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@possiblyTiffany @JordanFreiman He is a font of shitty takes, he has some good analysis too sometimes but he strong… fact that I am constantly made aware of the opinions of jk rowling, matt yglesias, jesse singal, and bari weiss…
Retweeted by Brett Hamilfakie ollie tricks the lumber for the half pipe arrives next Tuesday! #skateathomechallenge @BrettHamil Omg...she's relentlessly terrible...her seat is basically vacant
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @BrettHamil this is so good... thank you Brett. in complete earnest the Proximity Law and the Time Paradox are impo…
Retweeted by Brett HamilAmazing illo by @swellzombie interrupt the pandemic, the fascist government takeover and the nationwide police riots to inform you that third… Jenny is a lame duck one-termer and a veto override to a tax on her wealthy donors would give Seattle some…👑 Constantine and his racist cop cousin at the family dinner looking soulfully into each others' eyes from across the room
Retweeted by Brett HamilHere’s a longer highlight reel for my true Juarez Paradox fans last! The paradox is resolved! (She’s a “no”) is like, we have to stop crime in the former CHOP area to keep Fox News off our backs, let’s teargas homeless p… @daeshikjr *accounts, hopefullyDow Constantine and his racist cop cousin at the family dinner looking soulfully into each others' eyes from across the roomBrian Eno is like a spice that makes every dish better, and sometimes it's the *only* thing you like about that dis… is just irredeemable. Next, please @NickNorthwest @JohnZoshak @cmkshama @CMTammyMorales collecting signatures in a pandemic is the heaviest lifting bu… @NickNorthwest @JohnZoshak @cmkshama @CMTammyMorales kshama put together the grassroots working class movement that… CHOP area had too much freedom so now the SPD is putting it on a little freedom diet, super normal reactiongood luck running on a platform of "my hands were tied" in 2021, DOW continue to work off the checklist Don has helpfully provided’re wildin out thinking it’s business as usual. It is not, and every elected official who doesn’t realize that is on their way out too.These shit-dipped fascists are gonna get DEFUNDED and they make the case for it every day better than we ever could. @JohnZoshak @cmkshama @CMTammyMorales Mosqueda refused to vote to repeal the last one & went on fighting for this o… to snatch cred from folks with 30k signatures gathered IN A PANDEMIC to make sure they did the right thing 👋🏼Thanks to @cmkshama and @CMTammyMorales for fighting to win a tax on big business and thanks to the other 5 council… did it!
4) The police protecting Proud Boys who open carry but tear gasing someone with an umbrella or a candle 5) Allowin…
Retweeted by Brett HamilAlso King County council already showed their whole ass by allowing the $225M new youth jail to be built, mustering… are not going to allow local politicians to “our hands are tied” their way out of this. That will no longer wor… commend you for looking into this, but “unfortunately their powers are limited” is no longer an acceptable respon… SUNDAY COMIX @SoSeaEmerald! Do you know this guy? #comix #cartoon #Seattle
Retweeted by Brett Hamil*whispers* you limit the scope by impeaching the mayor.
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @3dprintRaceTech We gotta get some of these bunkass Bretts onboard with us @GonzoStrangeluv I don’t give them that benefit of the doubt anymore. Their whole suburban ecosystem is purpose-bui… @GonzoStrangeluv @oopsie__desi Yeah, so how “nice” are they reallyHere’s a video of a shirtless 45 year old dad who hasn’t had a haircut in 3+ months doing a heelflip on my back por… if you, like me, have pissed decades down a wormhole trying to be an artist and live an illustrious life de… @oopsie__desi Yeah and *youre* the weirdo for not buying into all thatProbably the only place we intersect is in the power tool/home improvement discourse. The only valid contribution T… can’t even try to pretend any more. Get that shit away from me. Old friends on fb who have to tiptoe around the i… older I get the more I grow to loathe normie culture, suburban-ness, and people who get along just great with their conservative parents @MtnShepherdess @spekulation You’re vile @typewriteralley REMIX 🎺 @typewriteralley Fully expecting more “public-private partnership” but would love to be surprisedFrom tonight's JOKETELLERS UNION, @BurlDirkman talks about his middle school role model, Rico McQuarry, and how he…
Retweeted by Brett HamilHere's part 2 of the saga of the needlenose pliers
Retweeted by Brett HamilWorking on fakie tricks in preparation for rebuilding the half pipe
New SUNDAY COMIX @SoSeaEmerald! Do you know this guy? #comix #cartoon #Seattle Explosions Heard In Local Neighborhoods
Captain Ron Mead needs to be fired if you got the brainworms and think protesters “deserve” to get run over, is this what you think “freedom” sho… Doo has hip dysplasia from walking on His hind legs so much and the Scooby Snacks are actually CBD @Rouell3 @People4Bernie "GOP Apologizes to Nation" GTFO come onthe clouds are angry billionaires out of exis—er, a very modest amount so the rest of the human species can continue to survive @clarkhumphrey Yes sorry—could also add DiBlasio to that too thoAfter working with dozens of small businesses who didn't make the cut for Seattle's $2.5m Covid Relief Fund, it bre…
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @NatalieABrand @NicoleSganga Sounds like a fun car ride!Big fan love our beautiful health care system
Retweeted by Brett HamilNote: Sawant did not actually organize the rally, it was just politically expedient for the mayor to blame it all on herDURKAN: Councilmember Sawant and her followers chose to protest at my house with reckless disregard etc SEATTLE PR…
So...there’s armed guards checking IDs? Hm, that’s exactly what the SPD accused CHOP of doing 🤔've watched this 342 times
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @TheUrbanAce @SheraeForState @SheraeLascelles Get em Sherae @BrittneyBush We are distributing large batches to Black-led groups as a first priority. But free shit rules! @BrittneyBush they’re free for everyone! White ppl paid for the printing. (Although I am still trying to get $$ tog… are 50 more of these at @thestationcafe as of this tweet, go grab one, they’re free time for police reform is over we tried. or at least we "tried" here in seattle a federal judge has overseen it…
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @alienjitsu She’s already filed"we can still reform the police," from the makers of such previous hits as "robert mueller will save the country" a…
Retweeted by Brett HamilJenny Durkan Mic Grab!
Retweeted by Brett HamilWhen Ed Murray was at this point in his re-election campaign (before the full breadth of his child rape allegations… looked at the mayor’s TL. Literally every tweet is a ratio—some are 10:1. She is going to have a very long re-…"we can still reform the police," from the makers of such previous hits as "robert mueller will save the country" a… I watched Seattle Parks gently place my plants on their truck beds while callously throwing people’s homes an…
Retweeted by Brett HamilThe time for police reform is over we tried. or at least we "tried" here in seattle a federal judge has overseen it… @chick_in_kiev Davids French AND Frum! “The Shittiest Davids”
@Klopfenpop Go look at her TL @BrettHamil Sucks 2 suck
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @magi_jay @emilypothast @Free_Fries_ @scottmyoder yes it's important! but i know if i was tweeting stuff that dovet… @magi_jay @emilypothast @Free_Fries_ @scottmyoder MAGAheads r popping up on twitter to say "guess you don't really… @emilypothast @Free_Fries_ @magi_jay @scottmyoder Mangy Jay seems to be real concerned with everyone acknowledging…’re all like this. People are pissed as fuck that our teargaslighting mayor is coopting the language that 60k+… Ratio @teh_papa *DefUndAs a professional comedian I’d say this joke is pretty boffo! you tie up the cops and sheriffs at multiple different locations they can't back each other up and that will fom…
Retweeted by Brett Hamil @emilypothast @magi_jay @scottmyoder 🤔🤔🤔🤔 @sallykuchar DaaaaamnThe warlord of toilet paper town has actually done a lot of good. ✒️
Retweeted by Brett HamilThe Erogenous Upzone“Enthusiastic Yes In My Backyard”Urbanist porn is stored in a community-owned spank bankUrbanist porn doesn’t exi— rarely get to see it illustrated so clearly thumbhead gun dads on Twitter only seem to care about Black people when they're killed in an Autonomous Zone th… THURS: Debora Juarez supports progressive taxation in theory. She would support a head tax at the state o…