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Brian, you know, from the Internet. Developer Advocate at Igalia | Co-author Extensible Web Manifesto | Standards Dude (Open JSF AC) | he/him

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@zedshaw Yup. My family moved to the big island a few months after I moved out :-p The upshot was that I got to visit twice @zedshaw ah this place is beautiful, I used to go here @RickByers @igalia Thanks for watching! I was kind of bummed that the conf had technical issues and then I didn't g… awesome and uplifting history of the web and the mechanisms by which it evoles from @briankardell:…
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@kennethrohde Unbelievably, I just stumbled across it.. pretty dusty but I can clean it up.Igalia and the Open Prioritisation experiment
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @Una Oh it is prettyI'm stoked about all the texture going on my wedding website 😊 This site is *awesome*!
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @matthewcp Yeah, fixativeAttempt 3 drawing with charcoal powder, more effects..
@DerekNonGeneric @patrick_h_lauke Well..I didn't say I *wanted* it, I was saying I wonder if we'd chosen a combinat… @stefsull 😬 @ZoeBijl @yatil I'm curious if you change the ua string what doesn't work. That might tell you why.. I wanna say it… @stevefaulkner @HTMLPolice @w3c Wow this is a good pic @amyvdh @robinberjon Yup, that's me. Accurate.
@stommepoes @ZoeBijl Until it was supported correctly everywhere you mean? @kennethrohde If I ever find it, it's yours @leobalter Thanks Leo. Maybe I should try raffling some of it off or something 😁 @eisaksen I have hundreds of paintingsI have way too many paintings.i try to visualize death counts as groups people rather than just abstract numbers which are too hard to imagine..… @jawnsy @seaotta Yeah see, that sounds more believable. @seaotta Wait, is it not still march? @maggiepint I mean, I don't really hate anything I can think of - that's just one that I have seen cause a lot of p… @ZoeBijl I genuinely wonder if we just created a BtnElement that transparently functionally was a button but with d… developers, Could you be so kind as to tell me your top reason to use a clickable <div> over a <button>? Let…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @maggiepint Default global/hoistingJust filed the update request for CSS Grid Level 1 Revision 3. So much difficult spec-editing went into this... Re…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓMy PR to enable Top-Level Await in node core has approvals and should land next week, hopefully go out in 14.8.0 th…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @ElawReads Turner and Hooch. It's the perfect answer to this question because everyone will say ".... Why??" And I can't tell you. @ericlaw The sad thing is how does word of this spread? Mainly by the media they so distrust. So I expect mostly th… @AmeliasBrain Really I need to take some time to actually do this, both of these are experimenting with the stuff m… @AmeliasBrain Even more ways 😂. Really it's almost more about taking it off than putting on
@FriendlyAshley Thanks @AmeliasBrain All different ways 😁 @mariospr @igalia Congratulations marioVery happy to announce that I've become a partner of @igalia once again after this "little professional detour" I t…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @ericlaw Interesting, thanks.Messing around with charcoal powder for the first time... Harder than I imagined. Gonna take a few tries to get use… there any limits on what can be written on the outside of something that's going in the mail? I've always wondered. @jennschiffer wow!! @jennschiffer wait did you swat it or it just keeled over?! @scottjehl @scottohara nice... inert 💪 did you see it is one of the things on -- we coul… @soMelanieSaid I can relate to this. @KevinLozandier @igalia All of these would apply here too for an early experiment and don't forget this too @KevinLozandier @igalia We absolutely don't rule out JS stuff - see for more on why these particular features. @dfabu There sort of is 60 days - though depdending on how things shape up/periodic review, we may choose to keep i… @dfabu It might be possible to tweak the existing experiment somehow, but it's hard to predict. We will review and… @dfabu Experiments fail, yes. But failure from one experiment can inform others. We are interested in the problem… @dfabu There isn't, but this is an interesting idea that I should have considered and will now. @dfabu Yes...complicated. If you have ideas, it would be interesting to hear them. It has to be possible, not inc… @dfabu Not sure what idea you had here, but no - we've nothing special here - there is tons of social media and peo… @dfabu If one of these reaches its goal, we will begin work to attempt to crowdfund it. There's lots of complex fa… @tobie @donohoe @SaraJChipps ... unless you included some specs :)Took a nap this evening and honestly, I could have slept right through till morning pretty easily I think."is it ok to dm questions?" yes. Tho, if they are generally useful I may share a version of q/a publicly "Is it o… developers can now navigate to `edge://flags` on Edge for Android, enable experimental web platform features, a…
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@heydonworks Thanks!Same painting with yesterday's progress and a more decent photo @cramforce photomorph my power went out last night and it was about a million degrees and humid so I slept for a grand total of about… post by @pizlonator goes in depth on JavaScriptCore VM internals, and is also a bible of speculative compilati…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @tobie @SaraJChipps lest this be misinterpreted, note I said "I think" because this is also not my bag :) I have t… @tobie @SaraJChipps It's Trek I think Tobie :-p Not even Hitchhiker's Guide? @laurieontech those slight delays where you think someone has paused & so started trying to speak, but then they ke… one thing I can say for sure is that @igalia cares to give developers the opportunity to do so - and that simp… are interested in the larger discussion about the commons and challenges and exploring of the ways we can give e… Q I got privately... "This seems really oriented at developers, it seems business pooling money would be be… had to fit availability and coordination -- so.. hard to pick a list of 6 things that tick all of those boxes,… wanted: a) a small number of options: a) uncontroversial/ready b) in different stages (3rd/2nd implementation),…, here's a q I got privately: "Why these ones?" I answered this in the video and in the recent podcasts too but here it is: 1/ @lawnsea @jennschiffer &#76;&#79;&#76; @ZoeBijl no please. @DerekNonGeneric @Paul_Kinlan @chriscoyier I guess what I can do is try to assure you that we have quite a lot of e… @DerekNonGeneric @Paul_Kinlan @chriscoyier Also obscured from view here are costs here are what it already took to… @DerekNonGeneric @Paul_Kinlan @chriscoyier Ultimately, only you can decide how a thing seems to you. No doubt, eva… @voxpelli @Paul_Kinlan @chriscoyier @tidelift There is also @Paul_Kinlan Or, compare this to the smallest one, which @chriscoyier wrote about - a very small fraction of his tw… @Paul_Kinlan What's interesting to me here: This is the biggest of all of them, and yet even this one could reach i…💯 CSS flex gap is in Chrome 84 💯 play around at this sandbox on @codepen 👇
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@__apf__ these are prototypes of the new iPlants @_philn_ I think your meter needs recalibration :) It is so badJust anecdotally speaking, I'd like to make the same observation I did in '16 and say that polls do not hold up wit… @wycats @_zouhir Which part? The pen? Maybe? I'm curious mostly to understand the use. The entries? Just that there… @ceejbot @durumcrustulum If it is a coke zero, would this be a 0 based scale? 🤔 @wycats @_zouhir Is it possible to see a pen with the final form to understand the problem better? Is there a reaso… now has a built-in API for formatting lists into English, or your other preferred language!…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @littlecalculist omg, I was just thinking this last night - exactly this, and I almost tweeted it. @getify I was looking at some historical tweets and noticed that they are now pointing to a completely different person - wild! @getify I guess the second one is what I meantDoes twitter recycle names? Like, if you leave, can someone else wind up with your name? - have questions? AMAthis is rad 👍
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓJoin @torgo from Samsung and me tomorrow on a live stream about "Open Source and Open Standards" - how and why you…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @stshank I was watching it on Hulu and it disappeared the day I got to the last two episodesFun demo with video, canvas, script and transforms on resource constrained Raspberry Pi 2/3 with @WPEWebKit - - the…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @zedshaw it doesn't look like this at all I think tbh, it's just dark and I'm a shit photographer.Finally got this to a sharable state, but can't get a decent photo of the real colors.. more as it progresses I gue…
It recounts lots of similar history I talked about in too!