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Professor in Exile. If we don't harness evolution, it will harness us. That web which shall not be named. Game~B

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I listened to @EricRWeinstein ask @SamHarrisOrg whether or not there was reason to believe new cultures of coherenc…
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Why accept the cover story that torture is intended to gather intel? Why not talk instead about what torture is act…
It would be odd if torture "didn't work" but persisted and re-evolved endlessly, don't you think @michaelshermer?…
I dropped in on @BretWeinstein at the Dark Horse studio for a chat.
Retweeted by Bret Weinstein @axz678 @RPiersonn @MikeNayna @FBI Take a close look at the account you are interacting with.Yes—we should be ashamed that torture is used in our name. But if we want it stopped, we are going to have to discu… folks, the remarkable @MikeNayna took a rare turn in front of the cameras of the DarkHorse Podcast. Check out o…
It’s not the box, it’s the business model. I used to say that when TVs were box-shaped, but the same answer applie…
I hope @nntaleb will consider the role he played in this, and the good that might be done by putting it right. As f… are not at their best when backed against the wall. I illustrated that. I believe @nntaleb did too. For m… @nntaleb responded to me in a manner I couldn't fathom. I do think he was unfair in his challenge to me. But leavin… the Middle East, Christians have had a very different experience. And though I was tweeting with Latin America i… is in a part of the world I know well, and recent events in Bolivia are an extension of a 500+ year conflic… second big insight for me is that although Twitter feels like a discussion in the west, it involves people in d…, asking Christians to keep their claims secular in our common space comes across as much more aggressive tha… was shocked to discover that Christianity doesn't work that way. Acceptance of the supernatural is, I now know, c… have always regarded Christians as an overwhelming majority in the U.S. But I had incorrectly globalized from my… the behavior on the part of some who challenged me was triggered by something I had unwittingly done to them. W… have felt boxed in over this last week--misunderstood and caricatured. Some of the portrayal was outrageous. I'm… had an interesting and difficult conversation with @EricRWeinstein about recent twitter events. He added an impor…
@Me2S3M Of course not. As little as possible. @LisaOnTheMargin @PageauJonathan Doesn’t sound like a good match. Got any higher quality critiques? @colwight @clairlemon Not a small matter. Unfortunately he is a singular voice on a number of really important topi…’ve had a couple of disagreements with @BretWeinstein yet through them he has always demonstrated charity, compass…
Retweeted by Bret WeinsteinHere is the question. There should be an ‘of’ before “literal”. I ask those who regard themselves as Christians if this answer tracks for you? Try to ignore other people’s res… @BLSMCGLSTRVII @Decafquest Yes. And I have said so. We have a problem either way. @brandonmcneice @ZebFisk @ScrutonsHair @clairlemon I’m shocked at how rarely anyone expresses this position. @Decafquest Yes. Religion is a human adaptation. That has been my belief for my entire adult life. This tweet was i… @ScrutonsHair @ZebFisk @clairlemon Most traditions make supernatural claims, and the level literal belief in these…
@RubinReport Hard to evaluate this answer without the pen.Someone's got it! @ZebFisk @clairlemon For the sake of argument, let's accept all of that. Why is "the definition of being a Christia… @kittypurrzog How did I fail to anticipate this?It's instructive to see how much difficulty people are having with this assignment... @theartofmann You have to specify temperature and pressure, but you are most of the way there. @qirtaiba @GeoDevil62 Well done. @NiklasJonsson91 @clairlemon I really think you misread me. That may be my fault for being unclear, but I am genera…’s find #CommonGround. Please quote-tweet with concepts that everyone can agree on. For example: Not all women have penises @boethianacolyte @MacDubhStreams You don’t. It was a suggestion. Clearly labeled as such, if I recall correctly.Here is what my tweet is responding to: @MacDubhStreams That’s a portrayal. I advised Christians they were showing a lack of self-awareness in broadcasting… respect, Nassim. You got it wrong. You extrapolated positions from my tweets that are opposite my known positi… have a sense of how long it usually takes @nntaleb to apologize? @EstherOfReilly That would be incredible @pragmatometer You're welcome. Thanks for being careful about it. I understand entirely why the story needed (or… @justuseapen @normonics You are failing to appreciate just how much of the essence of being human is adjusting spee… @SeljakPravi As I have said many times: It needs to catch on for the same reason that smartphones caught on (but wi… @xchixm Come on. We all adjust what we say for context. We're built for it, for very good reasons. @pragmatometer Nope. There is no intent to confuse, nor an experiment in progress, other than the usual one, which… @normonics My model demands nothing of the kind. What it asks is that people recognize connotations and implication… I said was that governance of global issues requires common ground--agreement on lots of things (e.g. language… @normonics @cognazor Self. @normonics @cognazor I don't know what's with you, Joe, but you have misunderstood me entirely and worked yourself…
Once you’ve decided to be angry, you don’t want to believe the other party may also be nuanced. Twitter has been f…
Retweeted by Bret Weinstein @NiklasJonsson91 @RichardDawkins @SamHarrisOrg @alisteremcgrath @jordanbpeterson @UnbelievableJB Clearly some heard it that way. @NiklasJonsson91 @RichardDawkins @SamHarrisOrg @alisteremcgrath @jordanbpeterson @UnbelievableJB People have misrea… was sure that "Prayers are like sneezes" was so preposterous that the irony would be clear. Nope. For the reco… @cognazor Exactly. @themarcusnewton @MattPirkowski I am not. I have been a very public advocate for the concept that religion MUST be… @MattPirkowski Take this one to be ironic and you will find it much easier. ;-) @arrington @christianromney With due respect, you read things into the tweet that aren't there. @Jacob__Siegel You know I was being ironic, right? @sambeaux64 The tweet is ironic, Samuel. I have been arguing that religious belief is functional and can not be a “… @surojitnandy You aren’t missing anything but the irony dripping from my tweet. @Havoc787 Please look at the tweet I’m responding to.Wait, you’re saying religion is useful in an evolutionary sense? Hahaha. That’s way off, Nassim. It’s a mind virus.… @BenjaminABoyce @DanielMiessler Who’s conscripting you? @ceziegelheim @arrington This is much appreciated.Wait. I’m a fascist because I believe there are processes above the scale of nations the require governance? and very thorough discussion of “Idea Laundering” ⁦@peterboghossian⁩. @fpingham That sounds like the conversation I was suggesting we have. @pragmatometer Come on man. I’m not saying what you think I’m saying. I haven’t been for days. @ejpoleii Who ever said otherwise? @wert0o YesWell that’s ironic given the centrality of anti-fragility to what I’m advocating.
Remind me what Jesus said about nuclear proliferation, AI, Haber-Bosch, methane clathrates, Carrington events, big… @blainebowden @EstherOfReilly I have been thinking the same thing. @Pseudoplotinus Appreciated, but I don’t think we disagree about what you seem to suspect. The question is one of n… @disitinerant Oh totally. I meant telling whoever invited you over for lasagna that you were busy and then picking up some pizza.Pepperoni is actually terrible in lasagne because it reminds you that you aren’t having pizza which you definitely… @axz678 @xchixm @BenjaminABoyce Of course not. But I do think every population needs to update enough to participat… @JanSmittenSmith @BenjaminABoyce That’s why I chose it. @KarinLitzcke @BenjaminABoyce Incorrect. @OrigenOfSpices @BenjaminABoyce Of course. But what do you do with the ones who disagree? @xchixm @BenjaminABoyce Governance is communism. Got it. @BenjaminABoyce Is it ok to kill people who disbelieve in your god? Is it ok to dump a truckload of dioxin into a… @BenjaminABoyce Absolutely not. 1. The values are the minimum necessary set to get along. We have no choice. 2.… @BretWeinstein In a deep sense, as you say, no Jews are biblical literalists, because the Bible is always subject t…
Retweeted by Bret WeinsteinWe are going to have to figure out how to govern the Earth. That requires us to agree on values, ground rules and a… am learning a lot from the responses to my tweets about the perils of biblical literalism. Some of it is pretty s… can’t bail the boat fast enough to save it. You should patch the leak instead. This has been clear for hours, n… @DrewWelty Yes, but you have to compartmentalize or do other gymnastics to make it all work. I’m arguing the cost o…’re right. The whole narrative falls apart without the magic. But it also falls apart in light of geology, biolo… @travislambirth I agree, but I don’t think this drags the slider all the way to rare, nor does it explain the prefe… @OnFireAnders @HeatherEHeying Would you, could you in a gulch? Try it, won’t you, with some mulch?
@cvaldary I’m interested. The alternative is looking very bleak.Before you come at me over issues of subjectivity, please note the assignment.Rare steak does not taste better than the same meat cooked to medium. The reason many think it does is that low qua…