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Brian Wang @brianmwang San Francisco, CA

Executive coach to startup leaders Before: PM @Eaze, @CreditKarma, VC @500Startups, CEO at Fitocracy

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@JaysonElliot @kw492 I get it when it comes to the celebrity interviews. But it seems like a lot of the people in here had to be in on it?!All I want to know about Borat is how they got all these people to agree to appear on camera. Do they need to sign… of the most radical actions a person can take is to define who they are.
@jonnym1ller I'm so very sorry Jonny. @ankitshah Love thisWow, imagine a president who can actually admit to making mistakes. #Debates2020 @micsolana Because he genuinely believes it.
@dashamaggio @alexisohanian @katelin_cruse So awesome to see! Other venture firms should take note. @Quan Woot! @clayhebert This is so on point.
I had never seen this clip before today, and now I’m sitting here wiping tears from my face. Joe Biden is a good ma…
Retweeted by Brian Wang @LidiaBitYunan That's a hell of a reframe @lennysan Dude, amazing. Congratulations :)A quarter of our voting population has brain worms @rmward @KendallOstrow Omg
@engers Yeah, because that's a perfect analogy for how I feel in starting up these videos! @engers have more power than you realize. You have less power than you realize. @camholm @JessicaGomez13 😂 @yenFTW You are a major inspiration for me to do this!!On today's video, I talk about the importance of recognizing when we're seeking permission from others to do the th… @nbashaw @TurnerNovak "The next 30 minutes" 💀 @anothercohen So good @BStulberg Keep going. People who complain that their authority figures don't share their politics have low ability… @fortelabs @TheLaurenValdez Congratulations Tiago!!
@msuster @StephenAtHome These articles have the same exact energy as Taboola recommendations @Justin_Halford_ @tristajaye Most angel investors don't put 5% of their NW into a single deal. Also, an angel inves… Thanks for following along so far. Here's the video version of this story And if you'r… Every day, I get to work with dozens of leaders at fast growing startups to help them increase their power, res… It all pointed to the same direction. So now I've been following this path for a couple of years and my intuiti… Coaching had simply not been in my consideration set up until that point. But once it entered my mind, I knew I… Without pausing, Geoff told me that I'd much more enjoy becoming a coach rather than a VC. Suddenly it clicked.… With the strong sense that there was something else out there for me, I got coffee with @GeoffLewisOrg. I had it… But there were 2 issues. First, I wasn't really a great PM. Honestly, I struggled in the transition. That would'… Deciding that venture wasn't it, I told myself I should go back to building stuff, so I got into product managem… After Fitocracy came to an end, I explored other careers in startups. I moved to California to work for… She helped me not only keep my sanity, but also grow my abilities in emotional intelligence, self-regulation, an… I've been in startups for over a decade. It began as CEO of my first co, Fitocracy, which lasted 5 years. There… Here's the brief story on what led me to becoming an executive coach for startup founders @loganbartlett They're locked in battle with NewCo @ericbahn Definitely taking a couple days off that weekIf all the work you're doing is urgent but not important, you need to find a way to make the latter the former.
I'm pretty sure I've only ever lived on one of these counties 😳
@alt_visa We are always choosing whether to give something our energy and attention.The best advice I can give anyone is to stop making things about you. @casatay Would love to see that data if you're open to sharing!
@iopred Would be interesting to observe the opposite framing. If I knew I was only a few hops from this person, I w… former coach is researching how cofounder relationships evolve over a company's life. She found that among her c… something new, let's see how this goes! @terronk @mikaelcho Just here to say I wish I had this problem 😂 @paigefinnn A third or more of my coaching clients discover me through Twitter @DenehyXXL This is 100% how I use Twitter. @kevinleeme Literally the opposite of most business books
@nbashaw @nateliason YessssssWhat a beautiful, raw, vulnerable share from @ryan_caldbeck about his decision to let go of the reigns as CEO. Than… thread on how the brain works. Use this knowledge to gain more awareness (and thus more control) over your ow… @MackFlavelle You are too kind Mack. This made my day. Love you man!
Go go @dremilyanhalt and @alexakmeyer! Proud to be a teeny tiny investor in @joincoa. @alokepillai Hell yeah @tristajaye Absolutely true @DanPierson Boom! @AmandaMGoetz @engers Can confirm he is a great human being and a man of many immense talents. @anothercohen @CommandDot_ 🔥🔥🔥
Lots of people talk about changing your mindset, but it doesn't happen overnight. Like most things, it takes practi… @brannonmc I hope and pray you're right.The original deal went away before I got the chance to order but the positive feedback here is so strong that I wen… @davesayslol I'm not a terrible cook but I *am* a lazy one 😅Instapot deal on Amazon right now. Should I get one? Anyone out there have some great recipes?You can commit to being right or you can commit to getting it right, but you can't do both. @MattPeriphery @JakePeriphery I really like the guys in your band too!
Avoid working with leaders who don't actively pursue their own personal growth.
@bliztacular Surprise!You love to see it wants to take a week off from work and rent a cabin with me during Election Day? @fortelabs What are some of your past favorites?
Never confuse a person's need with their strategy for getting it met.
@thatguyBG How about Twitter?OK, folks. First we elect Biden. Then we get a COVID vaccine. Then we drop the Medicare age to 0. Then we switch to…
Retweeted by Brian WangIt's finally not blazing hot and I've never been gladder to wear socks. @nihalmehta @KibbeyJoshua I'm not offended. You just seem to be reading into my tweet a bit and I'm just having some fun. I'm s… @KibbeyJoshua Now who's projecting dude? @KibbeyJoshua Of course they didn't, this is my interpretation. It would be insane if they used those words. I don… @jeffringgenberg Currently flipping back through The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leadership by @ConsciousLG and Reboot by @jerrycolonnaSo fun to reread books with experience and understanding that you didn't have the first time around. It adds depth… don't think "we didn't scare off the minorities" is the victory you think it is.
@engers love the smell of garbage @PimDeWitte @subes01 Lewis Black @meaganloyst @thetylerhayes of Atom Limbs
@nbashaw @NateSilver538 As someone told me recently, it feels not ok to hope right now. @andreasklinger This is what it's all about 🙏 @visakanv Indeed. It's the resistance to the constraints, not the constraints themselves, that create tension. @m2jr A legend in every sense of the word. @lylemckeany It's a totally ignorant opinion and safe to ignore.If you constantly try to save people around you, you deny them the opportunity to take responsibility for their own lives.
@nabeeleats It's reality TV but a lot less structured than most. There are also a million episodes, so you get to w…