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From each according to their ability, to each according to their needs. Socialist. Parent. Cyclist. Dog lover,Liverpool & Blades fan.

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@ht4ecosocialism @Keir_Starmer I suspect it is. @raphaeldogg @OHATyoutube Kier’s clearly got an eye for talent! @NuQum4Real It would appear that a Communism with Chinese Characteristics system, has out performed a Capitalist on…’m sure Laura Kuenssberg, Andrew Neil, and Robert Peston wanted to talk about this. But hey, why ruin a positive s… @LauraMStuart9 @MoeyG51 Tell me something I don’t know.I do wish people would stop sending dick pictures. @1955nancoys Thank heavens for Boris for sending us an alternative.’m sure Laura, Nick and Robert are just itching for some bare knuckle fighting. It will give their tongues, chappe… shysters singing a duo. It will never replace entertainment. @j_sutherland2 Sounds like a good question for a FOI request. @SusiePeaceCora I’m sure Dawn and Jess will ensure he stays true to the Manifesto. you are feeling depressed about Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet selection, here’s a shot of a solitary Goldfinch sittin… I needed a laugh after Starmer announced his Shadow Cabinet. @BenJolly9 @raphaeldogg And, I should have added, Owen knows which side that is. @BenJolly9 @raphaeldogg Bread has a side that needs butter.I’m sure they’d prefer better pay and conditions. @raphaeldogg I don’t have the energy.And that tells us much about the country we live in. A country that can bail out big business at the drop of a hat… @JamesEFoster I feel we’ve been saying this almost since the day the Party was formed. You can certainly rely on th… @duncanpoundcake The sound you can hear in the background, is the sound. 400k members make when their hearts sink. @britainelects @YouGov I can’t believe we are not 20% ahead in the polls yet. I’m sure it will change now that Jess…“Why aren’t MPs getting 80% of their £80,000 salary” is the £64,000 question.
Retweeted by Brian Tweedale @j_sutherland2 @SusiePeaceCora And don’t forget to email the Membership Team with a short explanation as to your re… @duncanpoundcake A helpful guide. I suspect it’s guided Kier Starmer in selecting his Shadow Cabinet. @michaelnixon70 @broncoskolar Funny how times have changed. I suspect they ignored WHO experts because they represe… @Alec_Eiffel85 It doesn’t get much poorer.During his campaign for the leadership of the Labour Party, Keir Starmer made much of his desire to ‘unite’ the Par… @Freedland It’s dead. @KevinHIpoet1967 @redmatt14 @allyPOUM @IGOTABITCH @GinaMariaStewa1 @LabourStudents @1frazzled1 @AmandaGtto @seery_o no longer need to know who Starmer’s financial backers are. His shadow front bench is all the evidence needed th… Phillips, Liz Kendal and Wes Streeting promoted by Starmer. These are people who have spent the past 4 years u… someone check if Allison is running a fever as she sounds delusional. you are telling us this to tell us what precisely? @ErdmuteD @linscot26 @Fanxxxxtastic @JohnHoward46 Let’s be honest, the poor are struggling to own one house let alone two.And other such bullshit. this was clearly done my a man with an eye for detail. it has finally arrived. Can someone please tell me what the point of this exercise is, apart from loading the… @SimonKelly14 @vampiretraums I’m sure she will be keen to get her nose back in the trough. @AndrewMarr9 I was going to craft a witty reply to this, but reading it has completely sapped my will to live. @jamespfeffer @Sans_culottes89 Zzzzz @stephen_latham @ligomersall I do remember this. @SarahLane_5 Yeah, right.
And long may that continue. Every time she says something a bit of me dies. @broncoskolar Tell us something we don’t know.Yep. That’s what it implies. Mind you, you wouldn’t know that from reading Laura Kuenssberg or Nick Robinson’s twe… Lady Ha Ha. @raphaeldogg Missing the words ‘now’ and ‘Lane’. @raphaeldogg A sign, perhaps, of the stress people are living under right. I had a row with a bloke who was conscio… @JoeSucksmith Democracy is capitalism’s best political shell. Like capitalism itself, it gives the allusion of free… @raphaeldogg He’d like it even more if the ones who left were replaced by Maureen Lipman, Tony Robinson, and Louise Ellman etc.Funny how that statement by Johnson that the UK was well set up for dealing with the pandemic keeps coming to mind. @SaraCo130813 It couldn’t be anything else. @RespectIsVital Let’s be thankful for small mercies: at least Jess Phillips is still a backbencher. @bbcnickrobinson But it’s doubling bigger numbers, so it’s no consolation at all.The next Alexi Sayle in the making. is the net result of an organisation that petrified of criticising the Tories, and a journalistic culture that… League says #Israel exploiting #coronavirus crisis to expand settlements #COVID19
Retweeted by Brian Tweedale @OHATyoutube Are they still trotting out that old chestnut? I wonder if he could point me in the direction of a c… favourite Covid quote of the day from my neighbour who's just emerged from a nasty bout. "It was like having Mar…
Retweeted by Brian Tweedale @gmai_sutton They’ll blame it on Jeremy Corbyn. @AaronBastani Oh please give it a rest. It’s a right-wing Zionist rag.A gentle message to all those tweeting that Johnson is doing a great job: FO. @Timjag72 @HuskerDude247 Yep.No more crap like this. Now that is worth clapping for. @ihavemedoots @JayneDWales A half of a Robert Peston. @Calumets This might cheer you up. @theretardbus @Peston I haven’t watched a BBC or ITV news report since GE2019.I can’t say I’m disappointed by this news. It’s treatment of Jeremy Corbyn was shameful. did today’s New Yorker Daily Cartoon.
Retweeted by Brian Tweedale @David__Osland Led by a Blairite leadership. It will end in tears.#WeArePalestine We won’t be cowered by the BOD nor intimidated by Kier Starmer.
Oh, Robert, we can really feel your pain., most other countries are releasing prisoners because of the health risks. Call me a cynic if you like, b… you wanted confirmation that the smears about AS were about protecting Israel’s oppression of the Palestinian pe… @ryansabey Oh no they don’t. The UK has the least trusted press in Europe. And they have earned it. @KarenStopHate Not hearing from them is one of the things that is making lockdown tolerable. @robjeffecology And news yet?There’s me thinking it was a quote from you! @mrdanwalker Let’s be honest, Dan, It was class, or more accurately, the class that Johnson represents, that got us into this mess. @raphaeldogg Not even a one handed one. @NadineDorries This was all I could hear in my neighbourhood. @Keir_Starmer @standardnews @JewishChron Yeah, we’ve got that message. And your views on the continued oppression o… @expressionessd1 @expressionessd1 Have just returned from walking that dog and it was this where I live.Things I like about lockdown: empty road and empty sky. @BlogRedRobin I’m hanging around for a bit longer just to piss them off.Oh please give it a rest. You’ll be suggesting Tony Blair next. @DavidWooding Thanks, but I’ve got enough toilet paper at the moment.#dontbuythemail and #dontbuythesun They publish bullshit like this: Mayor apologises for PM 'deserves this' comments - BBC News Boy this has really got the knuckledragge… @NJamesWorld Zzzzz @rgale40 @Keir_Starmer My, your 10 followers will be pleased by that. @GuidoFawkes FO. @jenny66931326 ZzzzzKarma. please, just FO with your ‘Britons demand’ shit. @w_terrence @realDonaldTrump Tit.
I’d rather see Jennie’ face than Starmer’s mug any day of the week. @afneil Andrew, just for the record, Laura Kuenssberg isn’t a ‘good authority’. And neither, for that matter is Robert Peston.