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Creator/analyst/host of "The Film Room" on YouTube. You can see all of my work on the channel here:

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@Texans_Thoughts It’s almost like you already read my script haha @Stanke_Steve Might end up as LB3 for me with an asterisk to be honestCombo episode on Amari Rodgers, Tyree Gillespie, Jamin Davis, Demetric Felton, AND Tamorrion Terry will be out Frid… yes the old YTCG counter play from the 1923 Rochester Jeffersons playbook. Classic.
Further evidence that the A-10 Warthog is the greatest machine ever conceived by mankind. Why spend 1.7 trillion o… @bigfatdrunk @LukeEasterling You know what's better than having two competent to great OTs? having three of them. @wutanggenerator Streamer money is no joke lot of people wondering how it’s possible to amass 1400 dollars a month in fast food bills. Door dash two meals…“If you can’t handle me at my Leopold, you don’t deserve me at my Albert II.” - Belgium, probably weird that they are saying Big Ben has gas left in the tank when at this point he’s the quarterback equivalen…😳 @BengalYouTube Flores could figure him out, but he’s one of the few that I think could @Jdp227 4-3 teams might like him at Sam or maybe Will, but I doubt he plays Mike. At least not early @BengalYouTube He’s a Von Miller style 4-3 Sam that will never be as good at it as Von was @fantfootreport Nah White had a better feel for the position by far, even if he was raw. Natural instincts were there. @HoneyBunsJones Really good run defender, but I’m still kinda iffy on coverage ability. Gotta get through two more games. @DisgustingAct84 Nah, he’s...4-3 Sam 1 if we really want to get specific haha. I don’t think he’s a Mike, and I’m iffy on Will.And as for Parsons...well...that’s a whole different thing that takes a long time to explain. He’s good, but he pla…’ve only done 3 games of each and I typically want to get one more in before I finalize grades, but I may end up w… @PFF_AustinGayle You can absolutely tell he’s the son of a great WR coach @BtrKrishu That’s just pure tape gradeAlright I think I’ve studied enough linebackers at this point to say this now, even if it pisses people off. Jerem…
Being happy that you needed to work three jobs to pay the bills isn’t the persuasive messaging that you think it is… still find it super sus that nobody even knows what the hell this investigation is about in the first place... @Nate_Tice First time it happened in a non-strike year since 1985.Me seeing people talk about a Barstool employee making a joke in poor taste
Retweeted by Brett Kollmann @geoffschwartz Imagine my wife's "delight" when we had some NFL games on literally every single day of the week at… seems like the exact opposite of Aaron Rodgers, which is probably why he loves her so much. Trust me, I speak… hell. Prayers up for Tiger Woods and his recovery. I hope he didn’t sustain any major injuries 🙏 @BrandonThornNFL Football fans were robbed of greatness when he got hurt. @javifg Depends on what everyone’s tackle rankings are from what I’ve seen. If I recall correctly @GrindingTheTape I way off for thinking Sam Cosmi is perfect for the Chiefs at 31, if not sooner? I get major Brian O’Neill vibe… of the cell. Powerhouse. Power. Power needs to be charged. JJ Watt to the Chargers confirmed. @Okami_Hael Just answered ty for the reminder!Two coming out this week. First one is highlighting some prospects that will go day 2 or day 3 that aren’t getting… is AMAZING. He taught me so much while I was at NFLN. He was always willing to help youngins like me learn. I’… @GHamChill Aaron Paul’s cabin mansion >>>Is it weird that my favorite YouTube niche to binge watch is luxury real estate tours in cities I don’t live in for…
I had no idea that Jaylen Twyman has been working with Pete Jenkins while getting ready for the draft. That’s a pre… @theStevenRuiz Last week he said that Mac Jones' senior bowl has elevated him just like Daniel Jones' senior bowl e… @jhwkr542 steam punk pilgrimHow does the most ridiculous shit still look great on Cam Newton lmao I swear he is the best example that fashion… @riversmccown more knowledge about the grid and the #TexasBlackout again gleaned from my neighbor. He believes that…
Retweeted by Brett Kollmann @MoveTheSticks Is it me or does Memphis put a good running back into the NFL like every single year at this point. @Ryan_sovah_Yunt I use the Rode NTG3 and I like it a lot @RealMarkFreeman I wonder if your dad strength ranks higher than his professional athlete strength on the scale of… Metcalf in 10th grade looked like a 35-year old man with two kids and a mortgage lmao
You have a chance to talk to a former NFL MVP and one of the hardest working quarterbacks on Earth and you do this… I discovered that it is indeed possible to be defeated by an inanimate object. This housing completely defie… @Nate_Tice @BenjaminSolak Deshaun has never seen a bad play they he didn't think he could still rescue four seconds… egregiously stupid “red flags” get reported about Zach Wilson and Justin Fields in the same week. @LedyardNFLDraft Hell, sometimes the “progression” is as simple as “is that iso guy in 3X1 one on one outside? Forg… “progressions” in most senses of the word can vary wildly from system to system and coach to coach. Fields be… used to put a lot of stock into knowing “progressions”, but modern football is a different mindset now. You don’…
Keep in mind that literally the song before that she was belting out BTS and Halsey.On today’s episode of “how the hell did this end up on my wife’s shuffle”, we have Carrollton by $uicideBoy$ blarin… convincing myself that the Packers will do something fun and take Rondale Moore while knowing full well that the… this in the Louvre... is the best hip hop beat of all time and why is it Simon Says.Wow so literally Zach Wilson, Justin Fields, AND Trey Lance are all connected to people that Jack Easterby has pers…
@minakimes On second thought, the internet was a mistake. @thMightySploosh I watched the Washington and Colorado games too, his two best games.You can really tell when someone has only watched one game of a prospect and let that govern their opinion of them.… @Playlikeajet1 massive @SlightlyJewish They are both in the 6'1" 215-220 ballpark. @HueyJackson10 yepAlright I think I've settled on this. Jeremiah Owusu-Koramoah = Deion Jones wearing a jetpack. @Nate_Tice @Nate_Tice I definitely would have thought it would be the end of the ASU game. @SartiranaLuca Damn @Quincy_Avery is building a hell of a roster lmaoWell I hope the Texans don’t have their eyes set on Justin Fields as QB2 then... He has the same QB coach as Desha… @bigfatdrunk There needs to be hearings on this. And not just in the Texas state house, but in Congress as well.
@rodls11 @FB_FilmAnalysis I can't wait to go to a game in Mexico City! It's a beautiful stadium! @PolacheckFF The hard part is trying to compare him to either Kam Chancellor or Deion Jones and ending up somewhere in the middle. @gsox18 Already got Uche last year. Would be kinda redundant imo because they both do similar things, but Uche is a better pass rusher. @Jamal_G3 Parsons has the same movement skills but with more size so I totally get the argument for him at LB1. Plu… you wanna see a few plays of Owusu-Koramoah actually playing linebacker in the box, flip on the Florida State ga… @FB_FilmAnalysis Who needs kids when you could have Mexican/Lebanese fusion. @FB_FilmAnalysis (By the way if you can you really should make your way down to the Yucatán for some authentic al p… @Nate_Tice Other than Chase I think he’s the best X in this class. No truly elite physical traits but he really doe… got word that my cousin froze to death this morning. Everyone please be safe. And fuck you @ERCOT_ISO.
Retweeted by Brett KollmannI told y'all Philly was just trying to inflate the offers to pump up Wentz' value. @celly2time @caiodosgatos Watched DJ play in high school. The dude is a monster"When you look at Wentz' major problems, it was a lot of mechanical issues. ... I think that Reich can revive Wentz…
Retweeted by Brett KollmannSee, I’m not the only one that sucks at evaluating QBs. @BrandonThornNFL @BenjaminSolak Hey man I was just checking to see if I had to 5150 you 😂Colts fans finally tagging in to the Wentz vs Goff Twitter fights. @BrandonThornNFL @BenjaminSolak Are you referring to Chaz Green as being fine or someone else?Long may he reign. @caiodosgatos The Ole Miss kid is really good @CoachVass WhiskeyHmm...alright that probably favors Philly. I thought the condition would be a bit harder to reach than that. Gettin… seems fair for both teams on first glance 🤷🏼‍♂️ Sure it might blow up in Indy’s face but losing a couple day… @NightOwl11683 For winter specifically, it was supposed to be 7%. @NightOwl11683 Wind power was only supposed to account for 7% of winter power generation in Texas. I’m more referri… @NightOwl11683 McMurdo station in Antarctica reaches -58 in the winter and is powered by wind turbines. The proble… @Niwona_ The theory is sending Darnold or Tua and picks rather than Wilson and picks, I supposeI don't doubt that there is one team out there that has Wilson as QB1 because anything is possible, I guess. But I…