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@raidhyn Define awake
Aaaaand I just got the BSoD. Sweet. Taking a break and will be live again on twitch in a few hours. @ConcealedBones @QueenEliminator I mean, I l i t e r a l l y got Darth Vader so don't feel too bad @andrewlydiard @steinekin Definitely the grubs @TIIRATH Maybe not in appearance...Streaming at 1 PT (in 20 minutes). Look at this fancy OBS scene I'm learning how to be a profeshunal.… @PeerIGN I love her @QueenEliminator 😂😂 @steinekin What does this say about my personalityQrt with you and the 3 characters you matched with. Uh
@_IKillBunnies ah, yes, this is clear now tyAnd I can't get audio right with one pc... @QueenEliminator @ConcealedBones Also just bc someone doesn't say hi doesn't mean they don't lurk! If you have chat… @steinekin @elgatogaming @ConcealedBones FUCK YOU PAY ME @elgatogaming what if i dont have a dogHad a great time talking to @CocoGauff today about remote learning. Thanks for taking the time out of your busy sch…
@ConcealedBones @itswoori Hmmmmm, really, if the jungler did most of the work for 2nd blue, act of service. Otherwise, gift. @RayBenefield @elgatogaming SOLD OUT 😭😭hey @elgatogaming how does one get nutella out of a wave link mic asking for a friend @ConcealedBones @Sacheverell Excuse me, what @ConcealedBones Can i record it @ConcealedBones half and half is clearly the solution hereim a girl
@ianhamilton_ @Aneximarius @LadieAuPair I always knew @LadieAuPair was destined for greatness @LadieAuPair YES THIS IS PERFECT FOR YOU CONGRATS @kvlly recurring nightmare: i am out in public and have forgotten my maskSo far @watchvenn feels like a G4 reboot and I'm HERE FOR IT
@Aneximarius Absolutely!! Learn by example, easier to find information, easier to get involved, the list goes on. E… @Aneximarius TRANSPARENT 👏 COMMUNICATIONSomeday I will give my rant on why I'm anti-dm, MAKE IT A THREAAAAAAD @Aneximarius !!!!This call could've been a teams thread Update! Hey friends, I'm currently exploring new employment options and would greatly appreciate the…
Retweeted by Brenna Duffitt @ConcealedBones oh hey i recognize that face maskOh my god @mxiety Right? It's so simple and it made it click for me! @mxiety 💯 💯 💯 Something my therapist said to me, regarding this exactly "even a train can't immediately go in the the opposite direction." @TIIRATH Senate majority is republican, they shot down impeachment. @Sacheverell That's... 😔 @ProfOfMusic It's absolutely astonishing. To think this man is the leader of the states. What have we done lolUh
@BackdraftLIVE 2018 @BackdraftLIVE Ah yeah, I wasn't part of that deal lol @BackdraftLIVE Maybe poor timing, but I genuinely do not believe the reasoning had anything to do with Mixer. @imUnsmart 😭😭😭😭 @StormBreakerTV Yeah I don't fault them, but I'm still a bit deflated. I'd be stunned if they made a play for stre… @kylegaddo Me: if I don't use enough exclamation points people might think I'm mean @thatenolaleone @paspinall42 Oh totally agreed, was just sharing where the losing of partnership was stated bc… @imUnsmart Yeeeeep. 😞 @paspinall42 @thatenolaleone @wcstillwell Oh?! Excited to hear what's next, for sure!rip to my discord partnership @SamStrake I know someone that watches EVERYTHING on 1.5 or higher speed... it's unsettling
@SamStrake I tell them for my own benefit tyvm @scarra @GiantSlayerTFT @Mortdog @TFT @Khroen @zugrug @AgonTFT @ItsRissakah @workhorseNPC @AlexD1dz @GillyweedTV @EternalRhage OH MY GODThat being said... Who's interested in some WoW content @KingQucumber got me playing Wow for the pet battles. I know, I know, but the pet battles are LITERALLY Pokémon @Unsung_Gamer Yes @deathdealers167 @Valhooli Someone gets it! @sixpacktyler No.
@TheReconJacob @Greenskull IDK man, I don't work for Steam. But, I am speaking from my experience working as a back… @MaraWilson @alanwp1 lot of cool people follow me but very clearly have me muted
Retweeted by Brenna Duffitt @Greenskull you got it, boss @DanielHeithorn @Greenskull Oh yeah, maintenance too! lololol imagine if computers just always *worked* @Mad_Marchy usually it's just 'can you turn on/off the overheads' @Greenskull These are the same people that don't understand why memberships are needed to play online games. Gotta… @SynistyrTV but what if there is several lights sources as options, HUMOR ME @imUnsmart yeah but when you ask some hey can you turn on the lights that are currently above me do you specify as… @Valhooli look my mom always called them overheads so thats what i call themwhat do you call the lights on your ceiling i need to settle a disagreement @Futterish I miss FTL so damn much. 🙁
@RealJordanMc Mine too 😊 @XBM_Network Thanks! 💚💚💚 @jasonschreier @_joshrife Oh it definitely also applies to engineers! @Veganimus @XboxWire @GroundedTheGame 😢God I wish there was an easier way to do this
Retweeted by Brenna Duffitt @XboxPope TOO LONG
@Froskurinn Frosk, you're a badass and I have so much respect for you. Keep standing up for what's right <3 @Veganimus hm i like this @DanielHeithorn Yo this is good shit, thanks for the recommendation! @radenix Or maybe make you all give presentations? @gamesndames @DanielHeithorn You clearly are unfamiliar with the music I listen to. 😂 @DanielHeithorn I LOVE this… @iainsaysstuff Shit @Nyxi117 RIGHTWow, how did no one notice that I fucking spelled Presidential wrong, fuck😂 😂 😂 😂 @Veganimus Before Kat Von D was cancelled, for sure @EthanRothamel ayye yw <3 I needed a reason to share this photo because it's 10/10 Also this episode was posted TW… @Italianclownz ....yesThrilled to announce my bid for the 2020 presentatial election. Let's Make America Goth Again! @OneGunSalute wassupHappy Birthday to @EthanRothamel! though, there are a ton of people declined that deserve it a hell of a lot more than me, would have been unf… @ChrisCovent Won't partner me, won't give me a job, damn!