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Senior Editor of Game Informer Magazine. @brianpshea on Instagram. Video Games. MMA. Music. Fitness. 34

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Oh sure, it’s ridiculously hot here, but at least they respect @gameinformer’s @BrianPShea
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@CassMoneyLive ayyyyHey, Twitter. My chosen fam needs help. For about a decade, @Nanitastic has been my best and closest friend. She ac…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @BigCheeseKIT I’d maybe bump Fall Guys up one tier. @shinobi602 Avowed looks sick, but I honestly think State of Decay is already so close to greatness that a third en… does the Advil know which body part to go to
Retweeted by Brian Shea @violentbobross I’m very happy for you Luis. Thank you for sharing. I started talking to someone last year and it’s… @EliasToufexis My biggest memory of Alpha Flight is how they get absolutely wrecked at the start of New Avengers :( That said, I'm all in. @JacobNahin Very happy for you!A roguelike Zelda game where you play as Ganon. Each time you’re defeated, Link, Zelda, the artstyle, and Ganon’s f…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @Zerpified @Cheesemeister3k Actually it’s— @spongebobtitty I got nothing @Cheesemeister3k Tekken 3 and Tekken Tag 1 were my JAMThis is awesome. ? ? ? ? @DanStapleton I dig the California Pizza Kitchen frozen cauliflower pizzas. @DanStapleton Have you tried cauliflower pizza?
@SamGreszes Ayyyyyy awesome! I hope it turns out great! back at my favorite E3 Nintendo memories, here’s a video I shot of @suda_51 watching the reveal of his own…
Retweeted by Brian Shea @aphalloines Uh oh you okay?This picture is everything @TherealTeLLWin To each their own, I suppose 🤷🏻‍♂️Even though we’re all virtual this year, E3 always reminds me of how much I love this industry and how grateful I a… @Gameonysus You are CRUSHING it!What are your top three games that were announced or shown during #E32021 or #SummerGameFest?These are my four favorite new official screenshots of Breath of the Wild 2 #E32021 and Nintendo brought the heat this year. #E32021We will have a ton of SMT V information starting later this month and leading all the way up to launch! Nintendo is KILLING IT #E32021Oh my god I love WarioWare! #E32021 @Bosslogic :DOH MY GOODNESSFinally Ryu from Street Fighter and Kazuya from Tekken can fight in a video game. #E32021Looking back at my favorite E3 Nintendo memories, here’s a video I shot of @suda_51 watching the reveal of his own… I need to see E1 and E2 to understand E3?
Retweeted by Brian SheaMeanwhile Spider-Man is up for anything.
Retweeted by Brian SheaMy Nintendo E3 2021 Wishlist: • Breath of the Wild 2 Gameplay/Release Date • New details on Pokémon Legends: Arceus…
Retweeted by Brian SheaIt’s summertime bay beeeeee @pancakepow Oh my god“Heroes do NOT do that!”
Retweeted by Brian Shea @DannStupp but hey at least Taco Tuesday is mere hours away @steinekin Happy birthday, dude!
Retweeted by Brian Shea @JacobNahin It's on my list!
They could have at least announced a new Power Stone game before switching to the esports montage :( #capcomI did not expect to see "Batman going down on Catwoman" discourse on my feed today, but what else should I expect from this cursed app? @imranzomg hell yeah Danger Imran is my favorite version of Imran @DaleNorth I stayed there one night in early 2020 and they treated me very well.An email from Hotel Figueroa hit my personal inbox today and it's like an extra twist of the dagger that we can't all be in LA this week.I just emerged from an hourlong meeting to find that I left my freezer open the entire time. Really great stuff all… @DaniellePartis I tweaked my back really bad on the way home from shot 2 and didn't sleep a wink that night because… @teelopesmusic oh god it was nice knowing you!Every single time.'s my latest: A preview of Two Point Campus! @Joejuba @itsVanAken I don’t know why my brain is the way it is, but I read that censored word as “Batmobile” lolModern dating be like @HarleyShah I’ve found the dating apps also instill a sense of expendability, taking the “plenty of fish in the sea… @tqstormrider6 I would not 😂 @BritanniJohnson 😭😭😭 @HollanderCooper So that explains why I’ve been training boxing all this time. @callioperyder Had to be doneI have killed the beard.
@FracasMonkey 😜 @LliselSolis I’m very happy for him! @chaddukes @NetherRealm Nothing, sadly.What were your favorite announcements or trailers from today? #E32021 #XboxBethesda #SquareEnixPresents @Fauxtaku Honk Check out my interview with Takashi Iizuka about the 30th anniversary of Sonic, the upcoming Sonic games, an… E3 timeframe is always so much fun, even when it’s all virtual. I love seeing all the flashy trailers and learn… more thorough breakdown by the wonderful @BrianPShea:
Retweeted by Brian SheaWould you look at that? We have our newest cover! Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy! We spent hours dissecting gamep… Take: Xbox has games. #E32021 @GreedyRaven whoa"If you knew you were going to die, how would you live your life differently?" Damn, this Halo: Infinite trailer i…'re tellin me this field is made of STARS????? #e32021It's gotta be a huge bummer for the Bethesda/Xbox team to have the Starfield trailer leak so close to the show's st… we admittedly get minimal details about the upcoming games, I will say I loved hearing the excitement Iizuka… out my brand new interview with the head of Sonic Team, Takashi Iizuka. We spoke about the 30th anniversary o… love that this is the newest UFC champion. Brandon Moreno is the man. #UFC263 I am so beyond happy for Moreno!!! #UFC263Very excited for Figgie Smalls vs. The Assassin Baby II. First time around was the second best fight of 2020. #UFC263 @MexiVrod I’m still breathing heavy hahaWowwwwwww. My heart is racing after that final minute. #UFC263how i feel about E3 sleep deprivation right now
Retweeted by Brian SheaGoodness gracious. Dober and Riddell have thrown down the early gauntlet for Fight of the Night. #UFC263I knew this fight would be a banger, and I’m so glad I was right. #UFC263WHAT. A. ROUND. #UFC263 @MexiVrod Hell yeah! @cbw86 I dug that a lot too! @Darklurkr23 😂
What was your favorite announcement or trailer today? #E32021 #UbisoftForward #DevolverDigitalMe trying to figure out where you got the audacity
Retweeted by Brian Shea @IndieGamerChick I'm pretty sure the biggest announcement was that Godfall is coming to PS4 lol @IndieGamerChick “Missed” might be a strong word haha @Syrik_Zero Over the last couple of years, Devolver has begun sprinkling more news into the weirdness recipe and I… @Syrik_Zero Devolver had wayyyyyyy more news. @katy__kakes That Kid CG - "I Just Got It"