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Former Brexit Party MEP. Politics, cats, cryptic crosswords, Formula 1. Opinions on almost everything. For media enquiries 👇🏻

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Phillips 2020: Laters Boo
Lovely. Let’s all bang our saucepans and give him a resounding welcome to the neighbourhood 😡😡😡’re halfway to a terrible EU deal. Despite the negotiators’ theatrics and fuss, the No Deal Doomsters are surpr… @RickSanchez_7 Over the years I’ve had many ideas like pairing up families across class divides to give both sides… @RickSanchez_7 I am of the now ‘controversial’ opinion that Grammar Schools help social mobility. I went to one whe… @dominiquetaegon They have no idea how much it can smart when they loudly profess in our presence their entitled br… @OliverCharlwood @dominiquetaegon That is so trueThis is due to acute failure of Govt of Wales to manage hospitals. Having worked at ITV+BBC Wales, ambulances queue… @dominiquetaegon My problem is less with Durham-which I loved-and more with some of the public school kids who go t… @RickSanchez_7 Of course not. Rich families send kids to elite schools and pay to prop up universities. Money talks… @jfwduffield Oh my god does this record actually stop? Someone remove the stylus. It’s starting to hurt my earsSo basically: Boris Johnson should be more like Henry VIII Only 3 more wives and a few extra stone to add Tyranny… @jfwduffield You seem to not grasp at all what I am saying. I don’t know how much more patience I have trying to spell it out. @ArchConway Oooh I knocked about with a group of Greys lads. Bet we have people in common! Were you more Klute, Rix… @mollygiles2015 @ArchConway Agree and loved it. But was amazed to find attitudes of some fellow students - encourag… @jfwduffield It is in the Uk top 10 (depending on department, #1) and world top 100. Most EU countries don’t even h… @jfwduffield It is an incredible university. I adored my degree. I made lifelong friends from all backgrounds. The… @ArchConway Mary’s when it was still single sex. It’s where they put any female who wasn’t from the ‘right’ sort of schoolI loved University. But Durham IS snobby and public-school led. I was the butt of everyone’s jokes there. Mocking I… @BBCBreakfast , Manchester ITU consultant makes clear that same risk factors are driving #Covid19 hospital admis…
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There are 3 types of people in this world 1. Those who read 1 paper, adopt moral superiority and think they know ev… poem made a bad day a lovely day. If you want bespoke verse, the great Len Johnson is your man Gove has. @TonyGib46620151 @Plinkyplonkeye It is where my humid breath escapes the mask. You can actually see the mash outline.I’ve plucked up courage to do something so anyone trolling anybody for not wearing a mask can grow up Left is what… @enjoC ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️ I was feeling quite grumpy today. You have turned me back around! @enjoC I love it!!!!!!!!!Thanks so much!! - You got it Alex! ~ "She has the eyes of Bambi That lovely Disney deer She's British as she can…
Retweeted by Alexandra Phillips @Eleanor16 Thanks!!!! @enjoC would you compose me a poem? I love your work!!!!! @StanleyJohnsonP That’s the most ridiculous thing I have read in a long time. People like you are the problem @thebarrowboy1 I have the ridiculous lanyard. It’s deeply embarrassing having to wear it. And it does little to sto… @Eleanor16 Allergic to the stuff. Contains lavender fragrance. Murders my skin! @VBermoothes Getting a doctor’s appointment right now is hard work. And people are getting far more aggressive on t… dragged myself around town yesterday hunting out a bday present for my Dad, with Covid jobsworths nagging me… are you becoming a racist? What’s ‘wrong’ with those countries you think would back Trump? Also surprised you… well
Retweeted by Alexandra PhillipsMy next Mazda has a name waiting!!! (Car naming protocol always nationality of marque and relevant F1 driver for y… @DPJHodges Whenever talking about the Belgian Health Minister I find it useful to supply a picture. She is the heal… @p1anetmatt Ah ye of little faith @reporterboy Take it away. It’s too hypnotic is a national religion these days By political posturing, the church alienates the majority of its congrega… @alexdaw49396543 I’ve been hanging around with squaddies...!
I call EU interference in the American Elections. @JohnnyGaluva Solid responseJust watching 80’s music TV. Please can we bring back men wearing indecently short shorts? It’s time those tables were turned again.A wonderful example to show rehabilitation of prisoners should be the goal, not a hippy, dismissed notion Many hum… @GuyMaxwell4 CORRECT! 😍 @Rogerra10796892 Always. Proper stuff, too @ProudPatriotUK Hahahah - But you are so so so wrong. I am a Gloucester girl through and through and currently stay… wonderful thing about being back in Glos is show-stopping local produce (ta Stroud Farmers’ Market). Wild boar… is upon us. Which means Big Yellow has come out of hiding. Bright knits are the only way to manage the los… @DawnNeesom Mask + No eye contact. Simples.’s Mail On Sunday doesn’t pull punches and gets it right on the money on the madness that is Covid self-flagel… into perspective that it’s only just passed the six month mark since the UK first locked down, dragging pse…
I believe I am the only person using Tiers4Fears right now. And I’m proud. Okay,’s actually a bit weak.…💥 La conférence de presse de lancement de #GénérationFrexit avec le soutien de @BrexitAlex du @brexitparty_uk et…
Retweeted by Alexandra PhillipsBoris: “All first time buyers will only need a 5% deposit!!!!” Banks: “Hold my beer...” Now home buyers need to s… aren’t refugees though are they? It doesn’t matter when it comes to virtue signalling! Holding up signs sayi…"Jacinda-mania has taken hold on the Left, but New Zealand's Prime Minister has pursued a disastrous Covid policy,"…
Retweeted by Alexandra Phillips💥Un aperçu de notre conférence de presse de lancement qui sera publiée ce soir. Le soutien d'Alexandra Phillips (…
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Oh God please no. The man who sold the country to China. FFS to it and tear up the Withdrawal Agreement for a proper No Deal. The term ‘no deal’ is a misnomer when a hug… you not like Africans, Alastair? I mean I have lived across the continent and find your insinuation pretty tast… the f*ck is it now called a “fire break?” Why? More like setting your own house on fire and watching it burn. Boris Johnson says the U.K. is now preparing for a relationship with the EU "more like Australia's, based…
Retweeted by Alexandra PhillipsIn these straitened times ⁦@RishiSunak⁩ needs to relax tax burdens, not increase them. At the top of his list shoul…
Retweeted by Alexandra PhillipsYou’re half a year early to be shouting “POISSON D’AVRIL!” little fella
@MahyarTousi oh the bit where the picture keeps falling down isn’t there! Fun fun fun today! Always good to see y… Now available on Amazon! Get your copy of my book 'REBOOTING BREXIT' with a foreword by @Nigel_Farage
Retweeted by Alexandra PhillipsAs a freelancer who travels from place to place the only place I will by law be allowed to stay soon will be with m… @RadioFarrell I love this photo so hardIt’s revealing to note the changing nature of comments on social media feeds when powers that be are mobilising Fr… Brexit Party MEP Alex Phillips says Donald Trump has an "appetite" to negotiate a post-Brexit trade deal wit…
Retweeted by Alexandra PhillipsThe story is out. You cannot hide it. And you cannot hide from it What I know inside my heart is that if even a 5t…
Retweeted by Alexandra PhillipsCanada+ option was touted by Barnier, but now is ‘not possible’. And who can’t trust whom in these negotiations? At…’d better put my slap on then 💄 brilliant work by @Sherelle_E_J at the @Telegraph: Lockdown Sceptics of the world UNITE!
From @tnewtondunn: "Welsh FM Mark Drakeford tells @TimesRadio he will instruct police to issue fixed penalty noti…
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Rebellion against the Tories starting in the North? Never! Why the PM is on borrowed time when it comes to public… @RickSanchez_7 True thing. But insiders rush to credit Schumacher with the making of that car. Either way - we can…
Moggy-Minou 😍 the WHO have u-turned on lockdowns. Yet here we are in Britain - threatened with constellations of them acros… WHO reverses position on LOCKDOWNS, condemning them and speaking positively about the Great Barrington De…
Retweeted by Alexandra Phillips @RickSanchez_7 Schumi 😭😭😭 In my opinion he’s the all time best ever. It’s hard to compare wins as back in Schumache… @RickSanchez_7 Thoroughly deserved. Nobody could ever doubt Hamilton’s genius - and like Michael, he’s a working cl… my lifetime I’ve seen two F1 drivers reach 91 GP wins, Lewis is a legend for matching the great Michael himself
Retweeted by Alexandra Phillips @PeteSchofield6 Yes but with so many non-tariff barriers it is almost impossible to do so. A list of regulations th… @PunishedBukes Since tariff barriers came off their raw materials, many African countries lost huge chunks (up to a… @djp3007 @PeteSchofield6 ExactlyHow about stripping non-tariff barriers allowing African producers to export to Europe, thus creating a down flow o…
@Tom95smith It’s my one main pleasures. Haven’t seen my folks for a while so am cooking up a storm this weekend. It… time I hear the left say ‘the government should pay for this and that’ I think, it’s not the government - it’… @Tom95smith My Dad @Tom95smith Not my kitchen. Not my radio.Have the misfortune of suffering Woman’s Hour on Radio 4 right now. It’s like a giant competition between each con… maps of Covid19 spread and regional obesity levels side by side. @DrAseemMalhotra has been shouting this point… Would you rather have a plate of cold sick or tear gas? UK: Maybe a ladle or vom and just a poke in the… This is shocker, even to me. They are now going to blend Flu and Covid into an obscure shibboleth, to keep the…
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