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@id_in_usa What is?Careful, Dwayne. There are Borg hereabout. @patriot_noname @JessicaExper @RonSallee78 @MariaTeresa1 Stormy Daniels. @RonSallee78 @MariaTeresa1 You’re right. Let’s make it about individuals. He paid Stormy Daniels $130,000. And paid the IRS $750.2016 taxes: Trump paid $750.00 Undocumented workers paid $27,000,000,000.00
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @Sarahgbeee And such fun!
Gee, I’ve only spent $60, 000 for hair styling. He got ripped off.
@CaptCoff Agree about truth. But, in this case...’t agree more.
This is a critical moment in history. American voters cannot risk being silenced anymore. You can volunteer your ti… @HamillHimself Happy Birthday, Ham!!! @waltmossberg @PBS Sensational.
@ellleighclarke @PatinkinMandy I’m afraid Mandy must go into the penalty box.Christopher Wray: FBI has not seen evidence of national voter fraud effort by mail
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @JessicaExper @PSBFAN1991 @galaxyconlive I hope you didn’t swallow it! @JessicaExper @PSBFAN1991 @galaxyconlive Oh, I don’t know if that’s a good idea. @ed_solomon When you see a knife in the first act... @PSBFAN1991 @galaxyconlive I’m sure it will be taken care of.
@CallMeSeanSmith @MollyJongFast Didn’t he say it was rigged last time? @MollyJongFast So, if he wins its fair and if Biden wins its rigged. Oh man, it’s going to get really ugly. @BronwenPhoenix HB. A fine looking lad. @frostybob123 @Politidope @realDonaldTrump “The voter should have a voice...” Yada, yada... @RobertPicardo Man, they just keep taking away our freedoms.PENNSYLVANIA 🚨🚨🚨 PLEASE PAY ATTENTION. RED ALERT RETWEET EVERONE.
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @frostybob123 @Politidope They didn’t vote. They created a new rule. @frostybob123 @Politidope They had no problem with Garland. @frostybob123 @Politidope They were right. But then someone changed the rules. @BrentSpiner @ddale8 Brent, It's okay if you ignore this, I get it, I'm a disabled suicide survivor & this pandemic…
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @ddale8 I’ve always found Chicken of the Sea to be the preferable grenade.
Today is #NationalVoterRegistrationDay. If you haven't already, be sure to take a moment to register:…
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @carlmarino1 @Politidope Apparently.This needs to go viral.
Retweeted by Brent Spiner
Does he get paid for this? Or Is it just volunteer work? @Dawnisla1 Best of luck.Trump says, “Biden will hurt God”. I can’t help feeling that’s an exaggeration.
@elihuh2001 @Marina_Sirtis @TheDeniseCrosby I believe it says 2:00 Eastern Standard Time.
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Retweeted by Brent SpinerRuth Bader Ginsburg. A great woman. There will never be another like her.
@BFriedmanDC @GilpinPeri “ It’s respect for the office, I get it”. Why do I think he doesn’t?
To secure the electoral college in a state like North Carolina, we've got to turn it blue. To do this, we have to…, this is what leadership at a time of crisis looks like. CC: @GovernorTomWolf
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @jeffreycombs The best! @raiha43405157 @gates_mcfadden Thanks! @dundarach @Caitlineli1 @regstruckback Do you have time this week? I’ll owe you two straight months soon.Congrats to the #StarTrekPicard prosthetic makeup team for their #Emmy win for Outstanding Prosthetic Makeup! Jame…
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @cmarinmuller The pleasure was mine. @Jennife60434825 @Caitlineli1 That’s why I’m here. To occasionally amuse, and occasionally bring attention to thing… @Caitlineli1 Ok @Caitlineli1 @JBillingsley60 I’m friends of a sort with everyone who follows me. A social network sort. @Caitlineli1 Well, ask her. I’m curious. Also, ask her who pays me. @Bacardisour I believe you were the one attempting to belittle. @Bacardisour That’s a stupid assumption. @Caitlineli1 How much do I make?
@thomasafine Not a joke. @MetisViking @MarshaWarfield Like looking in a mirror? @MetisViking @MarshaWarfield If you like your own tweet, you’re still being ignored. @MarshaWarfield Then it should speak for itself.There should be a penalty box for people who like their own tweets. @Blk_Jeep @ellenieanna @GeorgeTakei @MissHrisoula @FonikhSoupia Maybe a poet? @Blk_Jeep @ellenieanna @GeorgeTakei @MissHrisoula @FonikhSoupia Surely there’s a way to make that rhyme. @redjwood I know. @Runninrebel1979 @4TerryFarrell I said everyone, didn’t I!!! @BestServed1138 Thanks! All my best to you!And, you don’t have to thank me. I’ll just consider it herd thankality.Let me fix that. And, not to be random, but Happy Birthday to everyone who has a birthday in the next 365 days. Ple… @Jozefowski I don’t know.Happy Birthday to everyone who’s birthday is today or tomorrow! @Jamesreardon51P Hey! And a good day to you, too!!! @messyspiritual Hey Chris!!!!Happy Birthday tomorrow!!!!!
@Abbie_Macintyre I don’t post much on Instagram @centerglow You accused me of being divisive. The President has repeatedly said, “If I don’t win, the election is r… @Reason_Rocket I agree. And, I think that’s the way he likes it. @Reason_Rocket Yeah. But remember how Trump harassed and bagged on Obama. That was ok, but criticizing him is not? @Reason_Rocket Really? Look closer. This morning he retweeted someone calling Biden a “pedo”. @centerglow Why? I don’t support behavior like that. @centerglow Unlike our unifying President? @centerglow Was that the Holy Spirit speaking through you? @AmandaHuggin1 Watch out Australia! @AmandaHuggin1 No worries @AmandaHuggin1 So it’s the exploding eucalyptuses that caused these horrific fires? @Reason_Rocket Then, you don’t read his tweets. Calls people ugly names (something I don’t do). Write him. Tell him… @AmandaHuggin1 Again, in your opinion. Nonetheless, no reason to get personally unkind. @Reason_Rocket No, actually I was referring to bashing people. Do you write him with dissatisfaction when he does that? @AmandaHuggin1 You mean funny to you. @Reason_Rocket Maybe send that sentiment to Trump. @Joe427 Nobody? That’s a little extreme. @Reason_Rocket So sensitive. @AmandaHuggin1 Jokes don’t always have to be based in science...unlike the climate @Reason_Rocket Clearly, I’m not. @Blk_Jeep @GeorgeTakei I answered you. You didn’t answer me.I have a very old wooden table. Keeping a close eye on it in case it explodes. @Blk_Jeep @GeorgeTakei Because he has no need to dignify it. It’s preposterous. @Blk_Jeep @GeorgeTakei Why should he? @BradEllisPiano Hey, it’s a free country! You can do what you want. This is America, dammit!!! @Sarahgbeee That’s because it makes no sense. @Sarahgbeee No idea. @Sarahgbeee Fuggetaboudit
@Caitlineli1 Don’t watch enough tv to say. @getrealkeke Same @GeorgeTakei I think all of this nonsense about Tom Hanks began after he was overheard asking to see the children’s menu at IHOP.