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Screenwriter: Secret Life of Pets 1 and 2, Minions, Puss in Boots, Hop. Also writer of Toy Academy from @scholastic get it here:

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.@BrianLynch has written hit books and movies for kids, including Toy Academy! Now, he's sharing his best writing t…
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Captain this @bdgrabinski @ScottWamplerBMD NerdsI wrote about writing over on the @Scholastic blog. Check it out! And thanks to Scholastic for having me! @HeatherAntos This idea should be a toy, everyone would buy itThe TRON:LEGACY soundtrack is really helping me write today @CamelToad @BrettDeacon Matt, go for itNext week will be better? @AlexJordan406 @TheRock See, I think the opposite
@mooncalfe1 @abbyryder @IDWPublishing Best news!!!Dear @TheRock I'm pretending HOBBES & SHAW is a reboot of Ernie and Bert, is that cool? Also which one would you be, Ernie or Bert?I love this article. Kelly’s awesome. Not for nothing, the animated SMURFS movie and UGLYDOLLS are really enjoyable. new catchphrase should definitely get this @CamelToad AgreeThe #CatsMovie better have its premiere at The Winter Garden Theater.Jennifer Hudson has a great voice @DanSlott @DanaSchwartzzz Dan watch the cattitude. @Mark_DMcKinney @emilynussbaum My favorite moment of ZOO ANIMALS ON WHEELS is when they get off the stage and stare… sounds freaking cool. This is great. @cincopedia Up until now cats were just urban legends
@pramsey342 @MatthewACherry If Garfield has taught us anything, DEFINITELY not Monday @1followernodad But yes @1followernodad That's up to you @1followernodad Sophia!They coulda used the CAT TECHNOLOGY to turn HOBBES AND SHAW into CALVIN & HOBBES AND SHAW I feel like many balls were droppedI picked a horrible day to release the trailer to my new movie TWO STONERS AND THEIR SINGING CAT GET IN AN ARIEL BATTLE WITH A SEWER CLOWN @puppetdisaster We've talked about doing stuff, we just gotta make schedules line up. It'll happen.Starting a rumor that Eddie Furlong is also in TOP GUN 2Last night, dreamed I pitched new Muppet movie. It was a good idea, one that I came up with IN THE DREAM. Disney… have a theory that @alyankovic doesn't even KNOW the songs he's parodying and on his deathbed in the year 3025… @ScottWamplerBMD @nachosarah Okay sorry what about HADER'S GONNA HATE AND PENNYWISE IN THAT SEWER GRATE HOW'D IT… @nachosarah @ScottWamplerBMD What about YULE FLOAT TOO It's a Christmas movieTOP GUN: MAVERICK Ooooooh that musicEpisode 5 of Make Him Watch It is out! I make Ken Daurio watch 8 1/2 & he makes me watch My Girl. I share the story…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @hegarty_matthew SIR HOW DARE YOU it was Wendy @BrettDeacon I mean, I'd watch it @DEdwardRose They'd all have to come back man, it's not called JUST THE FEW OF USWhen I was younger I wrote JUST THE TEN OF US fan scripts that put me into the show and you know what, I still thin… @ScottWamplerBMD @nachosarah Wait wait NOT EVERYONE CAN BE A LOSER @ScottWamplerBMD @nachosarah What about SEE HOW THE CLOWN CAME TO TOWN Bawmp Bawmp Chicka Chicka @nachosarah @ScottWamplerBMD Awesome!GO GO GO GO GO @ScottWamplerBMD I can already see WITNESS THE BEGINNING OF IT @heeschmoney What was that?🐸🐻🤷‍♂️🐔🐷🚙➡️🇺🇸 NEWS! I gave optioned Alan Moore’s retirement announcement, and am turning it into a MOVIE!!! We do not have… @KimberleyKates @ed_solomon So am I ! We’re so alike in every way it’s weird @shannonandswift I really don’t know. I’m not sure if it helps at all. Maybe reminds people that I’m alive?I don’t get this. I just don’t understand how someone could be this horrible. @SteveCarell and Jon Hamm as brothers. Michael Keaton and Bill Murray. @SarahKSilverman and Ellie Kemp… is one of the most beautiful cities I’ve ever been in, and the minute I stepped off the train I noticed banne… heart goes out to the victims of the Kyoto Animation fire. It’s just horrible.My favorite LION KING characters are Timon and Puumba because they tell a kid who just saw his dad get murderered to chill out
Retweeted by Brian LynchThis is one of the single most racist moments in modern American political history. As Trump began attacking my fri…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @BrianWCollins Come get me.Look at this team. @AdeleKThomas @RealRonHoward One of my favorites. Seen it a billion times, and at different points in my life, I id… @OnlineAlison Thank you. It’s a real labor of love
@jamessmurray @hudsongroup @HudsonBooks @Hudson_News @HarperVoyagerUS @HarperCollins @darrenwearmouth @NECA_TOYS You guys are coolPickles woulda been pissed if he didn't make the cover.I mean kinda cool, @super7store annual physical went TOO WELL. I'm assuming blood-work will reveal I have explosive bloodHalloween Horror Nights GHOSTBUSTERS will be insane. Everyone is given a sticker that says "Girl". Room after roo… @BriManIU And those goddamn hands in Dana’s chairThis is written and directed by one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. This movie will rock @MattTriano @thx3188 @NicolaScottArt Honestly he was probably trying to figure out what to do next @DerickArmijo I always loved that. Old Disney move of having a huge funny thing following the saddest scariest partTHURSDAY, ROCKO DIES ANONYMOUSLY AND UNLOVED, UNLESS WE INTERVENE. A stray, cool with his finder and only freaked o…
Retweeted by Brian LynchThere was a good CATS joke in one of the drafts of PETS 2.My favorite LION KING characters are Timon and Puumba because they tell a kid who just saw his dad get murderered to chill out1. I write and want you to see/read the stuff I make 2. I have a kid and a wife 3. I like movies and comics and… week will be better?I have never seen CATS. I have no idea what the story is. I just know what I saw from the million of commercials… so interesting to find out celebrities’ full names.
Retweeted by Brian Lynch"I've always tried to present a positive view of the world in my work. It's so much easier to be negative and cynic…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @itslizhannah Alright, I will @nachosarah But I gotta have six @EW SameI worked at a comic store when this and #xforce 1 came out. So fun to see soooo many people excited about comics so interesting to find out celebrities’ full names. @bdgrabinski Idea for @Quaker Cap’N Crunch OOPS! All Regrets!BIG NEWS: because you keep asking I've decided to self-publish a photography book featuring photos of liquor stores…
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Congratulations to the incredible creative team and cast of #StarWarsResistance for their Outstanding Children’s Pr…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @bdgrabinski I never want to bother people but I was so tempted to just say how great he was @DanaSchwartzzz I texted this in all caps to my wife @bdgrabinski I saw him at Whole Foods and didn’t know what to do.IF WE WEAR THE SKIN OF YOUR FRIENDS, WILL YOU JOIN US POOH @TheEricGoldman Don't tell anyone but my FORBUSH MAN movie is gonna have five sequelsWhew, got my costume for #SDCC2019 finished JUST IN TIME you're leaving for #SDCC today, stop and drink some Emergen-C now and then pack a box of it.
Retweeted by Brian LynchSTAR WARS RESISTANCE got nominated!! What what's @KellyannePolls asking a Jewish reporter "what's your ethnicity?" while trying to defend comments the presid…
Retweeted by Brian LynchCOBRA KAI should have gotten a ton of noms. But very very happy BARRY’s cast is appreciated. @TheGregoryE Not sure. We might just be finding out about it now. Also, they have 2 more years on this movie to cou… is Peppercorn!!! He’s 8 and looking for a forever home. Who could leave this boy behind? He’s our ⁦@KABCRadio⁩…
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