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Writer: Secret Life of Pets, Minions, Puss in Boots, Hop. Next: Pets 2, Minions 2. Also Toy Academy from @scholastic get it here

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@DerickArmijo Okay, we're watching them @DerickArmijo Yeah you could tell that this day was probably very exciting for Jim.I will see all of those, but everyone check out the originals if you haven't. @DisneyStudios can the ad-line for your live action remake of HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME be "His Name Rings A Bell", why or why notComedies I've revisited lately that are still incredible: Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Throw Momma From the Train 9 to 5 Tootsie @2020fight I found the young lady who took video. This was written by her friend. She’s turned her IG comments off…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @Winter DeNomolos finally wonOh this is awesome @Blackamazon YES YES YES @BrianLynch Killing every side What a way to make my living they all gotta die The took what I was given Center Lo…
Retweeted by Brian LynchSomeone is going to make a GREAT fictional comedic movie about the Fyre Festival. @RichardKappler Thank you so much! I hope you and him really like book 2! Let me know! @chrisdocnee @netflix Is it BETTER? Oh yes will check it out.
The FYRE documentary on @netflix is a great ENTOURAGE sequelIf everyone who read this bought 100,000 copies of TOY ACADEMY: READY FOR ACTION, it would be a best seller!… Best of luck, Lee.’s time that Los Angeles public school kids had a superintendent who actually believes in Public Schools. Please…
Retweeted by Brian LynchStumble outta bed because I hear someone in the kitchen Kill my dog now I got a new mission Shoot and stab, god… Willis' Character: "The security guards are coming, we need a disguise!" Sam Jackson's Character: "What does… @Demonpuppy Huh @Demonpuppy And his actions don't imply that he's nuts? @Demonpuppy "Guy complex", meant God Complex. But Guy Complex is pretty funny. @Demonpuppy I really don't understand this, if you didn't see that he was a self-important, cruel guy with a guy co… @BrianWCollins He obviously just learned it, that's why he's proudly declaring it. @Demonpuppy He's wiping out half the planet populations long before the glove, and stealing kids, and then torturin… @Demonpuppy Wasn't he wiping out half the population of worlds he conquered? We see it with Gamora. He's nuts, th…’s not the first time, and probably won’t be the last. But extremely disappointed with this tweet…
Retweeted by Brian LynchAlso "Kick Me" signs college one of my movie-nerd friends hooked up with a girl and the next morning at the cafeteria we saw him wear… all presents could be opened by lifting the top. Glasses could hide your identity Speaking of hiding your identity, if I stood on the shoulders of my friend,… to movies and cartoons, when I was younger, I thought Once in my life I'd have to race to the airport to st… makers of MORTAL KOMBAT, have you tried MORTAL KONVERSATION first? @tara Well, nobody is cooler than Skeletor.Nobody deserves Molly Shannon. From the newest issue of @ew. is letting all the grapes in?!? @tara Poor Keldor. @naanking @rodneyrothman Hi! I will ask my wife tomorrow morning when she wakes up!Update: Henry wanted to draw their first battle. @DragonArtz_ @pramsey342 @rodneyrothman @chrizmillr @philiplord Oh man!! This made his day. He loves them, and says “thanks for liking mine”Everyone thinks it's weird that no one on Eternia sees how He-Man and Prince Adam look exactly alike but NO ONE poi… talks about how Christian Bale went through this crazy body transformation for the movie VICE but hello Bu…
The new Ghostbusters is allegedly about kids, but what you DON'T know is that Bill Murray is playing one of the thirteen-year-olds.#irony I go is a party! In that wherever I go, I'd rather be homeStella the ACE VENTURA reboot be called DEUCE VENTURA why or why notThe 25th anniversary of the Northridge Earthquake is an excellent time to install the ShakeAlertLA app, which can g…
Retweeted by Brian LynchMy greatest regret is I never got to write a show where Stan Lee and Betty White played a married couple who solved crimes.Also @BRIANMBENDIS @DanSlott @sara_pichelli I think you’ll dig these. Your characters and ideas are resonating with… @pramsey342 @rodneyrothman @chrizmillr @philiplord Henry invented a new Spider-Man, “Whipper” (uses webs as wh… no I wanna hear about all the other stuff he’s done @creepypuppet @ScottWamplerBMD Can I write the black cat spin-off @garywhitta What a great feeling. Congratulations!!! Enjoy!I think it’s only fair that Alexander Hamilton write a musical about @Lin_ManuelMAMMA MIA! HERE WE LOGAN AGAIN your friends close and your enemies' dvd copies of THE CLOSER
@robdelaney Check out RESIDENT EVIL: EXTINCTION. Easily his best. @GraceSpelman But I’m upset @GraceSpelman This has seriously ruined my day. @GraceSpelman what @GraceSpelman hi"My name is Dwight K Schrute, Assistant Space Commander." @ScottWamplerBMD I want to be a writer’s assistant in itI haven't seen GLASS yet but let me tell you, if you're looking for a movie called GLASS to see, go see GLASSThis new ghostbusters is gonna destroy my five year's childhoodThis is the greatest news. just occurred to me that the new #Ghostbusters3 COULD mean the return of Rick Moranis to movies yeah we'll I'VE been working on a sequel to SECOND SIGHTDear @JasonReitman can the new #Ghostbusters begin at your character's 40th birthday? It can be He-Man themed.John Carpenter's BIRTHDAYThis is pretty sweet @ScottWamplerBMD Sorry to @ you, but this review makes me want to see it even more. So so curious.Same @maguirekevin Bill & Ted, Gremlins, but they mix genres @joshgad @DisneyPixar Traffic @joshgad @DisneyPixar Wanna pitch?Monster Fingers Dad told me today that he loves The Mysterious Kimmy Grable, so congrats Mellie KamperWhoa. THE LA TEACHERS! THE TEACHERS WANT WHAT THE STUDENTS NEED!!!
Retweeted by Brian LynchThe Lonely Guy
Tom Hanks in THE COUCH WITH ONE PINK SHOE @DanSlott I tweeted that exact same thing this morning and I am thrilled that we are on the same pageDear @vulture why don't you have more articles about how Spider-Man's always trying to bother you when you're flyin… MANY PEOPLE MAD AT RAZORS AAAAAAH @MJMcKean Well NOW I'm worried that you're worried that you're gonna get worried. Mr. McKean, we are a Russian Nesting Doll of worry. @TheEricGoldman NOThis year, I celebrate my 15th year living in LA. I thought I was gonna come out for 5 years, max? I got an apart… as of last night @MJMcKean started following me and now I'm just worried he regrets it.Idea for @blumhouse MICHAEL MYERS: INTO THE HALLOWEENVERSEGUYS, IT'S GOT AN ALOPEX FIGURE! (Sorry, I co-created her, I get excited when my kids do well) I just backed Tee…
Retweeted by Brian Lynch @benmekler Me tooSpider-Man: Homecoming - Peter goes on a trip in America Spider-Man: Far From Home: Peter goes on a European vacati… my book TOY ACADEMY: READY FOR ACTION is coming out in TWO WEEKS wherever books are sold. It's really funny,… they're building to a movie with Michael Keaton and Jake Gyllenhaal as parts of the Sinister Six, this will auto… Mojo Slyde @illum_recruit can we make this what’s his THIRD wish?