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we love sydney experiments
Retweeted by brett blackman @yungskrrt @lilyachty give him the emailHe says that YOU spark joy
Retweeted by brett blackman @ronnnieloyd @QUACKHOUSE part* but party works too lmaothis is a @ronnnieloyd appreciation tweet so stoked for him to be party of @QUACKHOUSE's upcoming tour, the man is a dang mensch @ramzoidmusic hbd king @Laur_Knight oh my lord @BLAISE @yoitsbrae @JuliusJetson @ImadRoyal @seba_yuri @manilakilla @robbyenglei guess i am going to the wiltern next week @ronnnieloyd pretty crazy!
@toribaek thank you for giving me permission to stomp on your cigs.i'd just like to thank anyone i have ever collaborated with in any form, it is greatly appreciated to create with one another.ngl seeing the kind words for my artists, as well as ones that i am just fans of truly fires me up and makes all th…, but it has been pretty hard to concentrate today between announcing a tour going on sale, as well as porter… cannot help but think about how special it is to have an idea & bring it to life with not only music, but having… really excites me to see the evolution and growth of artists all around me (near and from afar). i am excited t… art, musical and visual, comes from such a vulnerable place. most artists (i would not say all), use it as a fo… @ronnnieloyd ronnie pls @ronnnieloyd @iiLayEggs @JaiWolfx oh manthere are 72 tracks in here lol i just counted 🥴
Retweeted by brett blackman @iiLayEggs @mikeherrera97 @mikeherrera97 @telepathics trulytl be like【= ╥︿╥ =】
Retweeted by brett blackman @NHunterThompson only ducky & porter things sorryhow r u 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈︿◈=】 【=◈… @porterrobinson SKIES AHEAD BABY 🌈⛅️✨ Tickets for my first American headline tour are on sale now @…
Retweeted by brett blackman @saayatemori @whoskid mom sent me enough girl scout cookies to give the girl an upgraded badge 📸: @DashGrey @Kidswaste @_kendallmm pls tell me you got a gold tooth @ronnnieloyd @_kendallmm like forcing them to make an animoji @ronnnieloyd i am sorry @QUACKHOUSE @SpinninRecords Proud to team up with @1001tracklists for an exclusive @QUACKHOUSE 40+ song mix & inter… announced: Los Angeles based producer and DJ, @QUACKHOUSE, is coming through on April 24th for Night School!…
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Retweeted by brett blackman @NHunterThompson i welcome you both with open armsme: sorry for sending you so many emails today @ronnnieloyd: you don't even want to know how many times you've got… just... @hotelgaruda oh my god @AshleyCalhoun of @Lyrxmusic <3WOW *IS @itsnaderi @QUACKHOUSE @theritzybor @academy__la @45eastpdx @qnightclub @ElektricityMI @Stereo_Live @MidEastClub…’re thrilled to be celebrating @QUACKHOUSE’s upcoming “Blue Skies Ahead” tour with her loaded 40+ track packed Ex…
Retweeted by brett blackman @ashemusic say hi @motokogames @QUACKHOUSE @SydneyJones DON'T THREATEN ME WITH A GOOD TIMELIFE IT PRETTY COOL WHEN YOU GET TO WORK WITH YOUR FRIENDS FOR A LIVING <3MY BFF/ARTIST @QUACKHOUSE IS GOING ON HER DEBUT NORTH AMERICAN HEADLINE TOUR LETS GO!!!!!🥰⛅️ TIX ON SALE TOMORROW… @QUACKHOUSE @theritzybor @academy__la @45eastpdx @qnightclub @ElektricityMI @Stereo_Live @MidEastClub… fuck i cant believe this is real life - announcing my very first american headline tour, BLUE SKIES AHEAD 😭🌈⛅️…
Retweeted by brett blackman @chaingangof1974 these are an absolute vibe @QUACKHOUSE @ninaTravers @helsabelle that fit is so powerful wow
@seba_yuri @spooky_cassie drip was spot on, don't let them say otherwise @madnapmusic @dnz_media kyle said @ninaTravers @ParkerMaass but if we can have a kurupt fm / grime themed party @DonsLens <3agreed mate
2) You can raise somebody’s ambitions. From @tylercowen
Retweeted by brett blackman @thissongslaps @QUACKHOUSE @SpinninRecords @Bearded_Brian <3Ducky Shares Empowering New Single, “Don’t Give Up Still”
Retweeted by brett blackman @DAREDEVllLS @TIFINN @SevieLynn is this minou?
@felixcartal @Bearded_Brian omg lol @QUACKHOUSE abt where i should tour in 2020...... 🌈⛅️✨where do u want to see me??? 😇😇😇😉😉😉😉
Retweeted by brett blackmanimma just say @QUACKHOUSE szn is upon us i hope you're readyizzy up next send all modeling inquiries to braedon. is beautiful @whethanmusic i def have one of those og hoodies lolThe poet The poem
Retweeted by brett blackman#nmf ✨ @hi_mija @HexCougar @alinabaraz @fellythekid @Beauvoisx @OCULAmusic @rosaliavt @FourTet @moonbounce_… @hi_mija <3 @casandrajaye yesthis is lovely change in perspective and attitude with no other change in situation, network, skill level necessary, is the diff…
Retweeted by brett blackmanthis new calvin harris hitssssss @AshleyCalhoun omggggg
I cannot believe that I just "accidentally" ordered this @lunaxshadows @yelyahwilliams hahaha636 songs and counting lol @Gohnnnnnn you're very welcome!certainly nobody asked for this, but here is a playlist i just made w/ porter, madeon, lane 8, bonobo, jon hopkins,… @jorge__nyc @BrianBrashTrax i just used a winky face in a pitch for a premier, we'll see.
@dannyunited Self: Utopia Archive (Art Book) ✔️ must be a nice feeling @jorge__nyc @mnewton5 @dancingastro @porterrobinson untrue. i wish lol @iiLayEggs it's not a phase, mom. @DashGrey Very goodTy @nicedotlife we stan @lizzo @JuliusJetson @Midocamusic
@SevieLynn i'm here for this @belindaung a memoir
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@CASHMERECAT omg the jiji necklace