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Brian Vaughn 🖤 @brian_d_vaughn somewhere in Virginia

@reactjs core team. I make music @ DMs are open for non-tech stuff. Tech stuff is better asked openly where others can see too. 🙂

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@rickhanlonii Ricky no! I'm on call this week 😭😆 @kevintcoughlin @Microsoft365 @Yammer @reactjs You're welcome! @jeffzaccagnini @SkippyWookie Haha, ok 🙂 my bad for being too serious then. You too! @jeffzaccagnini @SkippyWookie I dunno man 🙂 You do realize that I don't "do" anything with Facebook, right? I work… new tracks have been submitted to DistroKid and are on their way out to Spotify/Apple/Amazon/whatever~ I plan… @jeffzaccagnini @SkippyWookie yawn @jeffzaccagnini
@SkippyWookie Why not put everything into Gmail then. Let's add a "Search" button and a "YouTube" button etc. @Smotko I don't think that explains why my email client is trying to horn in on the video meeting market. @SkippyWookie Not what, but whyWhy does Gmail now have a "Meet" button? I think I must have missed something important.. @terrysahaidak @terrysahaidak There's no way to enable that from the user's side, no. It would have to be built into the style editor that's in DevTools. @stubbornella Reach UI combobox also looks good: Have plans to use that one inside of Reac… is your favorite npm package for custom select elements? Or do you hand-roll your own?
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn 🖤 @stubbornella I used to use react-select a lot (back when I did application stuff). It's pretty slick.I finished my book 🎉🌈 Sometimes it feels like you need a literal map to navigate the React ecosystem! In this book…
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn 🖤 @TheOtherAnil @Verizon Yeah in my case, I'm trying to re-establish service (FiOS) at a new address after having bee… @TheOtherAnil @Verizon Physical mail can be "hacked" too. Or in my case, the address can be completely incorrect (h… @VZWSupport I sent a DM over 10 minutes ago but haven't gotten any response from you either. 😉 @VZWSupport I know my password. The issue I'm having is that I don't recognize the security question I'm being prom… can also try to find someone to chat with online, although their only estimate is that it will take "more than… you forget your @Verizon password– or (like me) are stuck in a loop of being prompted with a security question y… @andhraite Hm, maybe! @motiz88 They know how to ham it upMy muscle memory for typing the word "stamp" somehow got corrupted. Lately, I've caught myself typing "stemp" inste… @ProvablyFlarnie G wins again! ☺️ @devonbl I know a few people on Twitter who might benefit from learning this. @gabe_g2i @NikkitaFTW Ah! No, Pinwurm is a little more industrial. This weeks tracks will be more synthwave. More of an 80s vibe. @gabe_g2i @NikkitaFTW Hm, which album? 🙂 Probably no. This stuff is more synthwave.Collaborating with @NikkitaFTW on an "album cover" for the track I'll be releasing this Thursday 🥳 Exciting!
@tesseralis Oh I get it now. @therealsammarks That would be my guess, yeah. @aarondjents Gotcha! Thanks again :) @aarondjents Interesting. So "midnight Friday" means... 12 Friday or 12am Saturday?Only one of these results is the one I'm looking for, and @Google knows that.This sort of thing is super obnoxious. @cor_rine @aarondjents Interesting. Maybe I'll try that this week then.Well, actually @aarondjents Sarcastic? 😅 Can't tell. @j_svde @NikkitaFTW Ooh! Thanks! @NikkitaFTW If you'd have any chance in matching a picture or two to a song or tw… @j_svde @NikkitaFTW Have a pointer? :) @troutgirl What time zone 😏 @awaveawave Hehe, that doesn't match my experience @such_politics Yeah, that may beAnyone I know make sweet synthwave art? I need an image or two for a music release 🥳Hey creative friends- when's the best day/time to post new music/art/whatever? @ShengSlogar I guess there's always comfort in the knowledge that no one really listens anyway so it doesn't matter 😂Is any mix ever final? 😭
Today, we’re releasing the first Release Candidate for React 17! This release is rather unusual: it contains no new…
Retweeted by Brian Vaughn 🖤Childish nonsense like this is why the US is doing such a bad job managing the pandemic. America "needs" adult lead… @Jim_Jordan You're such a clown, Jim. America needs fewer politicians like you. @_Rohan_Sawant_ Same, usually. @AprilParsons1 Hey April. Don't use Uber Eats.
@brazill He doesn't mind wearing it actually.He said it was too formal for a Sunday, so... has been licking the cut on his neck too much, so he has to wear a maskshift cone of shame 😅 finishing up a new song mix today. I was pretty productive for a few months but then I kind of lost motivation. @malloc007 I've been to Tokyo before. Loved it. Beautiful city. Very clean. Delicious sushi. 🙂Wear a mask! Shut up about your "freedom" to not wear one. What about my freedom to not have friends or family get… million cases of Covid, globally. Over 700,000 deaths so far— 1/5th of which have happened in the US because so… my parents in Broadway (VA) tonight. it's always great to see them, but I was very disappointed with Broadw… @AprilParsons1 hug That must have been really hard 😔 I'm sorry I couldn't have been around for you.
@Cherrylicious_B As is often the case with hindsight, it's only obvious now that I've pointed it out. @rauling_g I would know. @wongmjane Astute observation, Jane! Many people don't realize this. @timothyis_ Check out any of @realDonaldTrump's tweets @janis_t A good idea is still better.e.g. this tweet was a good idea. @alex_zherdev I would agree. @tesseralis 😆 I thought you were going meta on me. "You can ask ANYTHING, and you ask...this?" @Luillyfe Time will prove me correct. You'll be back.A good idea is better than a bad idea. @tesseralis I can't tell if you're toying with me 😅 My original question was: What are you drinking? @tesseralis Anything does not include the obvious question? @tesseralis On what @tesseralis Now I'm curious. @mikeyman891 Turns out the lake was intentionally drained ~2 months ago due to a problem with the damn, and it's be… @mikeyman891 I know! So much lower than the last time I was here. A little sad. by a lake this evening. Virginia is pretty.
@nsantos_pessoal Better!Victory! @Gustavo_delPino Interesting. I don't really know what "yeasty" smells like, but I definitely don't smell anything metallic. @Gustavo_delPino I have not seen him acting extra itchy. But could you describe the smell? Gatsby does smell a li… @wongmjane @callmetsing @FSI77777 "Get ready for the glory of God and his wrath. Nukes will be blessed before it cl… @wongmjane @callmetsing @FSI77777 The profile of the person I was responding to above annoyed me which is the only… @wongmjane @callmetsing @FSI77777 To be clear, I never use WeChat to talk about anything politically sensitive. It'… @Annie_Khaliq No, he's not scratching and otherwise his appetite and activities seem the same. Thank you! @callmetsing @FSI77777 @wongmjane Try what? WeChat? Yes. I've used it for years to stay in touch with Chinese friends. @Gustavo_delPino Thanks for the suggestion! @sketchy_becs Very pretty dog! @dan_abramov Trying out @swyx's "learn in public" thing today? 😂 @sketchy_becs That would break my heart ☹️ @sketchy_becs I'm glad it filled back in. It can be so stressful when something's wrong with them, because they ha… @sketchy_becs Good idea, but no. He's still eating the same stuff he was eating on the West Coast. @_developit He hates going to the vet so much. @_developit Poor little fella. I made an appointment for G this morning at a local vet just to be safe and now I'm… @mlinfomc This doesn't look like ringworm, at least not like the pictures I saw. The small spot of skin with no hai…