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FYI I do run tests, just not when compiling PHP 😇 @benjamincrozat Please prove me wrong!First real life tests don't look particularly good for the JIT in web apps, not good at all. @kant312 It can improve performance of specific parts of code, but detecting those parts also have an overhead:'t forget to run 'make test' I confess I never do this 🥳 @jenshaase You don't have to wait for a tag, you can pull directly from githubMy expectations? I hope it has no impact at all, I fear there will actually be a performance penalty. I highly doub… PHP 8 alpha at the moment. I need to know the real life impact of the JIT on my projects, not some benchm… @freekmurze @laravelphp We do. But I also have laravel-excel as a dependency in this project, which is rather compl… @eddiepalmans @laravelphp Yeah I want to parse an array in a CSV and resturn it as a response.This can't be the easiest way, can it? @eddiepalmans @laravelphp doesn't work with quoted valuesIs there a oneliner to download an array of data as CSV in @laravelphp ? @freekmurze @taylorotwell But Freek, to be honest, we don't store models in either `app/Models/` or `app/`, but app… @assertchris @laravelphp $model->property (via getPropertyAttribute) or $model->getProperty()Do you prefer to use accessors or getters on @laravelphp models? Why?
Interested in hearing your thoughts about my post on the evolution of braille and software development! Let's discu…
"PHP 8 will be released on November 26, 2020. It's a new major version, which means that it will introduce some bre…
Retweeted by BrentHere’s is the newsletter I sent yesterday: Lots of cool content by @gonedark @enunomaduro
Retweeted by BrentI wrote about the history of braille, and its similarities to software development:
@ilpet He did!Braille, and the evolution of software development
I'm going to blog about braille, and the history of software development. Something to look out for this weekend! 👀 3.1.6 - 2020-06-17 - wrong tag, nothing changed I'm so happy I'm not the only one who has done this before 😅 #OSST_PAAMAYIM_NEKUDOTAYIM might disappear:
@WyriHaximus That's the spirit! @jparedes If they dependencies break on the latest PHP version, that essentially means they are unsupported, no? @ErikThiart Is there any hope of those libraries being supported within the next ten years, or are they essentially abandoned? @benjamincrozat That's a legit reason! @j_mantelijo Ever considered switching hosting provider? A $5/month DO droplet gets you pretty far! I'm sure clients are able to pay that.Why aren't you on PHP 7.4 yet?Almost two years ago I started a newsletter to share links. Not sure why I stopped, I suppose I just lost track. Th…
Retweeted by BrentWrote a couple of lines on getting this to work:
Retweeted by BrentYou might not know this, but I have a little hobby blog where I ramble about podcasts I listen to:…
Just released another blog post about Laravel Nova abstract Resources! Thanks @brendt_gd for the opportunity! 👇
Retweeted by Brent @jenshaase Without trying to sound condescending, this is what I wrote as the conclusion in the post: > Whatever…'s also a literary choice: it forces me to write in a more complex and thought-through way, instead of writing bl… reason I don't write those kinds of conclusions plain and obvious, is because I want my readers to think about… the post not clear enough that that wasn't what I was trying to say? The same with the architects and builders:… example, the post about not writing your own framework: I was trying to say it's a bad idea to build a system f… of people have been drawing wrong conclusions on some of my latest blog posts. Should I write my conclusions m… @assertchris Me too!Looks like the match expression RFC is going to pass for #PHP 8 !
Aren’t we all amateurs, one way or another?
@devgummibeer Absolutely! @freekmurze @enunomaduro 🎧 check one two, check one two, tshh, tshh 🎙We're doing an "Introduce yourself" thread on /r/php. You're welcome to join! is one of the most polite answers I got after closing someone's PR. I know there's a lot of crappy things abou… @Wonderlandzor You can try convince me otherwise! I used Sublime for 6 years, always resisted switch to PhpStorm.… you have no idea what all of this is about, here you go: If you're not using an IDE, … you really should use an IDE, you know?6. #[] won't be confusing, since it will be properly highlighted by your IDE5. The argument of "easier to write code" seems completely redundant to me: whether you write @@, #[ or <<; your ID… <<>> is confusing because of bit-shifting operators and the possibility of generics in the future, which will mo… @@ is confusing: the single @-sign is still used as the error suppression operator, double @@-signs could easily… It's compatible with old code: you could write `#[Attribute]` today in your code and PHP would ignore it, since… It's the same syntax as Rust, which is also a C-based language, and growing rapidly in popularity. Don't undere… me make the case for #[] as the new attribute syntax in #PHP 8 ( Thread 👇
@billisonline @Ocramius @beberlei @asgrim @bwoebi @derickr @nicolasgrekas @s_bergmann @svpernova09 Just FYI I don’t… @themsaid Thanks!This post already is two months old, I really enjoyed writing it!, #[] would have my vote, it's the same as in RustRevoting on the attributes syntax in #PHP 8, very curious to see what will happen. What's your favourite? @taylorotwell @freekmurze Yes
Here’s preview of one of the courses we’re building. It’s on how to handle emoji in @laravelphp 😎 Just kidding of…
Retweeted by BrentWe’re even building a dedicated recording studio in our office 🎙
Retweeted by Brent @manuakasam Which Slack, btw? @manuakasam 🤔 I believe RSS readers shouldn't mark it as new content, since the ID never changes; only the `updated…'s up with all these "does not comply with psr-4 autoloading standard" warnings in composer 2?
Nice @laravelphp @chrisabey84 He was already rolling sideways, but now he as forward momentum as well!My son just started crawling 😱 @benjamincrozat @taylorotwell Keep in mind I’m writing fron the point of view of companies doing client workInteresting to see the different responses to my latest blog post.
@Brunty @beberlei Works fine in @phpstormIf you want to discuss my latest blogpost, go to HN! @philsturgeon @LiamHammett @matthieunapoli We're doing our best. I hope everyone realises we're not 24/7 on Reddit,…
A story of a past long gone, when a custom-built framework broke around 200 websites: @gonedark just a quick followup on > Often to modularize or separate the code by domai…
Constructor property promotion in #PHP 8: @nikita_ppv property promotion, isn't that like a mini-transpiler built into php core?These PHP 8 feature names result in ridiculous blog titles 😅 @dannyverp There's no active RFC and I don't think it'll happen soon… @localheinz @matthieunapoli FYI it's live again, we just needed some time to frame our position to the wider community. @localheinz @matthieunapoli We're discussing it! I personally don't mind it, but I can't control people who report and downvote the topic… @christophrumpel @freekmurze You know there's a difference between contrast and brightness, right?
This is a work of art release date of PHP 8 has been moved forward to November 26, 2020!
We want to keep communication between community members and moderators as clear as possible on /r/php, which is why… @toonverwerft Yeah I'm just going to not use the package 😄Is it possible to configure composer NOT to autoload a file, when that file autoloading was configured in a package?
📊 I've got some survey results for you! Interested in hearing your thoughts. @devgummibeer so* @devgummibeer I don't think zo @devgummibeer Have a look! I think there will be places in Laravel where they can be useful! @devgummibeer Yeah, I did just that :p @devgummibeer It's about don't know a way to rewrite this sentence to make it less… attributy, but still be as clear as possible 😭👩‍💻👨‍💻 We’re looking for a backend developer to expand team @spatie_be Important: - we ar…
Retweeted by Brent25 years of #PHP Great work @phpstorm !