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Writer: Secret Life of Pets, Minions, Puss in Boots, Hop. Next: Pets 2, Minions 2. Also Toy Academy from @scholastic get it here

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I think my mid-life crisis might be a return to self publishing.If you say BEETLEJUICE a fourth time he makes you a smoothieDear @Disneyland you should sell dusted Avengers are ice cream toppings. @ChrisEvans NICE what movie is thisMy pal has to get surgery done very soon and as you can imagine, that’s super stressful. He’s opening up commission…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @HBO If I do this for you, will you bring back CRASHINGIf Shuri survived, the movie world be 15 minutes because she’d solve everything ASAP @AlishaGrauso That is EXCELLENT. Such happy news! @BrianLynch
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @DMACalvert THANK YOU! NEW FACEBOOK PICAVENGE ME, YOU GUYS dogs and humans at @Scholastic are excited to celebrate BECAUSE OF THE RABBIT’s pub day!
Retweeted by Brian LynchTwitter do your thing!! 🙏 Help 7yr old Ryan find his match and save his life! He needs someone who is Vietnamese &…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @TaranKillam I can’t watch it because of AntyBackpacks but they look like realistic giant slimy leechesNope
Retweeted by Brian LynchMueller Report’s Rotten Tomatoes Audience Score now dipping into the low 20s @joshgad @lorenbouchard I read up on it and it sounds awesome. I cannot wait. Congratulations. @pattonoswalt @JordanPeele Yes but have you seen HACKERSA MONTH IN THE SHELTER AND THEN THE END. Rico dies tomorrow unless there’s a NYC-area foster or adopter or our $ pl…
Retweeted by Brian LynchWhy they haven’t done WALKING DEAD severed head pez dispensers I’ll never know
@joshgad WAIT WHAT IS THIS. I love the character designs. Googling now.RECUT THE SNYDER LEASEAxel Foley's best friend Jenny lives in Beverly Hills yet he visited that city at least TWO TIMES after they were r… know, @Schwarzenegger @jamieleecurtis and @elizadushku could make a pretty great spy family in TRUER LIES. @samfickman It was terrible @samfickman I did, in seventh grade.SUPER relieved to learn our president is 100 percent good nowGonna go with THE OFFICE @CamelToad Rocky III Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade Alien 3YES @ed_solomon @JuddApatow Don’t knock him, gave you seen his movies THE 40 YEAR OLD VERSION, KNOCKED OUT, “FUNNY” PEO… is the greatest. @bucms Yep! Ask away! @TheEricGoldman It was! I saw it on the script cover
@TheEricGoldman The original title was BRADY 2: THE EX-FILESFans of our family can purchase this poster at all Spencer Gifts. you yell this to make the wall open up to your secret lair Chopper K2SO C3PO CB-23 is what happens when all you offer are "thoughts and prayers." This is what happens when right wing "news" per…
Retweeted by Brian LynchNational Suicide Prevention lifeline 1-800-273-8255
Retweeted by Brian LynchI SO want to make a comic or animated movie about this guy coming back to modern times and dealing with peoples pre… I don’t know what to do, but doing nothing definitely isn’t the answer. for yourself. The worst case scenario: At least one person will like it.🙂
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @resourceecon @Sethrogen This is incorrect.
@ClassicGIJoe If I could make this card back into a poster I would.Don’t do drugs, kids. Not even once. @MJMcKean I would like to option this name.Whaaaaaa @DancesWithTamis @JosephWhitfield @thx3188 @DerickArmijo Ah thanks so much! And thank your kids for me, please! @MikeyPanik Let me help you with something: he did. @thx3188 @DerickArmijo You’re okWhen Dana yelled “nobody cares” I knew that take was going to be in the movie. @thx3188 @DerickArmijo The star of the movie, Jason Patric @dashiell @MPG If you guys need help, setting up chairs, anything, I’m thereLife is hard. It helps to talk it out.
Retweeted by Brian LynchThis is a good joke
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @rodneyrothman @HaileeSteinfeld @VuduFans She was in my sons two favorite movies of 2018petition to make Sam Elliot read the audiobook version of the Mueller Report
Retweeted by Brian LynchHorrible take, Barbra Streisand when the BILL & TED'S BOGUS JOURNEY soundtrack featured a song that had samples from the movie that includ…
@scottderrickson I agree with you. In a lot of ways, I'm a human Mueller Report, as people always judge me based o… the Rotten Tomatoes Audience Rating for the Mueller Report is in the 40s @BHMatter Gotcha. Well, either way, your tweet made me go and order IMARO.My...bad? ready for ROBERT MUELLER'S DAY OFF @JensenKarp I thought that for years, and then I watched them a few days apart last year. Brother, I was and you are wrong. @michaelianblack Leave? Tweet? Hide?I wonder if the Mueller report will have anything REALLY explosive in it, like Donald Trump standing in front of re…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @meganamram Have you seen HACKERSMueller got confused, he just wrote a 3 page book report on SUPERFUDGE. Upside, he really really really liked it.This is a nightmare @PurpleNaNo @jenheddle I'm only HUMANOh dere god I spelled "Hear" incorrectlyIf you guys buy my book today I'll thank you. Kids will love it! You will love it! Everyone gonna love it.… @DerickArmijo Oh. Very good.Prince Adam/He-Man @Winston_Duke: I just read that you were scared of GREMLINS. May I suggest watching GREMLINS 2? It's a cure-all for everything.Here me out: Winston Duke as He-Man.Oh dear @DerickArmijo Ahem. @jonhurwitz Yeah! We also had the greatest first meet. I mean, that was a good day.Over the last 10 years, I’ve gotten more and more shy. I don’t know why. So if you’ve become friends with me over t… @mikecolton @SethAbramovitch Oh I'll take 89 if that's okFun Fact, MINIONS was my son's first movie. I didn't know how he was going to react. When that dino ROARED, he ju… excited about this. Question, are there dinosaurs? I hope not, they scare me. @itslizhannah I use an action line, yeah.I have only seen like ten horror movies, yet in the early 2000s I was supposed to direct one at Artisan. They aske… @Ethan_Anderton Darth Ball @JasonThibault @Panteriusa HOLY COWQuestion for anyone who has seen #UsMovie, is it a straight adaptation of the magazine, or did they save the "Celeb… @Rachelm76094992 In the script!I was a GOOD guy @richmonahan Doubtful. Handwritten.#StarWarsResistance is rad and you should be watching it! Here are 10 of Season One's best moments, according to me.
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Bill Hader. @ScottWamplerBMD ALIEN 3 was the first ALIEN movie I saw. It's great. And that opening fanfare dirge is fantastic. @CamelToad OR that I'm under the bed