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Brian Shea @BrianPShea Minneapolis, MN

Digital Editor of Game Informer Magazine. @brianpshea on Instagram. Video Games. MMA. Music. Fitness.

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Whoa and Gen Z voters
Retweeted by Brian SheaThere's an evil version of Marisa Tomei named Warisa Tomei
Retweeted by Brian Shea @brockwilbur Good smol boi shirt is everything @sethmacy I don’t get it8. How can this be. @JosephKnoop 😩 @waykii2100 @itscarneezyy Pls why do I remember this
Retweeted by Brian Shea @yosp 😍You have got to be kidding me. #UFCRioRancho @k_f4m Well played @Nick_MudryThis has the potential to be the weirdest fight in UFC history. #UFCRioRanchoMe when I go to family get togethers in my 30s @Gameonysus My ex and I did and it’s great if you’re playing the same game. Not so great if you’re both playing nar…’m not a garbage man. I’m garbage, man.Demetrious Johnson once told me John Dodson is the hardest hitter he faced in the UFC, and that power continues to…
@SonicPrincess15 1. Super Mario World 2. Super Mario Kart 3. Donkey Kong Country 4. Sonic 3 & Knuckles @idsanty Ugh that one got meJust watched the finale of The Office (US) for the first time. Wow some of those closing thoughts from the main characters hit hard. @Espynat0r Thanks dawg @k_f4m yo thanksHaircut bro is an indisputably good show.
Retweeted by Brian SheaHELP: Our pitbull mix will be euthanized on Tuesday if we don't find him a no-kill shelter or a loving home. We hav…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @MelonieMac So good!明日のBリーグ🏀「横浜ビー・コルセアーズ」セガサミー冠協賛試合ではソニックも桜井日奈子さんも登場!ゲームの試遊やイベントもありますよ。 「セガ センター南」の近くです! #ビーコル
Retweeted by Brian SheaTitans is an indisputably good show.
@RyanWGleason I do on occasion (mostly for longer flights). And no, I will not be engaging the person behind me in conversation.The last thing I will ever do is turn around and talk to a person behind me on an airplane’s me. The dirt baby.
Retweeted by Brian Shea @RiotRMD @remedygames Congratulations on all the success the team has experienced over the last several months! Hop… during Game Informer’s 2019 GOTY deliberations your seat on a plane is 100% the Renegade option. However, retaliating against said recliner is 100% the dickhead option.It's quick, but you can find our thoughts here @jmkiblinjr I had a fun time with it! As long as you don't mind it being a kids movie, you'll probably enjoy it too! @JessieAnnWade It badIt’s me. The dirt baby. Valentine’s Day to all who celebrate! @evanbader EVAN @DarthLux It’s 👏🏼 free 👏🏼 spoon 👏🏼 daySometimes you’ll try a thing, like really try, and you’ll fail anyway and that’s OK and not the end of the world (s…
Retweeted by Brian SheaSonic was fun! I think I like Detective Pikachu more, but it was enjoyable enough that I hope there’s a sequel.FYI I still regret not buying this statueHere with all my friends to see the Sonic movie you ever seen a giraffe run because wow @geekyglamorous Minneapolis 😂 @geekyglamorous Yup. I’m looking at apartments and they’re all more than my house I currently rent 🤷🏻‍♂️Why couldn’t Batman just let me be excited about seeing Sonic the Hedgehog in peace?
Who is affording all these luxury apartments that are popping up everywhere? @maddyjacksonn ☹️ @Andrew_Reiner :(Check out my review of EarthNight!
Retweeted by Brian SheaSonic 3 & Knuckles forever. @OzwaldoElRuso I actually did get one upon multiple refreshes @imranzomg 🙌🏼Guess I'm not seeing Rage Against the Machine because the machine sold out of tickets before it was my turn :( @chibilola if I die, remember me fondly @BrianPShea You didn’t show the fun part
Retweeted by Brian Shea @DanWilbur They say the sun provides warmth and yetAw man @elisefavis Please!Guys. I did it. My Feb 8 Instagram story -> Today @PezRadar @DustinBlackwell @kateburning @MarkFujii Only 1300 tickets @kelslewin Yesssss 🙌🏼 @kateburning @DustinBlackwell @MarkFujii Every girl crazy bout a sharp dressed man @DustinBlackwell @MarkFujii This 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 @k_f4m RIPWho am I seeing at GDC? @justintbombwood I sure hope so. Better than the limited gains I’m getting for $70 a month.Reminder: Looking for new work. 6 years in games media/industry. Last 2.5 years on Capcom Pro Tour Experience with…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @LudwigK EVERY. TIME. @70Ceeks @JordanUhl ❤️ @sophsa Once 👏🏼 more 👏🏼 for 👏🏼 the 👏🏼 people 👏🏼 in *tan_clapping_hands_emoji* the 👏🏼 back @TheAlanJohnson Oh my godI can already tell Grand Oak is a problem after a few drinks
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G: John Stockton G: Larry Bird F: LeBron James F: Kevin Garnett C: Shaquille O’Neal demand to know what baby sonic looked like before the redesign
Retweeted by Brian SheaI would say it was my first PAX East. I interviewed @drewholmes in the very first slot of the first day, then I wen… in the GI bullpen: “It would be really hard to make me care about Swamp Thing.” – @BrianPShea
Retweeted by Brian SheaI can already tell Grand Oak is a problem after a few drinks'll miss my annual random run-in with Geoff Keighley at E3.wait why are they recommending this article to me i dont understand remember my parents came into my room to make sure I was okay because I was screaming so much. @Jannradio how’d you get this photo @E_Vaan For that we need future Phil, not past PhilThere’s a dude at my gym who looks like a 22-year-old Phil Spencer and it’s really freaking me out. @Kappa_Kappa @k_f4m I can hear the music @k_f4m @_pocketknives This night will finally do me inI did it else is really sick of seeing hustle culture glamorized? It’s ok to take off weekends or time off every once in…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @SteveJ_Elstone @shinobi602 “A lot of fuss about nothing” is a good way to describe their policies.
@shinobi602 Their policies drive me crazy. I used to go with my ex and while the one we went to was pretty laxed, r… Westminster Dog Show except every dog wins Best in Show because every dog deserves to win Best in Show.WAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…
Retweeted by Brian SheaMy birthday is also known as Pokémon Day and that’s super cool to me. @sophsa 🙏🏼 @Chris_BigK I know haha still weirdWtf