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@awhit0922 Dude I’m craving it so badFirst thing I do when I get back home is grabbing some pesos man @notchaselyons Not what you’re looking for manLate registration @ArneCoenFan Not ruining it @guhcell FACTS lmao
RIP ya legend. fat ass thought these was brownies LMAO once you see it you can’t unsee it 😂 @SamjaySJ Kiss :) @SamjaySJ L @nmgreen57 DMs @gordong_ @ItsBearloe Go to hell @ItsBearloe @gordong_ Sick freaks @notchaselyons So are you and Jessie are gonna do the glizzy gladiator challenge and see how many we can eat in 10 minutes. If you wan… @YoungMethro <3always be looking up to you, literally and figuratively. thanks lover 🤞🏻
Retweeted by Bren @YoungMethro happy birthday midget @MackWood1x Can I get a follow back now?? @guhcell Yes. @ItsBearloe I couldn’t find a hot dog. @viva__terlingua @Alpha_Dawg21 Where’d ya see that?
@HarryButAverage Bro?I filled my brothers room with carbon monoxide 😹 his reaction was incredible !
Retweeted by Bren @atSerpentine @atSerpentine Lol weirdchamp poggers @atSerpentine Ok finished @atSerpentine Hi lol @MyFavsTrash People do this?The ultimate Karen’s their 2nd amendment right! America! @notchaselyons How is it @CAM_UF You kinda ass @endeylol LMAOOO endey W @mynameisalliyah Love my cat @KnownAsLit Oh okie @YoungMethro King 😁😭❤️ @KnownAsLit Nah haven’t been on since yesterday morning lolMy neighbors wife just set off a firework in the house then I heard a loud scream. After that her husband yelled “I… @KnownAsLit The 6”5’ beast with the chiseled jawline and lots of money @Semurai_ Thank you Sem :) @olliekyo Just did something similar to your toilet. Be cautious.The fourth was a blast.🇺🇸 @NaturalWorks_ What title y’all won since 09? @mrmurpp Happy birthday. I’m sorry I’m late ily <3 @optiuh @stereoberrys W @notchaselyons Present. @SamjaySJ Ty Samjay :) @ItsBearloe You’ll get it.Happy 4th of July peeps :) be safe tonight, love you all 💙 ❤️ 🤍
Doing the glizzy challenge and posting tomorrow at 8. @_PoseidonsWrath Happy 4th buddy! @YoungMethro Deal. @ItsBearloe Tomorrow. @Toxicity104 Tomorrow. @YoungMethro Video dropping 8pm est. tomorrow.My throat strong as hellLooking skinny frank @CrypticNo When it comes down to the last glizzy on the table and Nathan sees it kids father is the one who said he killed himself, not the police, but make stuff difficult and cause an uproar… @mrmurpp Ily 2❤️Shania Twain and Dixie Chicks on repeat today. Happy 4th all of ya, have a good one with your loved ones and friend… dont really like tyler1 but hes a smart fucking guy holy shit
Retweeted by Bren @KnownAsLit @HarryButAverage Need it in my mouth @HarryButAverage Mmmmm long slimey snake 🤤 @notchaselyons LMAOO @J_Lozano10 Honest question, not trying to spark an argument, but how do you know they aren’t doing anything about it? @notchaselyons Gn have a safe drive @notchaselyons I feel similar lol but I will say this I do feel self conscious when I put on shirts I’ve always own… @Ajerss I’m unfollowing now getting too many followers @atSerpentine Yee ily of course @atSerpentine LMAO @atSerpentine Ross He*** @CrypticNo That mf needs therapy @guhcell Idc idc @atSerpentine ? @atSerpentine Me lol @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage Bro.... how... @JoeyTheSuperJew @HarryButAverage This fake?Shitting on service members for what they do will get you automatically unfollowed FYI :) already unfollowed 5+ people. Be respectful plssss @itsWaddles_ @MyFavsTrash @100TJackiee @Oreologist @krispykreme LMAOOO @Boy1drr LMAO elite tweet 🔥 @scobesx WdymA bunch of people speaking on the military on both sides that know absolutely nothing about it lmfaoThis is such a moronic thing to say lmfao was impeached over Monica Lewinsky. LMFAO dude you can’t make this stuff up man
@juul_osteen I love shake shack as well @itsWaddles_ Coming @SamjaySJ @atSerpentine ?? @Gibsonmacy That’s a fair fear tbh @Gibsonmacy This would be weird but I saw a scary movie ab wax figuresWhat is everyone doing for the 4th :) I’m going to the county fair :) @matt_hardie Weird one for sure @endeylol @olliekyo @agreektragedy @notchaselyons ? @Ky_locc I feel that @Ky_locc It’s bigger than getting drafted? Bro these kids grind for years, for hours a day in hope they get to even…