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Brian, you know, from the Internet. Developer Advocate at Igalia | Co-author Extensible Web Manifesto | Standards Dude (Open JSF AC) | he/him

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I have arted hilariously badly all day today.
Demo: Compressing and decompressing a string using the newish CompressionStream stuff in Chrome
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓResizeObserver opens up the way to (part of) container queries, a long-wanted ask from #developers; @briankardell g…
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My son, a designer who does all of this intricate line art , recently took up programming and made this nifty littl…'s *way* more interesting and useful stuff in here than you would probably think. If you're doing web developm… for this translation of my "Toward Responsive Elements" post! @ShopTalkShow @TheWebPlatform @adactio Similarly, I think it would be very easy to read a lot of things as people s… @ShopTalkShow @TheWebPlatform It seems way more useful, and minds can be changed. An example of this is a conversat… really enjoy hearing more fluid back and forth discussion and thoughts on things like @ShopTalkShow I feel like I want to start a topical podcast on web stuff...I worry that it would probably have to be ve… @SelenIT2 Thanks! @ryanafrish7 Thanks!Good discussion.. Lots of good points here I think...
If you’re a coder (or just want to mess around making stuff on the web), there’s a single place on @Glitch which gi…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓThe new Batman... @seldo @meyerweb Me also. @littlecalculist How is their loader not a cheese wheel? @littlecalculist Sounds pretty cheeseyHow Big Is That Box? Understanding Sizing In CSS Layout #xmlprague
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@anatudor Everyone can paint! It just requires a deep desire to be incredibly frustrated over and over again for hours!!What do you do when you're not feeling well.. sit on the couch and paint? Me too.. here's a 10"x10" oil like it would be handy if the little thing at the bottom of the screen where downloads live in chromium has a 'dismiss' menu option.I have a new article out on @css: While You Weren’t Looking, CSS Gradients Got Better Beca…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @brucel The newer, next attempt at declarative shadow dom is worth reading too List 250, you romantic rhinoceros!
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Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @etportis @Niaccurshi @ausi @davidbaron But also, progress. Contaminant itself can be a guarantee against this alre… @etportis @Niaccurshi @ausi @davidbaron ... it's not like you'd probably think though. I think there's more to work… @mikesherov I'm quitting tech to become a burrito.
@im_ironclad @chriscoyier've had some DMs regarding a place to provide donations and support. The easiest way to do this is via PayPal here…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @shepazu @hober This is a thoughtful phrasing and even if it wasn't too me, I got something from it, so thanks Doug. @Niaccurshi @etportis Let me know if you can't find it, I'll share.. sorry for being short, I was at the doctor's 😊 @Niaccurshi @etportis Sorry I don't know if I helped or not.. it's quite difficult to explain in a tweet but I thin… @Niaccurshi @etportis Depending on the proposal, the specific details can differ, but ~generally~ all kinds of stuf… @Niaccurshi I'm not sure I understand what you mean by statement in this context, can you clarify? As to what can c… @ausi Yes I'm familiar with it! I mentioned in the piece that some others had arrived at similar ideas using calc a… @winysummer ...and also :) @chriscoyier ...lazy loading landed in the spec too @frivoal @igalia @lajava77 (another recurring theme you might notice: @igalia is involved in a *whole lot of stuff… great illustration of this, I think, is to have a look at @frivoal's talks like -- 45 min… theme here: The magic in the platform is wonderful in that we don't have to think about all this all th… @simevidas @igalia @regocas Layout is astoundingly complex. While you don't think about the connections of all the… @simevidas @igalia @regocas containment doesn't require thousands of elements, no - it's very especially useful for… @simevidas @igalia @regocas One of the things I mentioned in my post though is that the additional information prov… @simevidas my colleague at @igalia, @regocas works on this -- he gave a talk which included some of this last year… @rachelnabors @hober I'm with @rachelnabors and @amyvdh here, it's just nice and I do it for everyone. Also, on so… @davatron5000 what reader do you use? @vlh thanks Val!caught a bit of buzz around container queries!? here's the post you've been waiting for 🐝
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @SelenIT2 Please, feel free. @brucel Welcome home!A third of delegates aren't decided until Super Tuesday. What we do now matters. Our campaign needs critical funds…
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@snookca Also, important to note this is just a start.. definitely expect higher level sugars to follow in any of t… @snookca Definitely lots of work and thought!! Do you mean the example is similar? To be clear that wouldn't be exc… is working on bringing this to @webkit too 👍 shows to get to know me 1) Jane the Virgin 2) The Good Place 3) Marvel's Agents of Shield 4) Penny Dreadful 5)… if you’re a disabled developer with accessibility feedback on VS Code, get in touch! My DMs are open and I…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓIf you've been waiting for container queries, read this and get excited ⬇️⬇️⬇️
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @getify @patrick_h_lauke My son is a designer and loves it.Brian's process for managing the problem of too much email 1. Watch a really really active repo (ex, wpt) 2. Spend… @jorydotcom "Awake?" @chriscoyier Same. @geddski @argyleink thanks!It's great to see @mozilla turn on federation in their @matrixdotorg instance. This makes it easier for us in…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @davatron5000 @html5 @chriscoyier @stubbornella @tabatkins @pmdartus I _think_ @tabatkins was going to type that up… @davatron5000 @html5 @chriscoyier @stubbornella I'll add in here that I think there is an adjacent topic that… @marvindanig @stubbornella @seldo It's very true that you can do a lot using existing powers! It's also true that… @StuRobson ok, you can call them _almost_ anything you want :-p @morewry @webwewantfyi ^ @StuRobson there's something about what you call them that speaks to how you tend to approach the problem... you ca… @argyleink @meyerweb @jensimmons @ShopTalkShow @aneventapart @wordpressdotcom @Netlify Finally our friends at Micro…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @argyleink @meyerweb @jensimmons @ShopTalkShow @aneventapart @wordpressdotcom @Netlify And critically we aren't the…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @equinusocio @argyleink during layout, this is a value that is calculated in the process, at the right time. The i… @bfgeek @tabatkins @slightlylate @hankchizljaw @chrishtr promised post, sorry for the delay - was chatting some mor… @davatron5000 So many glimmers! @stubbornella @marvindanig @seldo more on this topic, published today :)New Post: Toward Responsive Elements Wondering what's up with 'container queries'?... Here's an update. @zedshaw This happens to me constantly.. how is it this happens? Very distinguishable on the pallete or not disting… @davatron5000 @html5 @chriscoyier @stubbornella I'm not taking some position here (I have opinions, of course) just… @seldo @stubbornella this means that you can't write responsive components and then share them, for example - becau… @seldo @stubbornella media queries are based on the viewport (basically, the window). nearly everyone who learns to… @html5 ^ @chriscoyier @davatron5000 Not sure if you saw this yet... this is ~~~~~supeerrrrrrrrr~~~~~ early reboot o… disappointed Warren isn't doing better here so far in NH..New declarative Shadow DOM proposal Adds "shadowroot" attribute to the <template> element.…
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Do you have something to say about EPUB? We have a survey for that. It's a long one—you mig…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓLove reading specs and encountering the stuff we all do.. "[Something something max-lines.]" @gsnedders In the past 6 years, while still at my other job, someone occasionally convinced me to apply somewhere -… Ujjwal Sharma @ryzokuken - a Compilers Hacker at @igalia, and a Node.js Core Collaborator. Ujjwal will tell yo…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓ @AdamRackis Maybe when he is done, politely mention that headphones would make that a lot easier... I expect you'll… any code editor meant for the web ever experimented with supporting selectors in the find - I feel like this wo… the Web We Want
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓLots of new stuff in Chrome 80 - Optional chaining - Contact Picker API - Origin trial for a "Saved Articles" UI v…
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@brucel Glad she's doing well!I joined @noopkat (and her *lovely* community) on stream today and we built a live chat with Svelte, Comlink and No…
Retweeted by вкαя∂εℓℓNew @igalia Chat -- I sat down with my co-worker / implementer @__mrobinson__ to talk about many things accessibili…
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I kind of hope New Hampshire surprises everyone and breathes some life into Warren's campaign.. it's really dishear… some cleaning this weekend.. Some cooking. Some cleaning. Some painting. Watched TV. Listened to some podcasts… @Joanmarie Ah.. It feels a little no win to me because then I can't adjust..I gotta make it until at least 9. It's… @Joanmarie Don't they wind up being way more than 24? I think in a recent trip I counted 4 hours sleep in the last 38 hours or something