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I currently sell my labor power to @splice and previously I sold it to @mozilla, @bocoup and some other places. also I do @brooklyn_js he/him/they

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when I ask the shopkeeper if they have this shirt in a medium and they go in the back to check but they didn’t find… @fasterthanlime put it in an i8 and give us a negative reading time, when I'm done I'll be two hours earlier than when I started @tef @IanColdwater hard agreebrain: if you eat half this food now and half of it later you will have enough for two meals me: okay i will eat 7…
Retweeted by brianloveswords @maxrewak it foolishly optimizes for text instead of the real action here
@steveklabnik growing up I had some friends who had whole ass rooms in their house with furniture and everything bu… @kosamari it was some local place in new london, I can't remember the name of it! we only went to that diner a few… @willmanduffy it's not called not-high school @hannahmimi_ i've been called a man out of time beforenot that I ever skipped first period to get high and go to a diner, but one time when I was skipping first period t… learning? more like machine skipping first period to get high and go to a diner @deathbearbrown love it when nature drops a new frog @deathbearbrown you see nature dropped a new frog today? frog just dropped
Retweeted by brianloveswords @chapmanjacobd @LeaVerou @mathias @rauschma (but I would agree with the general point that it's a smaller domain than JS) @chapmanjacobd @LeaVerou @mathias @rauschma having taught HTML to folks who are inexperienced with programming, I w… @LeaVerou @mathias @rauschma yeah, when I answered this I was thinking of the many folks I know who work more in th… forget that GPT-3 was trained on internet text, and internet text contains some awful stuff. Anyone planning…
Retweeted by brianloveswords @emilyst heck yeah, love to break a line"why are your variable names so long?" words are free, my good bitch
Retweeted by brianloveswords @emilyst words you say? love 'em @steveklabnik let the computer write a poetry @steveklabnik why do you deny the computer's artistic vision?ME: please copy this paragraph from this PDF COMPUTER: thats too hard. heres some line breaks i think are good. Do you like this
Retweeted by brianloveswords @tef_ebooks good face tbqh @hillelogram I have a pal who was a manager at a place who somehow still gets automated expense report approval req… @Creature_Beer hmmmmm bit by a crocodile, but survivedthere it is @phantasmicool @kire317 everyone break out your big ironGCP is hella broken right now, just putting this tweet out there for anyone who's on twitter searching "is GCP hella broken right now?" @kingofblackacid who twins the uhhhhh aphex?
these squares aren't gonna push themselvesI wanna see a company come right out and say “well we never would have done it in the first place if we knew you we… @orbitalhop @dcousineau @torturecrush @tabatkins one I got is from @Contempocat @torturecrush @tabatkins we wanted the cats to still have vertical space so we have this and it's great, stable af @torturecrush @tabatkins mine came down too, in the middle of the night along with a big chunk of drywall. I didn't…[me if I were a dentist named dan] hello I’m your dantist lol
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Having a real "wish I didn't write those tests because now I have to fix those things that are broken" kinda dayearth, wind, *and* fire? in _this_ economy? @kosamari google photos likes to send me notifications like "see what you were up to 4 years ago" and the last time…
@emilyst @ohhoe "show more replies" doing a lot of work here
You want to be looking into languages that tell you not "programming is so easy with me" but "programming is actual…
Retweeted by brianloveswordsAny language that claims to make programming easy is either flat out lying to you or, more likely, just making the…
Retweeted by brianloveswordsSKYRIM FOR TEAMS
Retweeted by brianloveswords @miketaylr @mozilla I'm ready to make an offer of 37 U.S. Dollars in Series A financing
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@drosenwasser @typescript no problem; this release has so much stuff I want btw great work! @steveklabnik or RELAX instead! R E L A use X ML-RPC @typescript @drosenwasser I think this leading comment in the last code example under "Key Remapping in Mapped Type…
Retweeted by brianloveswords @kosamari 🏄🏽‍♀️🕷🕸EMPLOYEES: "But rather than qutting, isn't it better to stay and change things from the inside?" EMPLOYERS: "We're…
Retweeted by brianloveswords @ericlaw every other right reserved. only odd rights.
@Fishrock123 @seldo ternaries frequently show up in places where the result is being assigned and rust made the goo… @Fdruid @HiltunenPinja @Galeanomon_ @toivohaimi honestly i personally love the blobs @jaffathecake @sonniesedge @zachleat @DasSurma @adactio @slightlylate @ElliottZ @bfgeek @wanderview or maybe time itself is broken idk
@buritica @mikeal idk let me google it real quick @mikeal I mean it's the second autocompleted result when you're searching e.g. "bigquery vs", I think most people w… @potch people were doing that "here's my item drops for when you kill me" and I thought this was that @Av1anFlu oh wow @lawnsea 🤯 @lawnsea that bag says 5 boiled eggs but I'm counting *at least* 6 boiled eggs, in that bagjust putting this out there so all my new followers realize that any good content they might have seen in this feed… 4 dead? more like right 5 alive.Well yeah. Who wouldn't?
Retweeted by brianloveswordsMy girlfriend recently moved in and has been moving a lot of boxes in and out of storage, which in retrospect, is n…
Retweeted by brianloveswords*posts an entire feature length film with credits deliberately removed* lmao okay who did this 😂
@torturecrush absolutelygonna start writing clickbait tech articles that don't make any sense like "Kubernetes vs ARM vs Angular: Who comes out on top?""...I was informed by a leader in my organization that my civic work was not impactful...if the problems were meani…
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@dnf @jedschmidt good thing today is my cheat day @tomdale we should trade, a doctor once told me I had the lowest levels of vitamin d they could remember measuring @ZachBrockway for these trying times, one egg is not gonna do it, I'm gonna need 9,007,199,254,740,990 more @oliviacpu I hope you want 9,007,199,254,740,991 eggs and not one egg lessIf you throw JavaScript's `Number.MAX_SAFE_INTEGER` into Wolfram Alpha, it assumes you want eggs notations explained🤦‍♀️ = equals =/= not equals < left > right ! LOUD NUMBER ~ worm…
Retweeted by brianloveswordswell it'll be nice for a new generation to grow up resenting oracle for destroying software that had been important to them
Retweeted by brianloveswordsit would have been nice if my brain had let me sleep at all on the last night of time off before returning to work, but alas
I can never remember how many scrubs TLC wants @cszhu I picked other. As buckets of stuff, indexing by 1 makes sense. As a sequence of memory address offsets, 0 m… @ksenish 🚮 @ingridavendano I have `~/bin` at the front of my path and make a lot of small shell scripts and programs. I use `s… @ingridavendano I use `pbpaste` and `pbcopy` all the time (macOS, linux has `xclip`). one small example is if I hav… @ingridavendano following on the theme of directory navigation, "cd -" to go to previous working for, "popd" to tra… @willmanduffy can't believe alvin is turning to a life of crime @jaffathecake my favorite pixels are the ones that settle at the bottom, there's just so much more flavor on them @jaffathecake so wait should I not be using .bmp on my internet web's site?tryin to get out of my monthly habit of breaking computer displays in september wish me luck
@tef ey yooooo congrats @drosenwasser just in case you don't already know, there seems to be an HTTPS cert error (SSL_ERROR_BAD_CERT_DOMAIN… @JustySilverman exactly. accuse me of being a sham who just did something stupid? well guess what: I'm gonna get te…
Retweeted by brianloveswordsim so ruthlessly commited to Dialectics that i am constantly at war with the person i was two days ago, who is a clown and a coward
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police don't deserve unions
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öld-metalWhy am I allowed to have hands
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@emilyst ahh yes playing with the boysthe chorus of the damned wails deafeningly, like the sound of a hundred ships burning, mouths full of glass shards,…
Retweeted by brianloveswords @kait_zilla I'm hoping to get to that point, I was also a big fan of Gideon but I'm so lost these first few chapters I keep putting it down. @willmanduffy @dcousineau how many while awake tho @CamAsMetaphor oh this is a good web