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@LABELXU @vernsoIs this is kylas sister when she was like, 11 lmfao it’s not that deep @keriancal Faeriethat being said tell me about ur hb hopefuls I want to know them @diverdrive I JUST LOGGED OFF 😭😭 wah I wanted to meet your woli feel so much more at peace now that I’ve decided not to speedrun a hb app for tomorrow, I was getting anxiety ad… do I meet haurchefant is he in this game @eleusinaean im so.. @eleusinaean points at half of that surnameupdate on nightmare circus: Serica got Entropy to nya @JordanUhl his “apology” is even stupiderokay considering I literally can’t think straight right now and I have so much left to do I’m probably not going to… guys I’m hyperventilating because something randomly fell over in my living roomDemocrat Twitter constantly telling you that you have to vote if you want change things, then presenting you exclus…
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪god help me I still haven’t done the hb app @TripleBerryBoy THIS IS SUCH A LOOK(looks at nc) ... (immediately logs out of discord) @squishygoodra goodbye uncharted 4 @altairvegas @ametryll NOOO :( I’m on uhh. Faerie
angie and i just spend every waking minute bullying each other on Twitter @AwkwardHug not unconditionally @AwkwardHug being held hostage by a toe licker in my own home @ametryll I’m on ARR I just assume everything is a spoiler @AwkwardHug Oh I’m fr evicting you over this where’s Mikeam I tripping or is WAP not even that nasty for y’all to be doing this much 😭 any opportunity to be in Women Business
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪Kamala Harris fought against parole reform, actively sued to deny trans prisoners life saving healthcare, and began…
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @AwkwardHug 🥺🥺🥺 I like hearing you talk about your clown boy and his husband @AwkwardHug well you listen to me talk about murder mysteries all day it’s the least I could do @Danny_DX_ There is yeah! @Danny_DX_ aaa :( play with me! @dolphincatcher thanks president seb this is why you have my voteWAP isn’t even the nastiest song I’ve ever heard lmao why everyone trippin
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @Danny_DX_ :(( I just started!well shit I don’t have enough space on my ps4 for final fantasy. what do I dooh my god oh my god I need to speedrun my HB app but I want to play ffxiv @fe7raven I LOST MY SHIT OVET THIS IN LINKSHELL WITHB MY FRIENDSeveryone: defund the police biden: here's a cop vp
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @CopeTwitch 💗💗💗 @keeehahahaha when I was like 17 I read the one uhhh the one where it scrolls ur browser??? and I was in biology cl… @keeehahahaha ME TOO ME TOO @micahuetricht @Speed_Stat oh it definitely made an impact just not the right one. he did this on purposecool recent pathologic reviews
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @blue_diisuna allergy nurses are typically kind of distant to people so I’m 😭😭 part of the family...lmfao like six employees in this department reported the patient and she’s no longer allowed here @fe7raven @eleusinaean don’t listen to jamie he won’t even hang out with me @eleusinaean :D @eleusinaean Yes! @fe7raven I’m so excited are you kidding me @eleusinaean no come hang out with me @SZetaken hey she’s been through a lot, maybe she can recover. @litdesu @farrenheit451 i love the confidence, the just literally are her omganyways the second she left the entire allergy department (which is like 8 nurses plus the supervisor) all crowded… patient I turned away wasn’t even upset btw jfjskkf and I was in fact very friendly But yeah this woman demand… said like 8 times I’d get the manager or the allergy supervisor and she kept refusing but when I finally got them… they can’t do, because we have set clinic hours and they need to be back for afternoon clinic, and they also… I was like legally we can’t give a shot without a doctor here she was like “WHERE ARE THEY” and I was like ???… is an incredibly long story that idk how to condense into tweets but basically a patient got angry on behalf of… had the weirdest interaction with a patient who is on a mission to get me firedsoooo they’re cutting my hours this week. And they’re going to cut them more next week. I’m tiredyall know that “making minors hold themselves accountable for the shit they say” and “treating minors like grown as…
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪oh my god wait how long does it take to download the patch I forgot to do it before leavingcollege debt is crazy. u borrow money from rich people to get an education that'll make you better at making rich p…
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @Izik_10 wait what the fuck rami malek was in this movie? @Chirclatia ok I’m sure this is a code but for a minute I thought these were just ffxiv wordsevery contribution helps, I am happy with any help we get
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪god imagine if they hadn’t shut down the rodeo in houston when they did.Little Debbie horny this morning 😳
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @sillylilmom MOM FJSJSKFKi brought my laptop to secretly write hb apps under my deskSeems like a good time to remind everyone that US police steal more shit than everyone else in the country combined.
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @keeehahahaha I do remember being very very very annoyed over the writer being like “someone’s not straight but I’m… @keeehahahaha dhsjkdlg now I want to know what criticism people have I thought I was alone and everyone else loved it completely @keeehahahaha i keep reading lets play and idk why because I just stare at my hands like ... why am I doing thisthis is from my personal account ive only been playing ffxiv for like two weeks
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪what should I mute to avoid the ffxiv spoilers just in case I accidentally retain them @fe7raven jamie im half asleep and in hysterics over this I’m saving it forever @midniight_stars we just find that normal for him @Speed_Stat Goodnight John! @sexbombvernon op you’re right and the knock knock haters are going to jailsits up in the middle of the night. what if I apped najwa to hbmy reputation precedes me I don’t need a character(fills out ooc portion of app) that’s enough work for tonight @fairiaadelista @BanjouRyuuga elys a catgirl @dolphincatcher 😑 @geofuturism @eurozest yes houston goes down to the coast as it shouldsomeone link me the hb app again I keep losing it @AwkwardHug weeb. but a cute one @earlgraycup she got nerfed by knight duties and lesbianismTHREAD OF PICREWS WITH BLACK CHARACTER CREATION OPTIONS This includes skintones, hairstyles, nose shapes, and lips…
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪I don’t think there’s a purer, more distilled form of evil than anti-homeless architecture. Imagine spending this m…
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @AwkwardHug looks at your icon. gee who’s the right answer here @AwkwardHug i can retweet anime if that’s what the people wantI firmly believe drinking orange juice with pulp is a trait only found within individuals extremely dangerous to society
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @shx3account WOWgirls like each others pic one time and start telling each other “i love you“
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪 @AwkwardHug hey promo me I’m almost to 1k give me your fucking clout @VlLLAlNlSTS @residentcryptid komaedacan I play ffxiv yetoh god my hb app @fe7raven SAME"if lesbians can control themselves" i'm not 'controlling myself' by not harassing women thanks. that's not my defa…
Retweeted by jason vore-hees 🔪