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BrianKeene @BrianKeene Pennsylvania

Best-selling, award winning writer of HORROR/CRIME/FANTASY novels, stories, comic books, audio, and non-fiction. Occasional film producer and podcaster.

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@adamtjames1 @Pantera I love that album. @guildedearlobe 🤣🤣🤣 @RonaldKelly4 @Dandtpublishing Nice! One of my favorites by you.
@OrbKnighter @spookycurious Thanks! Third book in the trilogy will be out in just two more months. @BevVincent Bring Kleenex…“Nothing’s gonna change my world…”I’d seen the Apple rooftop concert footage before, but having just watched the version in Get Back… I’m sitting her… @serialsemantic @ericjguignard @ramseycampbell1 Thanks! That’s good company to keep 😎👍 @AuthorGrolfe I find myself wondering what might have been had they gone with John and George's idea of letting Bil… morning, while recording next week's Defender's Dialogue, I slipped into The Horror Show with Brian Keene mode… @MiskatonicL @wdfisher1 Thanks!My favorite scene is near the end of ep 1, when Paul is playing piano, showing off for Linda, and Mal asks if he's…"I may love the place, but I'd rather do the show, and then go and love the place." -- George Harrison, THE BEATLES: GET BACK @spookyvicente Oh we watched that last year! One of his favorites. ;-) @wdfisher1 *Big (not bug). That’s what I get for typing too fast @wdfisher1 Awesome! That’s some good company to be in. Im@a bug fan of them both.Under 900 followers until we reach 10,000. Can you help us get there by the end of the year? This Is Horror Podca…
Retweeted by BrianKeeneBook mail never fails to inform what I'm reading next. @BrianKeene
Retweeted by BrianKeene @wdfisher1 Glad you enjoyed it! 👍😎Just finished. @BrianKeene has still yet to let me down.
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Season two wraps up tomorrow, a conversation with John Skipp. In the meantime, check out where Season 2 started out…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @CoriScreams 💚 @TheSlumgullion Not yet. @KnownasShaun Yep that’s next @muskrat_john @erysophiaa @Massawyrm Yes! That’s it. 🤘😎🤣 @SeanIsgett DM meHim: “Wait. Ash is making out with the medieval woman? What about Linda?” Me: “She died in the previous movie, rem… 13-yr old and I have been having an Evil Dead marathon this weekend. We just got to Army of Darkness’s “Alright… @Ned_the_zombie Thank you. 👍😎 @erysophiaa @Massawyrm @muskrat_john I've still got my entire studio here. The Horror Show's been off the air over… From the Labyrinth 261, by @BrianKeene a dream I did a podcast with @Massawyrm @BrianKeene @muskrat_john in which I had 90sec to attempt to explain n…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @erysophiaa @Massawyrm @muskrat_john Let’s do it. @HightowerLaurel @WesSouthard Pretty much, yeah. 😎 @DWS1234ABCD I dunno? I guess depends on the magazine?
My girl. ☺️ @darylc395 @AlexFromIA @outfortune @TexasCthulhu Hmmmmm… @vnvdiak @NMamatas Wow! Haven’t seen one of those in a long timeI’m watching Snakes on a Plane and it got me thinking about a worse scenario. Clickers on a Plane 😳 @BrianKeene @outfortune @TexasCthulhu
Retweeted by BrianKeeneIt delights me that, just a few weeks away from becoming a first-time parent, @WesSouthard has already mastered the… @MJWithers Love it! @BrianKeene I just wanted to say how much I’m loving The Seven! I’m not even done, but it’s just such a fun and sk…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @Brundle_James Thanks so much, James. I'm delighted to hear it. ;-) @MJWithers New lyrics? @KitGonzo I've got to give that some serious thought. @KitGonzo Oh, absolutely. "Reckless Life" hits like a bomb. @HoratioTuna It’s a great albumMy Preferred Order: 1. Appetite For Destruction 2. Use Your Illusion I 3. Chinese Democracy 4. Use Your Illusion I… @RhodesCapt @NerdyCurvyKittn Gary was a great guy, for sure. Super supportive of me early in my career.Shipping update: Grab bags go out early next week. New @BrianKeene , @RonaldKelly4 , @13visions limiteds late next week.
Retweeted by BrianKeene @RhodesCapt @NerdyCurvyKittn Speaking as someone who once spent a hilarious night drinking with Joe Pilato (Captain… @CoachYoJeff Looks good, Jeff!We have someone here who won't stop raving about the end of humanity too! We think he's just hangry…
Retweeted by BrianKeeneThe important thing to remember is that you can actually have a long and remunerative career as a screenwriter with…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @Liquidnoose @EndOfThePier I got an ad for something very different! 🤣
@NerdyCurvyKittn Figured you might need some help bullying people into buying my books 😘 @NerdyCurvyKittn 🤣🤣🤣❤️So many people are following me lately 👀👀👀 Y'all are gonna be super disappointed when you realize all I do is bully…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @Ogenterline @marysangiovanni 🤞 @MarkJEngleson @shrewsreh @EndOfThePier Shrews is referring to the majority of sci-fi movies and comics we consumed… @RossJeffery_ @YouTube @dbhfiction @PhilipFracassi @JoshMalerman @mnsebourn @LJ_Dougherty @joe_hill 👍😎So moving in is a process. Todays process is trying to find shelf space for some of my favorite books. This is the…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @guildedearlobe @ChuckWendig @JonathanMaberry We get pizza if we help, right? 😎👍 @kresby2 @marysangiovanni Good luck, brother.My test came back negative, which means my 13-year old and I can commence with our previously planned EVIL DEAD mar… @cemeteryheights @JohnUrbancik still calls himself that. 😎👍 @SimonDrax An ever green of a song @Lawmance_ Right now, the first draft is being serialized on my Patreon. Once it's finished there, should see a har… fellow horror novelists and filmmakers. Nothing we make in the coming year will be as chilling as the last parag… @jbroody @outfortune Crossed by Garth Ennis
@WesSouthard I bumped him with my cart earlier this afternoonAs soon as I finish Chills this evening I’m gonna crack open The Seven. @BrianKeene and @marysangiovanni are amazing writers! #horror #read
Retweeted by BrianKeeneToday’s entertainment at work. Audiobooks make the work day more enjoyable. Thank you @CrossroadPress for the free…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @quigon2174 @marysangiovanni Enjoy!Thanks for checking out my latest release, everybody. This one's very close to my heart. And if you like it, woul…
Retweeted by BrianKeeneRevel in the scene stealing moments featuring @BrianKeene in THE BRILLIANT TERROR doc in its U.S. premiere 4 Dec.…
Retweeted by BrianKeene @Tali_Reads @CrossroadPress Enjoy! @samdzimmerman @EGotto @Shudder Loved it! @BevVincent @CemeteryDance Perfect @BevVincent @CemeteryDance Okay, well then fuck the poll. Let's do this. We'll turn our mix tapes in to each other… @MattFini @LairdBarron Man, I love "Dreamline"Would you, the reader, be interested in a DISSONANT HARMONIES II were @BevVincent and I to write another one, and… you're in San Francisco or New York City, catch it this weekend and "revel in the scene stealing moments featuri… @Not_Algernon @CatHargrave @peterstraubnyc I honestly don't know. @marysangiovanni @WesSouthard @mechachandler I'm genuinely surprised you're surprised to learn I like Taylor Swift.… @TwinnerCat @peterstraubnyc From this particular collection? I'm on record as saying "Sticks" is the perfect modern… @Lawmance_ There are four novels (currently) and three short stories. Ghost Walk, A Gathering of Crows, Last of the… @CRRutledge2 @ChristophGolden Gorgeous. I've only had the pleasure of shopping @cliffbig store twice (on two visits… @KnownasShaun @MikeTomano 😎👍According to Spotify these were the TOP 5 podcasts that I listened to the most in 2021. @Sp8Ghost @joerogan
Retweeted by BrianKeene @CatHargrave @peterstraubnyc ❤️ @finding_montauk ❤️😎 @Bryan_D_Smith @peterstraubnyc Schow told me it should come to other venues eventually so fingers crossed. @marysangiovanni @WesSouthard Reason 457 why I love you. @CatHargrave @peterstraubnyc His sword & sorcery stuff is available but sadly, most of his horror fiction is out of…
@shrewsreh @peterstraubnyc I never had the confidence to submit anything to him, sadly. @Dave_Duggins @peterstraubnyc He’s one of my faves and a huge influence on me. Sadly, I never got to meet him. He p…“LONLEY” rather than “LONLET”. My autocorrect is as under the weather as I am.Rereading Karl Edward Wagner’s IN A LONLET PLACE. Love this line from @peterstraubnyc’s Intro. “When we read, we ar… @WesSouthard @mechachandler Look, Im a Swifty, too. Maybe not as much as Chandler, but I respect her as a songwrite…