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Goan. Food Technologist. Home Brewer. Certified Kettlebell Instructor. From trying to fit in a frame to having a fit frame.…

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@RowhunSalvi @stigette_baxi IBC, mundhwa. @wrechoslovakia @radpumpy Dickwad has been replying since ages calling me an Aboriginal. Every chance he gets.
@BorkTales @WhatMenBugger with the "Khana serve kab karenge? Merko Ghar jaaneka hai."expression (2019) dir. todd phillips
Retweeted by AdiFriend: Bro why don't you just sleep around instead of trying to get into a relationship? Look at us. Me (A Jagjit…
Retweeted by Adi @stigette_baxi I love you more than beers and cake. ❤️💜❤️💜 @radpumpy @wrechoslovakia Thanks kind sir. I'd have never found the right path in life without your racist advice. Thank you. @radpumpy @wrechoslovakia So race of a person changes once one takes showers regularly?Puneri bros be like gonna go to kumbharwada to score me some pots @boobradleyblog Everyday 1:30 pm ritual. 🙈 @dikshnary_ ♥️♥️♥️ @p0ptrash @stigette_baxi @JunaidBux8 Happy birthday to you, sayali's boyfrnd 🍰 @floydian_sleep I share old "typo ridden memories" and makes jokes of them. Self deprecation is a brand. Don't shame me. I shame myself. @chaits89 Discrimination begins early. 😂 @ajinkyamhaskar That maybe happened at a house level but at school level us dark skinned kids were the butt of all jokes... @shooby_doobie Not surprised tho considering this is Pune? @iamsexified When one is "kala", we tend to remember these dialogues.... @chaits89 (wasn't a personal attack at you re. School is anyway a shit experience for one or the other. ) @addictedtolace The only thing they wash is cultures their forefathers had colonized. @greaky They call themselves the "direct descendants of Persians, the most beautiful people on the planet" All this is self declaration. @Womaniya Ticha mule mi aahe. @puerilexile Ofcourse. Dark skin hatred is still a prevalent part of our country but noone will ever address it. @p0ptrash Tagging honari bayko @stigette_baxiHello! If anyone knows a single occupancy room available for a male anywhere in Andheri/Bandra - let me know? A fri…
Retweeted by AdiVivianne Miedema scored four goals for the Arsenal Ladies tonight within the space of 28 minutes. It takes the 23 y…
Retweeted by AdiMy idiot furry son has one job at night - bork at things and make them go away. Easy, right? HOWEVER, a bear has…
Retweeted by AdiHey #Pune! If you don't have plans for tonight come over to 11 East Street Cafe for a Chinese dinner paired with m…
Retweeted by Adi"Despite." Don't be shocked though. Time and again your own parents have used the "despite". "Despite being dark sk… birthday to my girl. Can't wait to start every morning like I did today. Waking up next to this basket of sun…
@chaits89 Tbh I think when the dialogue of skin color of people comes into question, our experiences of school will always be different.White people? Lol there were whole ass Koknastha Brahmans in school who didn't have a bath and come to school beca… @floydian_sleep Well you meeting @stigette_baxi in the evening.All my #Goa Ironman 70.3 attempting bretherin, all the best. Know that you attempting itself is you already overcom… @Oinkoo Xcus me mam but pls lisen iz 4 ur own bnft whn ppl say u is supah seksi 4 Eva snce olwez ahaMen are so worried in my mentions that I've gained weight since 2016. I'd just like to tell them I lose and gain we…
Retweeted by Adi @BorkTales Zero.Two of the greatest Arsenal players sitting down for a nice chat. Brilliant pang of nostalgia this. Gooners do no… mid twenties athletes... Art and Literature was a bloodbath 😂
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@Ohhsokohlic Done and done. @Ohhsokohlic It will get better. It has to. 💙Twitter TL: Someone I don't follow Someone I don't follow Someone faved a tweet of someone I don't follow Someone… @HavaldarShinde Here is mine catching up on the evening gossip from the colony aunties. @mehulved @floydian_sleep @sleepyowlcoffee @_Tripad @MumbaiCBC Waiting for the CBC in Pune. @floydian_sleep Spill the tea sis."you reached?" (Yep. Pretty accurate.) average of Indian Pacers vs Opposition Pacers, away from India, Since 2016 IND v WI - 25 vs 46 IND…
Retweeted by Adi @Jynxipls @BorkTales @zaiuranjit WHAT THE WHAAAAAT 😲😲😲😲
*2016 vs 2019* Tbh, I was generally a confident person even with that weight on. It was only later I realised that…
Retweeted by AdiHow I managed to get this gorgeousness to agree to get married to me will always be a question. ♥️ (The wedding sea… vs 2019 Changed my hair a little
Retweeted by Adi @floydian_sleep Well tbh they are my competition. They are the cheaper solution to make something "seem" more flavo… time someone annoyingly asks you - Melody itni Chocolaty kyun hai? Send them this. Thread (1/n)
Retweeted by AdiAs a food technologist, I approve this message. 😂😂😂!!!!!! The women's world record for the marathon fell this weekend too. Brigid Kosgei! In a race, no pacers.…
Retweeted by AdiNow that #plogging (jogging + pick up litter) has become a popular word, I wanted to share some learnings. I have b…
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@FieryBull @WannabeSanyasin vinyaaaaa abhinandan. Khup masta. Keep doing what you do. All the love in the world to you. ♥️♥️♥️Hosted my cousin's wedding cocktail party can confirm that desi uncles do not see anything else when there is free… @GeeVJay That's Vishal's dad. 😂😂😂 @Oinkoo Hahahaha nahi ab Tak US nahi Gaya main @Super6 any prizes for worst prediction ever ?
Retweeted by Adi @BookLuster @BurgerrB I think if the pandit allows ill be live tweeting myself. 😂 @BookLuster @BurgerrB The hashtag is #AdiRajiHaveDecidedTheyDontWantAHashtagOhMetaThe dogs keep jumping the fence, a solution has been found🐶😁
Retweeted by Adi @BookLuster @BurgerrB I have a feeling there's a story here......Nobody: Zumba instructors: Zo zike I was zaying zumba is zest zorkout zor zou. Zo zoin zoon. Zyself zin.Q. Why are Maharashtrians bad at football? A. Because every time they touch the ball with their feet, ते ball च्या पाया पडतात . @maxprat Sorry for your loss.Yo Twitter. I have a small dry fruits business and will appreciate any retweet!! I’m based in Malad East, Mumbai. H…
Retweeted by AdiFor my family केळवण ( गडगनेर for my CKP bretherin; a meal/party for the person getting married soon) the theme was… is madness. To give you an idea, the man ran at 21kmph for nearly 2 hours. What an athlete. What an achieveme… Rashford wins Manchester United's goal of the September award for scoring his team's only goal in that month…
Retweeted by Adi @Velvetyvirgo Hahaha thanks. 😄 @kuchhimau ♥️♥️♥️♥️ @kuchhimau Literally an entire room to you in a month.... 😄Amits writing to me and correcting me saying this is “roti”. 🤦🏽‍♀️ Thikake benki hakthini loffer. Thu!
Retweeted by AdiUpdate: Planning an Indian wedding tests every human emotion in the playbook. Knowing I have this chipmunk by my si… Gabbar 👋 Sholay
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Twitter do ur thing
Retweeted by Adi @sapunintended Boo @stigette_baxi Your time to shine.#PuneTwitter Anyone know any Badminton groups in Kothrud, Aundh and Baner area?
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@highheelswaali @DayaDarwazaTodo @iamsexified @girishmallya @sahilk @DumbbellsnDrama I agree with Sahil. Considering all those quoted in the article. All fart, no shit type people.Threat to the user generated content by the "Indian hospitality association" action does slowly seem to be more of… has tied up with quite a few reputed restaurants in the city and there is a healthy give and take among both th… been a member of the PEO group, however, I can say with assurance that while there are stray members of the… days ago, I asked a lot of people about this hospitality association's move to "sue food bloggers" having been at… talks much about this but one of the biggest denting impacts in relationships comes from the lack of financi…
Retweeted by Adiसीढ़ी से बच के रहियो 😉😋🥰
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Not that anyone cares at 11:45 pm because I am the only fucker who does this travelling for work shit at weird hour… @amitabhk87, this place is Tirumalai Nayakkar Palace in Madurai & it is in ruins. 100s of kgs of pigeon poop dr…
Retweeted by Aditune maari entriyaan, dil me baji ghantiyaan
Retweeted by AdiAre they calling it The Scalpel because they are literally cutting the number of youth riders in India into half be… been living with this feeling for a long time which I now know is anxiety. I wake up from sleep sweating and w…'s been a rough few weeks: no work, no ideas to pitch, and no response from pitches sent. I'm already doubting my…
Retweeted by AdiLiterally me to @stigette_baxi @svj95 Naah it means you still a lil bitch.Any senior designers from Dubai on my TL? #RT
Retweeted by Adi @floydian_sleep Name and shame.