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Where did your favorite Bond theme place on our list?
Retweeted by Brennan Carley*floodgates opening noise* is a blanket plea!!!!Please stop emailing me :)’m DONE 😂😂
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyMe any time Bloomberg opens his mouth tonight
Gaby interviewed Plop! @DJFLevesley @ambiej More like Ana DEEZ ARMS, David!!! @ambiej @DJFLevesley Is this from the new James Bond movie
Billie Eilish nailing the high note in "No Time To Die" at the Brits tonight is my pop cultural peak of 2020 thus far.Did 2002 me time travel to 2020 to book this festival? you like me at all you will do this, as a treat we could make "Truth Hurts" go #1 two years after its release we CAN stream Britney's "Stronger" to support her… when the cold brew hits
Gay rights!
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That was fighting for gay rights.'s @max_cea, sharp and insightful about what works best here, on the new Bieber album for @GQMagazine @alimkheraj gay ones do hon x @notbrendan @joliekerrMe realizing Rihanna is still working on the album is one of the best songs of 2020 so far 🥰 @GMPaiella I'm glad you saved me in your phone as "Mom" tbh
'Birds of Prey' (2020) trying to transcribe an interview I did yesterday but then hearing my own voice being called Lana by strangers for 21 years, i had a chat with a real life Lana... @lanacondor in all serio…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley.@ianamurray interviewed Lana Condor for @GQMagazine and the result? A thoughtful, nuanced conversation about the i… You should see Birds of Prey 2. You should then read this @jgrebes scene breakdown for @GQMagazine: saying the word "Ru-volution" is my new religion. @srtalmadge @Sabletoothtigre hmm ok fair point but can i counter with: @NolanFeeney is my best friend (happy v-day, bud) @patrickconeil @RuPaulsDragRace Patrick I'm going in pretending it's going to be something by like, The Rolling Sto… @platinumjones @idkidk @notbrendan Really excited to watch Robyn have to watch the bottom two queens lip synch to J… @patrickconeil @RuPaulsDragRace I am not even allowing myself to imagine which of her perfect songs it might be bec… @GQMagazine is a Bravo stan blog now! @RuPaulsDragRace judges (ROBYN!!!!!) this season >>>>>>>>>>>>
i wrote a thing since GQ is a FRENCH DISPATCH blog today. you love to see it
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyI've been awake since 5:45am thinking about how the DJ in Ireland last week segued from Ashley O's "On a Roll" to L… Duff... underrated pop queen
Retweeted by Brennan Carleyme after posting yet another story with a screenshot of a song i’m listening to
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@jaywillis heard the full cover and it fucking riiiiiiiiiiiiiips. mostly love that the synths on this sound like the opening chords of Usher's "DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love" 😊😊😊😊😊😊
Won’t be awake for the Oscars tonight because I’m in Scotland, but did feel it necessary to join the discourse by s…
.@trixiemattel on vegetarianism, touring, and losing weight in service of her female illusion
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Brb being interviewed about being skinnyyyyy
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyWith the Oscars almost here, I ranked every Best Animated Feature winner for @GQMagazine and Shrek (2001) is *not*…
Retweeted by Brennan Carleydo i have a chaotic take for you all
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyChiming in from the Dublin airport to say: I interviewed @trixiemattel, the skinniest of legends, for @GQMagazine's…
High maintenance has the best casting EVER. This season no exception: @alex3nglish @JayJurden @RUBYMCCOLLISTER
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyI was a little disappointed to learn that the hyena in Birds of Prey wasn't real, but I was very happy when directo…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyThe (exceptional) new LOONA single has 85 choruses, each one better than the last
Send @LilTunechi your beat. Wait seven years. Profit.
Retweeted by Brennan Carleyfrom covert shoots in tbilisi to a 15-minute standing ovation at cannes and far right protests in georgia, AND THEN…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @ianamurray honestly we love being happy and finding joy in life again and for THAT? we simply MUST stan.I am having—controversial opinion incoming—the best fucking vacation.
super bowl reminded me of when i interviewed gaga in '16 and at the very end of the interview quickly pitched her a…
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I don't care that Shakira didn't pay her taxes! Jeff Bezos doesn't either and he didn't release She Wolf
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@LouisStaples *scream*If you were sitting two rows in front of me on this flight to Dublin and you were ALSO the person who watched five…
This is beyond pop excellence @DUALIPA, this is pop ultimacy @chele_shocked there are three urinals, and one person is at the far-end, and you willingly choose the middle one instead of th… I grew up three towns over from Rye so I am equipped to say: fuck Rye and fuck the transphobia in the Rye Reco… @DarcyCarden The second I realized the finale was over, I burst out sobbing. Beautiful program. Long live Janet! @DarcyCarden an Emmy for #TheGoodPlace finale. Give her 10,000 Emmys for it.
Tom Brady found dead in a ditch
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyThe impact that this had, the international IMPLICATIONS THAT. THIS. HAD. @NICKIMINAJ @RuPaulsDragRace @VH1 I cannot stop SCREAMINGOh my god fucking shit, Nicki Minaj on #DragRace is a really excellent @tatianacirisano cover story about a really excellent band whose new album is—you guesse… @danjlevy oh... my god
@chris_mandle my god this album cover >>>>>>>>"Driving around to meetings listening to Rare" is literally my January 2020 aesthetic. embargo is up on #BirdsofPrey: Give Jurnee Smollett-Bell's Black Canary a spinoff!That's it, that's the whole thought.Sometimes I think about how I inadvertently saw The Go-Go's perform twice in a seven-day span (once in LA, once in NYC) two summers ago.i spoke with my all-time favorite novelist @michaelchabon about my all-time favorite sci-fi franchise @StarTrek. pl…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @KaitlynJakola @Gizmodo @kellybourdet @AndrewCouts "You HAVE to listen to this SICKENING Leighton Meester cover of Bette Davis Eye, it is EVERYTHING" Also me: "Ye… just forced to remember the time I played this leaked Leighton Meester cover for a friend in high school on a s… few things excite me anymore, but this @trixiemattel special excited me and more. It's brilliant! @Tanmom @lisarinna @lisarinna you should take this one, it's once in a lifetime goodThis narrator is legally now the President of the United States
Excellently reported story by @AlexShultz! regret to inform you that Mike Bloomberg attempted to shake a dog’s mouth.
Retweeted by Brennan Carleya very smart and interesting dissection on what's worked and what hasn't in The Good Place's final season by…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @NolanFeeney This is from this horrifying new ad and @NolanFeeney breaking our diet in Europe next week BOYS ARE BACK: @scottmeslow and his hottest friend are blogging together once more in @GQMagazine, this time ab…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley.@scottmeslow and @jmrivera02 unpack #TheGoodPlace's final season, days before its series finale
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyOmg queen of pop is coming!!!!!
I love when pop music makes me feel things—it's so rare considering covering it is, y'know, my job. But this one ma… I asked if any of my gay male followers had battled body image issues, someone responded: “That’s literally al…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyLast night I said to @NolanFeeney that I don't think I've ever seen a better Grammys opening performance in my life… @knguyen in THIS economy?Me: at least the Grammys end at 11:30! The Grammys this year: