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Fantasy Author @BrianRathbone Rutherfordton, NC USA

I love to connect with creative people and tell dragon jokes. May I tell you a story?

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I would not have guessed that programming, HTML, and Photoshop would be so important in my publishing career. #writetipNever ask a dragon to flag you down a cab.The stories in my mind don't truly come to life until I start writing them down; then they grow and become real. #amwritingSometimes, when you've bitten off too much, all you can do is chew.May your hay be dry and in the barn before the rain comes.Never ask T-Rex to change your oil.The ghost hunting support group has been cancelled because...did you hear that?I always overstate how often I do things.People think I'm batty, but I lack any sort of sonar.Never complain to Smaug about air pollution.Sure, I like Piña Coladas. But I carry an umbrella, thank you very much.Apples are hard core. #extremefruitIt's been decided that parking a dragon in a fire zone is fine. Just fine.Editing the end of a novel is like tying up loose ends in a room full of cats.Little known fact: all retailers offer a dragon discount. You just have to ask...and bring a dragon.If a writer asks you to help bury their darlings, don't ask any questions, just get a shovel.I conjugated a verb once, but nobody saw me do it.I had horses afraid of birds and shadows. When I encountered a water buffalo while jogging a horse, I was like, Let's go back to the barn.Within the darkness our deepest fears wait along with the courage to face them.As a consumer of bytes, I've been something of a glutton. Oops. #pardonmeI've flown the skies and sailed the seas and made the ground tremble with my footsteps, all within the pages of a good book. #readThat moment when you realize some of your greatest weaknesses are skills. <tunes out the rest of the world>Those who did not have Pac Man fever will never understand those who did.I've been breeding narwhals to flying fish to create the world's first Aquaticornasus.I know not what planet goats come from, but I will not be visiting this planet.Never ask Chewbacca to critique your romance novel.I tried shutting up once...didn't work out.Indie authors can learn a lot from Twitter & Facebook--if you provide enough value, you'll draw an audience, and they'll reward you for it.The gift of the dryads is the greatest surprise. #audiobooks #AmazonPrimeRule 1: Always let the cat out. Rule 2: The cat wants to come in.Life is like a box of chocolates. Fattening.The Doctor is not the Doctor until the Doctor is the Doctor, and then the Doctor is the Doctor until the Doctor is someone else. #WhovianWhen life gets me down, I remind myself that I'm made of stardust and lightning. That usually does the trick.
I have been told that I am sometimes wrong. It is true, I'm afraid.We may be old, but our stereos were awesome. Before everyone tried to make everything small. Our Hi-Fi systems were…'m a writer. My imaginary friends won't return my calls.Never take an Ent to Wicks 'N' Sticks.The easily impressed support group is the most incredible thing ever!If you wish to live in light then you must be the light. #shineI write because shouting at the page was less productive.I admit it. I'm addicted to the Internet. I believe it should be considered a utility everyone should have affordable access to. #broadbandSometimes writing is having someone tell you a long, detailed story, and then you looking at them and saying, What?Somehow my goofy tweets occasionally manage to help someone. I find this difficult to reconcile at times but nonetheless gratifying.It is not enough to want.If you wish to have a more interesting work day, find a way to use the word 'funkadelic' in every email you send.Service does not always require subservience. #leadSometimes we must walk through the darkness in order to find the light.Write without fear or worry. Write with wild abandon until your soul bleeds through your fingertips. Editing can come later.Brevity.Ever bungee jump off the back of a dragon?Dragon Therapy...I suggest you get it right the first time.For Sale: Giant Unicorn Slingshot. Used once. By mistake.Never race a flatulent butterfly.Heil PR-40 + Zoom H4n = very happy podcaster.And then I will construct an army of androids that mimic my every move...and we will dance...badly.The Internet has taught me that my argument is often invalid.Never approach a unicorn while holding a pencil sharpener.Note to self: A dragon is not a good place for a stick up. Also, pick up more ointment.I invite all of you to join me on Facebook! #thanks #gratitudeTeaching kids to make games with GameMaker is fun. Drag & drop requires basic understanding of programming. dream in 3D, full-color at high resolution. #ImaginationHDBeware those whose ignorance is feigned. you could call the operator, then information.
Retweeted by Fantasy AuthorNever throw a football to Marsha.My tweet editor kicks in right after I click Tweet.Roku + Pandora + 20-year-old stereo system + 25-year-old-speakers = #RockAndRollTherapySometimes writing is avoiding writing by writing tweets about writing. #amwriting #sortof @FernMajestic @BrianRathbone Love your technique & vision. My main character is friends with a Moon Dragon but is…
Retweeted by Fantasy Author @parleeauthor @BrianRathbone Beautiful work! Dragons are always an amazing subject to draw. My plan is to draw a po…
Retweeted by Fantasy AuthorI remember when you had to know how to get places while driving. In related news, you had to remember a person's number to call them.There is no up or down. There is only fly. --Onin of the old guardAlso never ask Darth Vader to show you how to do the whole force choking thing. #askingforitAnimals, too, have magic and wit. Ignore this at your peril. @nikki_twisted @Chrissy_Clarke @angelikadelf @Dwarven_King_SH @KA_Raines @ElanaMcdougall @BrianRathbone
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Retweeted by Fantasy AuthorIf you see me walking around with a hammer, it's just because I've moved on to What Would Thor Do.I plowed a field once. It was a harrowing experience.One of the advantages of the tablets is that the backlight makes it easier for some people with vision problems to read better. #tipI'm allergic to snow.Once you've hit rock bottom it becomes much more difficult to look down your nose at people. #perspectiveWhat I lack in accuracy, I make up for in missing things.Never tell a dragon to get jiggy with it. #SeinfeldPersistence and self-belief have been critical components of my success.Is there anyone who wasn't traumatized by the fourth grade? <rubs scars>Change is as inevitable as the resistance to change.Never offer Aquaman tartar sauce.Never ask Daffy Duck to pick up the bill.I never should have introduced MC Hammer and Thor. Let's just say some gods should not wear parachute pants. #utoh #utoh #utohIf you don't understand some of my tweets, it's OK. You're not alone. There's probably a support group...A picture might be worth a thousand words, but the right words can paint a unique picture for every reader. write writettip #amwritingThe pen is mightier than the sword, though it gets lost with far greater frequency. #writeDid you know that burning books causes the ideas within to be implanted in all infants? #bettersuperstitionsNever prank a dolphin on porpoise.Magic is in the details. It often hides beneath sweat and tears.WARNING: Do NOT challenge a dragon to a break dancing competition.The truth hurts. Especially if the truth is in the shape of a brick.Never ask Sauron to keep an eye on your pets while you're away.The depressed unicorn support group has been cancelled due to problems with a floor grate.I once discussed statistical utilization of switched Ethernet segments with the chief scientist at Sun. Now I write about dragons. #progressMy newest rule when writing is: Don't follow all the rules. #amwriting #amediting