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Rainier Harris, who as a Regis senior already is an accomplished journalist, wrote an article for the New York Time…
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It is rare that you feel seen in writing as a musician - @BrennanCarley did just that 💞
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @SylvanEsso Wow, thank you for this—I am so thrilled to have been able to help share even a small slice of what spe…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @srtalmadge HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL Y-E-SLittle did I know what "more to come" meant back in March but WHEW what a wild year in which to have finally begun… @joereid Makes you think!👀👀👀's @BrennanCarley with a great profile of Sylvan Esso
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyAlso the UTMOST of gratitude to @arandallm and @MADEOFOAK for taking time out of their lives for this story. A better duo I do NOT know.Thank you to @FeistMusic for talking to me for this story, and to @AlexJSuskind for being such a truly wonderful an…, all! Making my @EW debut today with a profile of one of my favorite bands, @SylvanEsso, who made one of my…'Kill Bill: Vol 1' (2003)
Saw this show on Broadway and watched a screener last week and just absolutely love it more and more each time
Me whenever a coffee shop outside of New York City stocks oat milk. night happened so that this montage of my sister’s reactions could exist. Love you, @sarahlevy_ . Wish you cou…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyT-a-s-t-e.
@LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump @SenatorCollins @NolanFeeney ascended to GOAT status this week :)
We’re in hell
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @speriod I've just been watching videos of her socially distant UK concert from last weekend and thinking about how… a true and just world, Becky Hill would be one of the most famous pop stars alive whenever anyone asks how I'm "doing" this year gays: we talk about the work he's been doing with Sky Ferreira recently 👀 to @RachelBrods, I had the chance to spend an hour picking Ariel Rechtshaid's brain last month. It's live no… for Madge, stay for Debi Mazar drinking champagne in a top hat. new “praying” Memoji looks like a very exasperated gay man trying to explain something to someone who isn’t und…
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One more time for the afternoon crowd because I am just so damn proud of @NolanFeeney for writing what I think is o… fabulous profile of the queen by @NolanFeeney highlights for me: - 911 music video (!!!) - like all of…
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Retweeted by Brennan Carley @ianamurray @BarryJenkins Mamn, excuse me....??????!Ok I absolutely live for this shit @trixiemattel thrilled by this entire @wmag portfolio @samwrite it's called FASHIONSuccession/Jeremy Hive, help me I've fallen and I can't get up INTERVIEWING LEGENDS 💜 @NolanFeeney
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyLady Gaga said Fiona Apple has potential: "Anybody that’s going to tell me somebody is more relevant than Fiona A…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyTHRILLED to see my fellow Feen-atics out in full force this morning!“Put on your superhero suit”: How @ladygaga navigated a year unlike any other. Read the full cover story here:…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyThis image is so beautiful I’m gonna throw up oh my god
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyOn the cover of @billboard talking all things #Chromatica ⚔️💓
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyHi, hello, @NolanFeeney wrote a COVER STORY on THEE @ladygaga for Billboard and you'd better BELIEVE I eavesdropped… can be a hundred people in the Zoom, but it only takes one... @ladygaga took me to Chromatica for @Billboard
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Missed out on celebrating @stephanmlee's excellent new book 'K-pop Confidential' on release day, so making up for t… sterilization is genocide. The future will label it as genocide, so let’s call it this now.
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @juliekosin @douglasgrnwd HELLLLLLLLLL yes, this is the most important impact I've made in 2020!!!!!! (When the wor… on Netflix's new Challenger docuseries is a must read @douglasgrnwd love 'The Town' and I love this incredible @ringer oral history of 'The Town'!!!
If you're wondering if you'll see a better headline than this in 2020... you won't!!! no excuses, the first episode of WE ARE WHO WE ARE is streaming for free!! 💙 (US only)
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyOptimistically buying tickets to see Steps in London in November 2021 to remember how to feel things again (London…
@jaywillis MADAM!!!!!!!!!Really and truly, Tom's made one of 2020's most exciting and compelling records. It's out today and warrants a fron… Rowling is so grossly obsessed with trans womxn and ensuring they live miserable lives. It's horrifying.
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyIt's my absolute pleasure to be able to say, my debut album 'Black Country Disco' is OUT NOW! I can't quite believe…
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@Isa_Chapman extra special about seeing @BrennanCarley in print 📰
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In this house we don't normally stan men but good lord @tom_aspaul is making music so good it makes my head spin!If you're not already on the @tom_aspaul train, you CAN catch it still as it's currently boarding, here's your SUBL… @glaad I got published by the New York Times!!!! (which you RTed and made my day in doing so!) @antoni A thousand words wouldn't have done that scene enough justice (thank you as always! 🙏)I was happy to document the first time tanny shamed me in public via ⁦@BrennanCarley⁩
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Come for ⁦⁦@BrennanCarley⁩ and ⁦Tan France⁩, stay for the Pete Davidson cameo.
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyOk now... in retrospect... I'm very glad that I read this book... @DailyMailCeleb And?????? Worry about your own wardrobe! @CeriRoberts22 @NYTStyles @tanfrance 🥰😭🥰Brennan Carley '13 (@BrennanCarley) made his @nytimes debut this morning with profile on "Queer Eye" star…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley"Tan France had just started the process of becoming a U.S. citizen when “Queer Eye” started shooting. Now with cit…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyAnother day of horrendous #AirQuality in the Bay Area so I'm just going to curl up, watch Tan France's Master Class…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyFor the afternoon crowd: I made my @NYTStyles debut today with a profile of @tanfrance!👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 @BrennanCarley was in my first class of journalism students at @BostonCollege and today he’s got his first s…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @JanelleNanos @BostonCollege @nytimes Janelle 😭 thank you so much—your class, your guidance, and your nudging me to… @bananapeele am still pinching myself in disbelief. France had just started the process of becoming a U.S. citizen when “Queer Eye” started shooting. Now with citi…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley🚨🚨🚨 BREN IN THE NYTIMES, BREN IN THE NYTIMES 🚨🚨🚨
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @juliekosin @nytimes I haven't stopped smiling in 48 hours what if my smile falls off @max_cea 😊😊😊This is a lovely, charming profile of Tan France by the equally lovely @BrennanCarley
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyThank you to @tanfrance for letting me into his life, even for a short while, to @antoni and Pete Davidson for talk… wild things from 🤴 @BrennanCarley’s Tan France interview: 1. Tan splits his time between CA and Utah 2. After h…
Retweeted by Brennan CarleyNO I don't sleep YES I stay winning NO you can't keep a good bitch down!!!!!!I did a thing, and the thing is making my @nytimes debut this morning with a profile of Tan France @alimkheraj @chris_mandle NO!!!!!ICYMI: I spent my August on Zoom with the best reality TV cast of the year @MarisaDellatto @Cosmopolitan thank YOU for reading! @AshleyySpencer thank you!!!
@alimkheraj @Cosmopolitan wonderful and also on point. “Davina Potratz is a recurring agitator, self-producing and pushing buttons lik…
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @Eve_Barlow 😊🥰🥰😊 @lanikaps tysm tysm tysm!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @Fool_4_Music literally this is why i insisted you keep watching! @a__aliyah wow thank you SO much! @idkidk Can I tell you I secretly was hoping this was the reaction this story elicited from you specifically
Retweeted by Brennan Carley @BiancaEnRogue 😊This is the content we deserve 😭🙌🏽
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