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Comic Writer/Artist: #Hellboy, #Sandman, #Godzilla, #BigTroubleInLittleChina, Secret History of #DBCooper etc. Husband, dad, dog lover, metal geek, gear nerd 🎸

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Joined Twitter 4/10/10 de la Fuente art - jeez he's good
Retweeted by Brian ChurillaHere are my Six Fan-Arts, for those who are interested in that sort of thing. Stay safe.
Retweeted by Brian Churilla @jeffparker A great kid with great parents. #parentingdoneright
@ben_joner Regarding “elites,” yes. 😊Nailed it. @chrisvisi0ns It’s one of the most surreal and amazing films everXena and Gabrielle being good pals :' )
Retweeted by Brian ChurillaHe is responsible for 3 times the deaths of Americans on American soil as Osama Bin Laden. This is one of the grave…
Retweeted by Brian Churilla, one down, five to go. #SixFanarts #SixFanartsChallenge #sixfanart
Retweeted by Brian ChurillaBravo. the greatest country NYT reports Trump himself has a financial stake in the French company that makes the brand-name version of hyd…
Retweeted by Brian Churilla @realDonaldTrump Was the question, “what does one see when they look into Trump’s ear?”
@lriversiii Had the same rig. Cuuute baby. 😊For all you screenwriters out there- This is that standard “false win” moment near the end of the 2nd act. Right be…
Retweeted by Brian Churilla bears repeating every once in a whileArtist #ProTip: marry a grownupWanna feel old? This is Calvin and Hobbes now
Retweeted by Brian ChurillaPat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Jr., and Franklin Graham only represent white conservative evangelical Christians in…
Retweeted by Brian ChurillaLe Centre Culturel Français de Boston -USA- organise une rencontre en vidéo au cours de laquelle je présenterai mon…
Retweeted by Brian Churilla @the_kochalka Dang. Sorry to hear. Glad he’s on the mend.I need a new guitar to help me get through this quarantine. only get it if your state’s super into fascism and genocide tho it real. 🤘🏼🔥🤘🏼 @BenHBailey @MitchGerads Fucking salt and pepper too damn you. @BenHBailey Bah, too kind. Thanks.Yup.
2020 @tofuguns @thehighgain @tofuguns @thehighgain Rad. This is still the best metal distortion pedal I’ve ever purchased. Try these out some t… @tofuguns @thehighgain Also, that explorer is the fucking tits @tofuguns @thehighgain How can I get a guitar every week pls tell me @tofuguns Holy wow!!!Show me your #GearPorn! 🎸 Here’s part of my meager collection: am now August “Augie” Dio. #AugieIfYoureNasty everybody, we’re good now. Kenneth Copeland used his breath to blow the virus away.
Retweeted by Brian Churilla* it’s complicatedKids are bullshit. @BUBAndrewBUB @jameslucasjones Classic @Matt_Grigsby @jameslucasjones They Live is a great way to teach kids about consumerism. She’d love it. @Matt_Grigsby @jameslucasjones DO ITPutting this here for posterity @jameslucasjones Big Trouble..., They Live, The Thing, Prince of Darkness, Village of the Damned 90’s remake... Halloween OG etc. @TreeBeerd @artofmmignola Nah... perfection.I don’t usually do memorial pieces but Bill Withers’ death hit me hard... @JoshCrewsReally @sinKEVitch It’s amazing what he can convey with a handful of kinetic strokes. Masterful. @JoshCrewsReally @sinKEVitch Whoa
@ThatDaveJordan @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton Hence the panic attack. I just remembered I saw them a few years bac… @themikenorton @DonCardenasArt Nice. I dig Jackson. @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton The high gloss will hold out for yeeeeears before it matters tho imo @ThatDaveJordan @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton Last time I saw Neurosis I got way too high (I was 21) and their set… @DonCardenasArt @ThatDaveJordan @themikenorton It’s all in those spindly fingers. @themikenorton @DonCardenasArt One thing I would advise against are the “matte” finishes (Chapman and Solar do this… @deantrippe If only there had been signs that he is sexually inappropriate with women and children... @deantrippe 👊Hire a cartoonist. @deantrippe Seriously, anyone who thought (thinks) of him as a viable candidate is insane. @marco949 @themikenorton @ThatDaveJordan @DonCardenasArt Think I might need one too, homie. @themikenorton @DonCardenasArt Oh no! What did you get? @ThatDaveJordan @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton It ain’t very metal but it’s purty af. @CharlieChu Get a bidet, heathen. @ThatDaveJordan @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton Look at this thing. shakshuka. @Justin3000 Nah, I’ll just fed em to the pigs 🐖Hahaha on brand. POS. the rich rule #637: vandalize all automobiles worth over $100k on sight @ThatDaveJordan @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton Looks way better in the video @DonCardenasArt @kmellon @themikenorton Sold. @kmellon @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton Whoa...Eat the rich (but remember to wear a mask).Eat the rich. human mask is holding strong at 82%. #aPerformativeObject @themikenorton @DonCardenasArt New model other than the white? @DonCardenasArt @JAFlanagan Gotcha. Call it corporate brainwashing but it’s hard for me to pull the trigger on an E… @DonCardenasArt @JAFlanagan Aesthetics of an LP standard/custom ? @DonCardenasArt @JAFlanagan Josh is right. You could get a Gibson LP Studio for $100 more and they actually retain/gain value @DonCardenasArt @xXJAllenXx @riderculous Links or it didn’t happen @DonCardenasArt @themikenorton No one is looping me in on the convos. Joe’s sig model rules. I love that black bind… to put on my human mask and be with other humans.Louis CK releasing a special when no one can leave the room feels pretty on brand TBH
Retweeted by Brian Churilla @JoshCrewsReally Majestic.Deathblow commission
Retweeted by Brian Churilla @thegaf NOPE. Human mask.Remember that a manufactured affectation with an upward-inflected tone can help mask your mind-numbing depression a… share this video with all of your Fox-viewing parents and that dumbass neighbor.
Retweeted by Brian Churilla#QuidProQuo. This dude is a broken record. to put on my mask and be with other humans.Staying home with kids 10hrs a day is great for productivity; I got 12 pages of layouts done in three weeks. @jameslucasjones @PjPerez My kids’ private school had a home school plan in place and implemented it immediately, a… lose health care access due to getting fired: Australia: 0 Belgium: 0 Canada: 0 Chile: 0 Denmark: 0 Finland…
Retweeted by Brian Churilla