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Brian Level @brian_level Cincinnati, OH

Horror Cartoonist, Comic Writer and Artist. Chained to the Grave, Star Wars, DC, Marvel. Art inquiry contact @inkyknuckles. Coffee/Xtian/Horror/Forever. he/him

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Got my Nightmare Detective DVD in the mail today so no one bother me tonight.Are You Afraid of the Darkseid? was just announced! @Max_Dunbar and I have a #HarleyQuinn and #Darkseid team up aga…
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@KC_Wilson_Art Haha. Hey if I was useful in any way, then I'm glad :-) @KC_Wilson_Art This rules. @AlexPaknadel @vor_bokor It's poetry @VicMalhotra @DialHForHagai Oh man this fuckin rocksOpe, sorry!! Just learned that shipping issues have once again pushed back the release of No. 4, which should arriv…
Retweeted by Brian Levelthere isn’t anyone here but us… #ItTookLuke 💀🐜🗡 art: @iceghost_art
Retweeted by Brian LevelThat sky tho.
Retweeted by Brian LevelJoe Biden about to become an AnglicanPreview of Beyond the Breach, courtesy of @screenrant: EXCLUSIVE: Beyond the Breach Unleashes A World Of Nightmare…
Retweeted by Brian LevelChained to the Grave has been pushed back to July 30th:(… but it’s full of wild stuff for you once it gets here:)
Retweeted by Brian LevelI regret to inform y'all that Chained to the Grave #4 has been pushed back another week for readings beyond our con… again - I had so much fun talking with you guys! 🖤
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My "Visitor" pages from Valiant, are available on the @ComicModern website! They'll be available on the site for o…
Retweeted by Brian Level @kenlowery hahaha just rewatched thisOpened one of these if yall are interested. @rodneyfyke @brian_level @parentdaniel @GuyGilchrist @MattHorak @jayleisten @b3nn3tt @natelovett @DaveAikins
Retweeted by Brian LevelChained to the Grave 5 Cover by @brian_level for @IDWPublishing APR210629 07/07/21 #SC
Retweeted by Brian Level @jayesbee1428 omgsaid in the group chat and now you have to deal with it. "Rob Zombie's Ghostbusters"This is what my art looks like.
Retweeted by Brian Level @kale_satan @TreeBeerd Shit fuckin rules. Genuinely upsetting revealsHe said, I am the voice of one crying in the wilderness, Make straight the way of the Lord, as said Isaiah the prop… @ivebeencollin Thanks!! @barkmouchard I can't take that high of praise without turning into a pumpkin bit before I do I wanna say thank y--These pages in sequence just vibrate something generally bad @JLcomics @jimterryart I wanna read Jim's weirdo shit! Such gorgeous art! @MosesLeNoir @Forkliftbadger Same @JLcomics Trying to give off the most decrepit vibes in these pages and yet still fire off a gag here and there.Fuck it. Since I'm spilling here. Here are some images like no one has seen before. Will likely delete later so enj… @barkmouchard Got damn hell yeahThis is the type of thing I was made for and at my absolute insane best. I think it's obvious. @MichiganMikeG Trying to live my truth @barkmouchard You and me both, friend.The number of times a week I think about pivoting my comics work to just whatever my whims are and not in the main… @kale_satan I feel this @AlexPaknadel
i come here for the kind of comedy that a man can respectuflly nod towards , i have not laughed in 10 years, laughing is for hyenas & ghouls
Retweeted by Brian Levelhell yeah!!
Retweeted by Brian LevelThis whole creative team are excellent and also happen to be great folks! are about a month out from some big announcements, and I just want to show everyone how they will feel when…
Retweeted by Brian Level @HopelessDent I prefer the amusement park but ymmv @treswritesstuff Big agreethis album is already universally acclaimed but even still I feel like five years on we’re only just beginning to a…
Retweeted by Brian Level @DialHForHagai @lianakangas @DanSchkade Houses of the Holy is tightToday at noon est we launch the dust pirates kickstarter campaign. I have a lot of nervous energy. Didn’t sleep wel…
Retweeted by Brian Level @justin_ernst Lol More A+ F- content @JeffMcClelland Shit @JeffMcClelland He was sitting next to me JEFFFine. But you asked for it. @kale_satan @adamszym Worth 16 more @adamszym @kale_satan Why? It speaks for itself imo @kale_satan Amazing. Or was an awesome time. My experience with the eavesdropping ruled. The content sucked but it… Silver Coin 3 is out today!
Retweeted by Brian Level"I can't talk southern *does intentionally bad drawl*" I think I got hit in the head with a foul ball and went to Cringe Heaven @jeremyhachat Omg"I don't let my kids wear shorts" "I can't stand not having a gas stove!" "HAHAHAHAHA"The quality of eavesdropping at the small-time ballpark is fucking me up. F- content to the point of being so shock…
@bigredrobot Oh fuck @lolligagme Lol @marco949 HahaLol. At a minor league baseball game and someone was interviewing a player in the dugout so some shithead kid fired… @1JohnLivesay @ScbComics @RegieSimmons @patolliffe65 @CoolComicArt @MrNiceGuy513 @ryanwinn @OmarSpahi @PALPRLA
Retweeted by Brian LevelRAZORBLADES: THE HORROR MAGAZINE #4 Available digitally and in very limited print editions Tuesday, 6/22 at noon E…
Retweeted by Brian Level @joshixson @BoyCartoonist @DarkHorseComics @AmazingJCiano @RomanPStevens @HassanOE @BrettAIsrael Is this the OG with a new name???Here’s the cover for Children of The Woods! Special shout out to my pal @BoyCartoonist for doing our logo
Retweeted by Brian Level @monkey__marc Hooray!!!!Did anyone actually get to score a copy of the Yoe Books Tom Sutton Creepy Things hardcover? @shaenongarrity @schweizercomics Hell yeah. But you MUST scare the piss out of me with the prologue and epilogue or… @xtop I rent em out to creeps @Shepherds5 *you @Shepherds5 Call it what your will haha @xtop In every available format @van_jensen This is a @DudespostingWs momentMfrs out here shit-talking sex scenes while I simply won't watch the movie unless there's a solid chance it'll have one.Erin and I watching NIGHT OF THE CREEPS while I work and really just cancel all the other movies. Would love to see this on the big screen
@dEnny_UK @schweizercomics I think you underestimate how evergreen that book is my man! @slimyswampghost Oooooh boy... @AlexPaknadel What a shame. @schweizercomics Awesome @AlexPaknadel How much is a pack of chewing gum? @schweizercomics What about you?!OK, say Jesse hits the lottery and wants to give you the dough to creatively adapt an existing book into a graphic…
Retweeted by Brian Level @schweizercomics The Great God Pan by Machen @RyLeeart Is this new??? @TreeBeerd haha either way, you've been doing it for a while now! @jeremyhachat @TreeBeerd I'm here for the people, not the money baby @davedrawsgood @TCannonComics @CrossleyColor @robutoid @KenBlakePorter I wanna see em done too!A few pages from an unused THE LAST DRIVE-IN with JOE BOB BRIGGS pitch, featuring pencils and inks from…
Retweeted by Brian Level @SooDLee Omg @xtop I'm all for the posi-posters and shitposters. My feed is a fever dream and I love the whiplash @jonodiener Hell yeah @gabrielhardman It rulesArtists like Refn and Stephen Graham Jones teach you how to watch/read them.
Retweeted by Brian Level @jeremyhachat @TreeBeerd I'd probably just do it? A KS would be nice for the printing, but that's a lot of hustle for a small print run @danielwarrenart This is a very You page. Lol. Looks amazing of course