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“Late Show with Stephen Colbert”/“Conan”/Other stuff @TheSecondCity @iochicago @ucbtny @IUBloomington @UWMadison Opinions expressed are my own or Mr. T’s.

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@Home_Halfway @NewDadNotes @daemonic3 @dorsalstream @fowlerism @Prof_Hinkley @SirEviscerate @david8hughes @DrakeGatsby Thanks, Michael!
@sidleykate Hahaha, this is so great, Kate.“When I was your age, I was a mess, On a bad day, I still am, I guess...”“A Father and a Son”, Loudon Wainwright, live in ‘98. “You’re startin’ up and I’m windin’ down, Ain’t it big enoug… @HanaMichels Thanks, Hana! @jamiedenbo @lifetimetv Looking forward to seeing it, Jamie, congrats on the show! @HanaMichels @TheSteinbag Happy to help, Hana, thanks. @pulmyears Congratulations, Paul and Liza!Blockbuster story buried in this NYT report. Pentagon, intelligence officials fear they cannot trust Trump enough…
Retweeted by Brian StackBruce Springsteen - “My Father’s House”, live in concert years ago. via @YouTube @jonwurster Countless dreamers have died in that quest.
Beastie Boys - "Ch-Check It Out" - (Live on “Letterman” 15 years ago this week) via @YouTube @TheJimmyDoyle @Steven_Hyden That’s just the best, Jimmy. @Steven_Hyden I’m not proud of this but once, when walking my dog Darby, I sang to the tune of “Iron Man”: “I am D…’t be a more beautiful day. Time to finally watch “Chernobyl”. @DanaDeeSaravia @JerryattheMovie Thanks so much! @robbybiegler That’s a good one alright but I prefer “Cheers” and “Way Down In The Hole” from “The Wire”. I also lo… @WhiteHouse You’re actually getting paid to make him look even MORE embarrassing? Nice gig. @jonwurster I’m still skeptical about Kid Rock’s claim on “Cowboy” that he wants to “start an escort service for all the right reasons”.Bigger question: what did I do to deserve any of this goodness? Love you, @smrtgrls! @RussianDoll ♥️
Retweeted by Brian Stack @harrismayer We’ll sure miss you, Harris! Congrats again on the new job! @jamesleegilbert @YouTube No, I haven’t. Taylor was one of the first artists signed to Apple, right?“Rain” #MostUnderratedBeatlesSong via @YouTube @SeanMastersons @kibblesmith Always fun to see @steveagee @MikeRoyce A very well-written, beautifully acted show about horrible people. Looking forward to season 2. @HelloCullen GRIS!🤪
Retweeted by Brian Stack @A_D_Morgan @YouTube Yes indeed. I’ve always loved Fred Neil’s original version too which to me sounds even lonelie… @ItsMeHenning Hard to pick one but this old heartbreaker, “Don’t Forget Me”, is definitely up there. I love… @DanaDeeSaravia @JerryattheMovie Thanks, Dana and Jerry. As a big film noir fan, I had fun doing that and I’m glad you enjoyed it. @billjanovitz My favorite Zevon song and my favorite song about LA.Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving, or as Sarah Huckabee Sanders would say, "Sarah Huckabee Sanders is not leaving."
Retweeted by Brian Stack @TheresaKereakes @RachelJFry @CorbinReiff It’s my favorite song of his and one of my favorite songs by anybody. @larainenewman Thanks, Laraine! @thatPatFinn Wow, Pat. Amazing, my friend.
@RachelJFry @CorbinReiff So many classics. I must say, it’s also tough to top songs like “It’s Alright, Ma (I’m Onl… dad was on the U.S.S Maddox, the boat that was “attacked” that started the Vietnam war. He said no one could und…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @RachelJFry @CorbinReiff Love that one too. Aughhhhhh, so hard to pick 3. My #1 favorite is definitely “Visions of Johanna” though. @CorbinReiff Tough call but I’ll go with “Visions of Johanna”, “Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues” and “Tangled Up In Blu… @dynamoe Tough call. Rigby is a little scrapper who wants to fight the whole world and Darby is a gentle giant. Any ideas? @blacksab67 @HelloCullen @thatPatFinn Sorry, I never even went in the place.47 years and counting, I’m forever grateful for our friendship @TheBonnieRaitt Raitt #songoftheday #shof2019
Retweeted by Brian Stack @HelloCullen I always watched Bears games out there at @thatPatFinn’s house but I think Tortilla Flats in Burbank shows Bears games too. @sonya_cassidy @Lodge49 Can’t wait!New Orleans. No sleep. So much fun.
Retweeted by Brian Stack @2degreesofalie Yay! Congrats, Allie and Pete! You’ll be wonderful parents!It’ll probably never be bold enough to wear them but I may frame them as art. @JakePlunkett Congratulations, Jake!If anyone’s interested, they’re from a company called Pup Socks. Seriously. @dynamoe Lovely idea, thanks, Dyna!My wife and daughters apparently know how crazy I am.Just got a fantastic early Father’s Day present: socks with our dogs Darby and Rigby on ‘em.
@maireadphillips @distractedfilm @NoirishProject Me too. @distractedfilm @NoirishProject @distractedfilm @NoirishProject "Odd Man Out" with James Mason.Concert Review: Stephen Colbert, Bonnie Raitt, Norah Jones Light up John Prine Tribute
Retweeted by Brian Stack @AndyRichter @danielleweisber One time, I got on an elevator at "Late Night" and looked so messed-up and disheveled… @GladVuerreroJR @lambvox @steveo @robdelaney Congratulations, sir! I'm really happy for you and wish you nothing but the best. @DadHasADD @toddbarry I've been ripping off Todd for years.One of my all-time favorite songwriters, John Prine, a few years ago. #ThrowbackThursday
This is Astrid. She had a very long day at work training to be a guide dog and was wondering if maybe you could hol…
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My pal @Kulap has a film @originstorydoc out on @amazon and @amazonprimenow! It’s soooo good! Check it out and revi…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @mradamscott @Kulap @originstorydoc @amazon @amazonprimenow Couldn’t agree more, Mr. Scott. I loved it too.
Always a clear indication of academic excellence. @SplitSingleband @evanstonspace @Fender @OrangeAmps @mergerecords Oh man, I wish I could be there, Jason. Still one… I the only one who’s discovered new features on the TV remote simply because my dog stepped on it? @erinleecarr @MTV @HBO @HBODocs @AquiRosemarie Such a powerful documentary. As painful as the subject matter was,… Cranston, who won a Tony Award for his portrayal of a broadcast journalist, praised real-life journalists in…
Retweeted by Brian StackC-SPAN has @BarbMcQuade's complete opening statement: "The conduct described in the report constitutes multiple cri…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @realDonaldTrump The same John Dean who once said there was a “cancer on the Presidency” and recognizes another one when he sees it?This is Moose. He has one frozen carrot snack every day while he watches his show. Keeps him a happy healthy boy. 1…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @johnlevenstein You'll love my wacky new musical about astrophysics, John. It's as upbeat as it is appallingly inaccurate.Being utterly hopeless in chemistry myself, I had to take his word on that.Just remembered that the first person to recommend "Breaking Bad" to me when it first started was a chemist who sai… @weismanjake @corporate @ComedyCentral Congratulations, Jake! @aparnapkin I watched it and liked it very much. I thought the writing was very sharp and funny and the acting's just as good. @realDonaldTrump “There are only three economists that agree with Trump on tariffs and they all work for him and th… Howlin' Wolf, born on this day in 1910 in White Station, Mississippi. Here he is performing "How Many M…
Retweeted by Brian StackJust to keep everything on the up and up: Trump lies about anything and everything, all the time, including multipl…
Retweeted by Brian Stack @trumpetcake I warned you about him, Ted. Did you think I was speaking metaphorically? @mariskreizman I CC’d your memo to myself. @DanaAndJulia @lifetimetv Congratulations, Dana and Julia!Congratulations to legend, icon, and original Compass Player Elaine May. #tonyawards
Retweeted by Brian Stack @jamiedenbo @JohnRossBowie Congratulations, you very funny kids! @xUnionMaidx “Fair enough.”
My all-time favorite fake Lifetime title is from “30 Rock”: “My Stepson Is My Cyber-Husband”. By the way, “Frame… so you know, there’s a Lifetime movie on right now called “Framed By My Fiancé”. I think it’s almost over thou… @Merrillmarkoe I know what you mean. I’ve always liked The Monkees and really enjoyed the silliness of their TV sho… know
Retweeted by Brian StackWhatever makes you weird is probably your greatest asset. JOSS WHEDON #amwriting #writing #writinglife
Retweeted by Brian Stack @realDonaldTrump Your buddies on Fox News went berserk when Obama wore a tan suit but please, do go on...I’ve always liked the Monkees’ hit version too but I actually prefer King’s demo. It seems to perfectly capture the… King's great original demo for "Pleasant Valley Sunday" back in '66.
Retweeted by Brian StackCentral Park, NYC
Retweeted by Brian Stack @Randazzoj Good point, I always choose my victims at random. @MattGoldich @LateNightSeth Congratulations, Matt! @realDonaldTrump Like others who worked in New York City for decades when you were running your sleazy real estate… @joegarden @Randazzoj Since I only murder people for the laughs, Joe, that means a lot to me, thanks. @johnlevenstein I don’t love that shameless Trump ass-kissers Jacob and David Wohl are big Dodger fans but since I’… @thealisonbecker I honestly thought your ESPN web show “Mayne Street” was funnier than most TV sitcoms.