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Brian Shea @BrianPShea Minneapolis, MN

Digital Editor of Game Informer Magazine. @brianpshea on Instagram. Video Games. MMA. Music. Fitness.

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@brockwilbur good coolI’m so disgusted I can’t even come up with a witty burn. @KyleMHilliard @AFVofficial Kyle... *I* am the show’s biggest fan are many eggs in animal crossing right now @SJSamano @steinekin @Phasmatis8 I still regret not grabbing that jacket and the custom kicks 😂 @steinekin That the X019 jacket? @DaveOshry @bradgallaway Holy hell
new lil video essay! different pace than most of my stuff. it was fun to put together, that game has a lot of good…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @DaveOshry That’s the spirit @GameGuyPGH @GenePark Max and I finally agree for once. @UncleDommy What if Lil Wayne wasn’t Lil?How is everyone’s quarantine beard/hair coming along? @Troy_Farkas @arielhelwani 🙏🏼 thanks! @sweetpotatoes I spent my day talking to an anthropomorphic rhinoceros named Renée. Does that count? @arielhelwani Is there any chance you’re recording these IG chats and able to compile the audio versions for the podcast feed? @PezRadar congrats, man! @Studnik76 Sorry this gif was too perfect not to send given the original insult. @spikespeigel I don't know... but when I'm spending a fortune to build out my home gym for the next few months, pay… a shame. Solo was a perfectly fun film that suffered from Star Wars oversaturation. I guess we'll never see th… @spikespeigel "We're planning on being fully operational starting May 1! If you want to cancel, it takes two months… @spikespeigel I’ve been asking for two weeks if they’re going to take money out.10/10 would play Goose of Tsushima @khrymsin did it. Terrific. @khrymsin I think that’s a good place to start! @khrymsin I would start from the start then! Last I checked, the beginning seasons are on Netflix, too.I was wrong. Sonic is in three episodes of Breaking Bad.The content I enthusiastically subscribe to @TheAthletic for. @khrymsin What characters are your favorites? What Pokémon mean the most to you? Based on the season, they’ll spotl… @khrymsin I watched from the start, but each season is set up as a fresh start of sorts. What games are you most nostalgic for/fond of? @LizLanierWrites Just wait for the April reportBig ups to Lifecycle for this report on my March activity.
Retweeted by Brian SheaDon’t forget that Sonic the Hedgehog is in two episodes of Breaking Bad, while Wario is only in one episode of The Sopranos. @JosephKnoop @AStraww Congratulations!!!! @PerfectSerenad3 Nothing special! Just a Killian’s!
What a super busy day. I’m ending it by firing up the grill for the first time this year and enjoying a beer. @MissGandaKris 😨 @KFoleyFL I love it! Been playing every day since launch.Had a great chat with the Marvel Strike Force team about what's next for the popular mobile RPG., waking up at 5am, screaming at the top of my lungs: @adronine Yessss @ZakWojnar Whenever it’s warranted, we do that!Imagine the temple guards stealing the Lombardi Trophy as Patrick Mahomes struggles with the Shrine of the Silver M… @JosephKnoop @fazor3d I think the players should have to answer trivia to avoid having to field the kickoff @fazor3d Still super unexpected.Uhhhh what? over a year ago, we revived the GI Instagram page. Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined it would g… @CKochon Thanks, Chris. Hope the same for you and yours. @RyanWGleason For sure!I spent all day (and night) yesterday writing this feature. I split the recommendations up by category to cater to… @blairherter Very jealous of your rower, but I’m so excited my heavy bag arrives today. @jacquicollins_ Congratulations! That’s such a huge accomplishment!Watching my bank account to see if my gym takes money out of my account for next month like of discovery happening right this moment on the ol’ timeline @MaieAiyed @DaveOshry @GameGuyPGH I disagree there @GameGuyPGH There are a few more, but just because it’s not a well-populated genre doesn’t mean it doesn’t existDOA6 eats it after about a year. At one point I should sit down and write about how KT had good momentum coming off…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @GameGuyPGH The Witness? Talos Principle? Manifold Garden? Turing Test? @GameGuyPGH I just said lol first-person puzzle! I’m not a big Prime fan @GameGuyPGH I don’t consider Portal 2 FPS (1st person puzzle), but it would be number 1 Having not played Doom Ete… hope more people realize that 95% of the American media market really don’t earn much at all. Gannett’s furlough…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @itsjustinduh @dany156 😭 @JMGllet @Jushin 3D Land.You know what was fun and underrated? Rock Band Blitz.
@Jome20 Yup @Jushin Never was a big fan. Would love to try it again if that remastered collection is real and they modernize it. @dany156 No @thedancingdead 🙏🏼Had a great chat about Persona 5 Royal with @jakejameslugo! Check out our conversation on the latest episode of the… Top 5 3D Mario Games: 1. Super Mario Odyssey 2. Super Mario 64 3. Super Mario 3D World 4. Super Mario Galaxy 5. Super Mario Galaxy 2DO YOU WANT 167 GAMES? Buy this bundle (some Steam keys, some DRM free) for whatever price you want and help a bun…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @GenePark @MMAonSiriusXM Yoooooooo @Ramrod316 You can go outside if you’re not around anyone lolScrew it I’m gonna go run some hill sprints. @shaunalshatti Doing the lord's work.we bout to have ourselves a jedi funeral
Retweeted by Brian SheaWildlife finally returning to Thames. Nature is healing🌷
Retweeted by Brian Shea @LudwigK As a staunch 3D World supporter, I actually disagree. However, it’s close. @MrJonty I know you and I worked together for a short time, but I always really enjoyed working with you in particu… terrible news to wake up to. OXM was my first paid freelance byline ever. I loved working with that staff on t… @LizLanierWrites “I wanna see how good you are at loving women” oh my godI love and miss New York so much. @LizLanierWrites I FEEL SEEN @MaieAiyed OH MY GODThanks for the reminder, KK @chaddukes @MillsTwitch What about these buttons? bout to have ourselves a jedi funeral hate how the “X” button is in a different place on each controller. @Shakacarnage Ain’t nothin’ but a mistakeQuarantine Day 16: I have downloaded the discographies of the Backstreet Boys and NSync. @AliciaMarieBODY lol I wish it would be that soon @weffjebster 😡
@JacobNahin Never was into Trek, sadlyIt’s “Ugh fine I guess I’ll exercise while my chicken cooks” o’clock. @DanStapleton I consider my gaming backlog to be like the cables behind my TV stand: To look at it and acknowledge…