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Bret Saunders @Bretontheradio Denver, Colorado

"I wanna talk to the radio man!" - Bob Dylan to me, once. Listen: Broken soul synthesizer:

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Mr. Fluffy in Chewy box, 2020 w/ Chewy box, 2020 in God’s name
He shot an elephant and now he wants to do the same to the GOP elephant, but THIS one is totes true, tho.
Retweeted by Bret Saunders @IAmAGreg Thank you, GregThis is a boring thing to say but I really like iced tea @TenaciousGrace wish I looked that coolI like getting a thousand emails from Bandcamp every day because it makes me feel like a big man in show businessGetting ready for a few TV appearances this week to promote the KBCO Studio C release and I'd like to reiterate tha…
Retweeted by Bret SaundersTonight’s Jazz Police Report: Fargo, Season 4 utilizes Lambert, Hendricks and Ross’ version of “Twisted,” which was… cat is listening to The Bee Gees as he drifts off @CalamityKing Hey, I like four of those songs very much! @iHeartSteveB The ‘70s were a real sumbitch @maxapotter HEY there’s a chance she’s my second cousin or somethingOdds that I’m related to her: 2 in 5, maybe? @VicBergerIV Yeah, I think it is. Don't know if there's an official personnel listing for this album. @VicBergerIV Just such an excellent albumI was at the 1999 Boulder Theater show preserved on the new Wilco "Summerteeth" box set but you can't tell. Apparen… @Unseen_Worlds Prophetic, even
@mrdsbenson What about you???Getting ready for a few TV appearances this week to promote the KBCO Studio C release and I'd like to reiterate tha… this headline over the guitar riff from Led Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love” @CaytonHolland It's always funny when one of my friends says this to me here because I don't swear on Twitter (I ce… scrolling through a lot of Twitter today, may I say: how dare anyone not agree with everything I think 100 percent of the time!Finally, sleepwear for everyone on my holiday gift list! Is It A Good Movie, Or Did You See It When You Were 8?:
Retweeted by Bret Saunders @tywilc @AtBestIsKorny @Harpista Oh yeah! @tywilc @AtBestIsKorny @Harpista Ok I’ll stop after this but the Anthony Braxton - Eugene Chadbourne set that came… @AtBestIsKorny @tywilc @Harpista 4 CDs is simultaneously too much and not nearly enough @AtBestIsKorny @tywilc @Harpista This is lovely in its way @tywilc @Harpista Don't tell Cecil Taylor and Tony Oxley @tywilc @Harpista Just listened last night. Flows beautifully.This time of year can be extremely isolating for those of us who don't use Spotify. Please respect our privacy at this time.
Retweeted by Bret SaundersI’m hosting a new podcast! It’s forward thinking! …
Retweeted by Bret Saunders @hjchikoore There were no concerts for ticket giveaways. We had an opportunity for listeners to do the virtual Bast… @kencalvertshow Hey, Ken - I really appreciate your posts! @pweiser Thank you for helping us to maintain something like sanity, Phil!The dumb radio bit loved by dozens returns this morning after a 9 month hiatus! The Sage of World Class Rock will m… @KKnowles165s Me too. Would’ve been like someone in denver not knowing elway in the ‘90sJazz Police: in episode 5 of Season 4 of Fargo, the band at the club is playing the Bobby Timmons composition “Moan… @greg_nieto Nah - it was great @greg_nieto Hey didn’t I just see you on my TV like an hour ago?In bed at 815. Top that, “Influencers.”She’s a rescue cat and she’s perfect in every way’s yer Tuesday’m hosting a new podcast! It’s forward thinking! …
@jimbcbs4 How dare you @Greeblehaus Only the best show in the history of anything times a millionWish I could be a fly on the wall in that Trump-Barr meeting. So I could annoy them and make things even more heated than they must be. @blankemon I don’t have specific examples but I’d bet Parliament-Funkadelic did that.I doubt anyone will bother reading this tweet to the end in fact I won’t even bother fi @michaelbsacks Nice that it's velvet but it looks smooth as silk! @BrianMay54 @jimbcbs4 It's Must C Minus TV @blackfaurest @dragcityrecords Man I really liked the previous release. This is gonna be excellent.I haven't seen anyone get so worked up about mysterious monoliths since those Kubrick Apes @jimbcbs4 I haven't slept in a couple of days for some reason. BTW I'm going to foul up your newscast on Friday.Live in-studio this morning, as always! Giving away copies of the exciting KBCO STUDIO C VOLUME 32 release!… until everyone finds out we have to start at December 31st and do the entire year in reverse, in real opposite time.The excellent and informative @bylindsayhjones appeared on tonight’s @npratc
@byBethRankin @LAColacioppo @mattsebastian Congratulations, Matt! @wxJeffDuda Yeah, Jeff. It's a little joke. @oilcantim YOU NEVER KNOW @themikewest This is some of the best content anywhere right now @boomer_humor Would be willing to listen to Hank Jr. sing this for a secondWhen I was a kid, Cyber Monday MEANT something. It was a day to quietly pay respect to our future robot overlords.…“Back to work in, what, 8 hours? Sucks to be you, Loser.” smashed up my foot while playing with one of my cats earlier this year and I think I should get a turn at being President @sonicdork That IS him; second from leftHow many Jandek albums does he have? Or does he own like 100000 copies of "Reg Strikes Back?" @martyconiglio Condolences, Marty.
@TicklePolyester Really like the tracks with Wyatt @chris_monsen One of the finest albums of the '70s, and that's saying a lot. @tywilc @ryleywalker @RyanJewellMusic I, too, was in attendance for this wondrous event. @frozenreeds This is my favorite, FR. @BrianStack153 This is as agreeable a plan for world domination as I've ever heard @Randazzoj Over the summer, I encountered a German Shepherd while out for a walk with my son. I said, "Hi, Buddy!"… @emmybarr I do not know! And yes, some of us say "fuzzied out" all of there time.Cyber Monday seems like a holiday that was fabricated by corporations just so they can make moneyKramer Vs. Kramer Vs. Seinfeld Kramer @paranoiacs Would you please do one of these for every song on Imperial Bedroom? @NickLutsko AMC GremlinsMight as well enjoy that second Ferrero Rocher tonight @guyincognito A pup could get hurt out there so noThe Denver Broncos not having any starting quarterbacks for tomorrow's game is a setup for a Kevin James movie if I've ever heard one. @blackfaurest Thanks for this - (good) research to doWorst major rock star album cover ever?
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I don’t wanna know what Ricky Schroeder is up to these days or everIf you like WISE BLOOD (and you should, I reckon) the algorithm says you’ll also like these? @DaveFromKnoxvil So sorry. @johnwenzel also quantityI have a joke. Pay me.
Retweeted by Bret Saunders @pweiser Real Life, Modern Romance, Lost In America and Defending Your LifeThere is still good news and there will be more good things 1985 Golan-Globus production, “Rappin’” w/ Mario Van Peebles as a rap-loving ex-convict is on, so no one tweet…
One (of many) problems with this take is the idea that when the recounts come back with the same numbers, the recou… @jasonpwoodbury This is the worstBLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Follow me on @Twitter for free! @kalenski I was just saying the same thing