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Totally innocent President furious at aides for not lying to law enforcement
Retweeted by Brian Stack @indiefolkfan @soundopinions @gregkot @JimDeRogatis Thanks very much but I’m quite happy to be a longtime listener. @soundopinions No doubt about it. @BenMakesTV I actually LOVE Popeye’s biscuits. Haven’t had em in years though.This scene was prominent in the first two episodes of @FosseVerdonFX , so I illustrated it. #GwenVerdon takes bac…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @dynamoe @FosseVerdonFX Great work as always, Dyna. @FernieCommaAlex However “electable” people think she is, it’s glaringly obvious that unlike Trump, she’s a very sm… @Matt_Dwyer I love that she only told the truth about lying because she was under oath and feared prosecution and n… Republican can spin it. It's the portrait of an unethical, dishonest, unpatriotic & immoral man. He welcomed &…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @JoelMurray9of9 Great pic, Joel. Did you all have an interfaith “Guilt-Off”? @AndyRichter I’ll always love your response to the line “Tonight there’s gonna be a jailbreak somewhere in this tow… figuring it out ♥️ #mydogiscutest
Retweeted by Brian Stack @JoelMurray9of9 Hahaha, congratulations to both kids and parents! Didn’t Carell go to Denison? Maybe he can tell y… @cccap @DPasquesi @YouTube @nbcsnl Here’s a great tribute to Levon that aired on CBS Sunday Morning after he died.… Sunday Morning Tribute to the late, great Levon Helm, seven years ago this week right after he passed away.… @scott_pianowski @YouTube @JimmyVMusic I was lucky enough to work with or around Jimmy everyday for 18 years and I’…
@scott_pianowski @YouTube I can’t believe it either. I remember his good friend @JimmyVMusic was asked to give a eu… Band’s fantastic version of Springsteen’s “Atlantic City”, live on “Letterman” in ‘93. Just read that the late…'m not endorsing a candidate yet because it's too early. But Elizabeth Warren keeps impressing me with her moral c…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @MeganNeuringer That doctor is clearly insane. @Ali_Davis I try, Ali, I try.I’m so sick of complete strangers stopping me on the street to tell me I have “the effortless, brooding charisma of… Henry - “Reckless Child”. One of the best songs I’ve never heard on the radio. #FlashbackFriday @nytopinion @thechrisbuskirk What a vast ocean of horse shit. @Jeff_Rosie @nanglish Miriam jokingly suggested we enter our reception to Rockwell’s “(I Always Feel Like) Somebody… @nanglish Fiona Apple’s theme song from “The Affair” might be a close second. @jamesleegilbert @ArielDumas @heyitsopus @emmyblotnickStephen Colbert donates $400K to NC hurricane relief, still hates our barbecue
Retweeted by Brian Stack @JohnRossBowie @croninwhocares Not even the heart-wrenching solo at the end of “Sixteen Blue”. @SuzyNakamura @johnlevenstein @iochicago @DavidKoechner @prettylaura @DPasquesi @TheMitchRouse @WaitressLondon SORR… @johnlevenstein @SuzyNakamura @iochicago @DavidKoechner @prettylaura @DPasquesi @TheMitchRouse @WaitressLondon She’… @SuzyNakamura @iochicago @DavidKoechner @prettylaura @DPasquesi @TheMitchRouse @WaitressLondon That’s so great, Suz… @Merrillmarkoe @AndyRichter @MussoFrankGrill Haha, I didn’t notice that. @kenjocon @TeamCoco @YouTube Thanks, Kenny. @Matt_Dwyer @morgan_murphy Definitely. Usually a MORNING madhouse but worth the wait. @morgan_murphy If you like gyros, Morgan, try Parthenon. Just don’t go there late, it’s a madhouse.Courtney Barnett & Kurt Vile - “Over Everything”. I’ll never get tired of this song. Never. via @YouTubeI still can’t believe The Yardbirds’ lead guitarists were Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page one right after another.West Village, New York City
Retweeted by Brian Stack @dynamoe @OriginalFunko @Kidrobot We’d be honored to have you draw some, Dyna. You rock as always. @janeway529 @pbdotman He is indeed. Love that guy. @TaraBDonnelly Hahaha, I didn’t know about that, Tara.Nice to see my old office in 30 Rock again. I must confess, it was usually a LOT messier. I must’ve swept my arm ac… @AndyRichter @MussoFrankGrill Only ate there once. Loved the “Old Hollywood” atmosphere, don’t remember the food. I… Fact: When the Avengers are answering these questions, I am the person asking the questions off-camera, and in…
Retweeted by Brian StackThe Yardbirds - "Heart Full Of Soul" (Live on TV in ‘65 with Jeff Beck on lead guitar) #FlashbackFriday via @YouTube @SarahThyre Congratulations to him and you, Sarah!My friend and fellow @TeamCoco writer @kileynoodles wrote another novel, Maybe Kevin. My copy just arrived!
Retweeted by Brian Stack @croninwhocares Experienced joy when seeing a puppy or kitten.Backstage at the Grand Ole Opry and who do I see but Loretty herself yes I’m crying
Retweeted by Brian Stack @sullybaseball @quinncy @Tingleee @BTuckertime @TrishSuhr @kileynoodles @allistillo @jessicadelfino @daddyrussborris The first big one for me as a 9-year old was The Beatles’ “Revolver”. Other huge ones for me later…
@robt77 I think that was the first one we did, Rob. You may know this already but it actually got him a little role on “Stargate”. @JoshCrewsReally I’ll always love Pierre and La Bamba. Great guys and great at what they do.This particular “Recliner of Rage” bit about Mallomar cookies only being available seasonally is one of my personal… behind-the-scenes look at one of our silly old “Late Night with Conan O’Brien” segments, “Pierre Bernard's Reclin… @jonwurster @superchunk Please tell me you all stayed in touch with that baby who's now 25 years old.25 years ago today, @superchunk released #Foolish (@mergerecords). Still hurts so good. Read our #MAGNETClassics fe…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @jonwurster @superchunk Wow, cool! I assume he made sure nothing on set cost more than 5 dollars? @pattymo Apologies to Phish fans since I've never met a Phish fan who's an asshole, but this never fails to make me…, "The First Part", from their flawless album, "Foolish", released 25 years ago today. I wonder if…, "World Leader Pretend", live and acoustic on TV in '91. #ThrowbackThursday @remhq Coppock "The Godfather of Sports" Goodnight sweet prince.
Retweeted by Brian Stack @ThePatrickRollo He's exactly as nice and polite off-screen as on. Sorry to disappoint you. @jonwurster I BOUGHT IT ON CD AND VINYL, YOU MAGNIFICENT BASTARD! @jonwurster One of my favorite albums. Thanks again to you and your co-rockers, Jon. @SplitSingleband So sorry for your loss of beautiful Zoe, Jason.The Rolling Stones, “Street Fighting Man”, live at their peak in ‘72 with Mick Taylor on lead guitar.… up to a yard sale. Ask if they have any haunted amulets. Yell at the dog in your backseat, "I'm GETTING the spell reversed, Greg!"
Retweeted by Brian Stack @goldengateblond @LizHackett She is indeed a must-follow. @boomslang_green @YouTube They’re great too of course. I’ll also always love @superchunk for their great records, l… @jplutcavage @AndyRichter I’m pretty sure that one meal would’ve been my only free one. @boomslang_green @YouTube They’re certainly ONE of the best bands of the ‘90’s. @icfinnegan @YouTube I like some Pumpkins songs a lot but I’ll still always love this song.Pavement - “Range Life” (Official Video) Just because. via @YouTubeTrump wanted a Roy Cohn & it looks like he got himself one.
Retweeted by Brian Stack @toddlevin “What’s going on here? This is insane. Get out of my studio!”It’s true! I’m on @colbertlateshow tonight in a repeat performance as the prince of darkness.
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@jamesleegilbert Thanks, James. It was an honor to work even briefly with the hilarious @RealGilbert. He’s always cracked me up.Sorry but this is not a press conference - it’s an opportunity for Barr to put a spin on the ball or defend himself…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @2degreesofalie @HannahRKeyser @colbertlateshow Shhhhh! Alie, I’m a CRIME FIGHTER!Pixies.- “Debaser” (Live at Brixton 1991) #PixiesDoolittle30 via @YouTube @tomdog I still regularly DVR “Later...with Jools Holland” on cable TV. What a great show with amazing sound. @Jschmuck2 @AndyRichter I’ve heard that a lot of the funky little stores are closing due to rent increases, kind of… @AndyRichter Hahaha. In all seriousness, I miss that place a lot.God, “Night Music” was such a cool show. Where else could you see Pere Ubu and Loudon Wainwright on TV the same night? @GhostPanther @WillnerHal Thanks, Adam, I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t know who produced that classic album. Thank… @BCVEsquire @AndyRichter I sure miss In N Out Burger. @Chriswb71 @qwertypam @AndyRichter I've never done stand-up in my entire life but I salute anyone who has tried it even once.This makes me very very happy. A @koblin insta-classic!
Retweeted by Brian Stack @AndyRichter Back in my twenties, a Taco Bell manager told me, “It’s on the house today. We take care of our regula… Pixies, "Monkey Gone To Heaven", live on the great old TV show "Night Music" in '89. Just read that "Doolittle"…"My sense of humor has saved me more than a couple of times in my life. If I can make myself laugh about something…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @toddbarry @DadHasADD @verified I completely understand and respect your wishes, Todd. Please say nothing to Michae… @DadHasADD @toddbarry @verified Thank you, sir. I'm okay out here in the unverified woods and still a little confu… @toddbarry @verified I'm not verified, Todd, so I'm concerned my birthday greetings might make Michaeleen explode. @HelloCullen YOU MAKE FRIEND NOW! @KanDempner The Gallagher Brothers in Oasis. @grack2bxact Everybody but me, I guess. @janiehaddad Good Lord.