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If you need an idea about how seriously Trump is taking this pandemic and protecting the most vulnerable, he’s abou… them eat their own. Judge orders the DeJoy and USPS to restore high-speed mail sorting machines at facilities that cannot process…"The Court needs to be rebalanced so we can live in a country where the will of Americans is actually reflected in…
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenCongrats to Trump on his huge peace deal between two countries that were already at peace.
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenDo not let them take away your power. Do not let them take away your democracy. Vote. #VoteForDemocracy Lincoln over here
Retweeted by Brian Tyler Cohen @realDonaldTrump yeah maybe this strategy will work.Even Bibi knows Trump’s cooked. @jeffmason1 and Trump, guess which one got coronavirus. to Trump on his huge peace deal between two countries that were already at peace. @KellyannePolls You gave your kid coronavirus.UPDATE: As of October 22nd, 48.6 million Americans have voted in the general election, per @ElectProject. This repr… undecided voters. Zero hands went up for Trump. about Trump: “Abraham Lincoln here is one of the most racist presidents in American history.”Biden crushing the answer on DREAMers.Welker asks Biden why he hasn’t pushed for Democrats to pass stimulus. THE HEROES ACT HAS BEEN SITTING ON MCCONNELL… “He’s a very confused guy. He thinks he’s running against someone else.” Spot on.BIDENCARE!Nothing upset Trump more than the prospect of talking about regular Americans. Telling.Biden: “We should be talking about your families but that’s the last thing he wants to talk about.”Biden just buried Trump on the issue of corruption. Buried.
Tonight with @briantylercohen
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenIt is as clear as day: Amy Coney Barrett is a far-right activist.
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenI cannot for the life of me figure out why Fox News enjoys getting pummeled by @PeteButtigieg, but I’m here for it.’m sorry but this guy is such a little bitch. week on @TheIssueIsShow, a first ever debate between @briantylercohen & @TomiLahren. Looking forward to a re…
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenFull @NoLieWithBTC interview with @PeteButtigieg: YouTube: Spotify:… The GOP pretending to "mindread 18th century mentality... is just an excuse to get conservative po… @RudyGiuliani “I WaS jUsT tUcKiNg iN mY sHiRt”
Retweeted by Brian Tyler Cohen"The bar is so low that if Trump can get on stage and not douse the podium in gasoline and set it on fire, the medi…
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenUPDATE: As of October 21st, 44 million Americans have voted in the general election, per @ElectProject. This repres… are not helpless. Trump & the GOP are gutting your health care, inflaming a pandemic, and sickening our planet.…
Retweeted by Brian Tyler Cohen @johncardillo Yeah. Does this? Does this? with zero fucks left.
Retweeted by Brian Tyler Cohen
What Obama just did to Trump is going to make his bout with coronavirus look fun by comparison.Obama with zero fucks left.“I was tucking in my shirt.” @RudyGiuliani “I WaS jUsT tUcKiNg iN mY sHiRt”'m one of those who frets that the election will be much closer than the polls indicate. That in a world where non…
Retweeted by Brian Tyler Cohen.@PeteButtigieg is really good at this., Don Jr. decries the Bidens’ “nepotism,” while Jared & Ivanka reported $135 MILLION in 2018 alone, and Do… get this straight. Trump claims Biden is “soft on China,” only to own a secret Chinese bank account and pay m… least he wasn’t related to her this time. out he just fondled himself in front of the actor playing Borat’s underage daughter. That’s, uh, one way to “…“After she removes his microphone, Giuliani, 76, can be seen lying back on the bed, fiddling with his untucked shir… As of October 20th, 37.1 million Americans have voted in the general election. This represents 28.8% of the… on August 10: If Joe Biden wins, "China will own this country." Ironic coming from the guy who pays more in… while Trump has been screeching about Biden & his "shady Chinese business deals," Trump has not only maintained…
NEW: Trump has a Chinese bank account not listed on his financial disclosures. The account is controlled by Trump I… vote like your life depends on it. Because it does. #TrumpHatesSeniors @kylegriffin1 Just remember: Qanon supports Trump because he PrOtEcTs ThE cHiLdReN.Just remember: Qanon supports Trump because he PrOtEcTs ThE cHiLdReN. wasn't especially excited for the 60 Minutes interview before. But one of the unintended consequences of Trump's… being bad at corruption and crime is not the same as Trump not being a corrupt criminal.
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenThe idea that Qanon thinks every president OTHER THAN DONALD TRUMP is part of some pedophile ring is just hilarious… ends two weeks from today. Don’t wait. Go vote today.UPDATE: As of October 19, 31.6 million Americans have voted in the general election. This represents 24.5% of the total votes cast in 2016. @deborahkass Can this please, please be turned into a t-shirt?Wow. Florida shatters its opening day record for in-person early voting, with 350,000+ ballots cast. That’s in add…
NEW: Debate commission adopts new rules to mute microphones to allow Trump, Biden 2 minutes of uninterrupted time per segment.HUGE: The US Supreme Court rules in Democrats’ favor; Pennsylvania will count mailed ballots received up to 3 days after the election.I don’t see how Biden recovers from this., so that this never, ever happens again. #TrumpIsCompromised've made it this far-- now comes the important part. Who are you voting for? Where do you drop your ballot off? W… Turns out GOP Sen. Sullivan voted for policies that benefited his own family's chemical company, like votin… checking in to see how the story on Hunter dropping off an incriminating laptop in DE while living in CA to a… Joe Biden has again tested NEGATIVE for coronavirus.I’m sure he appreciates it Rick. @mattgaetz I’m sure he appreciates it Rick.Full @NoLieWithBTC interview: YouTube: Spotify: Apple Podcasts:'s @PeteButtigieg on his recent spate of viral appearances on Fox News. hear we’re gonna see it really soon. Two weeks. this about says it all. Even FOX NEWS passed on the Hunter Biden laptop story over credibility concerns. The ⁦… 28.1 million votes cast so far represent 21.8% of the total votes cast in 2016.Pete just went on Fox News and did it again.
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenNEW: As of October 18, 28.1 million Americans have voted in the election. Democrats: 53.9% Republicans: 25.3% Thir… @MollyJongFast How could you NOT love content complaining about content?Any lawyers feel like taking on a slam dunk defamation case? letting 220,000 Americans die is better.
@realDonaldTrump @FoxNews @marklevinshow @NextRevFNC @SteveHiltonx lol dear god this is so incredibly sad at this point.I interviewed @PeteButtigieg about schooling Fox News hosts on their home turf on today's new podcast episode. shit this is fantastic. Go to to show some appreciation to @AdamSchiff and…'s Jake Tapper ending an interview with Lara Trump after she tries to diagnose Biden as being in cognitive decl…'s going to feel so, so good to watch this clown lose in 2022. can’t believe this is real. Please, everyone, show this tweet to everyone you know who’s on the fence so… just went on Fox News and did it again. @TovaOBrien needs to teach a masterclass to every journalist in the United States. Sessions hitched his wagon to Trump’s right away. And because of that, he’s now left recording himself stammer…
oh wow democrats are toast. shit Matt Gaetz has been groveling at Trump’s feet for years and Trump thinks his name is Rick.
Retweeted by Brian Tyler CohenThis should be fascinating to watch... Next week on @TheIssueIsShow, a debate between @briantylercohen &…
Retweeted by Brian Tyler Cohen @RepMattGaetz @realDonaldTrump Okay Rick.He should practice saying “Senator Ossoff” now so he gets the hang of it. the way Joe Biden is still answering questions from audience members at last night’s town hall.I’m guessing it’s somewhere without an extradition treaty. about sums it up perfectly. #BlameTrump
@MattGertz Don't act like you don't know, Congressman.