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Brett Douville @brett_douville Curled up with a good book

Former lead programmer at BGS (FO3, Skyrim, FO4) & LucasArts (Starfighter games, Republic Commando). Must be kept busy.

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@Danielleri your Dishonored Prey @Danielleri your Isolated AliensWow. Barcelona has declared a climate emergency that gets straight to the point: "The current economic model is bas…
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@jennatar @ScottMadin I don't mean to laugh so hard but that definitely struck my funny bone @jennatar @ScottMadin hahahahahahahahahaha @JurieHorneman I had a suspicion from the technical details, and yeah, super interesting. (I was right though I didn't know he directed). @legocrimes Good shaders but maybe some of the background buildings could be a little higher-poly?Read this. Can't describe it, but this is important. There's a seed of great importance in here - a mirror on this…
Retweeted by Brett Douville @apocalynsanity i was asked to give 16 talks but i decided that was too much for me
@apocalynds eating the rich: bad for the skin, but good for the soul! @velocciraptor @Megadestructo Quin-see vs Quin-zee @disappointment Hahaha, a gentleman to the end.Every now and again you encounter a piece of art that widens your ideas about what art can be. The Duke of Burgundy… @SlateCultFest (and entirely possible this is my error somehow? and if so, I'd love to know how to fix it, though n… @SlateCultFest (have not gotten to end so don't know if it's also missing the plus segment) @slatecultfest Today's plus episode seems like it might be the regular feed -- had an ad in it and also did not sta… at a more decent hour, might retweet again later @disappointment Some day I will go to your pub because it has a great publican @10rdBeen Done and done, nice to see you around these parts again.
@legobutts That is all a wonderful result and I hope and believe it will be helpful to you. @apocalynsanity <3 @jasonschreier A media outlet which wants to appeal to the many facets of its audience absolutely needs diversity i… #PortfolioDay ! I’m Jonah Lobe - I make games, characters, fantasy illustration, concept art, 3D art, 2D art,…
Retweeted by Brett Douville @alphachar I didn't know I needed it, but absolutely I needed it, I haven't heard that in probably 30 years. Thank you! @stephenjmcmanus @JenLiaLongo Many? @JenLiaLongo @stephenjmcmanus How many of his games have you played? You two might be about even. @timlongojr @markseangarcia @devgameclub @JenLiaLongo That's "Lan Douville" to you, sir.
Ah, we do have fun. @lizardengland Mother is so. damned. good. Memories of Murder is the one I've never been able to get my hands on.Joker is dumb as a box of rocks
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@appleciderwitch Yeah, it's pretty terrific.
@axl99 Ack. I have to play that again, still have a copy.
@dphrygian OK, well, I guess at least I got the game. @dphrygian Ah. He did do a voice in it, though, yeah? @dphrygian Voiced by Mr Levine, unless I miss my guess. @mikeBithell I believe you mean "Wickfully"
When we talk about burnout, we often attribute it to working long hours. But that's not the only cause. Constantly…
Retweeted by Brett Douville💜My novel WHAT I CARRY publishes January 21! RT this Bustle article for a chance to win a copy of WHAT I CARRY plus…
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Working with Stacey has been one of the brightest highlights of my career. She is absolutely brilliant in every cap…
Retweeted by Brett DouvilleStacey is the absolute best. decided recently to leave my role at Sonderlust Studios. I feel VERY lucky I had the opportunity to work with suc…
Retweeted by Brett Douville @kirkhamilton @nicholestrano One person's clown suit is another person's casual wear @nicholestrano @Greenfaery Thank you! @kchironis Congrats!Wow, "Columbus" is a really terrific movie.
@paullicino It's my happy place @jasonschreier sorry not sorryI'd support this, but if I played it at home I'm afraid my neighbors would be complaining about the Return of the O… Nominees and Honorable Mentions are a very very very strong line-up this year, good job to all of you! @apocalynds You remain an inspiration. @joshscherr Thank you! @MituK None of the Snokes is the same exact size. There's always a *bigger Luke*
@zusty @johnnemann @benprunty Thus demonstrating how little I know of either. @johnnemann @benprunty Shoot, that's astrology. @johnnemann @benprunty I tried that and all he would ever say was that there was a moon over Bourbon Street that night. @ATayOnWords Hahahahaha ah, no. But I will continue to stream. :) @zusty aw, shucks, thanksI decided late last year that it was time for me to move on from Sonderlust Studios and did so before the break. I'…
Retweeted by Brett Douville @ArchaicJohn Thanks! @miyukijane Oh, the thanks was legitimate. The idea of going to the DMV was what made me ugh :) @IridiumGameDev Thanks man! Sony Santa Monica is lucky to have *you*! @miyukijane Thanks for reminding me. Ugh. @justin_liew Thank you! @JoelBurgess @apocalynds Thank you thank you. :) @johnnemann Thanks! @Pioldes @apocalynds P-O you do great work! @LucasfilmGames Thank you! @kait_zilla Thanks!I’ve recently decided to leave Sonderlust Studios. Im so proud of the work we did together, and wish the team all t…
Retweeted by Brett DouvilleI decided late last year that it was time for me to move on from Sonderlust Studios and did so before the break. I'… knows what's up: @timlongojr You should get that checked. You don't want to risk another helicopter ride! @MidnightRem Oh nice, that makes us anniversary buddies (though different numbers of years). Congrats to you!(I will further note that if you are from here in the States or Canada, a "pedalo" is a paddle boat. I had to look… full disclosure, I appear briefly in the third part -- by name that is, so don't go thinking I'm making a wry…'d encourage you to read my friend Paul Dean's four part series entitled "Coming Home" -- he's pretty good about p…
@emily_dawn And the tea when they first meet. So good, such a good movie. @emily_dawn That scene with the nightgown in particular, so good. @emily_dawn Both of them are so terrific in that. I need to watch her other three. @patrickklepek Apologies not necessary; on the contrary, I appreciate your honesty and openness about your grief. @gribblet Go you! Sheesh.
@JurieHorneman EVERYBODY KNOWS YOU DON'T LIKE THE PRINCESS BRIDE @JoeyFatz Thanks! Keep at it -- making games has its ups and downs but I've found it rewarding despite (perhaps bec… @Soranomaru It's a surreal thing for sure. Congrats on your ten years in! @ScottMadin Thanks!Yesterday marked 22 years making video games professionally, for me. Where *does* the time go?sometimes i just
Retweeted by Brett Douville @HazelMonforton “HazelMonforton, or, The Modern Prometheus”
Pixels can light any color you want! Still experimenting with combinations of circuit board color / resin pigment f…
Retweeted by Brett Douville @legobutts I'd hide too if I had a pillow of a million cats staring at me @innesmck @johnnemann +1? hell no, I'm my own -1 @Red_Devil_Doc Appreciate the invite/interest but I'm not an arena player. @emily_dawn @r_sears Oh, I remember. @r_sears @emily_dawn Oh. I was gonna guess Cocktail, but I thought that was too unkind to Tom Cruise.
Happy New Year All! I'll start the year off by sharing what I've been working on: pretty light up dice with Bluetoo…
Retweeted by Brett DouvilleI deleted a bunch of tweets last year but mine remains "fuck that guy" evergreen tweet/subtweet
@GameDesignDan I really enjoyed the tone of the first one and just picked up the second one this week, will probabl…
@megganpez "Solo" viewing, haha, I see what you did there