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Joined Twitter 2/22/09 Duffield you’re a spicy bitch @claykeller Yeah you guys only went for America is Awesome movies I guess.however weird right now is, in 1982, burt reynolds played mcmurphy in his dinner theatre’s production of cuckoo’s n…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldThe whole time watching Jaws i couldn't get past the fact that sharks only have one jaw. "the movie should be calle…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @claykeller I only would have played WAR, though I think AI is better (but not in any way the 4th of July movie I need). @claykeller @claykeller @claykeller @claykeller I just listened to the 4th of July and am scandalized.*alien explodes out of a guy's chest* RIPLEY (played by Emma Stone): Uhh, yeah, so THAT just happened
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @adityasood remembered there was a new Hunger Games novel.Really just hit me that the last movie I'll ever have seen in theaters is Cats.
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldHere’s a video of Christopher Reeve talking about Superman. Dean Cain is a joke.
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldWhenever I watch a movie before an audition I get hyper critical of myself, like fuck I’ll never be as good as Ving Rhames in MI3
Retweeted by Brian Duffield18 years ago, #CloneHigh was cancelled a few days before my episode was set to air. My first writing credit. Though…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldThis is some legolas bullshit @mappewpwellps is the 6 year anniversary of the most important journalism Mother Jones has ever published…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldAlanis Morissette on her wrenching new album, 25 years of 'Jagged Little Pill,' and more
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldGREYHOUND drops next week but the commercials tonight say “coming soon”?
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldOh I got a lot to say. Dean Cain is an actor who played Superman. He is not actually Superman. Superman does things Dean Cain wo…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldEvery. Day.
I think all the time about how Pence would probably beat Biden. @kristapley Colonizers.(17 votes)
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @johngary @JasonHellerman "Fairy lives matter" - the cop in BrightIt's not their nickname it's their actual team name. like we don't fully appreciate the needle drop at the end of the last episode of OZARK.For anyone out there who's curious, here’s my breakdown on the whistles I built for the Scars in #TheLastofUsPartII
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldLMFAO Investment firms and shareholders worth a collective $620 billion have asked Nike, FedEx and PepsiCo to end…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldHAHAHAHAHAHAHALife comes at you pretty fast.
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldLMFAO City @arashamel @bdgrabinski @unikunka don't need a PET scan or an MRI to see cancer anymore. It's right in front of you.
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @arashamel @bdgrabinski @unikunka That’s why I broke the news to you literally the minute it happened. @AaronStarmer That’s usually my move too. @AaronStarmer A terrible performance. And the actor got injured by a lit cigarette too. @Calchal @bdgrabinski @unikunka @arashamel I think I won one of those? I’d have to check @bdgrabinski @unikunka @arashamel knows I’m nothing if not supportive (when it comes to Emmys) @bdgrabinski @unikunka Congrats on your Emmy nomination @Calchal I’ll settle for execs @johngary Craig Zobel* @unikunka @bdgrabinski No that’s GRACE OF MONACO.Never heard of it hits Disney+ tomorrow, and it is thrilling in old ways and stimulating in new ones. Here, @Helen_E_Shaw an…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @franklinleonard Ah yes the classic “don’t better yourself because you are already perfect” chicken noodle soup for the diseased soul.Almost impressive in its rank stupidity
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldThis is the origin story of Land Shark
Retweeted by Brian Duffield2019 2020
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @adityasood This raises an important question - what’s the difference between a statue and skeleton? And would anyo… see conservatives being like what about THESE statues of people liberals like and I’m like unless it’s a dinosaur… god Week is a go!
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldTeaming up to solve mysteries every Thursday at 9 on CBS can’t wait
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldI still cry laughing whenever I remember that one of the Transformers movies actually says that Harriet Tubman was…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldJurassic Park - 1993 audience reactions
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldShark In the following clip, #Cursed star #KatherineLangford (#13ReasonsWhy) discusses what it was like to bring…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @MelissaRussells Well I’m gonna need some more information @arashamel Damn, can't wait for this episode of THE CROWN.Harry & Meghan know Queen killed Diana for hooking up with an Arab, & would lose no sleep over doing in her grandso…
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @claykeller @adambvary @alisonwillmore I *think* it was Free Guy? @claykeller @adambvary @alisonwillmore What was supposed to be this years movie? I could look it up but nah.Update: I was fired for this post.
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldI think my Quarantine Project is finished? #babayaga
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @MayorOfLA You 1 week ago: You today:
Retweeted by Brian Duffield👀
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldThis is one of the most remarkable sports stories...ever. It’s cliche to level this criticism — but it’s true: it h…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldHere's Okieriete Onaodowan explaining what it's like to perform HAMILTON when he just watched half the crowd cheer…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldThe Lone Ranger wore a badge and fought for justice, Trump wears diapers. Big difference. #DiaperDon
Retweeted by Brian Duffield
@bdgrabinski And it was an accident because they lost the first A-lister cast with a schedule push.Now we're fucking talking. @kristapley LMFAO I love that they can't decide if Biden is braindead or if he is so competent as to exterminate all Republicans.David Koepp’s new website hosts an archive of his produced & unproduced screenplays, including various drafts of Sp…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldSure iverson spent so much money at the tgi fridays on city line avenue that it became the franchise's fourth most…
Retweeted by Brian Duffieldinception way too confusing. the right way to do it is Leo gets stuck between the two walls in the pointless Morocc…
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldWhoa
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldAnother classic example of Duffield killing it. @DrewMcWeeny Spielberg has to approve them all too. @mappewpwellps Just in case anyone was like MAD MEN really endorses the behavior of its characters. @ben__brackett @DrewMcWeeny I *believe* it was built into the tour from the get-go? But maybe I'm wrong. @DrewMcWeeny Where does WAR OF THE WORLDS fall into this nowisnt there already context for the scene in the show
Retweeted by Brian DuffieldFirst look: Seth Rogen stars as a brine-preserved time traveler in HBO Max's 'An American Pickle'
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @GregTheWeidman Oh I see you’re one of those Snyder Cut guys @GregTheWeidman If they become a state, shouldn't Marvel and Image also be states?😐📺 #OliviaDeHavilland surprises her dear friend #BetteDavis on an episode of THIS IS YOUR LIFE (1971).
Retweeted by Brian Duffield @BittrScrptReadr It's the true Duffield of Dreams up in here. @BrianDuffield Wait till they find out you’re my daddy.
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