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Brett Douville @brett_douville Curled up with a good book

Former lead programmer at BGS (FO3, Skyrim, FO4) & LucasArts, Making games with @nelsormensch, @apocalynds, and @stcymsn at @SonderlustGames. Must be kept busy.

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@Nelsormensch @mallozee @Pioldes It's funny but now that I think about it... it was just me and Nels at the beginni… @JayMFernandes Sounds good -- have no specific plans as PAX approaches (other than packing for my return) so very l… @appleciderwitch :thumbs_up_emoji: I will shout out when we get closer to that. @JayMFernandes Cool -- I won't be going to PAX, but if we can make it work, excellent! @appleciderwitch We are discussing a meetup for our podcast, but I won't be attending PAX. But I'll still be in the… -- if I know you, and I haven't already been in contact, I apologize*. I'll be in the Seattle area for the mont… @Pioldes @mallozee Look forward to my rhinestone-covered white jackets, appearing... soon, I'm sure. (OK, probably… @mallozee @Pioldes I have now moved on to pajama bottoms that few would recognize as anything else. I'm not proud.… @mallozee @Pioldes My secret? My pajama pants were... chef pants. Technically pants that an adult human would wear… @Pioldes I mean, you say "pants" I say "pajama bottoms" pretty much the same thing @Pioldes I'm not sure I lasted three weeks.
@stephenjmcmanus I'll sleep when I'm dead, tired, or dead tired. @GreyAlien We're all mindful of speaking on it -- we check in once a day with what we're working on, and pull off i… @GreyAlien We work remotely but use a video-conferencing service (called Zoom), which we're on all day. Gives you t…
@hentaiphd Hotly
@Edwrd_T_Justice That is... quite an interesting bit of information. @gothic_chocobo I can't bear to go out of the house to get ice cream. It is miserable here.
When you get to a point in a day when you think, "Maybe I should cook something for dinner" and then simultaneously…, so earlier this summer I saw Yesterday at a film festival in Nantucket and a week or two ago @selmaleh mentione… @selmaleh Thanks for recommending that David Tennant podcast, they have been absolutely fantastic. Would never have…
@apocalynds On the one hand, I'm glad you got to do the work and that you can feel proud of it... On the other, th…
@aaronlinde @K2theSwift Really, what we should be asking is why we aren't taking the billionaires with space progra… got around to supporting @kirkhamilton for his EXTREMELY EXCELLENT podcast "Strong Songs". Well worth your… @legobutts @joshscherr Fair enough he is far beneath my notice @legobutts @joshscherr I mean, that "business in the front, party in the back" Nathan is pretty great more of same please @benprunty Total smoke and mirrors: you put this effort in on the first one, they will assume and imagine the same…'s been four hours since I logged off of work and my brain keeps working on improvements to what I did today. All… @Nelsormensch @benprunty I often think... "When was the last time I played a tabletop RPG.... as a player?" and it'… @benprunty That is fantastic. I have used simple apps especially for spooky locations and it was a big help -- it's a great thing.
We're positively over the moon to welcome the newest member of Sonderlust: 🌟@mallozee!🌟 Z will be bringing her IMME…
Retweeted by Brett Douville @suellentrop Or perhaps Wizards and Warriors? Sting Ray? The Phoenix? @suellentrop I'll see your Manimal and raise you Automan.We're so lucky to add z to the team -- really looking forward to what we're building here, as well as the road we'l…
@austin_walker @notquitereal Mia runs over. 1/?Oh right, Amazon owns Twitch. Sorry folks, no stream today. @Harvey1966 @HazelMonforton Appropriate response. Having proof, through banging, of either ghosts or aliens would p…
I'm 31 years older and I'd be happy to see the Dept of Homeland Security gone.
@matthewseiji Indeed. Writer, do something.
'Climate despair' is making people give up on life.
Retweeted by Brett Douville @rmattson @HazelMonforton It's not that I like saying these things, it's that I generally can't stop myself. @HazelMonforton I heard they suck. @nickfolkman Saw it at the Nantucket Film Festival and totally agree -- well worth seeing! Terrific film with some… @BelgianBoolean Keep existing, though. Those who love you, and I suspect there are quite a few of us around, we'd miss you.There are still movies I love that I suspect he'd be bored by, and so I hold off on those, and I hope we get a chan… a couple of good films (streaming) with my son this week, and glad that he's of an age where he can appreci…
@austin_walker Shakin my head at these punks not knowing Jeremiah Johnson...
@CosmicFunkonaut I mean... maybe? Good luck with that! I'm just going to go with "good luck with that" :) @CosmicFunkonaut When it comes to Greek gods, I'm afraid it's only ever cursed, even if it feels like blessed. We s…
@ckunzelman Ah, well, I haven't seen the film versions of the Lord of the Rings, but this comment recommends neithe… @ckunzelman I'm not sure how to read that, but will probably still not finish it. @ckunzelman I started this film earlier tonight and switched to the Sox game, and I'm thinking maybe I won't go back. @zusty Absolutely there is. @meshula @donttrythis I think you may mean an "entrenching tool" :) @meshula @donttrythis Man... what a golfer. How did he do it without even the benefit of a shaft? :) @JoelBurgess @lizardengland @kait_zilla I mean, yes: absolutely. @lizardengland @kait_zilla @JoelBurgess Look, I'm not going to argue, @JoelBurgess is a sneaky mfer, but he has his uses.
@locust9 I loved your performance in Ghost Story. @suellentrop Always a feud between those too. (Would I be taking it too far to call it a "beef?" I probably would.) @suellentrop Ah, yes, the two best known cuisines in America, Iowa BBQ and Colorado BBQ.... @HazelMonforton Hazel Monforton: a woman so powerful even her naps have origin stories. @Imp314 Aw, thanks man, hope you are well.
@ParkerMolloy His columns are masturbatory but hurt everybody, so maybe it'll be its own counter-argument. @notquitereal Like a "cat," a "hat" will chase a red dot around on the wall. It's for its entertainment. Very thoughtful, imo.Oh man, I loved this in draft form and really look forward to reading it again in print! Terrific work by… @happionlabs Obduction -- a spiritual successor to MYST by Cyan. (So, depends on how you feel about MYST, though th… @fullbright Finally, Fullbright making a spiritual successor to MYST.
COVER REVEAL! Thanks, @bustle for revealing @JenLiaLongo’s upcoming YA novel WHAT I CARRY (out January 2020 from Ra…
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@UnburntWitch I think the word is actually... “reddit”
@invader_lucky And what is your number one tool in the kitchen? @apocalynds @SonderlustGames I HAVE SEEN SO MANY MOVIES I CAN SEE THROUGH TIME @ottrpg @devgameclub You can find the list of shows at under “What We’ve Played,” which is…
I am on vacation this weekend but one of my excellent co-founders at @SonderlustGames, @apocalynds, gave a quick ta…
Not gonna lie, I really slow down as I get into my 19th hour awake, these days. (Wasn't awake at 4am for any good r… @xoxogossipgita *based, ugh, whatever @xoxogossipgita They are infinitely more susceptible to bovine spongiform encephalopathy (mad cow disease). (Admitt…
(Also, the actress who plays her sister is really wonderful as well.)I think Phoebe Waller-Bridge is fantastic, but the best thing in season 2 so far has been this amazing scene with Kristin Scott Thomas. @drtowerstein id software released several of their games' engines. Unreal gives you full source. I'm sure there ar…
@krisgraft please scratch behind his ear and whisper "brett says you're a good dog" @GameDesignDan If you need someone to write you an excused absence note, I'm always here for you. @gauravcm_ Awwww.... <3 @truffle There was a day when that was effectively necessary but thankfully those times are behind us. @xoxogossipgita Are everyone's legs lubed or something? @WritNelson Have heard nothing but good things about Hypnospace Outlaw and am looking forward to playing it. Congra… hope people remember me as the most prolific, the best looking, and the absolute fittest of my generation of prog… be fair, sixty second shooter prime was mostly written from the ground up, but the original version leveraged a… @appleciderwitch The answer is none more black. @appleciderwitch These absurdism dials go up to eleven.Every game I've shipped, with the exception of the first, has reused significant amounts of code, and most of that… @xoxogossipgita @appleciderwitch can confirm @caraellison @appleciderwitch "Oh, I'm sorry barkeep, I see clearly now that it says 'Bud Saw,' forgive my ignoranc… @caraellison @appleciderwitch I don't even know how to pronounce that so we're probably good. Any pronunciation of… @appleciderwitch @caraellison Well there we go. We shall all have to get together and Cara can explain... probably quite a lot of things. @caraellison @appleciderwitch I am going to be in the Seattle area in August for the whole month and I very much wa… @xoxogossipgita Like... what? I mean, maybe she was just going for alliteration, but there's nothing remotely resembling a joke here? @xoxogossipgita Are her legs... robotic? Like... does she need to oil the joints? I don't... I still just can't... I don't... @xoxogossipgita I have been thinking about the phrase "lubed legs" since I saw this earlier and just... can't even… @Laralyn I've been playing games since I was very young (starting with Advent) and yet still there are these gaps o… @JenLiaLongo @penguinrandom @FolioLiterary Wow. Powerful. @Laralyn I haven't played those at all and now I'm wondering... am I also maybe a first person adventure game fanat…