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producer, writer, lover of all things amazing. but they have to be really amazing. Co-EP on FX's LEGION, Exec producer on Fox's The Gifted

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@franklinleonard What film industry @ClassicGIJoe For my money, the best toy of all time. The guns. The belts. The armor. The turbine. Classic.
He went REAL hard on the Colin and ran out of room. We’ve all been there. It was called kindergarten. Some asylum seekers who have given birth in custody were forced to hand over their newborns to the Texas Dep…
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You’re a liar and if you don’t like the rules you can blame Issa, Chaffwtz, Gowdy, Jordan, Meadows, Pompeo and Cast…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanWe are raising a generation taught that fear is their birthright. That’s not okay. Look what it did for the boomers. @andrew_bergamo @Kojima_Hideo The Postman adaptation @Sk8j Day 1-ishHe has to protect the audit process!! He’s a known defender of IRS bureaucracy!
Wave after wave of plastic waste is washing ashore in the Dominican Republic😱😱
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @gabrielhardman man, you rock @erdna11 Damn dude. I love your art.Buzz is not truth have had the pleasure of conversing with Tom Spurgein about comics on several occasions. We have been losing elde… @Disney can we make this happen?
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @samhumphries Oh man. RIPTHE TIMELINE July 18: Trump withholds military aid July 25: Trump demands Biden probe from Ukraine Sept 1: Sondl…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanSenior US officials keep trying to clean this up, claiming US troops are really staying in Syria due to ISIS, but t…
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The Republicans whole strategy relies on the narrative that a guy who just tried to award himself a multi-million d… @GOPLeader READ THE TRANSCRIPTI would like you to do us a favor though who’s testifying to rein in this corruption. Decorated veterans. Long serving diplomats. Republicans are und…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDevin Nunes is a useful reminder that the problem with our politics is not limited to Trump and won’t disappear when Trump is gone.
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @NoCleverName Guess I’m Ubering to work @andykhouri Absolutely fair. @andykhouri Oh man. I’m sorry@by that may be a mistake. It is one of the defining works of art in this generation.Disney+ thought of the day: I really wish Tron Legacy had “worked”. So much of it does. Love the world. From a desi…
Our toddler friends don’t identify as Gen Z. They’re mostly Mulaneyals (John Mulaney fans).
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI swear to God if everyone doesn't make this the biggest news story today... You're just gonna let this guy stay in…
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman @GailSimone Do you think we can get #WatchTheAppleDumplingGang trending?? 🤣🤣🤣
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanForget Maclunkey or whatever, why does that blaster bolt bounce up towards the ceiling? That’s new, right?This is profoundly sad. And mind numbing coming from one of the stalwarts of journalism teaching. This is 2019 in a… yeah
To all who have served, we salute you. Thank you. Happy Veteran’s Day.
God damn it. This times a million. @jeffparker @andykhouri @kibblesmith Missisippi Burning. I don’t get it.C’mon @packers You e got the Lambeau Leap. Why steal the @ravens ,or whoever did it firsts, flashing light thing?OK, lemme get this straight. If @ewarren's wealth tax had been in place from 1982, Bezos would still have $49B, Gat…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI truly believe my greatest gift to the human experience will be the crayon utility belt. Please retweet if you agr…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanObama: 69,498,516 Obama: 65,915,795 Hillary: 65,853,514 Trump: 62,984,828 W: 62,040,610 Mitt: 60,933,504 McCain: 5…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDavid Threlfall as Killick is the best performance in Master and Commander. A gem amongst a chorus of excellence.Has @NikkiHaley stood up against the GOP to defend the will of the people in Wisconsin, North Carolina, or Texas? O…
@pattonoswalt THE OTHER SHOE HAS FALLENWho won?
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanI’ve been thinking of this Kanye story and how now that he has found God, he doesn’t want his daughter in makeup or…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanFascinating thread is what fascism looks like.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanWhy is this guy always showing up in my feed? I clicked on one dumb tweet, Twitter. If I wanted to follow him I wou… billionaire joins the race making his slogan about ownership? @TJFixman The Crying GameI just like the art;), your boss is on Twitter like a lot, and is totally gonna see this.
@Philjimeneznyc Gym Jordan wrestles with impeachment testimony. I like it. @MCSerch God damn right
@secretfakename @Rschooley Now I can’t stop thinking of bumbling Mandalorian Cabinet members @kyle_newman Muppet Babies or GTFOHe’s gonna pretend not to know you any minute now.
Aww crap. I totally forgot the 5th of November. Totally. Plot. Gunpowder. Treason. All of it. No reason. I just forgot. Crap.Projection is his MO the first time in 38 years, Democrats have taken control of City Council in Columbus, Indiana. This is the hom…
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@BittrScrptReadr @JeffLieber @julieplec @mguggenheim @Josh_Friedman That is a good groupCharles Rhines was executed last night. In a sickening display of homophobic prejudice, jurors said that as a gay…
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Now that we're talking about billionaires, your periodic reminder that the Panama Papers revealed the scale of thes…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanFOUND: A lost unicorn at Heathrow Airport Terminal 2. Lost & Found was closed so they’re currently safe & sound in…
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@katiecandraw I’m sorry to hear that, but really glad you have people like this in your corner.What’s Up Danger should have at least been nominated for an Oscar. I don’t even care what the rules are. @delta what’s going on here? yes thread has a nice M. Night Shyamalan twist at the end.
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanJust a thought, I Trump is willing to lie about something simple and verifiable like the jobs numbers, what do you… know, exactly what they were protesting child in family detention is MSHS, age 6. She’s been in immigration detention for 128 days. She was a spide…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDay 31- “Ripe” wanna take a bite? @inktober #inktober #inktober2019
It's interesting Ivanka picked this example because the thing Jefferson's enemies were accusing him of -- fathering…
Retweeted by Derek Hoffman"The public will never be made to believe that an appointment of a relative is made on the ground of merit... nor c…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanNot just projection. GOP leaders are trying to defang criticism of Trump and his cult like hold on his base by atta…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanNow do Melania 30-“Catch”. Do you concur? (P.S. I know I mis-dated yesterday’s. It was late. Sue me.) @inktober #inktober
The stage is set 🔜
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDay 30- “Injured” nick of time. What do you want from me. #inktober2019 #inktober @inktober
Day 28-“Ride” cuz you never forget your first. #inktober #inktober2019 @inktober
Day 27-“Coat”. Just one more thing. @inktober #inktober #inktober2019
Day 26-“Dark”. Or is it Brasco? @inktober #inktober #inktober2019 @mdonohue56 @MarkRothwell78 @brodysmammy @MarkWarner So Rubio, Collins, Blunt, Cotton, and Cornyn can’t handle the…
Great article on a great team, great experience, and great leader @ATLUTD #MLSCupPlayoffs 25- “Tasty”. Sucking on chili dogs... @inktober #inktober2019 #inktober
@brodysmammy @MarkWarner You don’t believe the Senate Intel committee is bipartisan?Especially mirrors 23- “Dizzy”. It took my whole life to learn what not to play. @inktober #inktober #inktober2019
GOP Final Benghazi Report: P. 360 'The Committee’s pref. for private interviews over public hearings has been ques…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDay 23-“Ancient”. Tilda was a brilliant call. @inktober #inktober #inktober2019
@owillis Alt right, alt right, alt right.Maybe the guy who just said of the land we just cleansed of our former allies, “Let someone else fight over this lo…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanQuid pro quos to advance US natl interest are standard policy. President tells govt we won’t do X (send aid) unles…
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanDay 22-“Ghost”. Inky. Get it? #inktober #inktober2019 @inktober same AG who jailed Chelsea manning for refusing a subpoena is currently refusing a subpoena
Retweeted by Derek HoffmanThis guy is an asshole.That’s just my opinion. and Dragons is popular because it appeals to the human fantasy of having a group of friends who can come over at a regular time
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@GregPanosTX @RepAdamSchiff That’s what the Senate is for. This is the investigation partIt will be said of House Republicans, When they found they lacked the courage to confront the most dangerous and u…
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