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@uroborous @louise_voyager Ok. Wrong. But, maybe don’t watch anyway. @moonchild_marie Nope. NDA. @bkparallax @MarniLBTroop @Caitlineli1 @dbaughster Asking? Is that what you were doing? @fcchambers @uroborous @louise_voyager Yes. I said that. Didn’t want people to be disappointed. @uroborous @louise_voyager Really? Bad things? @uroborous @louise_voyager Can you recommend any good books you haven’t read yet? @bkparallax @Caitlineli1 @dbaughster Are you sure those aren’t just callouses? @bkparallax @Caitlineli1 @dbaughster Oooooh. @bkparallax @Caitlineli1 @dbaughster Oh dear. I’m in knots!!! @bkparallax @Caitlineli1 @dbaughster Wow. A very worthwhile pastime. @bkparallax @Caitlineli1 @dbaughster Nice guy. @bkparallax @Caitlineli1 @dbaughster Gosh, Calvin, you be so much happier if you didn’t follow me. You wouldn’t hav… @bkparallax @dbaughster ? @bkparallax @dbaughster Ok, now you’re drinking. Have no idea what you’re going on about. @bkparallax @dbaughster Oh, I see. Afraid I’m not up on his recent work.
@RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN No worries, R… @bkparallax @dbaughster Half the audience?And, I don’t think I’ve said anything to piss off anyone. Robert Vaughan? @bkparallax @dbaughster For what purpose? @bkparallax @dbaughster How? @bkparallax @dbaughster Sorry again. I’m not sure what you want, exactly. @libertine79 @railboss @budimir80 @RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @bkparallax @dbaughster It sure what you want, exactly. @bkparallax @dbaughster Maybe. But, that’s why I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t there. @bkparallax @dbaughster Sorry. I wasn’t there. @WalkosakJon I just asked a question. But, I certainly have an opinion. As do you, it seems. @bkparallax @dbaughster Well, I was t actually there. @Not_You_99 @SazeracNELA @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN You can apologize later. @placeresciegos Write Harry Hannigan. @hbhannigan @RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN Sorry to disa… @ajnicho82 @RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN It’s between my eyes. @RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN CGI @RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN Good thing CH… @budimir80 @RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN I… @GeoffreyEisenh1 @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN Star Tr… @GeoffreyEisenh1 @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN Was he in Star Trek? @RobWolsey @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN Yeah, didn’t… 98th to the great Betty White! Here’s hoping she does a guest shot on ST:Picard! @Timelord2112 @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN Oh, you’ve seen it? @Doc_Zoom @StarTrek @SirPatStew @JonathanFrakes @Tennessean @NC5 @WSMV @FOXNashville @WKRN You’re no Trekker. Trekk… @dbaughster @bkparallax He wouldn’t. It was an entirely different matter. @bkparallax You following me back then? A “Hollywood Boy”? But, why? @bkparallax I didn’t criticize Trump, either. I asked , “What happens now?” @bkparallax Don’t recall you mentioning it, either, Coolidge. @bkparallax True. Not at all. But, if you were following me when that happened, you didn’t mention it to me. Did yo… @bkparallax I didn’t know you then. @bkparallax No, I think there should’ve been consequences then, and now. How about you, Coolidge face? @NOfTheBorder @Christian_Cru2 Right? @NOfTheBorder @Christian_Cru2 Ok. There should’ve been consequences. As there should be with Trump. @bkparallax It has to do with the Constitution. Take it up with Hamilton. @AuditoryAlien Check your local paper. Or ask someone. @NOfTheBorder Obama did this? When? @Cbab_ We’ll see. @AuditoryAlien But, you recognize that this actually happened?So what happens now? @freedomdogAxel But why is he in the mix?The Voting Page for the Hobey Baker Memorial Award -My friend Vincent de Mey is nominated. Give it a look. Thanks.
@fl17fan But why was he even there?Parnas may be lying and he may not. But, why exactly was he in the mix in the first place? @ampressman @theMrMobile @jonathansfrakes @levarburton @Marina_Sirtis @gates_mcfadden @akaWorf @startrekcbs @StarTrek Lifelike. @kate_mckean @plitter Nope @BradCalkins53 @ChristineALahti @shaunking @BernieSanders Good line. Even if it doesn’t mean anything. @ChristineALahti @shaunking @BernieSanders Context matters, as well.
@LauraSWars Delete all of your accounts @LauraSWars I don’t like harassment. @LauraSWars Please send me your principal’s email.
@lanning_bruce Hi
Welcome to #PennyDreadful: City of Angels. Series premiere Sunday, April 26. #Showtime #Dreadfuls #TCA20
Retweeted by Brent Spiner @q21701 Google it. There might be something. @Caitlineli1 Don’t get down on yourself. There are plenty of people out there who will do that for you. @q21701 CD’s onlyHey #Dreadfuls! We're here at #TCA20 with creator and EP #JohnLogan and stars #NathanLane, #NatalieDormer,…
Retweeted by Brent SpinerFinally! We’re free again to say, “It’s Snowing!”, even when it isn’t!
@bader_diedrich @IAmJohnAles There’s always season 2 @TerryTeachout1 He was in damn good voice on this one. Given the lyrics, you actually, as always, never hear him breathe. @ShadowMann9 @StarTrekFanPage @trekonomicsbot @CBSAllAccess @Marina_Sirtis @jonathansfrakes Stop the presses! @bysaschabaumann No, not going to be there. @bysaschabaumann ? @MJMcKean Clearly, you didn’t know him. @agent_a29 You will.
@EXALTED4ever @BurnettRM @ROBSERVATIONS2 @StarTrek No. @TonyaJ @DudleyDudette Me. Spiner thanks you. @greggrunberg @brentsdeli That’s it! No more free kreplach for you! @greggrunberg @brentsdeli You should taste my vegan pastrami! @ggeorgovassilis @DudleyDudette You wouldn’t know a punch line if you tripped over it. @lucyprebblish Interesting. That explains why Gwyneth Paltrow’s new candle smelled a little minty. @ggeorgovassilis @DudleyDudette Not sure where you read this? No one has ever written a tweet for me, but me. @Data2364 Yes, and the Queen is now my Grandmother. @bader_diedrich @VanessaWilson84 @ImMegDonnelly We’ll be the judge of that! @DudleyDudette I am.
@MartaSciFi @DarfhDan Ok Chiara. Enough! @OHMYLOVELYROSS Ignore. @louise_voyager Yeah!He DM’d me this morning! Wanted to know if Data was in more than one episode of ST:Picard. Told him I have an NDA. @MJMcKean @tcm But, Paula... @retroviral66762 Thanks. It’s always possible.
@mariapicasso @startrekpod @StarTrek @startrekcbs @SonequaMG @jasonsfolly @akaWorf Great! @life_in_space Yeah, what happened to that? @life_in_space A Kickstarter launch...? @TheElfMaiden @jgrasham Same. @SeanBra41879907 @clmazin People watch it.