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Brian Vaughn @brian_d_vaughn Mountain View, CA

@reactjs core team. I make music @ DMs are open for non-tech stuff. Tech stuff is better asked openly where others can see too. 🙂

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@josiahrooney @ken_wheeler You might be pretending that... 1. The accusations against Trump and against Biden are t… @tombyrer @josiahrooney @ken_wheeler From what I've read, Trump's decision to restrict travel from China only happe… @vanilladre Not truly "crowded" but difficult to maintain 6 foot separation when passing people on trails. @vanilladre Thanks for the tip! I live in Mountain View, so I usually hit up some of the reserves a little closer… @tombyrer @josiahrooney @ken_wheeler I don't know if there's a lot of sense in us arguing about this. (Or whatever… @tombyrer @josiahrooney @ken_wheeler "Lately" meaning what? in the last couple of days, in the very narrow scope of… @tombyrer @josiahrooney @ken_wheeler The defense production act has been used >50 times since 1950, so it didn't re… @tombyrer @josiahrooney @ken_wheeler Everyone has pros and cons, sure fine. Some people, such as Trump, have many m… @josiahrooney @ken_wheeler I'm sorry but no, not at all. "The two sides are the same" arguments are super frustrating. @josiahrooney @ken_wheeler I'm not sure how to interpret this tweet. There are legitimate reasons to dislike Biden… @sebmarkbage Agree! The camera tracking and the audio quality are very nice for the price point.Mixing a new Pinwurm track tonight 🎶 "So Far Away from Home" Hopefully will have something to release by the end of the weekend. @cobwebs He iiiisss! 😂
@ken_wheeler Yeah he was not my first choice. Or second or third. @ken_wheeler Among other bad traits. But getting into a discussion about this in the open on Twitter is probably a mistake 😅 @ken_wheeler I don't think it's as simple as that. Trump's also really corrupt, a narcissist, and a pathological liar. @gagliardi_vale 😔 I'm sorry to hear that. I have been glad to hear that things are showing signs of the lockdown st… @gagliardi_vale Once daily exercise isn't allowed their any longer either? 😔 @AtilaFassina Yeah I bet! That's much more weight than my cat @visarts Fair enough! 😆Today Gatsby decided that he should sit in my back while I do planks from now on 😭 he weighs so much for a tiny kitty @visarts Feels like it.Each day I consider if I should take a rest day, and I always conclude, "maybe tomorrow".Since we started sheltering in place here, the only time I'm able to get outside and pretend things are "normal" is… were wiping down carts in between each customer. The majority of people were wearing masks (some were improvis… to Safeway this morning for my weekly trip. It's better this week! They've finally started limiting the numbe… has been very clingy today @ryanflorence You are one of the few!
@dan_abramov Is this self flagellation? would have been more accurate to say, "the new song by Igor and I" (but that sounds awkward) or "the new Pinwurm…🎶 Hey @GooglePlayMusic users 👋 My new song is on Play now! @holtbt @VeestroFood Those meals look good too :) @aweary TIHI @mtliendo Yes, it seems like they do! 😂 @joecritch Oh that's unfortunate. @joecritch @getfreshly @getfresh @HelloFresh Really? 🤔 What kind of calls? @joecritch @getfreshly @getfresh @HelloFresh Oh no, looks like Sprig shut down a while back. @joecritch @getfreshly I haven't heard of Sprig! I'll have to check it out too. This week I'm trying out @getfresh and @HelloFresh.I should add that the taste was good, it just wasn't "homemade meal good" or "fancy restaurant good". Given the oth… for meal size, I'm big (6' 2") so the portions are probably pretty good for most people. I think I would prefer… first @getfreshly order just arrived! Initial thoughts: • Meal size ★★★★☆ • Taste ¹ ★★★☆☆ • Preparation/conven… @kylemathews That is good news. Thought it's also sombering news. I guess that's the best we can hope for at the moment, so it's welcome. @DanielleLaforte @Bob_Wachter @TheAtlantic @edyong209 This is probably the reason the advice was given. Even so, ma… @zpao What could that even mean? @clauderic_d @dan_abramov There usually is already an open issue 😉
@jody_lecompte @dan_abramov Typical agricultural stuff @clauderic_d @dan_abramov Sure! Can't promise they'll be accepted~ but they're always welcome. ☺️ @clauderic_d @dan_abramov Perhaps! I'd suggest creating a small bit of example code that illustrates this problem… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov Yeah, I get that. @clauderic_d @dan_abramov I did collapse your 3 incidental refs into a single "dataRef" though just to avoid allocating extra hooks. @clauderic_d @dan_abramov The manual management of currentArgs ref was just to clarify that the value doesn't need… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov This is a more complex example (and I clearly don't understand the context it's being use… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov Why does useCallback() need to be used at all in this example? If it's just being attach… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov You could also just leave the dependencies array off entirely if you'd prefer, since you'… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov Rather than writing this with 4 refs and 2 effects, I think you could use a single ref an… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov ...forget to save? @clauderic_d @dan_abramov This looks more complex than it needs to be (and uses more hooks - so more memory) but I'… @pavanreddy61 @clauderic_d No. You should not mutate refs during render like this. If the render gets thrown away,… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov Easier to talk about actual code. @clauderic_d @dan_abramov If your effects refer to foo and bar, you need to "care" (in that they need to be listed… @clauderic_d @dan_abramov Harder to talk about this in the abstract. Easier to talk about an actual example. @clauderic_d @dan_abramov IMO might as well just manage your own ref in this case 😅 It would avoid an additional redundant effect. @clauderic_d @clauderic_d FWIW you only need 1 ref and 1 effect. @clauderic_d The reason the lint rule warns about this pattern is that the code above has a pretty nasty stale closure bug lurking. @ericlewis The retired one was migrated, so you could look at either I guess 🙂 @ericlewis Most of the logic is in the main Store model. (It's kinda of complex though...) @ericlewis Look at how react devtools uses react window for an example of something kind of like this. @RickBeerendonk I don't think that's the issue I ran into but it does sound similarly frustrating!Had a moment tonight when I found myself contemplating if could have just been imagining most of the people in my l… @rmascardo Sry I guess that joke was a bit of a low bar. That is legit crazy to think about. Hope you and your family are holding up well. @rmascardo How'd they sell a dozen popcorns when they were supposedly closed? @rachelnabors Thank you @tkmadeit NoWhen writing a song, I often just sing the first random sentence that pops into my head, and then I write the rest…
@thegoleffect Not sure what to do with that info. As it stands, my laptop was plugged in all day, but somehow dra… one hope is to leave it unplugged all night so the battery drains fully, then try again in the morning. This has…, my MacBook Pro just shut down and wont' turn back on 🙁 this will make things a bit harder.The stock market is an idiot. @MarkFunk I thought you might @MarkFunk @jc_perez_ch Oh sorry 😂 I didn't get it. I'm glad to hear that your hand sanitizer (and toilet paper?) supplies are holding up! @y3l2n Looking forward to hearing some new originals :) @y3l2n Oh nice! Using that new equipment ☺️ @SkippyWookie Thank you~ 🙇‍♂️Pssst. Hey. You bored? Here's a new song to listen to.
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn @threepointone @sarah_edo I've been receiving one per subdomain, presumably as some automat… @threepointone @sarah_edo I'm not sure that would "fix" the situation. I've been getting 1-2 of these emails every…, I guess it's time to add a Gmail filter for emails with the subject, "[Netlify] Action recommended" @Reba_Reckons Haha called her from the bathroom, I hope @jc_perez_ch I have not been. Probably someday I will be.Pssst. Hey. You bored? Here's a new song to listen to. @SkippyWookie @bhdecker No worries. Kind of you to think that way though. Glad you found some! @BT @DJFreshUK @tomduncalf It's been 2 months. Ready to share now? @bhdecker @SkippyWookie Not even sure where you buy 90% alcohol these days @rhagigi I've been going around 7:30am. Maybe not early enough. 😅 @_MichaelSholty @bathbodyworks Thanks for the tip! I will tell my mom. @rhagigi Lucky you. My Safeway cleaning supply aisle has been decimated.When will we be able to buy hand sanitizer again? 🤔
Probably a concurrent mode bug.