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Digital Editor of Game Informer Magazine. @brianpshea on Instagram. Video Games. MMA. Music. Fitness. 33

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@spongebobtitty what did you do @allymcleangames 1,000% @chaddundas The tone of this tweet hinged entirely on the words following “by.” I was expecting it to say “Nickelba… @JCFart Yes @Ms5000Watts This looks like a Cyberpunk 2077 quest giverIt feels horrible even retweet this.
Retweeted by Brian Shea @imranzomg 😧Bummer. Forza Horizon 3 is the pinnacle of the franchise. Racing through the Outback is incredible. @onlyAshleigh I'm going vodka tonight. Mixing things up.Tomorrow is the actual 10th anniversary of #ScottPilgrimVsTheWorld and I'll be sharing some rare behind the scenes…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @jempanada3 😂 omg I want an Agbayani jersey.I haven’t thought of the name Benny Agbayani in probably 18 years, but I’ve thought of this moment at least once a… watching this, I want the whole series remade. @sophsa ayyyyy @KjellYelly @Charalanahzard half Irish, yes @Charalanahzard yeah what's their deal?this will end well, right? @OldPappyThomas welcome back to hellthe nba is allowing children 32 inches and below into the bubble and twitter is debating just how tall that actuall…
Retweeted by Brian SheaTwitter has rotted my brain to the point I thought they meant the Philadelphia Flyers mascot @GrittyNHL @thevowel Yup! On Black Panther now. First time doing it chronologically. @kpmh2001 Yeah, this explains that time to remind people.
Retweeted by Brian Shea @JeffGrubb Let’s run this thing... right off the platform @imranzomg Whoawhen the cold brew hits
Retweeted by Brian Shea @GameOverGreggy I am very much with you here. @thedustmat Hard lessons learned :( @psu256 😂😂😂I love the way Google always surfaces spoilers when I’m just trying to figure out who the actor is on the show I’m…
@PhotoAmy33 DAMMIT @Unikraken Yeah, that’s definitely the more reasoned response that emerged, but when I tweeted this immediately aft… @PhotoAmy33's easy for anyone outside of gamedev to point & mock 343 on Halo Infinite. It was the pillar for Series X this y…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @Jamie_L_Jones1 They also confirmed alongside this announcement that Xbox Series X is hitting in November. @bionicbenbo @khrymsin The American Dream!imagine if ducks could run fast how cool would that be @spongebobtitty lmaoooo @jempanada3 :D @k_f4m there's the first member of my heist teamThis remains the most hilarious error message I’ve ever received @DaveOshry I don’t know why, but the memory of you letting Pete Holmes try your Google Glass at the Titanfall launc…’ve said previously that I’m simultaneously in the camps of not being blown away by the visuals of Halo Infinite a… Halo Infinite looks like garbage! How can Xbox release this at launch? *Xbox delays Halo to 2021* Twitt… @metallicaisrad miss traveling a whole lot. Was hoping to add a ton more blue to these maps in 2020. @Debblues @2K Whoa! Congratulations! That’s amazing news! @spongebobtitty hell yeah keep it goingThis is awful. my god. This is 25 years old. @GenePark i got it @JMGllet we must hold the Kool-Aid man accountable for this unholy resurrection.Glad to see Facebook has reconsidered its position on this. dead speak! just dawned on me that 2020 was fine up until Baby Nut showed up. After that, it all went to hell. perfect example of how you know the news media will just repeat Trump’s eventual lie that “the election was fake,…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @DaveOshry Omg
Retweeted by Brian Shea @Ace55K 😓😓😓 @chaddukes That would honestly look so badass next to the arcade machines you have. Maybe find an old arcade change… @Debblues Ice 😂
@MendeltheWise 😂 @HeatherAntos :(I’m gonna drink apple juice and write about video games. @JStevens1015 I would totally have gone to that concert tho 😂 @_WillieClark 😞I saw Smash Mouth live at the Minneapolis Zombie Pub Crawl in 2016. After every single song, the crowd just chanted… is your big prediction for what Nintendo will release this holiday season? @Greenskull congrats, man! @chaddukes this literally made me delete the tweet because I actually have no idea what it is lol I just see everyone tweeting about it @CheapyD thank u for the quick response:( want to run around town with my '80s pip boy, to all the small gaming studios and gaming-media companies that are continuing to social distance and work remotely, thank you.
Retweeted by Brian SheaO O F! Close race! once told me the world is full of covid @DarthLux Tom is absolutely crushing it with those Centipede scores @OriginalPSP I bet I’m in trouble with the targeted ads now because I liked this tweet.Hallucinating at this shrimp discourse
Retweeted by Brian Shea @GregRicey Yeah, this part hit hardThe American Healthcare system is not prepared for a generation of kids being raised on mac & cheese for breakfast
Retweeted by Brian SheaStill on my break, but just jumping back to say this tweet is still very much applicable if anything has come up in…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @AgentTinsley How many Dreamcasts did you find in total?Chicken sausage and spinach ricotta ravioli ✌🏼
The most unintentionally hilarious moment in 2020 television was in Love is Blind’s first episode where Vanessa Lac… character is more recognizable in 2020? @GameOverGreggy Thank you for always being a great, positive force in this industry, Greg. Looking forward to seein… @AceyBongos @Xbox Oh my goodness @HalieAtisuto Now I have the Pokémon theme in my head. These kicks rule, though. @JoseYoungs Started playing it Friday. Also working my way up the lightweight rankings. Let’s fight sometime. @JoseYoungs What are you playing on?After a great first half of the weekend, I slept in, went for a run, and now I’m making eggs and listening to Bill… @Arcitee I’m just glad this generation was the turning point for the series in terms of global popularity. @spikespeigel That was last-gen! But that’s definitely in the running for the 360/PS3 generation! Love that game. @imranzomg I nearly threw my controller across the bullpen with that final boss haha @imranzomg I reviewed it, and even though it got a 7.75 from me, it’s one of the few review games I consistently wa… top-tier answer. Shadow of War is the “forgotten” amazing game of this generation