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Brian Level @brian_level Cincinnati, OH

Horror Cartoonist. Superhero Artist. Darth Vader, Thanos, Avengers, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Batman, Hellblazer, THE MANTLE. Coffee/Xtian/Horror/Forever. he/him

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Coming right down to the wire... #readmorecomics #comics #comicbooks #crowdfunding #newcomics #indiecomics
Retweeted by Brian LevelSLAP A HATE PIT STICKER ON GRANDMA! just kiddin' - i hope you're chillin' at home enjoyin' ur morning.
Retweeted by Brian Level @TreeBeerd I would also read a comic that looked like this.many people are finding out that despite millions of years of evolution the human body was not designed to get run over by cars
Retweeted by Brian Level @JasonCopland Time to watch the clock. under six hours to go @GrahamReznick A wimp really. Bet that journo coulda whooped his ass. @JasonCopland Nothing a slurpee can't fix! @KurtBelcher Barnacle crusher @GrahamReznick Now I'm looking up and listening to these bangers on youtube. @echocollector 👀
@GrahamReznick This is 100% my shitJust added an update to CATCH & RELEASE: A MURDER BOOK STORY. And have added a limited number of copies of MURDER B…
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Retweeted by Brian Level @HopelessDent @AlexPaknadel @comiccrushpaul What a wonderful hateful thread! @davedrawsgood Let's take a moment to thank the bird for it's service @edbrisson I never said I was easy to work with @JuJuSkyWalker Not atm. Kids watching Home Alone but we watched Uncle Buck a few nights ago and I'm loving it @edbrisson Not correcting my typo either! @edbrisson Your son of a bitch, this is very much a writer response. We're done.Boy John Candy was just great @dEnny_UK Well then I'm going Gil Kane or Lee Weeks or the madman Scott McDaniel! @GlebMelnikov8 I'm just gonna riff here for fun but Miller, Mazzucchelli, Romita Jr, SilvestriListen, generally I like to bring positivity to the TL (or at least ways to be constructive about bad things), but…
Retweeted by Brian Level @craigimann @MrGlennMcQuaid Woohoo! That one was fun! @craigimann @MrGlennMcQuaid I should credit is as Glenn's idea so he deserves the praise for a killer idea @craigimann @MrGlennMcQuaid Haha. A fine guess! @craigimann Feldstein's cover to Tales from the Crypt 33! @GrahamReznick Very excited to listen to this as well :-)I was glad to make the poster for this one! Tales from Beyond the Pale never disappoints. Bonus points if you cat… @mngkyouGoD @sanfordgreene @MatHeagerty @MattGarvey1981 @Marc_Deering @butchmapa @GregCapullo @RyLeeart *Johnnie. Sorry @mngkyouGoD @sanfordgreene @MatHeagerty @MattGarvey1981 @Marc_Deering @butchmapa @GregCapullo @RyLeeart 🙏 thanks Johnny @AndyBelanger So weird! That's awesome @slimyswampghost I have a tattoo planned of #3!Super thankful to all the pros who have responded to our dark crime comic and backed or helped spread the word. It…
Retweeted by Brian Level @AndyBelanger I'm not, actually. But I hear it's a great podcast. I'm assuming he dives into Haunt there?We are so close to reaching the stretch goal where we get interior illustrations from @Psychic_Driving ! Please con…
Retweeted by Brian LevelKILLBOY fans can still head to JJ’s Comics and Art for this exclusive variant from Doug Mahnke and Dave Baron. Bi…
Retweeted by Brian Level @LastLizard808 Holy shitHere's a small look at issue 1 of Techni-Horror- due out next year💀
Retweeted by Brian LevelSTRAY DOGS #1 in the newest @PREVIEWSworld! From Me & @TrishForstner & @ImageComics. I promise you this book is s…
Retweeted by Brian LevelThings getting tense in CATCH & RELEASE: A MURDER BOOK STORY. Check out our Kickstarter exclusive hardcover edition…
Retweeted by Brian LevelOn the ragged edge of funded. *Right*there. just a few days left! Check out THUMB BOOK: Pocket Thumbnail Sketch Bo…
Retweeted by Brian Level @GlebMelnikov8 Sounds like a fan comic for Big Gleb to go off on. No reason to not do it since they did it with Dar…, Mountainhead #5 won’t be in shops today, it’s delayed due to shipping issues. Dec. 9th you can get your finale…
Retweeted by Brian LevelI'd like more Haunt tbh
@TylerHuckabee I love himBig friend take on a classic 90s X-Force team / commission (A3 size) #Cable #Shatterstar #Domino #Sunspot
Retweeted by Brian Level @kenlowery @jamesdleech @bigredrobot My man @erikaschnatz It rules! @Remender @Joelle_Jones @MorenoDinisio @erikaschnatz Shiiiit @jamesdleech @bigredrobot @kenlowery This game sucks.yall need to relax to some nice scents. @kenlowery Bro I burn em as soon as I get homeI'm not planning on sharing much pre-production work on the Plastic Farm finale (soon to be appearing in…
Retweeted by Brian LevelAWWW YEAAAAAH CHEAT(ER) CODE is out now, folks! 👾🎮🍆
Retweeted by Brian Level @slimyswampghost He's my favorite Trevorthis book is gnarly and is out tomorrow!
@declanshalvey @mightyfineline I know. I logged on here for a bad time but not like this! @davedrawsgood @AdamFerrisAF 💀 @kale_satan @AshcanPress A fine point @kale_satan Good thing you're An Artist™ and don't care about that sort of thing @kale_satan "Some Dumb Bitch" is a serious pseudonym @AshcanPress Wawa not enforcing social distancing I see
BEEF BROS' campaign is almost over! did you contribute and become a BEEFER??? @Uzkost_band Very much so!y'all! New Portrayal of Guilt! @deezoid it was a pleasure Dee! @jordantboyd ♥️ @craigcermak I'm very into this. Craig I normally host a big Friendsgiving and I'd love to have you some time. @atlasincognita @thesteveorlando Love to get those jars just in the nick of timeRon Frenz can still throw it down. Been posting some awesome commissions recently.
Retweeted by Brian Level @craigcermak I wanna have this.Time to call your LCS about ordering nina nuns (@joshj81f1 and I did this wraparound cover)! So much great stuff in…
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Retweeted by Brian Level🍆🎮👾!!! Thanks so much, David—can’t believe it’s finally out this week!
Retweeted by Brian LevelJust added a Steve McNiven commission tier to the Catch & Release: A Murder Book Story Kickstarter. Act fast, there…
Retweeted by Brian LevelJordan has historically colored my work and is an invaluable artistic resource and an absolute genius.
@GwensdayAddams LolMy whole vibe summed up in one photo @GrahamReznick Did you do a Bubba-esque shrimp rundown of all the different types? @AdamKubert @sequenceart Holy smokes @GlebMelnikov8 Wat a babe @jeremyhachat"Somethin bit me! BAD!" will cost you $0 to RT my work and also literally $0 to download all of my digital zines here…
Retweeted by Brian Level @aubreysitterson @edbrisson My god now I wanna plan a soda, pizza and movie night for myself @isavefilms @FraserC69 My man!Would love to get a Vengeance Trilogy Criterion collection somewhere down the line. I know this comes up semi-annu… WEEKEND ONLY! Large, signed and numbered silkscreen posters on sale. Info here:
Retweeted by Brian LevelMore playing around with format and colours on Crimson Devil very much going for a pulpy newspaper strip feel
Retweeted by Brian Level @GlebMelnikov8 OmgThat big gotye single still whips ass idgaf @FraserC69 I feel like I'm the only guy who is cheering for mother! from Aronofsky. It's crazy it exists at all. @drew_moss Very nice!! @vaderonice It was a Longmont Potion Castle night so it's more "just gimme what I neeeeeeed." @RyanStegman This is hot!Pumping iron to prank calls
@schweizercomics Totally. Also, sometimes the unconscious messaging/themes are too alien or embarrassing to acknowl…