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From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. Socialist. Parent. Cyclist. Dog lover,Liverpool & Blades fan.

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@RLong_Bailey The point of socialism is not to raise people’s aspirations but to deliver them.If only Michael Fish was like this.’ve seen wood with a more energising delivery than this . This video should be prescribed on the NHS for people su… @RichardDawkins Humans are not cows and pigs etc. I don’t want 100% lean humans. @Baddiel You call it trolling, but often it’s just feedback. I’m sure you would prefer the old days when you could… health: putting profit before health on a daily basis. @paulmasonnews @Keir_Starmer No. I won’t be voting for Starmer. @dsue1441_re @damian_from @BriefcaseMike @broncoskolar @JulietB270880 @fiat_knox @QuinnFootieFan @fintanmccarthy bit of it was a referendum and remain lost, is it that Sir Keir Starmer doesn’t understand? @NorthLeftVoices @UKLabour @NorthLeftVoices @UKLabour Lol. @barryoleary77 @Scribemole @laureleccles @Sue54Phillips @JulietB270880 @PaulBry58335884 @petejm1958 @petergloss
@David__Osland I’m not really sure what you mean by this.#Paris @JohnRentoul @Andrew_Adonis Tit. @margarethodge ZzzzzzTime to boycott Amazon. #BDS sound you can hear in the background is me banging my head against a brick wall.
@lisanandy Pathetic.What the fuck are the candidates doing this? What made them think it might be a good idea? Have we completely lost… @BrianHTweed Here is the list:
Retweeted by Brian Tweedale @lisanandy That’s bullshit. The argument has already been won. Public ownership of rail, water, and power supply is… publishes list of companies with ties to Israeli settlements | West Bank | The Guardian Commit these companies… an unattractive bunch of politicians.’t you just love it when the Lib Dem’s say they are going to stop the Tories doing something? @EmilyThornberry Zzzzz
If you are every struggling to explain the ‘broken record’ technique to someone, just show them this. Scandalous. think I can safely say her sacking will be welcomed across the country. @NikkiHaley Oh please grow up. @motifpower Indeed.That figures. just caught up with the reshuffle. Didn’t expect this headline. @IsraeliPM FO. #BDS
@Peston Truth be known, Robert, you are not particularly bright are you?What an odd way of putting it. The left called on journalists to show due impartiality in their reporting and to st… @Grizedale2974 @UKLabour @jeremycorbyn @jessphillips @EmilyThornberry Tit.She wouldn’t be saying that if she was still in it. look on Johnson and Patel’s faces is a joy to behold. @wesstreeting Oh please FO.Never trust a man in a suit making pledges. @JohnSimpsonNews No, I’m not sure I do get your point. @l_attfield @RuthSmeeth Seriously? @lester_hickling It was Margaret Hodge. She tended to use the anecdote when she was smearing Corbyn. @LeftlyDemented Oh Dear indeed. She ain’t getting my vote. @albrookshaw Zzzzz @atensnut Zzzzz
@VanessaFiji @crapshitmierda @soopagaz And from everything else that they are screwing up. @TonheadMarc @BBCPolitics I didn’t realise sexuality was geographically distributed. @jimwaterson But if you want to travel across the country forget it. Trying to book a journey for daughter from Gla… @RandolphTrent Even the willfully blind could see it.Brexit is going well, I see. @JohnClarke1960 @MiaSertima Ah, Mr Baddiel... @ChiOnwurah @John_Kenney Can they bring Sheffield’s bus prices in line with London at the same time as Newcastle. I… @WarwickHunt4 Still here. @EdmundGriffiths @DapperDanMan83 Many symbols, or ‘signs’ as a semiotician would call them, are arbitrary. They onl… on many levels if true. Imagine the country’s safety being in the hands of Matt Hancock, who couldn’t organis… @David__Osland And I want to see disciplinary action taken against MPs who deliberately undermine the leader, whoever that proves to be. @AtomsDNA Some Universities will seek to ditch arts courses, which have historically led to low paid jobs, in order… @plug441 Afraid it is.I NEED ANSWERS FOR MY SON WHO WAS LEFT DEAD IN ARMY BARRACKS FOR 3 WEEKS - Sign the Petition! via @UKChangeIf he came anywhere near my house I’d find it difficult to restrain the dog. There are few things she likes less th… @simonmaginn He has a habit of making poor decisions. @simonmaginn And Owen Jones, I suspect. @otivar55 @BBCNews Inertia.In the case of the Arts, graduate earnings are not a measure of a university’s performance, they are a measure of t… @louiseleelee Inertia.
@penkymax Aren’t you a lucky one? @nigeltheleftist Saw this at Sheffield #DocFest Powerful stuff.Excellent. Let’s be more French. @BorisJohnson Why are you such a twat? @Hepworthclare The word ‘could’ is carrying a lot of weight in this sentence.Boris Johnson’s new front bench. Murdoch surprise contender to become new BBC Director-General | inews If she is appointed then I really… @estwebber To anyone who voted for this rancid and heartless government: FUCK OFF. #WindrushScandalSharon Osborne looks younger than her daughter. What’s that about? #Oscars - Vanessa Redgrave won for playing a woman killed by Nazis in “Julia.” Because of her involvement with…
Retweeted by Brian TweedaleIf you are looking for a good reason not to vote for Nandy your search is over. @JohnSimpsonNews What a silly thing to say.It’s RB for me.
@margarethodge @IanMurrayMP Excuse me while I Zzzzz. @mmt_lvt @AaronBastani @simonjjacobson What do have against opening up the internet to people who can’t afford it?… @Keir_Starmer @ipasho @DLawrenceOBE And you or your team have misused Party data without the consent of it’s member… @mmt_lvt @AaronBastani @simonjjacobson So which policies would you say the Party should drop to become ‘electable’? @damian_from Why can I not resist a laugh when I hear people say this is just a slur to stop the only ‘electable’ c… doesn’t she love the smell of ermine? for concerned citizens, otherwise referred to as ‘consumers’, it is one of the few ways we can say ‘NO’ to con… @William24625705 Not overly inspired by RLB, but her election to start the process of sorting the wheat from the ch… @Grombags You don’t have to say much. He’s got very thin skin. @AaronBastani @simonjjacobson Given that whoever wins will be subject to the same old shit, I think I’ll stick with… #SinnFéin win is nightmare for @BorisJohnson who has never taken Ireland (or Northern Ireland) seriously. One…
Retweeted by Brian TweedaleWhat’s red tape to Tories is protection for workers and their families. Say no to deregulation.… @suziegeewizz Iain Dale.I think his wife and children need to tell his to take a break from his phone. they say that for the Labour Party to become electable it has to move to the centre. Mmmm. I mistaken or are the MPs throwing their weight around, the sans MPs who have been lecturing the left about the… is the moment Leo Varadkar realised he was not elected on the second count in #DublinWest. He got 118 transfe…
Retweeted by Brian Tweedale @StephenBlakeman @carlpassion1 @shaunjlawson Tosh. I suspect you mean centrist Twitter. @VictorK43995989 @Mickorua1 @MikeHig85656631 @MickyBTFC62 @expressionessd1 @GasGilligan @Patrick63104016 @DefineSystem @TheFabledAesop A useful guide.