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His stroke reminds me of late-career Moses MaloneCan someone do a supercut of Bernie sinking shots, I’m into it lapse of me trying to draw a dog that pleases my toddler
@Craig_Danz That’s on thereI have a file on my desktop where I'm tracking all the words David Attenborough mispronounces Britishly just to mes…“Phase 1 of his physical” “the perfect phone call” THESE ARENT ACTUAL THINGSwe can always learn from our mistakes, folksI misspelled "oven" on google but then I learned the numerical value of "overn" in Chaldean Numerology is: 7. So it… @burldirkman podcast, available on all streaming platforms! "What Does Your Choice of Screw Drive Say About You… kids deserve to have something that gets them this amped party! is so unnecessarily cruel and exploitative it makes me want to scream repping @BernieSanders’s plan for #M4AKshama tying the struggle here to what’s going on in Bolivia right now.@cmkshama victory party “We won because we did not flinch in the face of a trillion dollar corporation”
If you had literally no arguments left to make to defend the totally indefensible, this is pretty much the argument… is Rage Against The Machines Day at supermarkets everywhere. Shoppers are asked to boycott the self-checkout…
Retweeted by Brett HamilThis is one of my favorite moments from the @BurlDirkman Tears of Joy show. Noel Brass Jr. *almost* makes Riz Rolli…
Retweeted by Brett HamilNew LIVE @BurlDirkman episode, check yr feeds "What To Do When A Baby Cries Every Time They See You (LIVE)"
Retweeted by Brett Hamil4 real contractors only @Kamaumaumau Probably @BurlDirkman @Kamaumaumau i shan't be singing @Kamaumaumau this it YOUR time Kamauget you a friend you can send texts to that would seem insane to a court stenographer“The President’s voice was very loud and recognizable" HAHAHAHA YOU STUPID FUCKThe police of the totally not a coup regime in Bolivia sprayed tear gas into a female journalist’s face because she…
Retweeted by Brett HamilThich Nhat Hahn on interbeing
Retweeted by Brett HamilIt's their land, it doesn't matter what settlers think
Retweeted by Brett Hamilthe whole deal with Robert Stone and Credico sending each other extremely over-the-top texts like "prepare to die m… RSVP and invite your friends to join #TeamKshama and Councilmember Kshama Sawant for our Victory Party and C…
Retweeted by Brett Hamil
2019's gotta hurt womp @williefitz @sarahannelloyd No regrets @sarahannelloyd @williefitz I spent a not insignificant amount of time in the early 00s messing with people in a Th… really enjoyed this one cartoon in the current @SeaChildMag #comix #cartoon #toddlers
Retweeted by Brett HamilMy cartoon in the new @SeaChildMag! 👀 #comix #cartoon
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @thewiskthestaff It takes low-info people a while to let shit sink in. But public sentiment is lemming-like. Near t… it Bernard"Voters have rejected candidates who peddled more sweeps and more police. I think you can say the sweeps candidates…
Retweeted by Brett HamilSaturday! The party we couldn’t have on election night. I will be sharing some EXPLOSIVE leaked documents that have… little doggy. This is how Merle acted when we brought him home too 😭 gives a presentation on "What Your Choice of Screw Drive Says About You." Part 1: Torx (Star Drive)
Retweeted by Brett Hamilthis isn't just your funniest smartest friend on twitter. this is a sitting member of congress. savage on the @Shad0wC0uncil we voted to make all cops in seattle wear this hat instead of riot gear to every protest @BurlDirkman Part 2: The Robertson gives a presentation on "What Your Choice of Screw Drive Says About You." Part 1: Torx (Star Drive)
Good opportunity to consolidate your Fuck offs reuse's national pastime should be Women's powerlifting.
Retweeted by Brett HamilWe sold a lot of tickets yesterday, esp considering the show is 4 months away! is good. It’s wild to consider @MLKLabor threw their support behind 2 candidates who didn’t even make it out o… Biden came out in favor of municipal broadband, if that thundering fuckhead can do it every single other damn candidate canFROM THE VAULT: A while back I tried to deal with my road rage
Retweeted by Brett HamilDOGS was a great Joketellers Union @ClockOutLounge, looking at what we've got booked thru the holiday season the… @loganb @QAGreenways Shaun Scott wouldve been open to it @loganb @QAGreenways Alex Pedersen will never allow thatWe become more human when my family cares about your family and your family cares about my family.
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @wakiyan7 @VoteSawant Hell yeah! Looking fwd to celebratingNOTE: I will be telling some post-election jokes at the @VoteSawant VICTORY PARTY this Saturday at Washington Hall.…
Washington State Penitentiary staff are handing this to prisoners entering solitary at IMU North. This ridiculous s…
Retweeted by Brett HamilMay all beings be at peace with both favourable and adverse conditions.
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @BrettHamil @SeattleProcess The link is there now and it worked! Tix bought! Super excited to laugh and learn at…
Retweeted by Brett HamilGrab em up!! Joketellers Union @ClockOutLounge is TONIGHT with me, @emmettfungomery @BurlDirkman @OregonTrailJSA @ingletime is exactly what my evangelical parents were afraid would happen when I went to a secular liberal arts college @BrittneyBush Oh wow ok thxIm at work and haven’t been able to follow the budget meeting—any word on the municipal broadband SLI? (iirc it was agenda item 40)Make sure to include this expense in your final campaign disclosure report @spekulation Lewis is a prosecutor. Strauss was a Bagshaw adviser. There’s plenty not to get excited about!Tickets are now on sale for the next @SeattleProcess MARCH 13!! The past few have sold tf out so buy em now and giv… talks about the time he tried to buy some Yoo-hoo from the corner store
Retweeted by Brett HamilJust watched the Egan Orion concession video, must suck to get fucked over by corporations
Retweeted by Brett Hamilbernie's rad folksi watch videos of bernie talking or shooting hoops or jogging through an airport terminal as avidly as i watch sk8… @timthebearjew let's set a bunch of frogs and crickets loose, dude! @timthebearjew there's a landscape designer down the alley who introduced frogs to his little pond. they stopped cr… moved here from FL almost 20 years ago and the lack of outdoor bug noises is still shocking to me sometimes @BrettHamil I guess I missed him at the press conference with the current council members and candidates who opposed the Amazon $$$ drop.
Retweeted by Brett HamilI guess what he’s saying is that Amazon...monopolized the electoral conversation. hmJust watched the Egan Orion concession video, must suck to get fucked over by corporationstfw u forgot to tell voters you’d tax wealthy corporations see the white house is proving its lack of affinity to white nationalism by .... going to all out war against the…
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @droctopu5 Not sure that means anything in local elections. There’s pink hats out here advocating for forced work camps n shitA socialist Black millennial who can quote Shabazz Palaces at will got over 15k votes in a district that includes L…
@editaurus The City Arts copy editor LOLing in the office while proofing my print column earned me more creative le…’s a special place in hell for theatre people who talk thru comedy showsSneak peek of @BurlDirkman’s presentation for JOKETELLERS tmrw for you personality quiz fans @amstillion @Spiteful_Crow Yes because the corporate establishment didn’t like him. I know him & Kshama personally,… could us but Durkan loves Comcast money @Spiteful_Crow Yeah it was bullshit. Probably cuz he did stuff like this 😆😜 a few more hours to make some calls! I’m told they have been getting a lot of calls & emails. Let’s make it co… @Spiteful_Crow What do U mean? McGinn was good