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i hate looking for houses i dont wanna i refuse im gonna live in a cardboard box insteadspent 7 minutes looking at apartments and already sufferingi really should keep doing live2d cause i have another one due in like a week but uGHHGFHJHGnow i have another model to finish by the 15th, then another 2 by jan 1st so poggiesMODEL FINISHED WAEIAFJDSLKFJAEIFJDSAKLFDJKAGod im SO tired bro holy fuck jfhshdhshb i need a break from live2d @WitchRubyLove Its over for uMODEL AMOST DONE JUST GOTTA DO EXPRESSIONS AND FINAL RUN THRU AAAAAAAAAAA @SerotinaVT OH FUCK I NEED THE CHAIR SO BADsuffering 21/74 things done the fuck am i supposed to get work done when i have socks cuddling meiM so BORED AND MY WIFI STOPPED WORKING TOO AND I STILL CANT SLEEP AAAAAA
@GuppyPosting oh thats... yikes @GuppyPosting wtf????im finally going back to my fkdslj and jkflds era instead of just "LMAO" every sentence phase im so glad @IdealGothGF its unrelated since u dont have a switch for it or a capture card, but i dont use any ports for my thi… getting a priv twitter thats locked for friends jfklds @Kadu_ch_ I DONT WANNA CANCEL AGAIN?? @Kadu_ch_ I CANCELED YESTERDAY BC OF MY SLEEP SCHEDULE genuinely keep thinking its 5 am not 5 pm bc its so dark outside jfkdlswill i be too tired to stream tonight? find out next time on "bri's brain is cringe and bad at sleeping" @GuppyPosting i love u and ur valid we all barely coping here @Kadu_ch_ im pogging @Kadu_ch_ im poggingim pogging i spent 4 hours on tiktok my phones at 7%, im literally about to get out of bed and just back to work… i cant sleep and thats also cringeim tired and thats cringe @Gmqnanm i mean sure i more mean that like u shouldnt take caffeine with stimulant medication LMAO cause its hella badmy throat feels like sandpaper is this what normal people who drink water feel like when they are dehydrated wtf in 3 collabs for crab game in the span of like 6 daysAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA IT TOOK A MONTH AND A WEEK BUT I HAVE FINISHED MY PADORUS CRYING AAAAAAAAAA @ruriVT yes!!!focusing is so nice 😭to the moon @HellhoundAsh @Kadu_ch_ yeah i know LMAO i dont careim sitting down @Kadu_ch_ banger tweet kadu wowyes i have obs up specifically to track my heart rate sue me i thought it was a great idea lmaoomy heart rate keeps going up LMAOO*takes adhd medication with caffeine* @Kadu_ch_ YEAHmEDS MEDS MEDS MEDS
"The general consensus is that a first-time shadowban may be in effect for up to 14 days, but will typically drop o…'m officially shadowbanned and like full on muted on tiktok. its so discouraging. this fuckin sucks @PooPooMagooiCu thats true! But really, its more that tiktok simply wont *show* my videos anymore so its making it… @Kadu_ch_ im genuinely debating like fuck bro hfhd @Kadu_ch_ already did and still nothing poggies @IdealGothAlt like (and its not my model either bc ive been using random models before too, and ive been using my… @IdealGothAlt joined the creator fund on a whim, cause i knew i would maybe get like… 10 cents then i went from ge… whole tiktok is making me feel SO defeated honestly
@eckzoh how dare you take that back wtf @eckzoh ty 🥺shoving this here - Finish padorus - movie night - finish padorus - finish Hel - finish uR FUCKIN PADORUS GODDAMN… night 🥰 @VisiiroVT ty <3this is just late night bri talkin tho and honestly what does she know she kinda dumbin the long run i know its better bc i get practice at rigging, get to show off my abilities there too, i get to ha… kinda sad that like i feel no one cares about my debuts or stuff when i get new models cause i get So Many so i… streamed - started planning collab - finished 1 model - essentially finished another model - working on 3rd model… @Kadukununu Fuckin yikes. i just opted out bc i literally went from like 17k for certain videos to like… 300… for t… @Kadukununu …that could be it honestly cause it happened RIGHT thentik tok is so exhausting bro im p sure im shadowbanned or something bc i just MASSIVELY dropped in views for no re…
its 6:30 am what a brilliant time to finish chugging mountain dew and definitely totally 100% go to bed :)streaming live2d shit on my alt gonna be focused so its gonna be me huming to music and also crying LMAOit was a mimic"can i pick a petal on this flower" "sure! ... roll initiative"
this is such a backwards ass issue too “help i sinply have too *many* models to debut” LMAOOLike 3 models are coming in all at once and its gonna be so hard not debuting them immediately bro. one i gotta do… i finally got it to work by deleting a bunch of files i guess i didnt have enough storage or whatever idk LMAO @KeinaNot KEINA ARE YOU OKAY CAN I HELP?? PLEASE OH MY GOD>> listens to netflix, youtube, and spotify at the same time bc i need sound to work but i keep getting distracted by words help @EmIsTooWarm that exists actually!! @AriaSnowsong @PeachHana_ FUCK @LillianCandidum truu @PeachHana_ THERES A WAY TO SEE WHEN THE BUSH HAS A SHINY? THANK YOU FOR THIS CLIP HOLY SHITim gaining a lot of followers quickly on twitter and im unbelievably thankful but i said at 10k i was gonna do a ri… @KeinaNot UGHghghghGHh i dont wanna
i am suffering. to make it so live2d will actually work and export models bc its not working and i wanna cry @zanderoak92 TYGAMING NOW HOLD ON PLEASE JUST BECAUSE I LISTEN TO VTUBERS IM NOT A WEEB the fuck is otacore im so stressed i have so much to do and so little time to do it fjldks༺ "𝐖𝐡𝐚𝐭 𝐚 𝐥𝐨𝐯𝐞𝐥𝐲 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐭𝐨 𝐭𝐚𝐤𝐞 𝐨𝐟𝐟 𝐟𝐨𝐫 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐮𝐫𝐞 ~" ༻ my full model png ! links/credits are listed below 🐙✨ #vtuber
Retweeted by briiiiiiii @Kadu_ch_ you really do give off the vibe tho @Bubble_Streams google :)bullet journaling go brrt
IM A. L L OF TH E Mbro 😭😭
@SilentSBomber Like we ever stopped @penelopunch RIGHTok ok hear me out: Demon Bunny model :) @sugoinat I WAS THINKING ABOUT HALLOWEEN BUT THATS LIKE A YEAR AWAY SO MUCH COULD CHANGE LMAOOMy whole history with 3d models i have now and shit makes me wanna just *only* do 2d. i know 2d. i can do most… my motherfuckin todo list today 4th time this month 🥲 @Kadu_ch_ imagine doing a shiny hunt eeuw @dokoz_ IT DOESNT FIT ME AT ALL BC ITS VERY SOFT BUT DOKOZ L OO K AT I T @superaarthi i wasnt jfklsdjf