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@reactjs core team. I tweet about music (, and running, and sometimes react. he/them

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Thanks, @Uber. I'm relieved.
@jasonlaster11 @mozilla @_calebeby @mozilla That fixed it. Thanks. @jasonlaster11 @mozilla It's a question about how to get the lib to initialize correctly within Node/Jest context.… used @mozilla's 'source-map' lib inside of a Jest test? I'm struggling to get the SourceMapConsumer initialization to work.Uh, sure Chrome
@sophiebits @dan_abramov Sophie's working on the same thing
Free upgrade to Premium seats on this huge plane 😃 nice!I'm the only person here my way to the airport. Such a strange feeling for something that used to be so common. @AprilParsons1 😂Tomorrow afternoon, I set out on my first trip in over a year. Anxious and excited! 😃 Hope I don't forget to pack anything important.
@perf_tenn @seungminkim Oddly enough, she's actually a person (not a newsroom). I know the two are easy to mix up.I think I can probably just use '@babel/core' and 'jest-fetch-mock' to do this. I'll share a snippet once I get it sorted.I find myself wanting to compile JS (with source maps) in memory, in a running Jest test, and mock out `fetch` to r… often talk about using Facebook products as testing grounds for new React APIs, but we also use DevTools. It has…⚛️ If you're curious about how to use the new React 18 concurrent APIs in your components, DevTools has been shippi… @haroenv @wongmjane @rmondello Although excluding Windows or Linux developers is also a pretty unfortunate aspect. @haroenv @wongmjane @rmondello Is this true? That changes my outlook significantly, although the addition of Xcode… a question in a DM about when React DevTools will support Safari. Unfortunately I still don't have any plans fo… I would like to give special thanks to @kartikchow and @taneliang who built this experimental profiler as part… plan to integrate this tool into the current DevTools Profiler (though I need to figure out how the two will fit… mentioned a not-yet-released profiling tool during the @reactjs Q&A. Here's a thread about it from last year. I h… React 18 Working Group is hosting a Twitter space tomorrow. Join us as we discuss the plan for React 18, upcom…
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn 🏳️‍🌈🖤Rome is hiring! Looking for developers who like to dive deep into developer tooling. 100% remote and in most countr…
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn 🏳️‍🌈🖤
@AprilParsons1 There's no hard feelings between that room and I⚛️🛠 Digging back into the exciting work done by @saphalinsaan and Vibhor Gupta on DevTools this past winter. Coming…⚛️🛠 Would anyone enjoy doing a Twitter Spaces type Q&A to talk about DevTools?
I'd like to thank @AndrewClark for taking the time to retweet about me with the correct GitHub handle. @acdlite Me and the other guy just don't see eye to eye yet @acdlite @tannerlinsley I know that will come as a blow to @bvaughnNew music from Karl and I: @tannerlinsley @acdlite You misunderstood Andrew's tweet. When he said "I can't thank him" he meant it literally. 😂 @acdlite @Nord95_ @bvaughn Other bvaughn wasn't persuaded last time I suggested it 😉 @troutgirl Naw, but also 😭I used to think that many complex problems had simple solutions. I also thought I was pretty good with communicatio… @uxwendy Have you been talking to my teammates lately @SamanthaZeitlin @devonbl Oooh Yes. No. No. Probably. @devonbl Do me next. What's up with me?
Our next major release is React 18. It will include out-of-the-box improvements like automatic batching, new APIs l…
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn 🏳️‍🌈🖤If you're into rock music that's a little challenging to listen to, you might like the new song @sloafmaster and I…'s time for pilotless drone's semi-annual music drop:
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn 🏳️‍🌈🖤 @bmacdia Our house is on this lake, yup!Out on the lake again this evening 😊
@matfrana Thanks! ❤️If you'd like to hear the whole track, it's available in all of the usual places: 😃 One of my recent collaborations, "Mesmerized", got played at some outdoor music thing. @steveluscher @MikeTyson Why'd you send me down that hole, Steven? @HCoronado Just running for fun! I like we compete with my own times I guess. 😃
Just ran 5 and 1/4 miles at 5:48 min/mile 😃 But it was horrible and at one point I got really worried I was having…
@eduardovedes Conceptually merging them. Don't have to actually merge them. Have been thinking over something like… @calebmer I didn't write or work on that code and I'm just starting to dig into it. @calebmer TBH I don't have a good understanding yet of how React handles updates with Server Components (at least o… @calebmer It could only do this when DevTools was present (isDevToolsPresent) to avoid adding memory unnecessarily.… @calebmer Thinking through that idea though a little further, maybe if there was a new Fiber type for a server comp… @calebmer React doesn't have info about server components either. It gets a mix of HTML and client components strea… @NikhilVerma They can have children too, and the two types can be interleaved. I wrote some things about the probl… @beeker_scott No worries @AprilParsons1 Fuck should I know @AprilParsons1 Sad day. @beeker_scott I'm not sure I understand what you mean. @ken_wheeler Yeah but I can't spell "override" @dan_abramov This one seems promising 😅 but I need to think through the update/remove cases more. this! 😅⚛️🛠 Maybe instead of _merging_ the two trees, I should store a separate set of metadata about which client edges sh…
@ken_wheeler Champions don't poop often, I take it?Here's a slightly more detailed explanation of what I'm rambling about if anyone has ideas and would be interested… @jhicks154 @missctyler2015 Oh interesting! Looks like Total Wine down the road has one. I'll try it this evening. :) @missctyler2015 @jhicks154 Ooo, never tried it! Justin (cabernet sauvignon) is my jam lately: @missctyler2015 @jhicks154 What's your and Jamie's wine of choice?⚛️🛠 Merging the trees seems doable, but updating the hybrid tree afterward when the client tree changes seems prett… @matiasfha Sorry to hear that 😔 @kentcdodds That sounds really nice! No idea.Hey Twitter, what are your plans for this weekend? @kylealden @DotProto @MicrosoftEdge @seaotta @MSEdgeDev Oh I see. That's great then! Thanks, Kyle. @kylealden @DotProto @MicrosoftEdge @seaotta @MSEdgeDev Thanks for the tip! @MSEdgeDev When logged into the Partne… @kylealden @DotProto @MicrosoftEdge @seaotta I was asking as a publisher, because I didn't see any additional details when logged in.This is a case where Google / Stack Overflow isn't turning up much for me. The results are all about merging binary trees.⚛️🛠 There's probably an elegant way to model this but I'm still turning over the problem in my mind. I think it re…⚛️🛠 Adding Server Components to this tree means somehow splicing in a new type of node (no backing Fiber, not part…⚛️🛠 Thinking through an interesting problem for how to model the components tree in DevTools. The tree currently re…
@KevinVanryck⚛️🛠 This feature just got merged and should be released sometime in the next few days! @AprilParsons1 Back me up, @boburnham @AprilParsons1 Oh yeah I totes text him all the time too. We're talking about this tweet presently. @editingemily Binge watched it 10 years ago. Maybe I’m due another watch.
@tylerjameslee Note that this was just created. May take a day or so to get approval. @tylerjameslee Thank you! No. Facebook doesn't sponsor it in any way. If you'd like to contribute, here's an open…
@daSubh @DrIbram @SamHarrisOrg His talks are super thought provoking, yeah @daSubh At the moment I'm reading"How to Be an Antiracist" by @DrIbram and I'm listening through some lectures by @SamHarrisOrg. @jtannady I'm sorry you can relate! But it's a little encouraging for me to hear. @rachelnabors But I can still recall my ICQ number from 15 years ago. Whyyyy @troyrcosentino No idea. Maybe I do @hossammourrad That's an interesting idea. @troutgirl That seems like it would be hard to adjust to 😔 @troutgirl Mine too! And the worst parts of the trauma around my car accident. @troutgirl I can't even imagine what a perfect memory would be like 😮 @gustavo_pch So probably something online that I could sync between devices rather than a local system @gustavo_pch NGL the idea of trying / starting a whole new system is kind of overwhelming and exhausting. The one… @paulsterr I worry people think I'm not concerned or passionate about a subject, b'c I don't appear knowledgeable about it.