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Am I crazy...or does Jerry not wear glasses?

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@joeogden17 Was featured on Netflix, so I thought I’d give it a try. Whole doc is ppl making excuses for him. An hour of that!Watching this Marbury documentary. Wow, this is so poorly done.
Why do these guys say these things?! @Mr______Snrub Oh yeah, John Bolton? Fuck around with me and get a heart attackI think Trump has come to the conclusion there is a good chance he’ll lose and is hanging outside the car like Tupa… @joeogden17 I could see starting up. Hard time seeing any finishWill be interesting to see if any of these sports leagues do to get to playoffs and an entire team tests positive. Then what? @AlainnFocail @BrendanKutyNJ It’s a dumb policy, but not sure how it’s racist. Quite a leap here @McClutherness having a job where you were allowed to get this drunk doing something fun and people loved you for it. time I travel abroad and return home. “Do you have anything to declare?” “Yes, Chrissy Tiegen is awful”
@GKRBURNER @TeamThirstTrap I never said an athlete would die bc of competing. Just saying it would get ppls attenti… @TeamThirstTrap Not wishing it, but someone will have to die. It’s the only thing that will get ppl’s attention @Mr______Snrub What is going on right now? They are just playing random old shows?We need Peter King and Keith Law on St Patrick’s Day in Chicago with the dyed green river in the backdrop while com… @MikeBenevento @gsteve27 Right, but he’s still tweeting about it today @gsteve27 YesStroman is mad at Puma for reporting he wasn’t in camp when he wasn’t in camp? Am I getting this right?Cespedes getting roses thrown at him for being “in shape” and “motivated” What a low bar @always_noyne So desperate for contentPeter Pan Yankees Twitter with all their might out tonight to defend the players @sleeepyjoseph *gleyber torres strikes out* “Hey guys, this was a tough strikeout for me. Could you stop posting it…’s cute how players think they dictate the what media is consumed by fans. @EmEffEff It’s public matieral FROM THE YANKEES. Who cares if Aaron Judge is unhappy?
Aaron, say YES Network. either getting hurt or hurting others, amirite? *ducks* @BlaiseInKC I never do and afterwards I ask myself this @ADelGrecoJr @LarrySoprano Alibaba me daddi @FranksYanks23 I think that’s very optimistic. Just saying. I’m sure there are tens of thousands of ppl across the… @FranksYanks23 Yeah on day 3Things are looking great. of the Yankees is a decent movie, but outrageously corny. Insane it was nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture.Gehrig made this speech 81 years ago and we still talk about it. Take that Uncle Otto, you pile of puke! @WFANTrades Why do you hate freedom?Watched a few minutes of the speech. Trump looks disinterested or defeated or issues with teleprompter as the close… have tested positive for steroids just from looking at this.
Retweeted by brian @graciopp Great point. I don’t even care about the changing of Native American names bc I kind of get it. But, just… @BonesofHoudini Say you put in your time capsule, but lie and keep it from the redcoats when they shelter in your homeChange the name of the Indians. Go for it. It’s a dumb name to begin with, but if you need that to get to sleep at… @WFANTrades
@TheKoolaider Yes, but I feel #4 is a bit exgarrerated.I’m somewhere between regular and complainer obviously joking about shaming Mike Trout, but will be funny seeing people actually upset players aren’t sacrifi… family and I will be shaming Mike Trout for the rest of his career should they replace Redskins with?Our national predicament is based on confusion of a football team trending on a forum less than 20% of the populati… @JakeElman97 They’re all phonies. They don’t care about anything, but green and which way the wind blows. Politicia… what the demand for baseball tickets will be if they open up the parks in some capacityYou can change the name of the Redskins, but people won’t stop calling them that for 20 years.GARY FOGLE NEVER HAD CANCER! @TalpeyRuss
@JoeBags720 When she enters the arena... @JoeBags720 Barber is a nonstarterAll it takes is one groupie in these sports and it’s over. Just one groupie.The man loves holding a baseball bat has Twitter not collapsed with 2020 jokes about Hugh Downs dying?We’re all guilty of stealing content but has Rex Chapman yet to post a video of his own?
Retweeted by brian“How soon can you land?” “I can’t tell” “You can tell me I’m a doctor” “No, I mean I’m not sure” “Well, can you tak… @Vmads94 Bill is sweating...Donald is watching closely I’m sureImagine if Ghislaine Maxwell truthfully spills the beans. Two US presidents are very uncomfortable right now.July 2, 1980: 40 years ago, the film Airplane! was released in theaters. #80s
Retweeted by brian @JuanAramburu26 Do not lump us all in with Alabama. THATS NOT FAIRI will not cut my hair until there is a vaccine @Mr______Snrub Some of these people are so blinded, ironically, they are literally seeing shit.....(twirls microphone) @LevityNYC @NJD107_ He’s prob not one of the last 5. My bad @LevityNYC @NJD107_ Jim Kaat
@JoeBags720 I think the same repetitive nonsense just struck a nerve in the last few hours @tillnextyear No one knows. That’s why both are fault. People can pervert numbers to blame the other side, but have… couldn’t tweet something dumb. I mean I can try. I can come close. Not this dumb though. @tillnextyear Explain CA @kcos194 I just think it’s both. You’re either flaunting idiocy, but sticking your middle finger at it or you’re pr… @kcos194 19 counties in CA including LA are going backwards now in terms of progress @kcos194 Pick a city. We can review it. Some will prove my point. Some will prove yours @tillnextyear How many videos did you review? What’s your percentage of mask wearers to non mask wearers? Blaming t… @tillnextyear Oh really? We can through 1000s of videos where that isn’t true AND even if they did all wear masks t… can either side of the arguement-the protestors or the idiots who don’t wear masks and social distance - make t… would you say this AGAIN? Why? Trump is either crazy or he is intentionally sabotaging his election hopes. never happened. @Mr______Snrub It’s the smartest way to do a contract. I think the Mets and Bonilla were smart to do it.
Get a life, loser is beating Yes right now need to go back to breathing school Judge and Stanton play a combined 60 games? @TKiernanIII There would be riots if no covid and we’re still getting the “he’s getting close” stuff. Everyone lo… this a joke? Stanton and Judge are still not pegged as a confident ready to go. Dumping on injuries is low hangi… if all the stars declined on playing in MLB and Tyler Wade or Luis Cessa were in MVP contentionTrump dropping out of the race seems highly unlikely. However, he does possess that attitude of the child flipping… @LILDAN0607 Well, I’m bored. So, just letting you know I’m done. @LILDAN0607 You got this out of your system yet? @LILDAN0607 Yeah we did this already...
@WFANTrades Metamucil will take up A LOT of questions @BonesofHoudini Not a huge fan these days, but not sure if he’s worthy of a fire into the sun @McClutherness Not much. I will set up my lawn chair and watch the event and raise a beer.I am willing to sign a document to have Dave Portnoy and Jemele Hill both fired into the sun. @Mr______Snrub year goes by. This should replace New Years Day
@JoeBags720 It’s got all the characters you know and love from your favorite social media platform. All the psychop… is social media come to life. People just screaming and swearing at each other. night in house. Transformer explodes. Power out. Fire starts. Good times.NBA always on forefront of player’s rights, but this might not be a winner. Could possibly create divisiveness on t…