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Taking that much discussed break. Thanks for all the nice attention. I’ll drop in from time to time. And eventually, I’ll be back. @Michael_Farese Da noive! @miioep Don’t worry. I’m sure he knew you loved him. @miioep Too hypothetical. No idea. @EffEmmGee Exactly. @Drksun A mute.
@amandaknox Thanks, Amanda!Hashtag blessed that BRENTWOOD with @BrentSpiner @GilpinPeri @levarburton is now on @omeletocom Please leave us a…
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @MetisViking This is the only one. @gregchunva @shazeveritt @russellsanzgiri And thank you!!! @MarleneForeign ? @blumspew Bless you, Blum! @hbhannigan @counterpartpics @omeletocom Wish you were there. @roxcraft Couldn’t agree more😁New short film @counterpartpics produced with @BrentSpiner Brentwood is out today on @omeletocom
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @shazeveritt You put those words in my mouth. @roxcraft Definitely not mine.Here’s a little thing we did. You’ve seen the first number, there’s another at the end. Enjoy! The Navajo Nation turned out and was crucial in flipping Arizona blue. Now they are going back into lockdown…
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Happy 106th(!!!) Birthday to the one and only, legendary, Norman Lloyd! See you in person next year Norman😘😘😘😘😘😘
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @MarleneForeign Don’t know how that happened. @LucaMarchiori Sounds like a dream. @historiansaln They wrote every word. @david_smit_nl Oh, you have a role? @david_smit_nl And rest assured in the comfort of knowing you’ll never have to be called a has been. @david_smit_nl In order to be a “has been” you have to “have been”. Thanks for championing my legacy. 👍🏻I’ve really missed traveling these past few months. I need a change of scenery. Thinking about booking a room at th… You fought like a champion. @ellleighclarke Be patient or block.“Our moment will come too” — Waldorf Astoria Plumbing & Heating Co
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @staceyabrams @ReverendWarnock @ossoff Thank you, Stacey! @imam_marc Perhaps. But, you misunderstand as well that I am an Android. So who knows what you perceive as real. Apology accepted. @imam_marc You mean like you did mine? @imam_marc Well, no one was castigating anyone for starters. @ChaosFlux @PopsMcDaddy @imam_marc No. It’s just me. @imam_marc So, you’re saying Trump is really good for Muslims? @Caitlineli1 @astralspy @imam_marc Patience. @astralspy @imam_marc Yeah, I’m thinking Erdogan will prefer Trump. That’s all. @PopsMcDaddy @imam_marc That’s because it’s my voice. @HerbsoftheKing As is your right. @imam_marc Actually, my post was a lot gentler than yours. @TECooper51 I’m sure you’ll figure it out.Turkey, not so much.
@MetisViking It’s November. @katekelton @ReplicatorUnit @swear_trek @aaronreynolds 😁 @jabitxuela Good to know. @katekelton @swear_trek @aaronreynolds It’s time! @SherryOjeda Can it be jeans and a t-shirt? @OldFatherWm Don’t make me block you.If this is true, I hope they don’t limit us to that shitty Pike’s stuff.
@bbdibello @Bones_McGinty Sure. But how many sick before then? @bbdibello @stevedirkx The answers needed to happen months ago. @bbdibello It is to us old guys. @miioep @kristopherbosch @Caitlineli1 @agent_a29 I’m sure. Feel free to cancel. We can talk another time. @miioep @kristopherbosch @Caitlineli1 @agent_a29 So sorry to hear. @Izzie897 Peace @Antonio91365752 @jonathansfrakes I never said you aren’t welcome. Enjoy whatever you like. @BillFoote Those are growing too. @MsBellwether1 I didn’t. Maybe send this to someone else. @Antonio91365752 @jonathansfrakes Not welcomed where? @ansonmount Hope you’re good, A. @seleneari1 @natehoy Well then, I send out a great big thank you to everyone who follows me and has said nice things about me! @TheDocCoach Bellaire’67 @TheDocCoach 👍🏻I’m from Texas! Dad? @TheDocCoach I think you’re my next door neighbor. Would you mind taking that washing machine out of your front yard? Thanks. @TheDocCoach Doc, you don’t know what you’re missing!
@seleneari1 Whatever you think. @roxcraft I don’t know about me, but Brent Spiner certainly is. @seleneari1 Business? Sorry, I just don’t understand. @gordymalone Hardly. @seleneari1 I can’t say I understand what you’re talking about. Sorry. @LogicalFallac18 Indeed. @Milnoc No, the mirror asked which version of “The Manchurian Candidate” he prefers. @Erin_tweetin He’s a big “Manchurian Candidate”fan.‘Brent Spiner Is the Kindest, Bravest, Warmest, Most Wonderful Human Being I’ve Ever Known in My Life’—Brent Spiner @agent_a29 @seleneari1 Don’t be so sure. We’ll meet one day. @seleneari1 Of course I wish everyone well. Why would you think otherwise? @MarleneForeign Time for a pause. @greggrunberg Just wait. The National Guard will be there any minute. @MetisViking I am. After the election is decided, I’m logging off. Okay?Wait a darn minute. I thought it was going to be over today.
@johnstarfleet76 @Izzie897 John, you’re really crossing the line. There is no reason for you to be so unkind. Or to even be involved. @lucyprebblish Worth every cent. @Izzie897 Vicious? @bobthefishtk @ansonmount @YouTube AgreedNo video video for @ansonmount but this is for everyone. via @YouTube @BofingerDavid @jday_24 Huh? @ansonmount I’d love to. But my band’s in quarantine. @ansonmount What could be better. @ansonmount Yeah, binging Hell on Wheels again! @Izzie897 Vicious? That’s my style. Please share my exact words. @Izzie897 Enough is fine with me. @Izzie897 No, that’s what I said. @ansonmount What do you think? Glued to the tv! @lucyprebblish Nope. @Izzie897 You were insinuating ridiculous things about me. How else would you say, “You might want to mind your own business?”
@Izzie897 No. I only asked you to mind your own business. Nothing else. @Izzie897 I let you go on with calling me unkind things, then I’d finally had enough. @Izzie897 Listen Dawn. I’m very sorry that you’re ill. Sincerely. But that’s not a license to say ugly, untrue thin… @Izzie897 I’ve only said two things to you. That maybe you should mind your own business. And when you asked for en…