreates
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝AM & PM πŸ’ž Which one is your favorite?
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @CryptwavesArt Ah yay thank you so much :)I got my order from @BreezyCreates just now! :’) I have been excited all morning for it to arrive. Thank you so m…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @jennaaaahicks nah don’t use sticker mule. Trash company. stickerapp is who I use & swear by. Great quality.Hi 🌞 I’m back, & not as depressed haha I’m gonna be marking some things off on my website here soon to raise a litt…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝my holo stickers are here and they are up for sale! πŸ¦‹ ✨
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @TheCoun39534429 artist is Andi Hagen @/andi.draws.stuff on IGhi β˜€οΈπŸƒ crappy pics, but I'm so excited to share my newest piece!! Seriously so proud of this one 😍 First thing I do w…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝might make a few more hoops with this color scheme 😍
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝Slime πŸ’šπŸ‘» Had a play with the idea of a slimey chrysanthemum with my fave colours. These are so fun! If you have an…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝my stickers from @ArtistAtWrk been obsessed w these ghost pieces since I saw them I’m so excited to own lil mini… @merileeheehee Thank u for mentipning me :) @ResinRina Yes same. i have a hard time reading it usually. its like... are you trying to be nice or do you think i… if...... now hear me out on this one.... What if you just let someone say something or vent without giving the… RESTOCKED NOW! Shop here >>>
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝idk this probably sounds so stupid lmao but i struggle a lot with like.. finding joy in life. Finding reasons to be… adventure time is just one of the greatest things ever created nice to be alive at the same time its aroundyo just had a fig newton for the first time in forever no one talks ab fig newtons. those shits are so fuckin goodI also discounted older items as well. :-)
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝This is still for sale on my shop rn πŸŽƒπŸ–€ DM me if you're interested but need to pay in installments, that's always c…
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Stash bags available at ✨
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @art_starling Yes. It’s bullshit. basically if you don’t discuss salary you won’t compare salary and ask for more w… @s_chalabi422 Thank you so much :) @CourtneyyKenzie Restock is 7/6 3 pm est :) @emtriestweeting omg thank you so much πŸ˜­πŸ’– @daaaydreamerrr Yay!! I’m so glad it made it to you safely :)Also @BreezyCreates sent me the sunflower sticker AS A MAGNET and I wanna cry I LOVE IT 😭😭❀️❀️❀️
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝 @meowstinn omg!! Thank you so much!!πŸ’–Got these beautiful flower stickers from @BreezyCreates just for my water bottle and she did not disappoint 😍
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝stickers u can scoop on my site βœ¨πŸƒ @krystelnaomii @nilyakaylin 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍the moon is still the moon in all its phases☾ β€’ πŸ“Έ @nilyakaylin Shirt by @BreezyCreates
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝triple moon (stone) goddess πŸŒ™ available now πŸ’›
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝guys πŸ‘€’m currently having a big sale on my Etsy to downsize my inventory before I move! Sale ends on July 10th. Items ar…
Retweeted by Breezy 🐝I literally have mail picked up every other day. I do my best to get things packed and shipped quickly. It RARELY… @jadeillustrates omg 😍😍😍😍