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@Stegosource @begin Ah yes you need to either use architect/functions arc.http.helpers.bodyParser directly or arc.… @evanplaice Oh yes. I know. we've been supporting evergreen for with esm since 2018. @evanplaice Idk what you think I'm advocating for here? I'm saying writing cjs for node is almost always (not exclu… @evanplaice Yeah I'm not talking about propreitary languages. Just two common JS runtimes. @evanplaice Personally see zero value in authoring non both runtimes. But I'm absolutely looking for l… @evanplaice This response overlooks defacto standards of tht majority of modules being cjs. And that a migration pa… good description of how to view undifferentiated heavy lifting: And a grand way to star… about non-default module system in Node? Does it actually buy you any advantages to author in an unsupported dialect?Could non standard non browser native modules systems and component modelling be considered undifferentiated heavy lifting? 🤔 @swyx @storybookjs @timneutkens If only we had a native module system and components model for the browser. Alas! @tmclaughbos Awful news. Sorry for your families loss.For those who wants to see the world without vaccines, here, let me introduce you the world without ONE vaccine.
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹqi wear a mask for my grandfather
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @wesleytodd @bitandbang @v1rtl @notbrent I'm definitely not a fan of the ceremonial and ornamental nature of that e… @wesleytodd @bitandbang @v1rtl @notbrent See my reply to Malte but no. Just saying it's slower with a cold cache (w… @cramforce @bitandbang @v1rtl @notbrent Hmm good point. Yarn is slower with a cold cache. Here's the receipts: @ThugDebugger @mkovace @Mailchimp @Airbnb @facebookapp @Microsoft 2-3 months is normal. At these bigcos you'll be s… @bitandbang @v1rtl @notbrent It's objectively worse on a cold cache. @wesleytodd Yeah. hard pass. @joemccann Saw someone else comment "you can't command respect" which is an awesome parable for effective leadership.Welp, we've been physical distancing for a month as of today. I've spoken with more friends and family than the ent… @ryantotweets +1 for AWS Amplify but also check out @HasuraHQ (Worth mentioning but you'll want some trusted logi… @justGLew How so ? @wesleytodd @matteocollina @eDominykas @npmjs Super agree. Security theatre currently creating undo burden and nois… @VinuLarge Looks amazing!! @zachleat Cc @dam !
@swyx @MikeRiethmuller @basarat @benschwarz 🤔 wondering two things separate to integration. Is the goal here to wr… @ben11kehoe @shmick My fav pattern for super simple feedback control system. So fun to implement. @undef_obj @alexbdebrie @richbuggy @gerardketuma @jeremy_daly @dabit3 @key @ShortJared I hope you don't think that'… @cdeath this is a good plan; doesn't spoil and a great disinfectant @tobie some people collect mech keyboards we collect reasonably priced napa/sonoma/russian river wines!potatoes 📈 efficiency of markets 📉 @undef_obj @flybayer fwiw i invite you and everyone reading this to pen test right now and… @undef_obj @flybayer Three scopes: nothin, public read/write and private read/write. We could use matrix maths proo… @oleg008 @dan_abramov @kennu there is a lot of nuance to these terms and the context is usually lost when the point… @oleg008 @dan_abramov @kennu it also gives a lot of people confidence to talk about those concepts! @barney_parker Yes! we do a full run through of implementing GitHub oAuth with pure stateless (and vanilla) Lambda… @oleg008 @dan_abramov @kennu idk that the analogy to stdio makes sense but suuuuure @etabw3 I'm good. (but thx!) its a good height for me. I exercise regularly and do not sit at a desk to my core/pos… @flovilmart Big stacks of regret and beer probably @flovilmart A civic responsibility! @flovilmart Everyone in SF was panic buying and my brilliant wife was immediately tracking the impact to Napa/Sonom… @flovilmart Thx! Key priority was lockdown was a solid supply of..erm.. dry goods ;) @dan_abramov @kennu Yeah totally. I'm eternally grateful React highlights, popularized and teaches this.improvised standing desk @dan_abramov @kennu This property is not unique to React. Just a nice side effect of authoring pure functions. (I a… @slightlylate hey! the internets is fine our problem is sngle page apps and/or stuff that compiles proprietary garbage into them :) @jeffhorton @oldgravy Been reading a bunch about the Spanish flu. After it ran it's course there was a movement bac… you see now, how many of the things you wanted or had made habit, that don't matter. That you weren't choosing…
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @undef_obj @flybayer absolutely. will always leave room in my arguments for an 'it depends' =) goes both ways of course! @dan_grey @AscendingNode pretty sure there was 10 apollos before that but ok there facepalm (make sure you wash your hands!) @ShaneAParrish @awilkinson fwiw spanish flu and plague both had economic bounce backs (after the virus runs its course..)in the past 2 days, we've lost Ellis Marsalis Jr., Vaughan Mason, and Bill Withers. heavy. RIP
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @jrhunt TBH haven't thought about that since I left Adobe when the people there thought it was important. I had fou… do not @ me with gatekeeping nonsense about who is capable of being responsible for app security and who is not… you can outsource your app security… but you cannot outsource responsibility for security. This is why I pr… @undef_obj @flybayer and yes of course we test and kinda resent the implication that we do not. I wrote our oauth h… @undef_obj @flybayer yes, of course. I know everyone likes to make this complicated but it is not much code. we're… @dan_grey @AscendingNode ?perfected home manufacture of industrial strength cold brew today will be productive @jonsakoda We can learn plenty about the present from history. Check out Pale Rider by Laura Spinney. Spanish flu… @flybayer Oauth ha sa concept called scopes and we use that. @flybayer We implement oauth in one place with vanilla/standard http. No third party vendors (outside the auth providers themselves).Some Galaxy-class backgrounds for your video calls: #StarTrek
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @nitya 💯yes! @AscendingNode So lame we didn't land on the moon first try either. Amateurs!Study: "Surgical face masks significantly reduced detection of influenza virus RNA in respiratory droplets...Our re…
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹqHere's my talk from @ServerlessConf Austin! Come for the #AWS tips - stay for the world's first "serverless rap" :-)
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @shazron Hahah, ya even my meagre hairs made a mess !interested in strapping yourself to a 🚀? @kstewart @monkchips @jaydestro @wiredcanuck @WirelessLife @erinrifkin @jeremylikness @ShawnWildermuth @cwoodruff
@DavidWells @southpolesteve sure, absolutely. we can do that without a shit build system and slow af tests tho. idk… #Vancouver🇨🇦! Shout out to @j_mcelroy & @CBCVancouver for a series of informative #COVIDー19 charts for…
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @southpolesteve same difference to the consumer (me) and, as they say, its a poor craftsman that blames their tools @DavidWells @southpolesteve dev deps / ya the built files are probably fine its just building them that is the prob… @southpolesteve its that or a 2mb nut punch of the aws-sdk v1 @southpolesteve we've made it to sdk clients that start with 'c' ! @keithwhor i like text! @DavidWells @southpolesteve third party deps that are trash. @southpolesteve no but if you consume locally for whatever reason (say I want a discreet build of the dynamo client… @kennu I need to get some AWS SDK stuff into the browser and the 2mb penalty for that is deal with these brittle as… @kennu probably nothing. just a pain for anyone wanting to keep the source locally and update it / use it for discr… bummed the aws sdk for js v3 went all in with frontend tooling instead of vanilla node. it is super brittle. @jimcalliu basically social software consolidated and ~if~ these things are cyclical (which they seem to be) we're… @AdamRackis @matthewcp @csuwildcat imagine there's gonna be a weird in between phase with two classes of citizen: s… good bet whatever everyone agrees to dump facebook for is being built right now (or already exists) @AdamRackis @matthewcp @csuwildcat Recession (6mo-1year) likely w unemployment we're seeing. could have been avoide… awesome cat Sutr0 insists I feed him at 6am because he likes to take over the bed to sleep in after we wake up.… @MylesBorins 🥁 *rimshotWow, this is really nice! Declarative but using a familiar language. The CDK I was looking for. via @ben11kehoe @mattbonig At least two or three years behind on tech and infra. Seven years behind as a business. Faster growth an… takeaway hers is that cloud adoption is surging bigtime. (AWS aficionados dunking on this should note it was… @joemccann 😬 buckle up it's about to get bumpy ! @rem @heydonworks I'm porting an app right now that has a backend of node/Babel/webpack/jest/typescript and, get th… @rem I've been waiting patiently for this sentiment to become more widespread. Still not transpiling and not sad about it here!Great episode here with Jeremy and Jeff! Love two of my favorite podcasts merging.
Retweeted by xnoɹǝʃ uɐıɹq @csuwildcat Well.. the current administration is pretty darn ham fisted ! But agree we don't see much evidence of r… @csuwildcat Yeah ok. I thought you were suggesting the 'open by Easter' nonsense. Definitely on board with some swe… @csuwildcat No. This is completely wrong. There are many cases of both epidemics and quatertine measures being effe… @patrickdebois We have a slack channel that sends our various building notifications in and it's a nice reference. Feels like a heartbeat.