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@Rabbit_Thea @Brighttail No, it was simply cancelled. @Brighttail “Don’t look back” @BradEllisPiano Well, I don’t think it’s intended to be.
@threetraits Self-confidence, persistence, discipline @myattempt @bader_diedrich Yeah, can you give me another heads up towards the end of the 23rd century? @bader_diedrich It’s the single flaw in the movie. @ZenSmoke @bader_diedrich You haven’t lived till you’ve had a glass of Manischewitz paired with nice bitter herb. @bader_diedrich Where can a guy go to get a piece of matzoh, and a decent cup of Manischewitz to wash it down?
@voiceofacanuck @murrayb560sl @PhilDesmond7 @Slate Hero worship @BrentVanEaton1 Yours, too. @redqueenar @AnneStorytelli1 @startrekcbs This was filmed two weeks ago. Before mandatory masks. @teeheejuly Buster Keaton @bader_diedrich @LeslieCraig I watched it every year. I mean, it was Jerry all night! @atrupar @bader_diedrich Maybe he really didn’t remember. I mean, it’d been sixteen minutes. @bader_diedrich @LeslieCraig I remember watching the Telethon one year in the 60’s. Jerry got down and put his ear… @gabrielgironda Could be worse. Actually, will be worse. @clmazin You already do. @clmazin I don’t know, I kind of like you as a cartoon. @ayeletw Alright, then. See you at the Palm! @ayeletw Agreed. Can you twice bake Alaska? @ayeletw Once is not enough?
@ChrisBlomley @TheIsaBriones does. @Aoxxi23 A great experience @ArgheimR @rob_phd @louise_voyager I would have to be invited, first. @rob_phd @louise_voyager Yeah, there will be plenty of conventions. And I’m still...Yeah, there will be plenty of conventions! @visualdesignar1 @Matariel @Caitlineli1 @EffEmmGee @ZeeTeeAy @Alonosi @GeekGoddess9774 @StarTrek @startrekcbs @Matariel @Caitlineli1 @EffEmmGee @ZeeTeeAy @Alonosi @GeekGoddess9774 @StarTrek @startrekcbs @startrek_facts It’s r… @louise_voyager You will be. It will require patience on all our parts. But, stay strong! @Caitlineli1 @EffEmmGee @ZeeTeeAy @Alonosi @GeekGoddess9774 @StarTrek @startrekcbs @startrek_facts Probably. I’m al… @EffEmmGee @ZeeTeeAy @Alonosi @GeekGoddess9774 @StarTrek @startrekcbs @startrek_facts Technically @SarahKSilverman If the line reaches into Minnesota, can you still vote? @CarlosQX @Glinner @uespiiiiii I suppose that depends on who you’re asking. @ZeeTeeAy @Alonosi @GeekGoddess9774 @StarTrek @startrekcbs @startrek_facts Not quite, but I do own the song. @uespiiiiii @Glinner Can we get a reel of celebrities doing this? @Alonosi @GeekGoddess9774 @StarTrek @startrekcbs @startrek_facts I did. @GeekGoddess9774 @StarTrek @startrekcbs @startrek_facts Fact 127 is not true. @flipside45 @ScotterDotter @andfrank @IMDb Courtesy of the great @DrGotts ! @tuxedodroidberg Lots of fun.
@warrenleightTV Sorry, was! @warrenleightTV He as the Detroit Tigers @ScotterDotter @andfrank That was Nicholas Cage @Lez2Friends Virtually hugging everyone. @Leanne_James88 @Caitlineli1 @IAmJohnAles @ManuIntiraymi I think your senses are a hint off. @bader_diedrich Saw it in NY. Fantastic, of course. @Caitlineli1 @IAmJohnAles @ManuIntiraymi Check out the Queen’s speech. Made me feel better. @MyHistoryClub Believe it or not, I was an orderly in Dr. Cooley’s recovert room for one summer. I was 16. Long story.
@MJMcKean If it was a mime,yes. @j_smithcameron Next time you’re in Wisconsin... @leedsrhinos @Mattdavelewis @LUFC @cuthbertson85 Right you are, Matthew. And, don’t touch your face. @ChristineALahti @katjaherbers @EvilCBS_ @LByock 😘😘😘 @ChristineALahti @katjaherbers @EvilCBS_ @LByock Happy Birthday, old pal. @OtherMel The Grid
@lightsailing @StuartMansour @IamTheSherm @vespasianfk @LittleSweetie4 @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @philhammond74 @StuartMansour @IamTheSherm @vespasianfk @LittleSweetie4 @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @DarthEmiras Yeah. Too much. @Ska_Maria @IamTheSherm @vespasianfk @LittleSweetie4 @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @MetisViking @Lydia_M_W @Caitlineli1 I don’t go on Reddit much. @DarthEmiras No plan at the moment. But, I’m sure you can find it streaming somewhere. @TeNsG @IamTheSherm @vespasianfk @LittleSweetie4 @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Yep @RockBrentwood @Caitlineli1 @Lydia_M_W Bye @IamTheSherm @vespasianfk @LittleSweetie4 @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess The crea… @EventHorizon420 @JakeTXTech @IamTheSherm @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @LittleSweetie4 @USSCuchulain @IamTheSherm @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @JakeTXTech @IamTheSherm @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Honestly, I’ve barely watched TNG @Lydia_M_W @Caitlineli1 Yes. It’s incognito. @IamTheSherm @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess No, just make your own s… @Lydia_M_W @Caitlineli1 How do you know I don’t have another account with a different name? @RockBrentwood @Lydia_M_W Right you are. But only a real person would make that mistake! ThNjs for pointing that out, Rock Brentwood. @Lydia_M_W @Caitlineli1 Thanks for the advice. But, I’ve been who I am for as long as I can remember. @RockBrentwood @Lydia_M_W Except you, Rock Brentwood. @Lydia_M_W So, if I have a blue check I can’t use contractions? @CarolynNYC @Lydia_M_W Yeah, but I was acting like I was. @Lydia_M_W See, Lydia, when I’m being myself, I’m not acting. @SarahKSilverman Like looking in the mirror. @lucyprebblish It was close, but you’re always better off going with The People. @NevillePage @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess With respect. Exactly. @jeneuston Im guessing even Pence didn’t think that was funny. @BKinDetroit @orvillam @ericlinuskaplan @johnlegend @JackieMartling Check the date. @xBUMSKIx @OrbAccount @NevillePage @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Stay as safe as you can. @xBUMSKIx @OrbAccount @NevillePage @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Thanks. Mayb… @orvillam @ericlinuskaplan @johnlegend @JackieMartling After Jackie Martling? You’re dreaming. @xBUMSKIx @OrbAccount @NevillePage @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Or you could. @BobRushy @ItsMyDelorean @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Constructive? @BobRushy @ItsMyDelorean @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess You did. Bye now. @BobRushy @ItsMyDelorean @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Go to a different restaurant. @BobRushy @ItsMyDelorean @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess True. So, cook for yourself. @xBUMSKIx @MilanLegius @vespasianfk @philhammond74 @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Try it. @TerryTeachout1 You can only do the best you can. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be. @ItsMyDelorean @startrekcbs @CBSAllAccess Or when you do.Engage! Sign up now to stream all of #StarTrekPicard Season 1 free for one month on @CBSAllAccess.
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @NeilNapier Happy Birthday!
@ChrisParlamas @bader_diedrich @KeenCryo @JewelStaite @alyankovic That’s best. @bader_diedrich @KeenCryo @JewelStaite @alyankovic Of course. I thought you...he looked familiar. @bader_diedrich @KeenCryo @JewelStaite OMG!!! That wasn’t you?!!! Why were your wife and kids with that man?!!! @LindaEmondNYC I’m sorry, did you say something? @bader_diedrich @KeenCryo @JewelStaite Don’t you remember?!!! You had dinner with him! That was you, wasn’t it? Now I’m scared. @KeenCryo @JewelStaite Yeah, that’s why I said, “my son...”. @JewelStaite Can’t tell you how glad I am that my son is 17 and has no interest in us. @JustinAion Programming. @JustinAion Well, I said it. But, I didn’t write it.