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@awonderland happy fricking bday!!!!! @WinandWoo go off brothers!
happy frickin 21st birthday to the icon @hanachandeluxe !!!! 📸: @JohnLiwag knowledge is available for free btw..
Retweeted by brett blackmanI am ELATED RNbest mail day everrrr and on a saturday! tysm @carlyyarin for the naruto x @dimmak shirt & thank you… love this!
Retweeted by brett blackman @libbyyli i already knew you and @breier_t are jamming imy guysyeah watching abgt 400 is the only thing i'll be doing today @DJNittiGritti lmaooo @jorgenyc_ it makes me so happy @FerrariJetpack @MattMaeson @neongoldrecords @mattmaeson and THANK YOU @neongoldrecords for working nights and weekends to make this happen 😎
Retweeted by brett blackmanaye it's nice to see "rush" by @hotelgaruda added to dance rising on @Spotify 😍 we're live!✨ check out my brand new remix for @hotelgaruda ! >> lots of guitars and…
Retweeted by brett blackman @shirazdh wow. i feel like i need this.i feel attacked @theedmchild this dude stays unmatched @foxyroxxxay @hotelgaruda @sxmElectro 😍Starting off my morning right by hearing @hotelgaruda on @sxmElectro !! Happy Saturday 🕺🏼🤠🤠
Retweeted by brett blackman"dreamline"
Retweeted by brett blackmanthe final edition of Dusk Lights was a special one. thanks to everyone for tuning in, the mods, and @porterrobinson
Retweeted by brett blackman @thisismoontower i def dolong week 😴 👕: @thisismoontower @PatLokMusic likewise!ILY @Electric_Hawk @RAC @hotelgaruda @MomAndPopMusic didn't throw me out, and the ppl in the chat didn't boo, so i'll take that as a w.I don’t use this verbiage often but this is a whole vibe. simple as that
Retweeted by brett blackmans/o @PatLokMusic for having me on his twitch for over 3 hours lmao. fun stuff :)
@yarlyle this could be you @JohnLiwag dudeeee @dash30music On my way!!peep the brand spanking new @RAC remix of Olivia on Spotify here!!
Retweeted by brett blackmannmf @iloilofeel @sushitrash @bludetiger @grandson @Brodinski @ImadRoyal @awonderland @BohanPhoenix @machinegunkelly just had 3 breakfast tacos b2b coffee. it's over for everyone today. @blakekathryn @OMGitsfirefoxx☎️🪞
Retweeted by brett blackman @itswingtip omg i just read the credits lol lfg @jeffyauu @ImadRoyal 😍 @PatLokMusic @saayatemori im ready to stream the album in the am
Retweeted by brett blackmanbtw new @RAC mix for @hotelgaruda dropped tonight 🍃 much as i'd like to sleep, i don't think i'd do this joji album justice by not rolling through the entire thing in one sitting loltrack 1 on this joji album really is it4 hour @manilakilla set into @sushitrash #nectar album is exactly what the doctor ordered 8⃣8⃣@88rising @atrak i wish i could've seen that set omgwhen you can use this giph to be dramatic but there are 10k ppl in the chat. are we at red rocks? @arengoldd come hang aren pretend we are on tour @JohnLiwag yesss @domefluencer @_kendallmm truth. also we are all ready for joji's album 2 @_kendallmm facts. also, the algorithm is strong lmao memory of virtual self's brooklyn warehouse show lives in my head rent free.
sometimes you get a small w after many calls and emails. as a treat. @itsmarkjohns you deserve itAmerica, you know what to do. #VoteHimOut
Retweeted by brett blackman @awonderland you and @DonsLens absolutely snapped on this vid😍 @zchmz gosh i wanna go so badly stunning pix @alinabaraz happy birthday alina!pre save the @RAC remix of Olivia and you could win tickets to see us on tour (whenever that happens lmao)
Retweeted by brett blackman#jojinectar 🍯 @wingstop twitter knows we are texting about them @_ryanmoe @yungbae omgi love them believe i'll be tuned in for dat boi @MAXMusic, too 🤩come hang later :) on the front page of @Twitch for the grande finale of dusk lights tonight let's go!!!! @jademgaines hello
Help a gal out if you have some recs for her! @hotelgaruda @RAC make a tik tok lmaooapparently there’ve been over 1000 videos made to my @RAC remix ?? okay ??
Retweeted by brett blackmanitems drop when u kill me @mdvacula @chaingangof1974 @ForeignFam @RufusDuSol @wearebronson @disclosure @FKAtwigs @070shake Ff put it up in Ma…
Retweeted by brett blackman @awonderland can't wait! @ParkerMaass feeling like a solid 3 @ryanhemsworth damn i love this lolTrack 3 from The Tension, Olivia, my favorite song i’ve made to date. written by me and @chaingangof1974 , guitars…
Retweeted by brett blackman @grantspanier wowownew hour long mix for @dancingastro 👨‍🚀❤️
Retweeted by brett blackmanWe only rate dogs. Please don’t submit Suburban Porch Polar Bears. They mean no harm. Just a little hungry. Thank y…
Retweeted by brett blackman @elsableda @chaingangof1974 It came out so amazing!!!some q vinyl pickups🐐 @sanholobeats @Robotaki i would like this framedI love this music video so much wow 🥺 @fordsounds @verzache @ForeignFam @tallbrowndude Good @GRRLmusic def copping lol @Bo_Me_Yooo @DualityDoc yes!! @JamesTurner_42 @iiLayEggs omgggbelieve it or not, a thank you does go a long way @heyzmsc @HarryEatsBagels an absolute legend he isi would like to believe that joe biden listens to hudson mohawke
Retweeted by brett blackman @y2k2y duuude tite new set up