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producer, writer, lover of all things amazing. but they have to be really amazing. He/him. Co-EP on FX's LEGION, Exec producer on Fox's The Gifted

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Oh, going to the church. How cute.He’s going to the Lincoln Memorial. Guaranteed.Just a thought, but if our elected leaders won’t do it, why don’t the owners and CEO’s of all of the companies that… here. Council President Nury Martinez, who is required to count your calls and emails. councilmember.martine…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanAs someone who has done many late night live shots, the lights at the White House go off every night around 11 p.m.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanYou want to see America in one picture?
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @johngary 2020 dudeMeanwhile, in LA City, the LAPD takes 54% of the entire discretionary spending budget. Tomorrow, June 1st, that num…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThinking a lot about how teachers spend years paying off debt incurred becoming qualified to teach, pay for their o…
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@JamesAGagliano Then why this morning has your thread ignored the videos of police attacking peaceful protestors? T… @PeteCalloway The Mayans were rightAn ARMY of volunteers in Minneapolis helping neighbors clean up business damage. “Bring a broom” they were told. W…
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Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIt’s almost like, I don’t know, Americans been told several times a week for 3.5 years that reporters are the enemi…
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @jeffparker I really believed we’d “come a long way”. We haven’t. Not really that far at all.This is a chain reaction, not a knee jerk reactionThe is Atlanta right now. Worth a million words. #GeorgeFloydprotest
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI grew up in a racially mixed neighborhood, the child of Greatest Generartion Democrat working class parents, in a…
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n excellent article on the decline of a sport I love, but is not really the American past time“Some people are protected by the rules, and others are simply subject to them.” Well said. me guess,”economic anxiety “ doesn’t apply to the people in Minneapolis? @WesReynolds1 Chaos is his coin of the realm. He does not want unity and calm. He calls for the storm so he can pre… would be great if folks were as zealous about evoking my father to eradicate racism as they are about evoking hi…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThere’s always a tweet powerful use of the medium
I mean, well done's notable that the entire Republican Party is G*merg*te now — operationally, at least. “Do as we say," a Republ…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThe Frighteners is like Zathura, no? Let’s see who gets this.A wise man once said “A riot is the language of the unheard."Jan 22: "Totally under control" Jan 30: "Very well under control" Feb 10: "They (China) have everything under contr…
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Can't quite put my finger on why heavily armed Trump supporters are allowed to stop traffic and storm state houses…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI often feel like Nightcrawler in this scene (a favorite since I read it 30+ years ago) — and then Rachel and Storm…
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It seems really important that people report unemployment, GDP, etc. compared not just to the most recent period in…
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman“I understand that Twitter’s policies are designed to maintain the appearance that your hands are clean...”
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@audouy Man I wanted that painting;). It looked amazing. @Haydude @kathilatte Rick Moranis
In this country, you have not been told you can not pray to your gods. This is pandering, and a lie. @MatthewACherry It was a pleasure to see him work. He was like a sponge and you couldn’t wait to see what he would… one is gonna say it, but the only reason they want the churches open is because tithing online isn’t working so well. God equals money.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanA Rorschach test in live action’s almost as if Trump and these fake Christians haven’t read Matthew 18:20. Oh wait...
@bruinrob11 @ZerlinaMaxwell But if the African- American community is already a staunchly supportive voting block,… @PatrickJDoody More of a confirmation, really.Now this is an obit.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIn retrospect, asking dudes to wear a mask if they go outside when they won't even wear a condom for 45 seconds was probably a big request.
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @GPBmadeit @NetflixFilm @oldguardmovie Looks great. Congrats.Is this how much a trump endorsement costs?
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanSo much this
NEW: I obtained a recording of a recent call with top Trump admin officials discussing a June 24 "hard stop" for th…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanGuys, He isn’t taking the drug. She didn’t “fat-shame”. There is no “super duper missile” that’s “his”. Pay attent…'s incredible, really, what he's just admitted to here
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanMy plans. // 2020 (This is a two-percenter)
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman*dice hitting the floor* Jordan:
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@CharlieChu @Haydude That pacers team with Reggie and Bird on the bench must have been a master class...We all just sat through a 10 hour commercial
A classic image from the incomparable Drew Struzan, an artist whose work is always sheer class. Goonies never say d…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIt me the former president inspired the class of 2020 & the current president tweeted a pirated video of Independen…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThis is great
The most stressful thing I have seen this morning
I needed this Mike Gotovac. The bar at Dan Tana’s has a special place I’m my time in LA. He was a constant t in a sea of chan… men literally rushed to judgment
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @BrianDuffield Just like I don’t need a Rocky prequel. Or Die Hard.
@Gennefer Mercì @Gennefer How long are we doing the fat/butter bath?
So what we’ve learned fro Covid-19 is that the Bue Angels are the most acceptable form of chemtrail delivery @SarahWatson42 @BritishCMA @BringCountry2UK @Thejakemorrell @kerriwatt @ItsOldSeaLegs @ModernAgeMgt @AWDFmusic
@blairherter It may be the quarantine talking, but those sponsors made me sad;)
@Remender Oddly enough, Ayn Rand fans usually @gabrielhardman @philhester Agreed. I loved one half and was tolerating the other. I don’t know how I would have do… @philhester @gabrielhardman The descent of that character is so good though. The rest is just trappings to get you…
@IAmBradWalker @WallMeatJones That’s awesome!! The kind of cover that makes you buy a book!If they benefited from a program designed to support small businesses, then they should be taxed like businesses.
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Just a reminder that the folks who believe they are in a living hell because they can't get go to Applebees or pick…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI'm not crying, you're crying.
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @pramsey342 @mattzollerseitz Have you seen Coppola’s Notebook on it? Got it for Christmas and it was such a lovely way to re-experience it. @BittrScrptReadr Robbed of an Oscar nom. Great song.Good news for Rep. Gym Jordan WH Valet, VP Press Secretary, and Ivankas assistant all test positive today. Maybe that’s why Pence should have… media member fits the Biblical definition of a douchecanoe
Please RT. I want to make sure Bill Barr and the people he meets today see this
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Today might be rough, so take one of the great moments in cosplay history.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanIn the last 24 hours I saw a black man murdered by a retired cop for exercising and a white man let off after pleading guilty twice
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanWhy is anyone shocked that people who are supported by those who prop up Nazi’s and the Confederacy would use The E… @Justin_Marks_ Fascinating how the model used to produce them seemed to be scrapped for the prequels @yashar Visual of only 72k people. Try to imagine standing midfield, and every seat is occupied by a corpse.
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @Justin_Marks_ Also, the “world” seems to have grown in such digestible ways. The original trilogy grew well.
The very first moments of Trump's Presidency involved him and his press secretary blatantly lying about the size of…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanOh, we are supposed to care about the ABA recommendations now?!?!?!? till he finds out about when they are edited for the Mormons @bnacker Because it’s 2020, and god damn it, we needed it.
@SarahWatson42 @kamigarcia “Have to”. You mean Get to!Let’s go @doosanbears1982
He looks so small next to Lincoln.Watch her face.
Retweeted by Derek Hoffmanlegends only
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI want to be friends with this librarian! 💕 #kidlit #librarians #QuarentineLife
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @SarahWatson42 Well, now I have to.When we shot a scene for Parks and Rec at the Lincoln Memorial, we were asked to stay below the top step out of a g…
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