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producer, writer, lover of all things amazing. but they have to be really amazing. Co-EP on FX's LEGION, Exec producer on Fox's The Gifted

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(THREAD) As the author of two books detailing events connected to the Mueller Report, I've created a list of *100 q…
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In 1959 a librarian called the police on 9-r-old Ronald McNair after he refused to leave a segregated library witho…
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @Liz_Wheeler @BernieSanders Because the rocks have some sort of opinion? You’re making the visual argument for taxa…
@MittRomney God man. We need leadership. Stand up for something. To think you were almost president @RepChrisStewart Stop gaslighting. Have you no decency?You may shoot me with your words, You may cut me with your eyes, You may kill me with your hatefulness, But still,…
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman"If you think he's a racist, that's up to you. I don't!" -- Lindsey Graham, just now "He's a race-baiting, xenopho…
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The federal government body that polices racial discrimination at work, uses "Go back to where you came from" as li…
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@TheGregoryE Is Jason Kidd consulting?Yiiiiiiiiiikes
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanGood.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanFor those of you sick of hearing about 'The Squad' I would like to remind you we've lived through YEARS of this and…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanMichael Steele is not playing around
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @RepSeanDuffy soo, racism is ok if your mother-in-law doesn’t like the person? That’s not a good policy at all.
Oof 10th article of impeachment against President Johnson was for abusive rhetoric toward Congress in furtherance o…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanAbject racism
Carl burnt down Cheryl’s she-shed, didn’t he.wait, so Mike Pence, a man who professes to be so concerned with the sanctity of life that he forces women to hold…
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Dear @SpeakerPelosi, Facilities like this will be built with the $$ you voted to give @realDonaldTrump. As a resu…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanNancy Pelosi: “Do not tweet.” @HouseDemocrats official account:
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDisgrace
@tommyleeedwards @JeffLemire @denyscowanart @sinKEVitch Seconded
@kyle_newman Love that smile. Says it all. @BittrScrptReadr Distinctly remember seeing the movie because of this
Journalists, you're killin' me. (1) It was a non-prosecution agreement, not a plea deal. (2) Double jeopardy is n…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI’m running to replace Mitch McConnell in the U.S. Senate. Everything that’s wrong with Washington had to start som…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanFriendly reminder that the 1940 Census was actually used to drive Japanese Americans to concentration camps. This i…
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Happy Monday everyone! William Barr, the Attorney General of the United States, deliberately misled Congress and t…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIn case you're keeping track: Still no evidence of antifa throwing "cement milkshakes" but oh look, another white s…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI’m sure I have now heard more about Rapinoe saying, “I’m not going to the fucking White House”, than I have heard…
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In 2004 when we were making convention film for President Bush, we were explicitly prohibited from using official W…
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Phantom Fireworks had been lobbying the Trump admin to drop new Chinese tariffs that would have slapped 25% tariffs…
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Looks like Obama kept his weather machine
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @Wil_Moss Where can I purchase. It’s my favorite shirt already @MollyJongFast
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanLou Dobbs calls serving military commanders "Snowflake Generals." Lou Dobbs was aged 19-to-28 during the years mil…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIt. Is. Not. Illegal. To. Seek. Asylum. In. The United. States.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIf there’s any remaining doubt that this president is capable of obstruction of justice, he’s essentially demanding…
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Trump thinks homelessness started two years ago. Eric thinks Obama was president in 2008. Don Jr. thinks Kamala…
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If you think Elizabeth Warren has the best policy ideas, then I'd recommend voting for Elizabeth Warren in the 2020…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDaisy from Downton Abbey just nutmegged that English Girl! #USWNTIn light of the breaking news that CBP officers have a private group for discussing the torture and murder of those…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanLets go west coast! EP 2 of @LegionFX starts now!
PROPAGAND-OFF! Fox News vs. North Korean State TV
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanA Florida cop has arrested dozens of innocent people after planting drugs in their cars during traffic stops
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanWhat’s worse here: the shameless snobbery and elitism from the host of a British morning TV show or the fact that h…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanFrom 2018 but newly relevant. Watch Fox News’ “evolution” on North Korea.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanTrump buddies
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James Marsden is an outlier because he’s the only Chris to be named James.
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Recall the FBI report that white supremacists infiltrating law enforcement was the largest threat to the country. @EliStokols @peterbakernyt Correct follow up: “U seem to have misunderstood my question. Liberal democracy refers t…
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @SuperKitty @pikebishop @LizAlps @ElleHobbes @ThisAmerLife What the actual hell? This is in this century. I had suc…
This is spot on @LizAlps @ElleHobbes Holy shit
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman“Hello officer? I’d like to report a murder.” #MeganRapino
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThat’s a congressional district in an actual democracy. McConnell is a stain on our history. charges around $775/day for each child kept in its detention centers. John Kelly pushed the policy that fi…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanAgain, Obama didn’t just forget to fill the vacancies. Mitch McConnell took over the Senate in 2015 and refused to…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanFunny, leaving the Spider-Man premiere and catching up on debate twitter and the like. Reflecting on escapism and t… @DanSlott It was a pleasure to meet you. Your excitement level made me appreciate it even more;)Smiling from head to toe. Love me some Spidey #SpiderManFarFromHome
Be Best? This is not us. Maybe it is, but it’s not us at our best. We have to do better. We have to be better.
To where? Who is watching out for them? between the lines of the CA5 opinion in Doe v. McKesson, and you will see clear traces of racism.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThis doesn’t seem right at all"I’ll say it with great respect: No. 1, she’s not my type. No. 2, it never happened. It never happened, OK?"
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI would love to see @Lesdoggg live tweet @LegionFX Am I the only one? #LegionFX @TJFixman I did. Audible helped;)This guy has good taste in shows about telepaths and time travel @TJFixman I don’t know man. I read it. Found it compelling.
eXcited for a new era! It’s the beginning of the end! Sit back and Enjoy the trip. Season 3 of @LegionFX kicks off tonight at 10p… is an incorrect and hateful term. And it's especially inaccurate in this context. Allow me to explain.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanRT if you paid off your student debt and are perfectly fine with everyone else’s being canceled
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanTHEY got toothpaste.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThis. Amazing. @MenInBlazers @rogbennett #GFOP
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @jasonlkennedy @MenInBlazers @rogbennett That’s a great motto
Wow. That was a fun weekend of rookie walk-offs by the @Dodgers Looking for that @Yankees @dodgers WS 🤞 @clmazin Don’t tell him about what his party is doing in Oregon4073 7369 8207 If you don’t know, you’re a muggle @KevinBurke20 Watched with the twins. They loved it! They can stay.This is why he gaslights. Why he lies about the little, provable lies. So that you stop caring.
@xtop Know the ledge @mexopolis BWhat is an ICE checkpoint? Doesn’t the government need reasonable cause to check ID? @aaronyo48611348 Appreciate the kind words and more important your time. We took it very seriously that people woul… @aaronyo48611348 We were canceled, unfortunatelySeparation of Church and State
@RhettReese It’s BooneNumber of campaign visits by Presidential candidates in the last election. Every person who says "I like the Elec…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIf you DID NOT learn about Juneteenth in school, RT this, I’m really trying to see something.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanWhat a long strange trip it’s been. Great read on @LegionFX Season 3 starts Monday!!! #LegionFX
Never forget.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanWhen it comes to Keanu in the MCU, this is the first best option. For sure., really. What? damn. Eloquent and resonant. Well done Mr. Coates. Well done.'s recap: 1 Jerry Falwell & wife have “arrangement” with pool boy; 2 Nude photos are taken; 3 Possible blackm…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanColossus Nightcrawler Longshot #3FavoriteMutants