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@ManicPixieDdawg Thanks! I was standing on Aaron’s very muscular shoulders.Well that was fucking inert.
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldI’ve been waiting four years for this
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @ScottWamplerBMD This feels like a “but...”Is that a Justice League Biden CANCELED for... getting out of a car?
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @ManicPixieDdawg Covid permitting!Watching FREAKY at home is a joy when your dog’s name is Millie. @handsome_pal @CarterNixon @JimJarmuschHair @blankcheckpod @devincf WhatI can’t believe MANK wrote this iconic line!!!
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @socal_scully I write in my bedroom. I had an office pre-pandemic and gave that up real fast.Big news we switched to COCOMELON, way less opportunities to laugh at whore.My wife is so tired that every time the word “horse” is said while our daughter watches SPIRIT we laugh because it almost sounds like whore.It’s 6:25pm and I’m falling asleep AMALol but whateverThe audience being annoyed until they realized it was Peter Jackson, and then cheering every time he was extra loud…
somehow taron egerton got hotter by transforming himself into an Unsolved Mysteries suspect
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @ScottWamplerBMD @ScottWamplerBMD Sure but in true Kubrick fashion I’m just gonna fax you notes about the afterlife and you’ll hear… @ScottWamplerBMD I'll make this.Just an icon being an icon.
Retweeted by Brian Duffieldit has been brought to my attention that this is what taron edgerton will look like for the TETRIS movie and theref…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldIt's obviously the story of how the battle between JJ Abrams's SUPERMAN script and Andrew Kevin Walker's BATMAN VS.…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldI want to see a movie about Jesse Dylan directing AMERICAN WEDDING without having seen AMERICAN PIE.
Retweeted by Brian Duffieldsadly Fireproof is already a movie
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @DrewMcWeeny @sepinwall @ScreenDrafts I’ve witnessed such madness before.I saw MANK. There’s no way you’d find George S. Kaufman and Eddie Cantor in a room together in 1934. They couldn’…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @sepinwall @ScreenDrafts @DrewMcWeeny That crazy sonofabitch definitely put M:I 2 at number 1, didn't he.
Retweeted by Brian Duffieldso penetrated
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @AKlay19 @TaddWinter Doesn't really explain why they'd commit movies that haven't even finished filming to the plan… @BDavisCollins What's it for? My daughter will love coloring the walls with crayons. @BDavisCollins Man I don't get any of this shit. @ScottWamplerBMD csi you simpleton @ScottWamplerBMD incredible. Her campaign spokesperson spent several hours yelling at me over email that I was a bumbling assho…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldIs the cut of THE SOUND OF METAL on Amazon ten minutes shorter than what AFI Fest showed last month?I’m not even 30 seconds in, and I’m laughing like a big dumb fool! Every shot has a gag!
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldFrom the depths of my soul, I despise Matt Gaetz but he’s right on this one.
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @nate_winslow @unikunka Oh for sure, but they've also missed out on straight down the middle inspirational stuff to…, it's just funny that it's easier for Obama to win an election than a TV show.Like you'd definitely assume they'd be cleaning up! Who doesn't want to have OBAMA in their credits?!I'm really curious about why Obama keeps losing out on high profile packages. @devincf LegendMe, being an adult keep seeing articles saying this HBOMax plan is temporary and I have no idea how that is possible.80s WRITER: Just sold a 5 min elevator pitch! 2020 WRITER: What about pilot story, characters, theme, tone, arcs,…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldWhoops. The latest legal filing from former Trump attorney Sidney Powell in her Georgia lawsuit accuses Dominion vo…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield Fincher is such a Virgo
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @DrewMcWeeny How does it look on your Apple Watch? @mappewpwellps Oh noBiden refers to Clinton, Bush, and Obama as “my three predecessors” is interesting framing, casting Trump as an abe…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @ryan_the_ryan Post it again @ryan_the_ryan It’s too late! @ryan_the_ryan Hhahaha @MelissaRussells Gimme the goss @ryan_the_ryan Imma call him @MelissaRussells They’re just all so happy to sing together!And we cut live to someone’s publicist tonight sure any scene made me happier this year than the big medley in EUROVISION. time best Hanks scene.
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldPence should tell Trump he’ll pardon him, become President and then be like new phone who dis Lasso wouldn’t have fucked up 2016. is fucking crazy we talked to QUEENS GAMBIT writer/director Scott Frank! Truly great convo about adaptation, creativity, and…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldFuck you. appreciate that they watermarked this 30 year old movie. day on this website someone tweets a pretty unremarkable thought and they get 37 replies telling them their b…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield
Lol bitch your daddy only tweets and golfs Biden tells CNN that he's going to be calling for the nation to wear masks for the first 100 days after he takes office.
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldAll I know is this is the best thing that could have happened to DUNE.I lost it at "like... what horse?"
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldNetflix must be next to stop their theatrical windows after Warners big move, right? @DrewMcWeeny I'm more curious if they try to shove the genie back in the bottle at some point. @DrewMcWeeny Hahaha damn @DrewMcWeeny Was the courtyard the lobby originally?Today marks 10 years since the “Tron: Legacy” soundtrack album release. I’ve always disliked referring to any part…
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Retweeted by Brian Duffield.@RottenTomatoes has revamped the way it assigns its "Top Critics" status as a way to promote diversity and inclusi…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @BittrScrptReadr At the end of MANK they make CITIZEN KANE. BLOCK ME, BABY!A24 just announced that all their movies will premiere directly into the conversations of guys who are still pissed…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldCurious if Chris Nolan will stay at Warners going forward. @MelissaRussells’s literally a scene in THE DEPARTED where Nicholson is baiting Sheen and Wahlberg and some of the shots have… LASSO’s only flaw (besides ending the premier league season at night) was not putting respect on THE DEPARTED. @bdgrabinski So he never did it? @bdgrabinski I love it I love it I love it @bdgrabinski It’s baffling it only got one acting nom and that Jack Nicholson of all people was snubbed. @ZacharyLoeser Never seen @philbertgrape It’s working. OVAH TIME.Only Goodfellas competes with The Departed in terms of sheer rewatchability and maximum quotability.Pornhub should do its own version of the Spotify thing
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldI retweet this because it’s a hilarious, but know that the official Duffield opinion is The Departed and its entire… @scottEmovienerd And all those actresses are LEGIT. @scottEmovienerd Those are 5 heavy hitters too.