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Amoris Laetitia has been viewed with extreme suspicion in some Catholic circles. For a different perspective on tha…
Reminder: utilitarianism isn’t compatible with Catholicism. @padrebrendon Utilitarians about war, deontologists about sex. @thymeIord Seems like ordaining some married men would solve these problems. @TinaBeattie That sounds more like Ottiovani than Ratzinger. @FrMatthewLC It’s also a popular internet business model
@Chrysologus @ulrichlehner @rightscholar Mueller has also said some really stupid things about Amoris Laetitia. @rsnunez David Bentley Hart
'The one thing they cannot tolerate is ambiguity. But, alas, history is nothing but ambiguity, and the actual histo…'It is always the “traditionalists” (Orthodox no less than Catholic) who tend to have the most tenuous and idealize… @rightscholar @Michael_J_Matt Vigano resists Francis to his face. Metaphorically. Because he’s hiding.
What is more interesting to me than Pope Benedict taking his name off the cover as ‘co-author’ is the fact that he’… @mfjlewis Yesterday it was taboo to question Ratzinger’s agency. Now the Vatican made him do it!They have *so* much respect for Pope Benedict. knows better than Pope Benedict whether or not Pope Benedict co-authored book.’s next article... “Ignatius Press: Benedict’s claim he didn’t co-author book on celibacy is false.” @cwwhite212 @IgnatiusPress Does this mean they won’t change the book cover?Clericalism is inversely correlated with conscience rights. Therefore, for clericalism to decrease, conscience must increase.If you’re going to deprive someone of the Eucharist for long periods of time, seems like your argument should be a… impressed with Cardinal Sarah’s arguments for not ordaining married men in the Amazon, as quoted in this articl… “I think that if they had ordained married men in each village, they would have extinguished the Eucharistic…
@mary_pezzulo Is this a catholic text?WTF does this have to do with Catholicism?
@S_OReilly_USA Walford did say that his couple would give alms and fast, fulfilling the command of Trent to “pray f… @S_OReilly_USA Your error is in attributing full consent of the will to their continuing to have relations. Even th… @S_OReilly_USA By ‘Walford’s example’ you mean the quote in your article about the couple that are using contracept… @S_OReilly_USA It's not even true to say that he has 'deferred' quitting smoking because his using the patch is pre… @S_OReilly_USA Guy can’t quit smoking ‘cold turkey’. His doctor says “you’re too weak to quit outright, I’ve got so… @S_OReilly_USA Again, you're thinking of the 'deferring' as the result of a free choice when it's actually the resu… @S_OReilly_USA You can't *both* acknowledge that there's a step-by-step process in which conformity with the law is…
@S_OReilly_USA No. You cannot say that those who are weak ‘willfully’ do what is wrong. You’re dissolving weakness… @S_OReilly_USA This means prudence, whether in the form of conscience, grace, or a confessor, must determine what t… @S_OReilly_USA So we know already from JPII's description that the law of gradualism is step by step progression, a… @S_OReilly_USA Hence the law of gradualism is dynamic, while gradualism of the law is static. To put it in the lang… @S_OReilly_USA Gradualism of the law means making weakness the standard or norm. In the law of gradualism, God’s la… @S_OReilly_USA What is it that you think is the main difference between your example and Walford’s example? @philipgporter Welcome to the club!
@S_OReilly_USA @PattyandSox @MenAreLikeWine_ @LoriBorder @Sachinettiyil @Card_R_Sarah You guys ever read the very next sentence after that?
It sure seems like Amoris Laetitia's critics outright deny the possibility of the 'law of gradualism'. Or else they… @LoriBorder @Sachinettiyil @Card_R_Sarah He did. Why are you dissenting from Familiaris Consortio? @frjohnhollowell You can’t separate a moral act from its spiritual roots because you can’t separate a human act fro… @Sachinettiyil @Card_R_Sarah JPII said otherwise.When Church Militant is the example of being "attracted by truth", one has to wonder if it's truth that's doing the… @Hatsandwhitegl1 You’re being “fed” by the most toxic, distorted, fringe elements in the church. Healthy Catholics…
@Prof_RBW @callmemickc @mfjlewis Radtraddism is an autoimmune disease of the church.You can’t make a target big enough for Pope Francis that doesn’t also aim at his predecessors and VII itself. concerned for unborn babies *and* bombing victims proves that you care about human life and justice. That’s h…
@SocPathology @TexasMoran @rightscholar @Where_Peter_is "For about 2/3rds of the menstrual cycle sex is teleologica…
In Miami Speech, #Trump, in his first public appearance since the strike that killed Maj. Gen. Qassim #Suleimani, t…
Retweeted by Brian Killian“For the poor, for prisoners and for refugees, - may they find you, the incarnate Son of God, in our love." - LOTH
@BMcCSJ I’m supposedly related to Niall of the Nine Hostages @EricRSammons
This is why you should resolve to read @Where_Peter_is in 2020.“In 2019, many Catholic websites went bonkers. There is no need to click on sites that specialize in all-hysteria o…
The fatal flaw of a hermeneutic of suspicion or malice is that’s it’s a form of close-mindedness. It’s completely s…
@AngieMHancock1 @JeremyMcLellan You really should balance your reading more. Here, try this. @sugarfreecat1 @YebegTibs @JeremyMcLellan Do you really having nothing new to learn of the faith? Is it not possibl… @CanonTwoTwelve So Pope Benedict is unclean?Trads and evangelical-tainted “conservative Catholics” avoid cognitive dissonance by ignoring that side of Pope Ben…“we ask you to make your Church a notable example of poverty and simplicity. Lord, have mercy.”
@krezmien @JimSichko "BTW: section 8 of Amoris Laetitia is #heretical teaching.” How would you know?Question for our readers! What was your favorite post from @Where_Peter_is for 2019?
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@tonyannett It’s not ‘direct’ tho so it’s okay.
@tonyannett 😂 @natemup Nice post Nate!
@MassimoFaggioli In the words of Ratzinger regarding the Assisi ecumenical meetings, “this cannot be the model.”You mean you’ve been holding back all this time?
@HenryKarlsonIII Dave doesn’t approve. @ReyannaRice @EricRSammons I know, I’m just foolinThe seamless garment can be found in Evangelium Vitae, so it's both official and is never going away. @EricRSammons It’s a different shade of white tho.This anti-VII crank is the hero of American “conservative” Catholics. This is what @EWTN media supports now. obstacle to understanding Pope Francis is fear. Fear that i's aren't being dotted and t's aren't crossed. Fear… and choose for me, not for thee. “#Heresy means to pick/choose one's beliefs. Not very #Conservative!” @jdflynn One takes a position in the way one says what happened. For example, the way the opening ceremony to the A…
"Maybe it is time for the @USCCB to respond? They could take the lead of their counterparts in Brazil, who not only… @RobtheSnowlion @cnalive @canonlawyered There’s no such thing as being faithful to the church by rebelling against the papal magisterium. @john_gravino @JZmirak @DrJrobackmorse Morse is against the pope too? @john_gravino Jumping on the anti-pope bandwagon eh John? It’s all the rage these days.
@Stat_Crux_ @beginnercathol1 @EricRSammons @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @SteveSkojec "Why do you suggest c916 re… @EricRSammons @Stat_Crux_ @beginnercathol1 @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @SteveSkojec That’s a “no” which is why… @EricRSammons @Stat_Crux_ @beginnercathol1 @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @SteveSkojec Also "No one will assert th… @EricRSammons @Stat_Crux_ @beginnercathol1 @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @SteveSkojec Ratzinger - 'It [the church… @Stat_Crux_ @beginnercathol1 @EricRSammons @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @SteveSkojec Anyway, this isn’t a doctri… @Stat_Crux_ @beginnercathol1 @EricRSammons @TaylorRMarshall @timotheeology @SteveSkojec Not only is Pope Francis co… @FrHilderbrand That sounds like a pretty strong rig.This approach is also to be expected from @EWTN owned media sources. “In an earlier day, this approach might be s… @rightscholar @gjpappin Dan Brown journalism - that’s @cnalive
@francesco1221 @BradBradsweet Name it or admit that no part of it is “poison”. @BradBradsweet What part of Amoris Laetitia is poison? JPII’s law of gradualism? Or the CCC’s mitigating circumstan…
Retweeted by Brian Killian @father_rmv @Johnthemadmonk Millennials have values that are natural gateways to the church, the problem is they’re… @AmericanPapist @RonConte Also, definitely listen to punks with podcasts rather than the papal magisterium. That will give you really trustworthy judgments.
@CGdelvallejr Grifter @FrHilderbrand Promissory materialism @BradBradsweet What part of Amoris Laetitia is poison? JPII’s law of gradualism? Or the CCC’s mitigating circumstan…
In honor of @Pontifex 50th anniversary of ordination to the priesthood, I will follow all @TheJesuits. @S_OReilly_USA @Where_Peter_is The gradualism of the law entails that there is no need for a journey or process bec… @S_OReilly_USA @Where_Peter_is That's funny, I ask you guys the same thing.