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Sloppy and delicious.

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@RachelBrougham I love the inclusivity. @RachelBrougham EXCELLENT. @JEThree I did not consider this. @mansized This is surprising to me. @brenface fat pets are beloved here, but they do not know peace
Retweeted by brendi @drea_carmen Ohhh. Interesting plot twist. @punsultant @winnerbowzer This masterpiece can have a pass. @punsultant @winnerbowzer NOT A BUNNY OR A PUPPY, ART. Am only interested in fur babies at this time. Human babies must wait their turn. @punsultant They do not pick up the cat unless he goes outside. @winnerbowzer I LOVE IT SO MUCH @punsultant I do not touch the cat. I cannot touch the cat. For fear of death. @punsultant We do not do that with the cat in our houseIf you have a cat, do you make their lil paws drum on stuff? @kar_nels No need for that question mark. This is an awesome achievement. SOMEONE COULD GET LOST WITH ERRORS LIKE THIS. hahaWhat am I think about? Puppies. What about now? Still puppies. Always puppies. @kiahloha It was pretty dope, I won't lie. @darkingsrock That's my favorite book I have ever read. @punsultant NO. It went completely unremarked upon. @somecallmeduke YES I AGREE.I'm pleased to inform you that MnDOT will be fixing the error I found on one of their City of Saint Paul maps and I… @clearbrassiere Hahahahahahahha. That's hilarious. @zooanimal I think the shoe man knew what you really wanted.Last night I dreamt that Miley Cyrus was my roommate and I went to a rap show at First Avenue with her. @blauexstunde Turns out, it was samosa time instead. @arburnside No. @leahgaraas Yasssss"Being your friend is kind of like working at a group home." and "So loud. I had forgotten." are both sentences my…
Kevin @matthewkrier Yes! How did you know?I also found a concert ticket from 2/27/2020. Real kick in the nuts, that one.FOUND TEN DOLLARS IN MY COAT POCKET. @JayGabler @neonbabel @JayGabler You're my favorite white woman, Jay. @neonbabel The mental image this produces is...a lot. @neonbabel If you were on it, yes. But for that reason only.Show me the lie. @neonbabel Really.(leaf for today) @lizzie_b @joshnorthsouth @Baristarlife 100%. The article says it's a repurposed Christian school/home building. @joshnorthsouth @lizzie_b @Baristarlife Now that I think about it, though, I bet the bust was an absolute thrill fo… @lizzie_b @Baristarlife HOW IS THE EBAY SHOP STILL UP?? @joshnorthsouth @lizzie_b @Baristarlife Getting busted by kroger and target cops. Bahahaha. @lizzie_b @Baristarlife Omg the article about the stolen goods is from 2014!!!! @lizzie_b @Baristarlife I am oddly captivated by this entire saga. @lizzie_b @moldlover @amcnal This link was just sent to me: @lizzie_b @moldlover @amcnal OH MY GOD OH MY GOD @mikaelamliss AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH I CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH @matthewkrier You got me there. @matthewkrier You're far too kind. @matthewkrier Well, it's a trip for sure. @matthewkrier So sorry you bought a ticket to this train wreck! @KarleeKanz I just don't know why we need this @matthewkrier You say that now. @matthewkrier Feels too soon to revisit!...why @blauexstunde On a lighter note, "give 'em what for" is on the list of my favorite English phrases. So nondescript and yet so on the nose. @blauexstunde It was a poorly phrased tweet in the first place. I was...upset. whatchagondo. @matthewkrier Would be lovely to have a brain that likes normal sleeping hours. @matthewkrier Would if I could. @cootiexqueen @meghanapolis To be fair, the only reason I ever knew was cos my job is (was?) very calendar oriented… Kate Bush playlist transitioned into Joni Mitchell's "A Case of You" into Bush's own "This Woman's Work" into S… @jlien08 I love the stats on this. It looks great. @jsgascoigne I was/am the snorer and I could never be woken up. If there's one wish I have for all partnerships, it… @meghanapolis I have not known what day it was for what I think has been a solid week. Some hours go by in a blink, some go by in an eon. @meghanapolis Ohhhh I feel this. Object permanence issues are fucking with me hard today. @lizmaebrooks Oh, naturally. I still think about it though. I think cos it's more insidious than people who are racist to your face.Here is a disheartening article about Tim Burton and the Coen Brothers choices in having predominantly - if not ent… @blauexstunde Couldn't have said it better myself lol @matthewkrier List of racists I thought I liked? Yeah. Definitely a bad place scenario. @blauexstunde You get used to racism after a while, unfortunately.I wonder how many people I have met who were very nice to me, who were maybe even an acquaintance, but didn't pursu… @matthewkrier @kirstenbarta's a true marvel that tik tok has latched on to "Teenage Dirtbag" AND "Send Me On My Way." @matthewkrier @kirstenbarta Everyone gets a different exam from Professor Bren. @kirstenbarta @matthewkrier It's OK! They are not required viewing for the course. @matthewkrier @kirstenbarta Those two are in no way comparable!! My attention span is fickle! @jackoftrades32 Woooooo. Android Paul! @matthewkrier @kirstenbarta I have watched that movie an unspeakable amount of times. @kirstenbarta Precisely. It will be an optional addendum to the stat book that was your life. @shiftedshaped Your energy is intricate like lace but all embracing like the warm glow of the hearth. @kirstenbarta Well, at that point we will be pain free and we won't be able to do anything about it anyway, so might be fun to know. @matthewkrier Aren't we all. @doubleasterisk Stores NEVER had the cookies I liked. I love butterscotch in a cookie - ESPECIALLY an oatmeal cooki… @doubleasterisk Interesting. I don't know that I would have considered mochi a cookie. But I can kinda see it? @88mugsy88 You have eternity to decide if you want to see it, I guess. @doubleasterisk Probably gonna call you cookie monster from now on. What was your favorite cookie then? And has it changed? @doubleasterisk Oh, like the actual visual representation? Not just a number on a page? I have always wondered ab… wonder if when you die, you get a print out of all the things that were wrong with your physical body and the lev… @riotousmuse Your spirit is as strong as a dragon's flame and reaches all the way to the stars. @ItsTheBrandi @_omgigi_ @cristabell There's merch. @jsgascoigne Tonight's wine experience is lying on the floor of my nearly empty room listening to Kate Bush. Not as much to live tweet here. @jsgascoigne It may have been...obvious. @jessikate 🖤 @jsgascoigne Oh there was a whole bottle of sparkling rose too. @jessikate Your capabilities are as wondrous as a summer garden. @jsgascoigne Hahahaha. It was not planned, by any means. @jsgascoigne I mean, I did start live tweeting a children's movie at 12:30AM. I'm surprised anyone even realized th… @jsgascoigne Oh snap!! You're right!! @larryrjacobs Closed. Most popular nightclub in University of Minnesota college town
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