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Brian Level @brian_level Cincinnati, OH

Horror Cartoonist. Superhero Artist. Darth Vader, Thanos, Avengers, Spider-Man, Deadpool, Batman, Hellblazer, THE MANTLE. Coffee/Xtian/Horror/Forever.

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@weredawgz This is beautifully and perfectly succinct. 🙏♥️RIP, and I'm sorry you had to pass with everyone treating you as if your health was our only hope. I cannot imagine…
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Retweeted by Brian LevelGosh. GK Chesterton's snark is positively delightful. @ShaneMBailey Thanks man :-)) @ShaneMBailey I wasnt :-( @kenlowery Fools @TheSickness85 @kenlowery Good pick @kenlowery Car Seat Headrest may take the cake.Halfway through Providence and it's more frightening and feels more dangerous than anything Lovecraft ever wrote. N… @leahmoore @monkey__marc @Inkdropinc @TerryDodsonArt @TonyVnrs @tozozozo @himwhatjolts @LiamRSharp @johnreppion
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Retweeted by Brian LevelNew printing of my favorite horror novel ever just arrived. Highest possible recommendation. Go in blind if you can…
Retweeted by Brian LevelThank you for the love & excitement for Home Sick Pilots since last night. Comics have a long enough lead time tha…
Retweeted by Brian Level @andykhouri Dude HEEELLL yeah @ashevillecomics @RyanStegman Don't encourage him plsLooked at that ETRIGAN sketch I did last night and boy did I get his head shape wrong! I might redraw that sometime @Williamson_Josh @Ibrahim_M_ Woah I've been verging on reading that lately haha @mloehrer Yesss @mloehrer Just posted! @xx_barely_alive Pooh that would've been a good one!ETRIGAN THE DEMON! First sketch in the new sketchbook! @msilva001 This is the first I'm hearing of this! @1JohnLivesay JOHN THATS A LOT!! haha @mooncalfe1 Lol. How about just Kevin Dillon? @tomfowlerbug Vermin! @RobotJQ Hell yeah. I never thought Cursed could ever be replaced in my heart but Sect whips so much ass that they may fill the void.Check out my Drexler #3 @kickstarter for a chance to own the exclusive variant cover original art drawn by…
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I absolutely can't wait to share some of these new pages with you! @RobotJQ wooh!!Black Getter Robo commission!
Retweeted by Brian Level @RobotJQ Advent Sect Trap Them @GlebMelnikov8 @AlexPaknadel Dedicate yourself to this 10 min video and you too can use this arbitrary qualifier to lend credibili… @AlexPaknadel "learned the rubik's cube". It's not a brain buster. It's just a series of repetitive moves to solve… of Miller's Crossing from my new collection REAL GONE. -264 pgs. -B &W hardcover -Signed -Print to order A…
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inked and colored this awesome JRJR piece as a warm-up
Retweeted by Brian LevelHow do you fight back when you no longer exist? IND-XED. A new LoFi SciFi Comic from @LucySullivanUK, @HassanOE a…
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Batman: black and white and brown
Retweeted by Brian LevelAbolish ICE ffs!BATMAN. Remember Kelley Jones Red Rain/Bloodstorm? Yea, me too... #dccomics #batman
Retweeted by Brian Level @brian_level Me waiting by my mailbox for your variant to arrive like:
Retweeted by Brian Level @MamaDeadHead Hell yeah. Everyone seems to like him. He was my favorite part so I'm very happy that our little w…'re excited to share the news that UNDONE BY BLOOD is being developed by #TheWalkingDead's Norman Reedus' (…
Retweeted by Brian LevelI did this skeleton Variant with Jay and I'm very proud of it. @AlexCormack4 Great poster dude! @nkellynk28 @jayleisten Yeah man! Looks like I forgot to paste the link in! Just retweet the OP with the link. Sorry about thatOops! Forgot to paste the link in the original post! My man Nathan his the next issue of his comic DREXLER on Kickstarter TODAY! Jay Leisten and I did this cover fo… @DavidALapham @seankmckeever Hoooooly shitPlease, I desperately want to read Sutter Cane (and get some of these covers as prints...)
Retweeted by Brian Level @DavidALapham Hey it's Lapham Day every day in this house!RWD - A tale of Lost Fantasy - my creator owned project ive been talking about, for years now, launches on Kickstar…
Retweeted by Brian LevelFirst Look At A Top Secret Upcoming BAD IDEA Project From David Lapham.
Retweeted by Brian Level @definitelyvita ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ @DavidALapham Oh my God man!Real talk- ALWAYS have a lawyer read your contracts. Always.
Retweeted by Brian Level @AlexPaknadel Keep it next to m'desk for that very reasonI drew @nicterhorst's character, Zen, a few months back but forgot to post it because of life.
Retweeted by Brian Level @AdamTGorham @InkyKnuckles Adam this rips!!I'm always going to look on Lucifer as a creative highlight. What a great damn(ed) team we've had on this book. An…
Retweeted by Brian Level @michaelwconrad @danielwarrenart Here for this comment. @RamonVillalobos @samhumphries Doing the Lord's workWoooof that's nice @GlebMelnikov8 @TricycleBoombox Corporations are people. Big Gleb lives! @AshcanPress Matt have you consider keeping your good advice to yourself?Few things in the world bring me as much joy as hearing my wife casually singing from the other room.
@EliotRahal @AfterShockComix @TaylorEspo Awesome!!!!Very excited to announce my newest series from @AfterShockComix--KNOCK 'EM DEAD. A supernatural horror story about…
Retweeted by Brian Level @harperj10 raaaad! @MitchGerads Sorry to come at you like this. Was just talking about the old Michael Golden Armory stuff and then re… Armory one-shot but completely drawn and designed cover to cover by @MitchGerads @Marc_Deering @sara_pichelli @EliotRahal @BartSears @GregTocchini @urbanbarbarian @CatStaggs @danielwarrenart @droog811 Pantera. Thought I was gonna have to see a doctor a few days later because tinnitus wasn't subsidingShowed the inks to this a while back.. here are the colors. For all of you that are super stoked on Cobra Kai and n…
Retweeted by Brian Level @TheBurnham @kmellon I feel like the only appeal for me is that it for some reason doesnt feel "supernatural" as mu… @TheBurnham @kmellon I feel like having watched both of these, homeboy has probably got a pretty big issue with women. @TheBurnham @kmellon Fuckin yikes is right. Good God. @TheBurnham @kmellon I didn't... Wth @TheBurnham @kmellon I feel like I would have a lot to say about that privately, but in short, I agree. @TheBurnham @kmellon As a weird compliment to it, I planned in watching horror movies all night but it made me lose… @TheBurnham @kmellon Yeah I just turned it off haha @TheBurnham @kmellon Yeah the barrier break was REALLY strong. @TheBurnham @kmellon Yeah. Lots of wretchedness in there. Not actually the type of horror that I like but can def a… @TheBurnham @kmellon Yeah that's rad. Any meta fiction done like that, I'm a sucker for and also makes you instant… @TheBurnham @kmellon Oh the woman on the table? @TheBurnham @kmellon Which image is that one in particular? @TheBurnham @kmellon Alrigh Chris let's fuckin talk about this! @TheBurnham @kmellon Very scary! @EricaFails Oh tight. I wanted to watch that one.