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Brett Douville @brett_douville Curled up with a good book

Former lead programmer at BGS (FO3, Skyrim, FO4) & LucasArts (Starfighter games, Republic Commando). Must be kept busy. Email this username at yahoo dot com.

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@botherer A credulous press mostly owned by Rupert Murdoch, of course, with a conservative agenda that hides behind lies of being balanced. @Soranomaru This explains a lot @dphrygian @sarahargodale Furiouser and Furiouser
@mikeBithell @tha_rami *shakes cane*
@davidwolinsky But audio worked, graphics were visible if not perfect. You'd certainly be able to get the idea. @davidwolinsky Still runs off the CD, in Win95 compat mode, albeit with some graphical issues. That may be card specific. @davidwolinsky I doubt it. That said, I have a copy I'll happily mail you. @caraellison @fullbright I kinda like it @willoneill @ckunzelman Ditto about the testers. @brett_douville I hope none of you mind because I'm likely to brag about this kid for... let's see, what's my life expectancy again? @ckunzelman @applecidermage Would you have accepted "So it's a world without rivers, then?" @applecidermage @ckunzelman You can count on me! @applecidermage @ckunzelman I was there for you @ckunzelman And must it scream? @adam_blahuta *clink* @adam_blahuta (Watching Sox while coding and drinking a bit of rye) @adam_blahuta It's "the man" who has convinced us that these are little things. Embrace them as big things, I say!
@chrisremo Security code theater @andyschatz Surely you'll have ported it to 1024-bit systems long before then? @davidwolinsky @TimOfLegend Yup. Lots of little stories. @davidwolinsky @TimOfLegend In my case, each element of my "story" content is fairly small but I need a lot of it. Not as character-focused. @davidwolinsky @TimOfLegend Oh, for sure, I use lists as part of the free writing, but brain naturally goes to lists as production tools :) @davidwolinsky I'm planning on blogging about it a bit, maybe later this week. But @TimOfLegend talks about it in DFA documentary. @davidwolinsky I use lists for tech and design tasks. This is more about generating written content and story lines (that don't suck). @dandouglas @schillingc Come now, obviously "TORN, RIP" @RowanKaiser @writehedgebrook I won't; you can't make me. #SixWordStory
@aliceffekt @Soranomaru Oh, and thanks! @aliceffekt @Soranomaru I should have figured. Quite the visual stylist. @aliceffekt @Soranomaru Pardon me for butting in, but what *is* that? @mode7games It's Sunday, find yourself a church service
@Jonahlobe I'd be worried I'd always be misplacing them @MeaganBudgell "Ugh, what am I doing? Should I be doing this? No, maybe I should do that other thing. Maybe tomorrow? Ugh." @jeffool I can only hope. @Nelsormensch I hope it's possible for you to develop a winning strategy that involves moving north from Wyoming. @GameDesignDan Can you explain how Bloodborne lets you do that? I'm a little obtuse. (Oh, you're right, totally works!) @leighalexander Signal boost the good stuff, ignore the garbage, I always say :) Both Mona and Clipping Through were worth my time and money @doubleanna I was really loving it until someone told me to stop playing! (I was figuring out how to shrink Shay's head small enough.) @doubleanna It's okay, I never said you made me stop *buying* them (looks at long list of DF games...) @fullbright Coulda walled up that window with Triscuits but instead you know the true meaning of regret. @WillWArmstrong Firewatch: Coming to you, Christmas 2018 @Soranomaru Clearly they didn't read the book -- they're in the second half and in the first half is "In the beginning" lol noobs @fullbright Sorry it took you so long, but you'll get better at recognizing these opportunities in the future. @ascharf Clever girl @doubleanna Oh, okay. I guess I'll do that :) @doubleanna Excellent! I'm actually playing the first half this afternoon, in anticipation of the second half :) @MatthewDessem "Give me one shaken, not stirred. Then one stirred, not shaken. Then one that's neither, and maybe then both? Also English." @MatthewDessem Let's be honest, he was probably drunk when he said it. @ibogost OK, before I figured it for a 'bot but now I *know* it to be true. #buzzwordsoup @StuHorvath Oh? I had no idea. Brilliant, to be sure. I remember reading Brat Farrar as well, but I'll be damned if I remember it. @StuHorvath Wholeheartedly agree.Speaking of Richard III, read Josephine Tey's Daughter of Time - it is one of the best, and least conventional, mystery novels ever.
Retweeted by Brett DouvilleGood to hear @ckunzelman on the GameChurch podcast with @drewdixon82 @marythought @dizzyjosh I'm not willing to vote on primacy of brain over donuts so good luck to you both @Josh_Hamrick @Tocom11 Some good folks there ;) Good luck!
New @nodontdie. @Laralyn. " have the rise of the indies at the same time as the deepest cases of sequelitis."
Retweeted by Brett Douville @filmspotting Any Bill Murray victory is automatically suspect; Swinton should have destroyed him in round 1. @HurdyIV it's a really interesting doc! @idlethumbs I hope Edward and his friend are tapped by Guillermo del Toro for the next Pacific Rim
@Demruth thisThe greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was putting enough quarters in the jukebox for 15 repeats of "Who Let the Dogs Out" after he'd gone @hoskingc how ever will they live without that @hoskingc One wonders what they cut @tiedtiger I hiked to get my dinner. Hoping I have the energy to get back :)I am a ridiculously tired human today. @shegeekshow @jasonschreier @MitchyD @patrickklepek People are entirely too apt to tell you your subjective experience is invalid. @romero @SheriRubin Agreed
@OptimistPanda @bartwerf I spent a lot of time prototyping last year. And then I started over from scratch in January on the real thing.I'm watching eight undergrads doing layout and final edits for this week's edition of the school paper. #flyonthewall @ja2ke @legobutts A process which continues to this very day! @gauravcm_tweet Yep, sure did! Thankful to this day. :) And thank you for reading! @brett_douville This was a great read: Didn't realize you got to LEC through cold call and lunch with @TimOfLegend!
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We can get @wertle over her *next* Patreon hurdle, can't we? (she has reached two! next one very close!)Nothing quite enlivens your afternoon programming tasks like some 70s funk. @chrisremo Candy sponsor of "A Very Scooby Doo Easter" holiday special