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I talked to @sarahelizalewis about failure, the difference between success and mastery, and the power of setting au…
@ktrain_11 @karalawson20 LOVE this!!! Such a powerful winning strategy vs. “NO mistakes today” which really hampers… @ravadosai @StevenBeschloss What’s missing here for me is accountability. People need to be held accountable. Accou… @HEALamerica @StevenBeschloss YESSSS! This is a huge missing piece. But accountability takes a TON of work, whereas… @WeeDizzy @StevenBeschloss That’s right! Huge difference. And guilt is a self-conscious affect that is highly correlated with empathy. @loonyberg @StevenBeschloss I would argue that the atheistic force of those images humanized “the other” + that’s w… @StevenBeschloss And, I agree that we’re missing a unifying civilizing force. I just think that force is empathy. I… @bamDamLam Gave it a shot. ❤️👊🏼❤️ @StevenBeschloss Shame isn’t the civilizing force - empathy is. Shame is much more likely to be the root of destruc…! Our training should prepare us to ask great questions, value curiosity, and have the confidence to not know.…
Grateful for my family, my team, friends, healthcare workers, essential workers, organizers, artists, educators, da… @realsabijoy @DollyParton ❤️👊🏼❤️This is going to be a tough holiday for many of us - I so miss my parents. But, I’m taking advice from @priyaparker
ICYMI: @ericmosley sat down with @brenebrown on her podcast this week to challenge organizations to build new ways…
Retweeted by Brené Brown @aboutcapshaw @JessicaCapshaw I so would have joined! ❤️❤️❤️
@cr8ivpgs I’m kinda scared - is it hard or uplifting. @alyannlopez Changed my life along with “Teaching to Transgress.” bell hooks is a genius. @EtsukoT What a spectacular quote! ❤️Grateful for the portals to different places and experiences right now. What are grateful to be watching, reading o…
Coronavirus and the flu are not the same. Coronavirus and the flu are not the same. Coronavirus and the flu are not…
Retweeted by Brené Brown @sheleadstoday @EriPDev Can’t wait! ❤️“Employees have the right to a human workplace. Leaders have the power to create one." @EricMosley A conversatio… @kngofmyhrtrep @BNBuzz ❤️👊🏼❤️As someone with family in the bar and restaurant industry, it is viscerally painful to see them shutdown for eat-in…
Retweeted by Brené BrownAn important article by @priyaparker on how to approach Thanksgiving this year. Priya is on #UnlockingUs this week… @marcbrackett @TimShriver @rweingarten This is great news! @KellyKKRoberts I think I first heard that quote during her interview with @Oprah on @SuperSoulSunday !
@tressiemcphd @iSmashFizzle I can so relate - so much of it driven by understandable event host anxiety of bringing… @CarrieMarino80 Third time? Really not good at this from my phone. Thanks.We have a lot of music photos in our house. This is one of my favorites. @DollyParton + @MickJagger in 1977. 📷 Al… @CarrieMarino80 Fixed it! ❤️ @honeybellabee Can you imagine??? ❤️Loved the podcast conversation between @tferriss and @daxshepard - laughed, learned and took notes!
@I_AM_Thugga You and me both! ❤️ @Baby_Paramedic ❤️
@KimKess @VeraEtches @ottawacity Humanity. Reassuring and trust-building. @woodsamanda @DollyParton Me too! ❤️👊🏼❤️Had THE best time talking to @DollyParton about love, loss, and leadership. And I had to ask her a question about…
Dreams do come true! A conversation with @DollyParton on love, empathy, and the power of truth-telling. We talk ab…
Getting our head and heart around a concept as big as trust is difficult, and conversations that include anything c… @_chrisabbey I’ve been thinking a lot about that definition. So many people struggling with that feeling of despair right now. @eringoddard7 Hi! Only on Spotify! You can listen for free with ads or subscribe.Thank you @LinkedIn - honored to be on the list and grateful to see an inclusive group of folks recognized for thei… @frenchbulldong ❤️🌈❤️
A great #DaretoLead podcast conversation about “How I Built This” with @guyraz. Although failure and setbacks can… @jenny_baines 👊🏼❤️👊🏼 @Lady_Eel Thank you. We post them within a week of the drop date!
@H3YLiGHTSKiN ❤️👊🏼❤️Mask up. Practice distancing. The pressure we’re putting on our medical professionals is unconscionable. Not me.…
@RisLun No chance. Bichon owner. Dog lover. ❤️
@BotkinDejaye I definitely practice it. Every dang day. Just now an expert on doing it perfectly. @knowmoremrktng @jimmyfallon 👊🏼❤️👊🏼 @PD_JacksonATL @AikoBethea ❤️👊🏼❤️ @Jgblr @jmeacham is one of my favorite historians and writers! Glad you enjoyed. Check out his podcasts: It Was Sai…! On @FallonTonight to talk about the #DaretoLead podcast! And he turned the tables and made me give up the…
Tonight on the show: 🎤 Veteran’s Day Freestylin’ ⛳ Talk + “Golf” w/ @michaelstrahan 😊 @BreneBrown 🎼 @PattySmyth
Retweeted by Brené Brown @JasonKander @TedLasso ❤️👊🏼❤️ @georginaoram @QuirkyRican She blew me away!Steve’s sporting my favorite new @TedLasso t-shirt from He said he could just grow the m… @whatandrearead @QuirkyRican @booknbrunch You’re going to love it! Equal parts poetry and power! ❤️👊🏼❤️ @lizmsp ❤️👊🏼❤️ @ReneePa61316089 Studies continue to show that shame is NOT an effective tool for social justice or public health.… Rivera is the 1st Latina to write for Marvel Comics + her book “Juliet Takes a Breath" will take your breath… @corymuscara I don’t think we’re even close to “acceptable” yet. We embrace uncertainty, risk, and emotional expo…!!! My beautiful #PuertoRican #Queer Fam! This podcast conversation between @QuirkyRican and @BreneBrown
Retweeted by Brené Brown @sgrosze90 @AgentsofSHIELD So glad you listened to the podcast - thank you! @QuirkyRican is amazing!
@Tonynana101 @netflix ❤️ @Dr_Stringer_ @WinkleyElem @DessardNorris @terriannhinojo1 @DorothyMarinski @ChelseaMurphy7 ❤️👊🏼❤️
@StevenAdolt @AbbyWambach Thanks! Abby blows me away. A true servant leader!Empathy requires believing people. The quickest path to an empathic miss is to evaluate + judge what people are sha… @sheskores Yes! 🎸❤️🎸
@mcj_81 ❤️👊🏼❤️When we deny our history and pain, our history and pain own us. When we have the courage to own our stories of pa… @Nelba_MG That’s the first thing that came to my mind! ❤️ @MoniqueAmado @audible_com Hook ‘em! 🤘🏻 @girlgrowl I think about that often! His books were life changers for meThank you @austinchanning for always showing up and inviting us to stand with you and learn from you in the shadow… @acomella04 10/23/20Wow. Talking about nailing it.
@mikmikemicky @austinchanning That inner critic work is a lifelong journey! You’re not alone on that walk. ❤️👊🏼❤️Thank you @austinchanning for always showing up and inviting us to stand with you and learn from you in the shadow… is magic in your bones. there is power in your voice. consider this the permission you need to lean into your greatness.
Retweeted by Brené Brown @AgingWithoutDis @ElizabethLesser 👊🏼❤️👊🏼
I don't have a lot of words right now, so I'm leaning into and sharing some of my favorite takeaway learning moment… @Clive_Hill @Callum_SEND ❤️
@TxWriterJen ❤️👊🏼❤️I recorded an episode of the #UnlockingUs podcast late yesterday for this morning. Like you, I'm feeling wobbly and… @linxxt ❤️👊🏼❤️ @olivads Thank you! A tough one to record yesterday.Perspective and patience are key. Remember, races went past Election Night in 60, 68, 76, 2000, 2004, 2016. Self-go…
Retweeted by Brené Brown @Susan_Hennessey Fair assessment. Night! @_amy_barrett_ Thank you! ❤️👊🏼❤️Hey gang, I’m a Floridian. This election isn’t for the President of Florida. It’s for President of the United State…
Retweeted by Brené BrownIf you arrive at your polling location before it closes, you have the right to vote. STAY 👏 IN 👏 LINE 👏
Retweeted by Brené BrownElection night always makes me think about Tim Russert, his whiteboard, and his big smile. @Dr__Mom One eye closed. I have to leave and come back. I’m not good at this. @beckykern 👊🏼 @eangelina64 Happy Birthday! @HuskeyBrayden ❤️