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BREN 🤍 @brenmonet wondergirl☘️

average streamer and mediocre tweeter • 19 • 💌 contact: • @brenbrenmonet

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@BrandonE024 ❤️🥺 @HoodieAIex @downbadpatrol this one right here fellas @sethfowIer you think i care me at every red light and stop sign
yes i’m in class, no i’m not paying attention. yes i’m wearing my retainer, no i didn’t wear it last night. LMAOOO
Retweeted by BREN 🤍 @tpwktater ❤️ ofclike this post if twitch changed your life in some way @aarianaalvarezz we always do bae 👰🏻‍♀️💒👰🏻‍♀️ @aarianaalvarezz peace and quiet @HOCUSHERRON hey syd you look cute today (and everyday) @HOCUSHERRON protect your heart ♡ @ashbuni @Temperrr huge vouch @203GX @slavencavara lmfaooooo @AlexxRosillo @softieforzdh 🥰 hi baedo guys out there actually exist that want to just be friends? i swear mfs be ruining friendships left and right trying to flirt. @QUACKEDDIE @PoptartCoookie i’d rather deactivate
psa: let go of the people that keep hurting you @DjKnighttLife happy birthday ❤️ love u so much @crezzasaved2020 i love you so muchi love my community, that’s all... you all truly have changed my life in so many ways. @aarianaalvarezz big little lies is super good apparentlyhere’s my boy with pics of your pets please i’m tryna smile @333dun wow @jilikat hi gorgeous
@aarianaalvarezz lemme hold them @sabpie_ thank u bae @MadiHunni omw bae @ashbuni no u pwetty @jilikat i’m in love with u ma’amlet’s kiss lol @monetsyummy we love u so muchhow dare him have crushes on other girls before me
how do boys fall asleep in like 5 seconds it takes me like 20 min of tossing and turning @crezzasaved2020 @bbynezza @CrawfordCollins i love you 🥺❤️ @superfardaya @aarianaalvarezz i’ve never seen a more accurate tweetim live w @brenmonet come join
Retweeted by BREN 🤍 @aarianaalvarezz we’re the definition of “girls aren’t funny”should i stream w @brenmonet tonight?😇
Retweeted by BREN 🤍 @aarianaalvarezz yeah probably @DMIILLZZ i’m in love with u
doing an unfollow spree and following back actives/ppl with notis on ❤️ @Tylersexy oh my god i’m actually screaming laughing why is this so good @brenmonet Shit Talking ft. Twitter Chat
Retweeted by BREN 🤍 @RealBrendenC6 ❤️🥺 i try my besti need friends that will defend me when others speak bad on my name @fluctraa i love u and always going to be supporting you, you’ve done things far more impressive then ppl twice your age @fluctraa copped @HoodieAIex no
@itsjustbenn can i be a guest on ithow many of y’all know my name is actually brenna and not just brendms are open for those struggling with their mental health/anything in between. i’m here.
do you believe in soulmates @FORYOUSEAVEYZ ❤️i got accepted into the @HyperX partner program 😎💯 @lispynose i believe in u bro bro, you got this for a kiss 😋when’s the last time someone has kisses you? @FORYOUSEAVEYZ omg this is so sweet pls ily
@zyfynity in time, i promise @sabpie_ yooooo 😍 @sabpie_ @brenbrenmonet hi baehey
Once she hits you with “OMG sorry i’m such a bad texter😭😭” it’s time to wrap it up @fluctraa you got thisthe last few months have been rough.. but we are pushing through, thanks to you all <3 I've made a new twitch, and…
Retweeted by BREN 🤍 @REBOOTMISHY i wuv u mish @RealBrendenC6 your girlfriend is amazing i might steal her thoif no one told you today... you’re sexy
@monetsyummy lonely? maybelike and reply if you’d want me to be your girlfriend
@ItsObijai me too i wish i could hug themplease respect and be kind to your mods, they truly deserve all the recognition @tbsldeaton no you 🥺 and ur fricking name pls i’m cry @333dun 🥺🥺❤️i love all my followers but the person reading this is my favorite @aarianaalvarezz i love them so much pls i’m actually tearing upi don’t deserve you guys, truly. the support i’ve found online is so unmatched. i’ve never been more proud of something. @XEPHSWlNGS ari and i are crying over this @monetsyummy i miss u more angel @crezzasaved2020 i love you so much holy moly @aarianaalvarezz please @jadedtaylor WHY @jadedtaylor WHAT no not a fucking oompa loompa im blocking u @brenbrenmonet no u aren’t u like 5’1 @fluctraa yay <3want kisses @aarianaalvarezz or u can fall in love with a brunette girl that’s cool too @jadedtaylor mav u did not just compare yourself to willy wonka
@aarianaalvarezz pls step on merare photo of freshman year of college bren eating cookie dough on the floor
Retweeted by BREN 🤍 @flacko_andre so big considering how small my body is @maryrosebtw use me as a foot rest whenever u needi would actually pass away from embarrassment if yall knew what kinda shit i say when im in love, so detrimental to the brand
Retweeted by BREN 🤍i’m 5’1 am i short or tall to u @monetsyummy USING THISi’m proud of u @capturesca @monetsyummy addy, i love you with my whole heart. thank you for being someone i can count on and someone that make… twitch chat always makes me smile @averysyummy i hope u had good time cutie